February 5, 2010

Cuisinart SS700 Single Serve Brewing System Pictures


We've got a ton of pictures from Bed, Bath, and Beyond to share with you on the Cuisinart SS700 Single Serve Brewing System that uses K-Cups. This brewer comes with a charcoal water filter, and has a My K-Cup reusable filter stored away in the side of the brewer. The Cuisinart SS700 Single Serve Brewing System is compatible with all K-Cups including the coffee, tea, and hot cocoa K-Cups. Pricing is set at $199.99.

We should have one of these brewers to review very soon, so stay tuned in the mean time enjoy the pictures.

The controls look very familiar, and you can see it has an
Iced-coffee setting.

Look for a this box if you want the Cuisinart SS700 Single Serve Brewing System.

The brew chamber takes K-Cups and the My K-Cup
reusable coffee filter.

The side has a push and pop open My K-Cup stored

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Posted by Jay Brewer at February 5, 2010 7:59 AM
Recent Comments

I just returned to Bed and Bath the Cuisinart SS700 because it did not dispense the amount of ounces that was selected and also it only reached 160.4 degrees instead of the 192 degrees that I had it set. I was careful when I returned the unit to try to choose a unit that was not packed on the same day hoping that it was a different corrected unit. Well not so. This morning I tried the replaced brand new unit and it also only heats to 160 degrees. I wanted so much to sit down to a nice hot cup of coffee and it is not rhe case. I will be returning this second unit also. So disappointing.

Posted by: D Zuber at February 19, 2011 11:56 AM

Ok here goes...I am one of the originals here on the thread so I have quite a bit of knowledge of this particular unit. DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT. I have had two fail in a one year period, these two are replacement units and apparently I am not alone. The units just stop working period. You press the button to brew and nothing happens. This is the same as the software problems when they were new and all were recalled when they first came out. My Keurig unit failed (pump leak) after years of service. Get this, I called them out of warranty and they replaced it with a new Kuerig Platinum for free. It has been in storage and was just brought to life when the SS700 failed this week. For all of its design attributes the SS700 is unreliable and cannot seem to make a one year anniversary. Two units in 12 months is a bad experience. I will use the Keurig Platinum, they are also redesigned and quite too. My advice is to pass on this unit and spend the extra $$ on a brand that is engineered for longevity or wait for the next generation of units to come out from Kuerig. Also they are indeed made at the same factory in China...I'm pretty sure this is a continuing saga of the software in these units and it just burns out if used often. If you use it for a cup or two you might be fine but if your leaving it on for extended periods they die out rather fast...eventually your will over time too. Good luck and I hoped this helped all of the consumers out there in POD land.

Posted by: samlab at February 7, 2011 1:26 PM

Sounds like the problem above is related to the k cup and not the machine. Cuisinart has simply made a hot water dispenser, and that's about it, that's all they should have to worry about. If hot water comes out properly without kcup, machine is fine. If problems happen with kcup within the water path, it's probably a defective kcup... perhaps a flaw pertaining to the filter within the kcup, disrupting the proper flow of the beverage, resulting in overflowing of the kcup, and ending up in your cup.
I have had the same experience twice now, and does not seem to be related to any particular brand or flavor.

Posted by: NB at January 22, 2011 1:28 PM

Purchased the SS700L unit at Lowes (I guess the L designates it was made to Lowes specs? and priced to compete with BB&B WITH the 20% coupon.)

Made a decent cup of coffee. When you figure that your Dunkin' or Starbucks brew of the same size can cost nearly twice the price it is a pretty decent bargain. Use the 20% discount card for the K cups at BB&B.

Unfortunately, have been having a problem with some K cups. Brewing results in grinds coming out of the top of the seal and overflowing into the cup. After cleaning it out and using the "rinse" cycle twice the same problem happened all over again and again. So far noticed it happens with VAN HOUTTE KENYA KILIMANJARO.

Called Cuisinart to ask about what may be happening. To determine if this was a common problem they may be able to help with and if I needed to return the machine OR the K cups. The woman became defensive and tried to explain that Cuisinart has nothing to do with the K cup nor with the manufacturers of the K cup. She tried to shift any potential issue with the machine onto the K cup manufacturers.

In my opinion, if your name is on the product you need to stand by the product and use with related items.

If you partner with another company (Keurig and/or it's licensees i.e. the makers of the K cups) they should all be held to the high standards of the lead brand - Cuisinart.

It is a very good marketing decision to release a single cup brewer under the Cuisinart name.. not so good if you can't control (or worse are quick to push any problems) off onto your partner firm and their associates and licensees.

Still not sure what may be happening... never got that far with the Cuisinart support rep.

Posted by: DH at January 8, 2011 10:24 AM

Has anyone noticed that the Cuisinart has 1025 watts? Most other Keurigs have 1500 watts. I'm wondering if this is of performance significance.

Posted by: Bill at October 28, 2010 2:17 AM

We have had a B60 for almost 3 years and until last month, it has performed perfectly. The pump is loud because it is the original technology. But I have heard (or not heard) a newer model and they did get that right. One thing, we always use filtered water - not water straight from the faucet. And we have the Kuerig filter, but only started using that last Spring. The electronics have gone on the fritz meaning it scolls through the set-up every time you put the head down to start. Gotta hit the button as it passes through "Ready". BTW - I called Cuisinart and they stated thiers was made by them, not a co-branded unit from Keurig. Just an FYI. Still thinking about replacing the B60 with the SS700.

Posted by: RJ at October 18, 2010 11:59 PM

"Bull" right back at you PaulC.You are probably one of the only pro Keurig users I know. My 2nd Keurig B70 in "1yr. 6mo." just died and customer service @ Keurig was very non sympathetic. I did everything right "descaling" and I'm the only one that uses it so it's not overused. After trouble shooting with me, all the manager could offer was a coupon for their new up coming model. NO THANKS...my Mr. coffee lasted 15 yrs with no aggrevation, costs a lot less. Bryn, you said it...wait until they get it right. I'll wait a couple years!

Posted by: Lisa at August 24, 2010 4:58 PM

Well, I bought mine from BB&B and got exactly one cup out of it. Sorry, Paul C, if you don't believe me. I'll take it back, but I'm wondering whether the right choice is to get my money back and just wait a few years for this technology and reliability to improve or get a new one.

Posted by: Bryn at June 22, 2010 11:27 PM

Bull!! I get so tired of these comments on
"Dont buy one of these Keurigs they're horrible"
You know you may bet a lemon every now and then,but some of you either have the worst luck in the world, or you are doing something wrong.
First off Keurig has the greatest customer service. If your machine fails they have you go through some standard checks and then they send you a new one and guess what? You don't have to send the broken one back. Just mail in the kcup holder. I ask. Who does that? I brew 12-15 cups a day 7 days a week and use a pur water pitcher for my water and the earliest my machine gave me trouble was at 9 mos. I got a 11 mos out of the first b60 and the b70 had trouble at 9mos, which was replaced no problem with a new warranty. The amount I brew a day is beyond what is considered normal for home use so if I get a yr I think its a fine product. We have a B40 at work that gets a lot of use and I bought a Cuisinart when they came out just because I wanted it and it works great. Its a great machine if you love coffee the varieties are almost endles. Buy one you wont regret it

Posted by: PaulC at June 1, 2010 2:17 AM

I went through three Keurig units from Costco in four months. I had heard that Cuisinart had replaced the units at BB&B. However, I purchased one two weeks ago at BB&B, and it started having the pump problem within four days. I called customer service at Cuisinart, and was told to look on the bottom of the box for a serial number starting with 002 or 003 for the month of Feb or March for the production date. These units are the units that they corrected the pump problem. The one that I took back was a 00128H which I was told was part of the bad batch from the January production. A am waiting for the next shipment to arrive at BB&B to purchase another one. I really like the Cuisinart model.

Posted by: Sonja at May 25, 2010 2:24 PM

Same deal. about two months in, pump gave up the ghost. Same problem as with my first Keurig. So disappointed. Looks like I'm headed back to BB&B tomorrow to see what they will do. I'm thinking about adding a surge supressor to my kitchen setup to try to keep clean power going to the machine.

Posted by: Steve at May 23, 2010 1:15 AM

Yep...my Cuisinart just died. I got about 2 months out of it. It is a shame, I liked it better than the Tassimo. The pump started dispensing 2oz and then just none at all. I tried everything to get it to work. I guess I'll just take it back to BBB.

Posted by: Mike at May 8, 2010 7:13 PM

follow up to my March 15th post. My Cusinart brewer just died. Pump sometimes will not work and i have to power cycle the machine to get it going again. Also noticed that the machine seems to have a small leak. I am going to return it to BBB today. I agree with the many other posts. Stay away from this machine and the Keurig machines. they are a big headache and not worth the trouble. Keurig needs to come clean with the problems and find a fix quickly or i think they will lose a lot of customers.

Posted by: jeff at April 11, 2010 10:48 AM

Stay away from these machines! My Keurig Platinum only Lasted 4 weeks then I purchased the Cuisinart from bed,b,b and it didn't last 3 weeks. I'm sure it's put together with the same faulty parts as the Keurig. Cuisinart is in trouble if they are supporting a 3 year warranty.

Posted by: Bobby at March 31, 2010 10:16 PM

Do not buy this unit. First one lasted 12 days. Made a great cup of coffee. The water pump became intermittent and then stopped working all together.

Second unit did the exact same thing and lasted only eight days....

Posted by: Kevin at March 31, 2010 1:20 PM

Bought one about 2 weeks ago from BB&B. Went back yesterday and they were all gone. The clerk told us as a precaution that Cuisinart had recalled them because of a random water pump failure. I have made about 60 cups of coffee with mine and so far no issues. It has a great warranty and she said if I have problems to bring it back and they can trade it out for another brand or the cuisinart when they become available again. I love mine so far!!!

Posted by: Donna Smith at March 30, 2010 12:34 PM

Went to BBB - its not there, searched several ways and it is not for sale on the website. Went to Amazon and it said it is "no longer available" Was there a recall or something?

Will try going to the store in person tomorrow.

We had terrible time with the B70, had it for 3 years, had the problem where it intermittently dispensed only 2oz cups, it also now dispenses slowly - we have de-scaled it regularly to no avail. Replaced a few parts, and now it is somehow turning itself on and leaking entire cups onto the countertop and floor while we are out.
For $180 it should have lasted at least 5 years, we didn't get 3. I did some quick math - that high cost/low life adds about 8 to 10 cents to each kcup we used in it if the unit only lasts 3 years or less.

The Breville is getting horrible reviews, I was hopeful for the cuisinart model...am seriously considering putting my remaining boxes of kcups on ebay and forgetting about kcups altogether...go back to the dependable $20 brewers.

Posted by: momofteen at March 27, 2010 10:25 PM

just purchased one at BBB for $160.00. If you go onto the BBB website and sign up for their mailing list you get a 20% off coupon that you can use on any one single item in the store. if you print out this coupon (it instantly gets emailed to you) and use it to purchase the brewer, you will get $40 dollars off. The grand total will be only $160, so less than some of the keurig brewers, which are horrible. i just went through two keurig B70 brewers. Both never worked correctly (same issues as mentioned above). The Cuisinart seems to work great so far (but i have only had it for one day so time will tell).

Posted by: jeff at March 15, 2010 7:19 PM

I am very nervous about buying this machine. I have read so many horrible reviews about Keurig! It seems like Keurig would work on fixing the issues, but they just send you more defective machines. Especially since I keep reading about the same 2 issues over and over again - I've been on 8 different sites and 95% of the reviews are just horrible!
I think Cuisinart is a more reliable brand, but I am still nervous about it. Does anyone have anything good to report about this machine or should I stay away all together?

Posted by: Sandra at March 14, 2010 8:25 PM

It will be interesting to see how this one goes. I have gone through 2 B77's from Costco because of pumps and decided to "upgrade" to the Breville. The Breville is now acting up withing the first 30 hours of use. I like the idea of the k-cups but again, I am with Brian on this. Wondering how this will hold up. Cuisinart is definitely a nice brand and I personally haven't heard anything terrible about the company. However, I am so sick and tired of these machines only lasting

Posted by: David at March 12, 2010 9:53 AM

I was so excited to get my Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Maker. Unfortunately, I am about to return the second one (which replaced the first one - when I it just stopped working after a week). The second one lasted 8 days. It seems to be something with the water delivery system. It's very disappointing, but I think it's time to switch to another brand.

Posted by: Anne Pielage at February 28, 2010 10:09 AM

I'm wondering the same thing as Brian. Is this the same old Keurig in a different skin? I'd like to know before my 2nd B70 dies and I try to exchange for the Cuisinart (1st lasted 4 wks before pump problems - SURPRISE). Love the concept, but hate the hassle of dealing with Keurig's customer service. Bed, Bath, & Beyond, however, gets high marks for their service!

Posted by: April at February 20, 2010 11:47 AM

Just returned my Breville, very loud.....Bed Bath gave me the Cusinart SS700 by Keurig. Not as pretty as Breville but gives a great cup of coffee, ice tea and is VERY quiet. (do miss the blue lights but when off, they all look the same).

Posted by: joanne at February 14, 2010 8:35 PM

I'm a single-cup brewer newbie and need advice. I am attracted to this machine for a couple of reasons: I am very pleased with my other Cuisinart products, and I am interested in its ability to make iced coffee.
I've owned a Cuisinart Coffee On Demand Programmable Coffeemaker for about 5 years. I love having a coffeemaker large enough for company but one that I can also make several cups and have them stay nice and hot for several hours w/o getting a burnt taste. As to customer service, when my 3 year warranty was almost up, the programming function began to malfunction and after the suggestions on trying to fix it from a very friendly customer service rep didn't work, they sent me a brand new one.
But I am also a big tea drinker and have recently become an iced coffee fanatic. My Tea Drop Tea Maker is beginning to malfunction, so I am going to need to replace it with something. So I'd like to get a machine that will do it all: produce very hot water in a short amount of time for tea, make single cups of coffee, and give me iced coffee.......plus I'd like to try the various kinds of coffee available in the K Cups and just make one cup at a time of whatever I am fancying at the moment. I work at home and love my coffee/tea breaks. :)
So, being new to the single serving makers, I need to know if the water gets hot enough for brewing tea.....and I like my hot drinks very hot. When I use my Breville espresso maker, I froth the milk up to 180 degrees. [That maker doesn't put out water hot enough to brew a good cup of tea w/o the frothing attachment, which I can't use for tea, of course.]
My daughter-in-law has both a Keurig and a Tassimo and prefers the Tassimo because of the variety of drinks it offers. But I won't be using the K Cups that much as my budget is much tighter than hers......I plan to use my own tea leaves and coffee most of the time. Which brings me to another question, can you use tea leaves in the My K Kup?
So given all the above, is this the right single-cup brewer for me, or would another one do as well? Thanks!

Posted by: Gail at February 14, 2010 5:32 PM

OK. Here is My Review
Just traded up to New Cuisinart after the pump on Platinum B70 went bad.

Here are my thoughts:I Like the Bigger water tank but only 2 Blue LED's so lights up less than B70 and doesn't look as cool at night!!

Water & Rinse Modes are a gimmick!! You Must still Lift the handle to output the water. I see no difference between pressing water vs brew button after selecting brew size. The only convenience is that if you want to rinse or output water again within the next minute you can do so without lifting the handle. Any time after that minute and you have to lift the handle just as on all the B70.

All Rinse Mode does is shoot out 4 oz of water. You can do the same thing on the b70 by choosing the "ice" 4 oz setting.

Regarding the K Cup Holder. Its on the right side, so if you normally place a KCup carousel next to your unit. You will have to move it every-time you want to to access it. Also there is no place to store the included coffee scoop. The Breville is much better designed with Holder on top and a space for the scoop as well.

The Menu has added the wording of the cup size to the pictogram of cup sizes. So now in addition to showing the cup size pictorially in now also says 4,6,8,10,12 at bottom of cup.Also the added the text "open head" to indicate that you need to lift the handle to prime the brew after the tank fills and says "ready".

Bottom Line: If you already own a B70 and have a My K-Kup and or Water Filter, I see no reason to trade up to this unit.

However if you are new to Keuring and are evaluating the B70($170) and were planning on also purchasing both the My K Kup($15) and Charcoal Filter($18) then the SS700($200) will cost you $3 less. For that $3 savings you will gain a 3 year warranty vs 1 year warranty and the 20 oz larger water tank and the 2 xtra buttons(rinse & hot water, you will however give up a xtra water filter. The Keurig Starter kit comes with two vs the SS700 only comes with one.

The only unknown is Cuisinart customer service vs Keurig's. Keurig's is great they will even send you out a Brand New unit if your is defective.

It amazes me that the SS700 still is absent from Cuisinart's website, so one has to question if their their call centers are even familiar with this new machine. Also how knowledgeable are they going to be when they also take calls for waffle makers, grills, blenders, food processors, ice cream makers, and traditional coffee makers?

Keurig Reps on the other hand support one thing only.....Keurig Brewers!!

BTW someone had asked about manufacturing quality.
I would not be surprised if this comes out of the same factory as the Keurig Branded units. The Box Design, User Guide, Fit and Finish are near identical.

Hope this information was found useful.

I am Outa here.

Posted by: Jonzie at February 11, 2010 12:29 PM

Does anyone have any information related to the manufacture of this machine?

First off... I love the Keurig concept... its been the quality/dusability that has fallen flat for me. I am on my 3rd Keurig Elite (pump died on the first two and I just recieved number three from Keurig). Second machine died after 1 week in operation.

Is the SS700 a Keurig Platinum with a different skin or did Cuisinart play a design role to improve the durability?

I am skeptical that my 3rd machine will work and I am and thinking about investing in the SS700.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated

Posted by: Brian at February 9, 2010 11:08 AM

Look forward to reading your review guys... looks like a great machine. Been a big fan of the Keurig Breville for some time now, but have always loved Cuisinart for their quality!

Posted by: Billy ~ SingleCupCoffee411 ~ at February 5, 2010 7:29 PM
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