July 6, 2004

Cafe Filter Shipping from Knives and Tools!


Looks like my order has shipped! Joost also sent word that they are in stock earlier this weekend. Looks like they first ship in bulk to the US then, then they break it up to send out to US customers. Full review to come after I try it out!

Click here to order the Cafe Filter from Knives and Tools.com

Dear Customer,

Your order will be shipped today using UPS Ground service.This service is
not available for sending packages from Europe to the US; therefore the
procedure is that we first ship our packages to our broker in Florida.
There the packages are split up and shipped to the final destination using
UPS Ground service.

As soon as your package is shipped to you by UPS ground service we will
update the tracking number on our website and forward it to you. This
usually takes about 3 business days.

We will not provide the tracking number of the shipment that goes to our
broker because we have had problems in the past with customers that called
UPS and asked to change the delivery address because they thought we made
a mistake.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, feel free to reply to
this message.

Kind regards,

The Knives and Tools Team

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Posted by Jay Brewer at July 6, 2004 7:29 AM
Recent Comments

Dear sir:

We are a Canadian manufacturer for cafe filter. our filter is made of stainless steel. now we supplied a lot to War mart, we hope to introduce to you. if interested, we will send you another letter with the picture. thank you

Steinbeck xie

Posted by: steinbeck xie at November 13, 2007 12:20 PM


Posted by: testanchor628 at October 15, 2005 9:35 PM

I ordered this item,which was in stock, on 3-2-05 and have yet to receive it. I emailed Knives and Tools several times about this and never received a reply. I would not recommend ordering it. At this point, I'm just trying to get my money back.

Posted by: Sandi Wisher at May 21, 2005 12:44 AM

I ordered this item,which was in stock, on 3-2-05 and have yet to receive it. I emailed Knives and Tools several times about this and never received a reply. I would not recommend ordering it. At this point, I'm just trying to get my money back.

Posted by: Sandi Wisher at May 21, 2005 12:44 AM

I bought a similar filter, and I've not been able to get it to work either. It seems like these either work or don't. I wonder if there's something about older/newer machines that would explain it.

I do feel pretty ripped off.

Posted by: Aaron at April 23, 2005 9:41 PM

I ordered a permanent filter from Knives and Tools on March 2, 2005, and have yet to receive it or an answer to my e-mail regarding this matter. Looks like I may have been scammed out of $32.38. I don't even want it now. Wish I could get my money back.

Posted by: Sandi at April 18, 2005 6:52 PM

buy at amazon.com...
buy 8 cases 16.99 each mix and match...
get 25.00 off use coupon code FEBRUARYKHBB/free shipping and no tax....
576 pods at .19 cents a pod!!!

Posted by: christiane at February 15, 2005 2:42 AM

This product is JUNK! I can't believe I paid $30 US to buy this. It sounded so great and was a good idea. But man...there's a reason why Senseo pods are what they are. They fit correctly, the are packaged properly.

This item puts huge pressure stress in the Senseo machine. Its fit and finish is garbage. It doesn't fit flush with the bottom of the double pod holder...so what happens? Huge puddle of water on the surface when you open up the Senseo to remove the filter.

Crappy quality, crappy fit and finish, design is poor. I truly cannot believe they are marketing his product the way they are...don't be suckered into buying one.

Posted by: Armond at November 4, 2004 2:05 PM

Very fine grind. No grounds at all outside -and should work great.

Posted by: Jay Brewer at October 27, 2004 10:57 AM

I am also having a problem with it and would like to resolve it. I even have problems with the "homecafe" pods. Anyone out there that can help us use the filter? Certain type of coffee.. fineness of grind???. Thanks in advance.


Posted by: Bette at October 27, 2004 10:49 AM

Agree.. crap. So far I can't get a cup out of the thing that isn't far too weak. I have ground it very fine and packed it full.. . still too weak.

Anyone have any tricks, please post them.

Posted by: me at October 21, 2004 6:52 PM

I found the little plastic filter basket on eBay and purchased it (with some trepidation) from a seller in Germany. It arrived fairly quickly - the box was squashed but the filter itself was OK. I gave it a wash and fiddled with the lid, which was difficult to get closed/open, threw away the instructions which were unreadable and then tried it out with a few of my favorite coffee blends. Each cup was successively better as I learned about finer grind, tighter packing and so on, but unfortunately, the coffee produced was still rather weak and the crema not as full as with other, regular pods. A useful little gadget, should I ever run out of regular pods, but not worth using on a daily basis.
And just as a note...Target has Senseo pods, all four varieties, for $3.99 a bag, the lowest price I've found in the Southern California area!

Posted by: M Fox at October 11, 2004 12:06 PM

Yep, it's a piece of crap. The filter material in the bottom of the device arrived slightly loose, loose enough to eject enough coffee to block the machine on its first use. $22 down the drain.

Posted by: John Robinson at September 17, 2004 1:46 AM

It is hard to admit you paid that much for a piece of crap, eh? Cause that what it is, an overpriced piece of crap. You have been had. You have been ripped off.

This thing sucks hard! It is wet, hot, coffee keeps clinging to it, it is hard to clean, and befgore you know it you block ur Senseo.
All the convenience is gone.

And, stupid boys, I am not the only one who thinks so. CHecks the e-pinions review. Calls this the worst possible design Rightly So!

Posted by: Marjan Schinkel at September 4, 2004 8:36 AM

Thank you for this information. I searched the web soon after I bought my Senseo because I had a gut feeling someone would have a product like this.
II placed the order & then had to send money via PAYPAL. I hope it doesn't take too long. I haven't gotten any notification as of yet.

Posted by: Dean Martin at August 1, 2004 9:57 PM

WOW!! Have I got a great find for everybody out there with a Senseo machine.. Go to www.alohaislandcoffee.com and order their 100% Pure Kona pods. They work perfectly in the Senseo and each pod actually brews 2 cups. This is absolutely the best Kona you will ever have. It's extremely smooth and there is almost no acidity.
I received some as a gift and now it's all I can drink. Nothing else can compare.. Enjoy!!

Posted by: Susiemm at July 28, 2004 9:42 AM

Know !! The SENSEO makes more SENSE over all the others.
With the ability to use any coffee you want, its unbeatable.
Just imagine using real coffee beans such as LAVAZZA, JAMAICAN BLUE MOUNTAIN (REAL JAMAICAN BLUE MOUNTAIN), and other islands (Hawaii, Puerto Rico e.g...) Colombian coffee is good but the above mentioned coffees are the creme of the creme, and in my opinion if a coffee machine can't take me there I wouldn't buy it.

Posted by: Oz at July 19, 2004 7:47 PM

Seconding everything that Mickel said, you can't keep your coffee equipment "too clean"!

I've been playing with the grind and amount of coffee in the filter over the last 3 days. (I can only take so much caffeine at one time - ha!) To what I've written, I'll add:

With the Starbucks Sumatra I'm now brewing, I'm finding that 6 grams is plenty, and to my taste is a little better than 8. As I'm known to friends as liking coffee that you can stand a spoon upright in, this was a surprise. But I also notice I'm getting a better "head" ("fake crema", as the espresso snobs call it) when I use a bit less than the maximum possible coffee amount in the filter. It may be a matter of what in espresso terms would be called "overextraction" that makes maxing out the capacity of the filter a mistake, because water being forced out under high heat and high pressure shouldn't be in contact with the grounds for too long. There's a point where you are getting more bad flavors out of the bean than good. Anyway, this is with my Gaggia MDF grinder set on "12", which is a lot finer than standard (non-espresso) coffee mills can grind. Since the instructions specify FINELY GROUND coffe, I don't think it's an accident that I'm getting better results with the espresso grinder than with my (drip coffee) grinder.

Pads or Cafe Filter? Pads, for convenience. But the "little guy" roasters out there (in coffee houses and home roasting hobbyists) will tell you that volitale oils aromatics and freshness start to escape from the bean within days after roast, and mere hours after grinding. The Senseo gives a nice, strong, brew with a flavor "in between" drip and espresso, and I'm going to enjoy using the Cafe Filter to make the most of that.

Posted by: LisaB at July 19, 2004 7:27 PM

Quick follow-up...

Tried various stronger and fine grind coffee's.
But it's definatly a trial and error kinda thing.

Also, and very important. Try to fill the holder OUTSIDE the Senseo, then make sure there are NO grounds around...

My metal holder/filter got cloged, that little hole. And NOISE and STEAM will be emitted from your Senseo (no coffee). KEEP YOUR SENSEO CLEAN/GROUND FREE!
I fixed it with a tooth pick...


Posted by: Michael van den Eijnden at July 19, 2004 4:22 PM

I got the Cafe filter today. And couldn't wait to try it out!

After following initial instructions.

I used a regular grind Douwe Egberts Rood (Red/Regular), which I brought back with me from my last visit to the Netherlands, coffee (same brand coffee as Senseo pods), filled the filter to the top, and pressed 1 cup.

The coffee was a little weaker, and I blame this due to the course grind. Unfortunately I was out of Illy fine ground coffee, or else I would have tried that. I expect that a finer grind will do much better.

For some people, this brew may have been substandard, but I'm just an occasion coffee drinker, so I found it drinkable, tho slightly weak.

I will definitely try some different roasts now, my local store sell various kinds of expresso coffee's and have an in-store grinder (most stores do right?) and will gladly share my future experiences.

The packaging could have been better, but my filter arrived unharmed. As far as the Dutch (not French) instructions go, they suggest you superglue the filter permanently to the 2 cup holder. Wisely they blacked this out, because I would NOT recommend doing this. The filter works fits, the Senseo closed and there were no leaks. I also recommend removing the filter soon after brewing, that way you can easily take the lid of from the filter. If you wait too long then, due to the pressure and heat I'd assume, the right becomes harder to remove.

I think this filter is a GREAT addition to any Senseo lover, but I really hope that more manufactures will start producing pods, which seems likely, and eventually prices will go down.


Posted by: Michael van den Eijnden at July 16, 2004 6:48 PM

Okay, then:

First, I haven’t been able to do as much as I’d like with this new toy today, as my Zach & Dani’s coffee roaster is apparently acting up. The decaf I roasted was subpar, the Indian Mysore “regular”, undrinkable. I’ll see if I can get hold of a bag of Starbucks this evening and try again. So that’s the disclaimer.

The reuable pod, by the way, came to me in a very lightly padded bag, and UPS had been less than kind. I expect that some folks may be disappointed by broken units, and considering what we’ve paid for shipping…(Yes, I do realize overseas shipping is expensive – all the more reason to protect the package a little better.) Anyway, in my case, the box that the pod comes in was flattened and bruised, but the pod seems fine.

There are German and Dutch instructions that come with the unit, and L.M.T.O. Electronics was kind enough to send an English translation sheet as well. Some highlights:

Before first use, please rinse the filter with water only. For rinsing, press the ‘one cup’ button on your coffee maker.

Once the filter is rinsed…you can fill the bottom filter with fine grated coffee (ca. 8 grams.)

….TIP: If you like to make 2 cups of coffee at once, you can also fill the filter with espresso coffee instead of the normal fine grated coffee…be sure to use the ‘2 cup’ button instead of the ‘1 cup’ button.

There was also a curious bit on the original (French & German) instructions that had been blacked out, and was missing entirely from the English instructions. I’m not that confident in my Babblefish (altavista.com) translation, but it talks about putting in an adhesive to better secure the filter to the pod holder. I suspect that the unit itself was re-designed and that information is now obsolete, or at least I can’t see where the filter is likely to fall out of the unit unless banged around rather carelessly.

Those are the highlights, admonishments to wash everything after use and so on excepted. As I expected, the extra bulk of a permanent filter reduces capacity, although the pod can handle 8g of FINELY ground coffee – less if it is a little coarser. After testing, I suspect I’ll try using my Gaggia MDF grinder on one of it's coarser settings (still much finer than what a "normal" grinder for brewed coffee does) the next time – looks like the machine might need that extra-fine grind to make the crema/foam properly. I can tell you that the Senseo website’s FAQ categorically states that it’s only coffee in those pods, nothing artificial to create the foam – but I do know that with espresso, at least, the crema depends on freshness and proper grind of the coffee, among other factors.

I started out with the previously mentioned decaf, which was only so-so when I tried a drip-method control cup. I do think it was better in the Senseo, and much better in my opinion than the Senseo decaf pads. (Another disclaimer: I really only like the Dark pads from Senseo, and find others too weak for my tastes.)

I tried grinding finer for a second cup, but used a bit less coffee in the pad to see what effect that might have. (5 grams, as opposed to 6 with the first cup.) Better frothy top, perhaps due to the grind, but exceptionally thin.

Going (with some trepedition) to the Indian Mysore regular coffee, I put in 8 grams, which was just enough to allow for the unit to close. (On first use, I had a very tough time getting the filter to close. After the first no-coffee rinse through the machine, it was a little easier, as though heat had loosened things up and improved the fittings.) As expected, the coffee was horrible, but the filter performed perfectly without clogging or backflushing the tank or coming apart, so I expect that I’ll be filling to capacity in the future. (For comparison purposes, 2 pads of the packaged Senseo weigh about 15 grams, and that is including the paper filter/cover.

Cleanup is pretty easy – grounds washed out of the used filter easily, and it did not leave a mess in the machine. As with all submersible parts of a coffee brewing unit, you’ll want to soak this from time to time in Urnex or some other cleaner specified as coffee-equipment-safe, to get off the buildup of deposits that will impart an off flavor.

Gee, I can’t wait to get some actually good coffee into this new toy. Will report back when I do.

Posted by: LisaB at July 16, 2004 5:34 PM

Send to news and post here. Mine has still not shown up.

Posted by: Jay Brewer at July 16, 2004 1:36 PM

For Costco members, 6.99 for 36 pods. It remains to be seen if this will become a "regular" item, though. (I doubt it.)

I get to try out the permanent filter today! If I have info. to share, should I post here or forward to news@singleservecoffee.com?

Posted by: LisaB at July 16, 2004 11:07 AM

Amazon really has the best deals. Check out:

Senseo Pod Packs

Senseo Douwe Egberts Medium Roast Coffee Pods, 4-Pack (72 Single-Serve Pods

Posted by: Jay Brewer at July 15, 2004 5:00 PM

I haven't seen anything in the mail (UPS) either.
And i'm running out of coffee!
I have to run all over town to find pods, and they are getting scarce.

I hope more stores will start selling it, and Sara Lee start distributing more.


Posted by: Michael van den Eijnden at July 15, 2004 4:44 PM

I am still waiting as well.

Posted by: Jay Brewer at July 14, 2004 2:19 PM

Still waiting on my order from Knives & Tools - not that it is their fault! Nasty storms yesterday across the Midwest and into Tennessee gave rise to UPS delays. All the better to roast and rest/de-gas my beans from Sweetmarias.com, the first I've bought in *ages*. (Can't make espresso worth a damn and don't have time to master it anyways, not much for regular "brewed", hoping the Senseo 'hybrid' can be a pleasant, low-maintenance, economical alternative.)

I'd drink Senseo's own proprietary stuff happily in an office environment, restaurant, or wherever the "turnover" of those vac pac aluminum bags would be quick. Amazing to me that a fresh bag is as good as it is, being a snob myself about pre-ground beans(or even whole beans that are more than a few days since roasting). Wonder if Phillips & D-Egberts might ultimately embrace some sort of perm filter alternative for "freshness junkies"?


Posted by: LisaB at July 14, 2004 2:08 PM
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