February 26, 2010

Review: Cuisinart SS700 Single Serve Coffee K-Cup Brewing System

Review Single Serve Coffee


The Cuisinart SS700 Single Serve Coffee Brewing System is the first Cuisinart coffee brewer to use K-Cups for making tea, hot chocolate, and of course coffee. The Cuisinart SS700 Single Serve Coffee Brewing System features a very large 80 oz water reservoir, iced and regular coffee brewing settings, along with storage of a My K-Cup resusable coffee filter. It also features a very fresh yet angular Cuisinart industrial design, along with a very easy to read blue LCD display. We've been looking forward to more options in K-Cup brewers, and it's really nice to have a brewer from a major brand like Cuisinart.

Update: The Cuisinart Keurig Single-Cup Brewer SS-700 and SS-780 is available direct at Green Mountain Coffee and is also under the model number SS-780. The SS-780 will come with a selection of K-Cups but the brewer is the same.

If you want to compare exhaustively the features of other Keurig Brewers we suggest reading the following Single Serve Coffee reviews, however we'll do our best to cover all the differences and innovations we find in this review as well.

The SS700 has an 80 oz water reservoir. Yes - we said 80.

There is also a ton of info and reviews in our Reviews, Keurig & K-Cups, Keurig Reviews, and K-Cup reviews categories of entries. That's just the prep - now on with the review.

Features of the Cuisinart SS700 Single Serve Coffee Brewing System

  • Five cup sizes, including an iced beverage setting. 4 oz Iced, 6, 8, 10 and 12 oz coffee settings.
  • Travel Mugs fit by removing the drip tray
  • The hot water button is great for instant coffee, soup, tea and hot cocoa.
  • There is a rinse button that cleans the brew chamber
  • The brewer is fully programmable with auto on/off and adjustable temperature control, and the blue backlit LCD display with digital clock is easy to read at a glance.
  • Quiet brew technology, an extra large removable 80-ounce water reservoir
  • Charcoal water filter that only works with the Cuisinart - you can't use the Keurig Charcoal water filters
  • Includes a 12 K-Cup® portion pack
  • Reusable My K-Cup coffee filter for ground coffee and spoon included with storage area on brewer for My K-Cup only

So this means you have a very large reservoir, the ability to use K-Cups and the coffee of your choice using the My K-Cup filter, and a very nice looking new coffee brewer for your countertops. Okay - seriously besides the lack of storage integration for the spoon used to fill the My K-Cup filter, this brewer for the home has the most features available for $199 in any Keurig brewer.

Integrated My K-Cup storage - however the spoon
does not store in here.

The brew temperature is also controllable, so you can set it to 187 to 192. We suggest just leaving it at 192 - because if you want hot coffee the brewing process we found knocked 10-15 degrees off the 192 at the brew head to have coffee arrive at 180F or so at the cup.

First Impressions Cuisinart SS700 Single Serve Coffee Brewing System

We published some first impressions in our earlier article, but we thought we'd publish some more as well.

  • The Reservoir is huge - at 80oz if you stick with the 8 oz cup that's 10 cups without refilling over the the standard Selecct Keurig 60oz water reservoir
  • The My K-Cup storage on the side is novel - but we don't like the fact the spoon that comes with the Cuisinart has no place for storage. We think this is a big miss on the part of the designers of the brewer because once you move the spoon and don't store it away (like you can in the Breville brewer) then it's just going to be missing
  • The controls are nice and the display icons are a bit clearer - showing the ounces in the silhouette of the cup icon
  • It's very quiet so that's nice the Quiet Brew technology is throughout all the Keurig models now
  • The metal outer coating wipes up easily and is very solid - but it also feels really industrial
  • The setting menu is a bit confusing - for some reason the flow of the Keurig Select B70 menu is better and easier to setup
  • We love the brew head - it reminds us of again - some Star Trek starship - and it's slippery coating wipes up easily
  • The hot water option is okay - we just wish you didn't have to open and close the brew head - but what if there was an old K-Cup in there? Hmmm....

Brewing a Cup of Coffee with the Cuisinart SS700 Single Serve Coffee Brewing System

As we stated earlier you can use the K-Cup portion packs, and the included My K-Cup reusable coffee filter to make coffee with the Cuisinart SS700 Single Serve Coffee Brewing System. There are over 200+ K-Cups coffees, teas, and other hot beverages available, so selection and choice isn't a problem.


To make a cup of coffee you do the following:

  1. Turn on the brewer - the brewer has an auto-on and auto-off feature and has timed on and off settings as well
  2. Open the brew head
  3. Insert the K-Cup portion pack
  4. Shut the brew head
  5. Put your coffee under the brew head
  6. Pick your brew size and hit the brew button
  7. In less than 60 seconds you'll have a steaming hot cup of coffee


Brew time is the same, and the brewer is very quiet. The My K-Cup has to have the brew chamber removed and then you insert it into the brew chamber area just like any other Keurig model.

Open brew head.

Questions and Answers from the Single Serve Coffee Community

We asked the Single Serve Coffee community to sound off with questions and in our Cuisinart Questions thread in the Single Serve Coffee Forums. Also we had many comments and questions on our set of articles over the past two weeks and we try to answer them here as well.

Question: How does it compare to Breville. What is the water temp? does it brew a better cup? Quieter? Faster? filter better? Made as well? Anything it has the Breville doesn't that makes it worth buying?

Answer: This is a great set of questions and we'll be to the point. How does it compare - besides the scoop storage we think it's on par, and we love the design of the Cuisinart. Brew temp is 187 to 192 with about 180 at the cup. It's quiet, it's the same brew speed, the filter works but is unique to the Cuisinart. It had the larger reservoir and the hot water and rinse features.

Question: Does the SS-700 brew a robust cup of coffee without having to use extra bold coffees?

Answer: No. There isn't any strength features to make medium or light coffee magically become bold coffee. If you want bold coffee - use extra-bold K-Cups. If you want medium or light coffee - use those K-Cups.

Question: What differentiates this unit from the Keurig and the Breville? Other than aesthetic reasons, why would someone want to buy the Cuisinart over the other two comparable options?

Answer (we think Jim Evans from CoffeeWiz.com answers this best):From a consumer point of view I can answer that in one word .. Cuisinart ... They sell way more traditional coffee machines that anyone else and have a huge loyal following. In addition because it's Cuisinart it screams quality. And we also think the brewer is of high quality and if you have other Cuisinart appliances it will fit right in.

Question:Definitely a compare against B40/B70/OPOD/BUNN in quality of coffee produced.

Answer: The coffee produced from the SS700 is on par with the Keurig B40 and B70 - any of these brewers with the brew temp of 192 produce excellent coffee. Comparing this to a coffee pod brewer like the OPOD or Bunn is more difficult. The different coffees produced and pod size can be a factor in producing bolder coffee in the pod brewers, but you can achieve similar results with the SS700 or other Keurig brewers using the right K-Cups or My K-Cup with the right coffee. Also factoring in the Perfect Pod Holster or the new EZ Cup accessory you can use coffee pods, K-Cups, and ground coffee in any Keurig brewer - allowing for an amazing variety of coffee tastes, strengths, and preference.

Question: Any idea if Cusinart intends to roll out a version of the mini? or maybe some color options - anything leaked about metalic red, blue, gold, black, etc.?

Answer: No other colors or the mini has been brought up. We imagine for this year - this is the only Cuisinart K-Cup brewer you'll be able to get.

Question: Will I be able to get the Cuisinart Keurig Single-Cup Brewer SS-700 and SS-780 at Keurig.com or other retailers besides Bed, Bath, and Beyond?

Answer: We don't know. Right now Bed, Bath, and Beyond seems to be your only option. We think as the year goes on there will most likely be more availability at other retailers.

Question: Can I use the Keurig charcoal filters in my Cuisinart SS700?

Answer: No. They are indeed different, so you'll need to use the Cuisinart filters with your brewer.

Question: Is the hot water and rinse options just a gimmick?

Answer: Yes and no. They are indeed useful - the rinse is really great after hot chocolate or something messy. The hot water features allows you to quickly make hot water and once you close the brew head - it's only 1 minute or so between uses. You can still use any Keurig brewer to make hot water by removing any K-Cups and making a cup without a K-Cup in the brew head. However for people who want more buttons - we think you'll like have more buttons with dedicated reasons to be.


  • Large Water Reservoir at 80 oz - this is the killer features
  • Integrated My K-Cup storage
  • Hot Water and rinse feature - works and we like the dedicated buttons
  • Many brew optionsBrewer is very quietNice industrial designEasy to read LCD screen for brewing options
  • 3 year limited Warranty - most other brewers have a 1 year warranty
  • At $199 it's expensive
  • Lack of storage for the coffee scoop

We think you can't go wrong with the Cuisinart SS700 Single Serve Coffee Brewing System (Cuisinart Keurig Single-Cup Brewer SS-700 and SS-780) if you want a top of the line single serve coffee brewer. The large 80 oz reservoir is the thing you're buying in our opinion, along with a generous 3 year warranty on a very well designed brewer. We love the ease of use, and the fact the Cuisinart SS700 Single Serve Coffee Brewing System works with all K-Cups and the My K-Cup reusable filter gives you as the coffee and hot beverage drinking consumer the most options.

At Cuisinart Keurig Single-Cup Brewer SS-700 and SS-780

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Posted by Jay Brewer at February 26, 2010 8:58 AM
Recent Comments

Set it up and it leaked all over my counter from the water carafe! Easy fix for it!

Just got a new Cuisinart single cup coffee maker. It looks like a fish tank with blue lights in it.

I set it up and it leaked like crazy from the water tank into the tray and under the machine and looked like the inside was leaking out the bottom too! I was so disappointed!!! :((((((((((((

So, I opened up the bottom of the machine and not one drop off water was inside. It was the crafe male connector that plugs into the machine that was leaking. You would think they would put a washer around it, but they don't so I put a black rubbet washer on it and Viola, no more leaking! :* (y)

II LoVe, lOvE, LOVE this coffee maker!!!


I have been using this Refurbished Cuisinart ss-700 Brewer for a week now and all is well. I descaled it with Keurig descaler.

I added the rubber washer to the male connector so the water reservoir doesn't leak and so the pump doesn't draw in any air, since the Danco 89035 Bottom Seals for Price Pfister for stem 3H-10H/C black rubber washer creates an air tight seal.

I think this brewer will last many years and many of the problems with this Brewer can be solved by doing the following things ....

1. Put the Danco 89035 Bottom Seals for Price Pfister for stem 3H-10H/C black rubber washer on the male connector of the water tank. Smooth side down.

2. Descale the Brewer with Keurig descaler at least every 90 days. Use a Paper Clip to clean out the top needle that goes into the Kcups & bottom needle if you use Kcups or Eko Brew Cups.

3. Use the water filter and change at least every 90 days. Use the Clean cycle after each Brew.

4. When using the My Kcup only put 2 table spoons of medium ground coffee in it or 1 3/4 tables spoons of fine grind. Why? Because when coffee gets wet it expands and there needs to be room in the My Kcup to allow the water to pass through easily.

5. Air pumps and water pumps last longer when they don't have to work really hard.

6. Keeping the air bubbles out of the air pump reduces the work load. Allowing the water to flow easily through the My Kcup or Eko brew cup makes the water pump not have to work as hard.

7. Best coffee I have had in this Brewer that makes a great cup with 2 tablespoons or less of coffee grinds, never bitter and always tastes great are: Gevaila, New England Coffee, Godiva coffee, Don Francisco coffee, World Market coffee. Medium and Dark Roasts work best. Medium Grind. Fine Grind mixed with Medium grind works ok too!

8. Brewers are like computers, most of the time it's user error and manufacturer error too, because I don't understand why they didn't have a rubber washer on the water tank male connector. It keeps the water in and the air out which solves many of the problems this brewer was having and will make the Brewer last longer.

9. Once again Do Not Over Fill your My Kcup or Eko Brew reusable Kcup. Leave room for the coffee to expand. If the air can't get out past the packed in coffee grinds it will build up in the brewer and explode out. After a while of over filling and packing down reusable Kcups the brewer will break.

Hope this info helps, really the refurbished Cuisinart ss-700 is a great buy since it uses all Kcups, My Kcup & Ekobrew cups and its cost much less to own one now!

Posted by: How to Use it at September 26, 2015 10:10 AM

I was having the same problems with my SS700 many report, partial cups, then no hot water or rinse cycle at all. I ran through the entire troubleshooting list, descaled, cleaned the needles (removing and replacing the gaskets as well), lifted the reservoir (at least three times!) in case of air bubbles and after two great cups of coffee post-descaling, was still having the same problem.

Finally I removed the filter unit instead of the reservoir. All was well!! The brewer worked perfectly. This is not on my troubleshooting list but it should be. Before you get a bit crazy, have to call customer service, consider buying another unit, etc etc, try simply removing the entire filter unit and see if you can brew a cup!

Posted by: Sister Laurel M O'Neal, Er Dio at November 9, 2013 2:37 PM

I've had mine for about 6 months. It worked well inthe begining. Now when I plug mine in, it blows my GFI Outlet. I won't plug it in again util I have an answer. May cause a fire. Is anyone else having this problem?

Posted by: Sam at February 25, 2013 2:47 PM

We've had our SS-700 for about a year now - our first and only Keurig so far. It was working pretty good up until this past Saturday when it started sounding like it was at death's door. It became clear the issue was in the water exit; not entry. I followed the advice of FIX YOUR ISSUE WITH WATER NEW BREWING posting from 4/16/2011 where the advice was to thoroughly soak a napkin, grab the exit needle (carefully it's sharp)and squeeze so the the water hopefully clears the grounds or whatever is blocking. After the 3rd or 4th time of doing this (and i did remove the rubber grommet to grab even more of the exit needle) the machine started working great. We decided to descale the machine while we were at it as we had never done this. Once we started it seemed the machine was reading our mind and for the first time it flashed the "descale" message on the front. We exclusively use spring or distilled water packed in those gallon jugs. For that reason we don't use the filter packs.

Posted by: Gkarle at January 29, 2012 12:04 PM

Have had the Cuisinart machine for less than a year and it often decides not to brew, just hummmm. Today, the hot water exploded from the top of the unit and the only way to stop it was to unplug the unit - the on/off switch did not work. I'm really tired of having to mess with this expensive unit and would love to have a k-cup unit I can depend on.

Posted by: iris at December 14, 2011 12:33 PM

This is a terrible Machine. I have had 2 and I am currently on my third machine. It works for a little while then stops pushing out the water. It seems to be a bad internal design and to get it to work I finally figured out that I have to manually blow out the machine. (remove water container and blow in the hole). Air pockets or something cause it to hang up. This machine looks great but its so unreliable and for $200 i expect this thing to work flawlessly....without me having to give it mouth to mouth

Posted by: sean at December 13, 2011 11:08 PM

I just bought the Cuisinart SS700 at Costco in Palm Springs. It’s replacing a Keurig B-60 that is less than a year old. Depending where you shop, these two brewers are close in price even though the Cuisinart is (supposedly) a much higher-end brewer. Over the last 3 yrs of our dance with the single-cup brewers we’ve gone through THREE Keurig B-60’s and one Breville high end, (can’t remember the model #, but its the highest end that looks like this Cuisinart). The first time we replaced our B-60 we were given a lot of flack from the person I called at Keurig. She made me go through every step of the brewing process and she listened carefully, added suggestions but in the end she realized this brewer was never going to make another cup of coffee. Now when I phone they just ask where I’d like the new one sent. It suggests to me that they expect a lifespan of 10 to 18 months on the average brewer. Why don’t they just fix the problem! That said, I am hoping the Cuisinart SS700 will provide years of wonderful cups of delicious coffee, but having read all the comments and complaints, I’m thinking I might have a year, just like all the rest. Thanks for the honesty, Folks. We know most of the tricks to keep our brewers limping along for a short while, but in the end they just need to be taken out & put out of their misery. :-(

Posted by: Nancy B at November 16, 2011 12:05 PM

I have now had 3 of these that do not last more than 3 weeks and start having problems with the coffee brewing through the coffee grounds.... It stops and the rince works and hot water. NO coffee!!! I have called Cuisinart... I get a scripted reply from customer service!!! No help at all Very frustrating.Now I have told them I will tell everyone I know and any word of mouth I know no to buy one as it is not reliable!!!!

Posted by: jac ro at October 11, 2011 2:04 PM

I have that issue of the water not brewing/pumping for my cup of coffee but I know exactly why and I know how to fix it everytime. The reason for that is because the upper needle where the water pumps through to your cup is clogged. I only use Tim Horton's coffee therefore I have to use the single coffee filter for my coffee. When I 1st had the issue I read the manual & it did mention that the needle (bottom one) if clogged would not let the water go through so it made sense that if the bottom could get clogged then so can the top needle. I finally figured out how to unclog the top needle. Simply grab a napkin and moisten it with running tap water. Make sure the napking is watery enough so that when you squeeze it water will run down your hands...so with the napkin all wet, squeeze the top needle and release. The squeezing motion will flow water into the needle and will release any clogged coffee particles. Once you release the needle you should be able to see coffee particles on your napkin. This WILL FIX the issue EVERY TIME!!! Yep this babe is very sensitive...a tiny bit of coffee particle can clog it and when I say tiny...I mean really tiny. Doesn't take much to get it clogged...Oh also, i forgot to mention. it helps that you before you put your coffee in (if you're using grind like me) that you grab an long object (I use a chopstick - the size is perfect) to insert through the open whole of your single holder that holds the grind coffee. By doing so, you're pushing the coffee away from the whole where the top needle is to pass through and release the water and thereby preventing even more coffee to clog the top needle.



Posted by: FIX YOUR ISSUE WITH WATER NEW BREWING The Cuisinart SS700 at April 16, 2011 5:55 PM

I returned my Keurig to COSTCO because it wouldn't brew. I then purchased a single cup Cuisinart from BB&B and after six months, I'm having the same problem. I went back to BB&B and noticed they had a Keurig, Cuisinart and Breville displayed side by side. I opened the heads of all three and noticed the inside of all three looked identical. This led me to believe that they all use the same pump assembly. If this is true, then it won't matter which brand I purchase, I will continue to have the same brewing problem. Hopefully those manufacturers are working at improving the pump.

Posted by: Tom at April 8, 2011 2:13 AM

I got my cuisinart ss-780 as a chirstmas gift. I loved it....until yesterday! I put the cup in and when i went to brew.....the motor just kept running....and didn't brew! i turned it off for a minute. But it still didn't brew. Kept the machine off over night....no brewing this a.m. I also just emptied the water and relilled it...mayne it was off....but it still didn't brew. I don't understand what could have happened overnight. Any thoughts?

Posted by: Tina at March 11, 2011 9:13 AM

I gave up on this Cuisinart model. Mine worked for a few months and then stopped working. It would just hang on "Brewing" forever and never dispense any water. I e-mailed Bed, Bath, & Beyond's Customer Service and explained my issue and they told me I could return it for in-store credit without the box or a receipt! I got $199.99 back for it and purchased the Breville BKC700XL. Hopefully, I don't have the same issues as the Cuisinart again. If I do, I will probably try a Keurig Platinum B70 next. In any case, Bed, Bath, and Beyond's customer service has been AMAZING through all of this. But I am definitely done with Crapinart.

Posted by: ADP at February 16, 2011 9:59 PM

I was given the Cuisenart SS700 for Christmas and This last Saturday, 2/12/11, It stopped working. I tried everything, just a little water would come out. I did all the troubleshooting and still nothing helped. I could hear the water being pumped in but nothing came out. I exchanged for a new unit and I am hoping it works better and for a longer time. It is very expensive and if the lifespan is just a few months, than I am going to try another brand.

Posted by: Emily at February 15, 2011 1:20 PM

Yes, my Kurig has also gone TU. Ours actually lasted about 11 months, which sounds like we were one of the lucky ones. I also had a problem with the top piercing needle. Took off the rubber seal and cleaned out the injector ports and replaced the rubber seal. Worked great for a while. Started having problems with it again in December. It would not despense properly and often not at all. It also started making a "PFPT" sound after brewing(steem releasing?) so I descaled with vinegar. Smelly process! When that didn't work I called cust. service. What a joke-they explained that I didn't do it properly. They said that the vinegar had to sit in the thing with it turned on for 4 hours, then the brew it all through. Still didn't work. Now the Keurig is leaking from around the bottom!
Sure hope the Cuisenart is better!
At this rate, ie: brewer, K-cups, environmental empact from the plastic k-cups, this is the most expensive way ever to brew coffee!
Anyone know of a great and Quiet "pod" brewer?

Posted by: Diane at January 20, 2011 9:04 PM

I got one for christmas and yesterday it stopped brewing a full cup so I did all the troubleshooting and nothing. Started to read reviews and read Bob's from Nov 29 and took a look under the lid. Easily removed rubber ring then i stuck a needle in the holes on both sides of the needle of the machine closed it up did a hot water run(got some grounds in the cup) YEH it brewed my whole 12 oz. The problem didn't start until my husband used the my k cup. Hopefully it fixes the problem.

Posted by: julie at January 19, 2011 12:50 AM

Glad to hear others are having the same problems I am with my single cup Cuisinart! This is my second one and yes it will say it is brewing and nothing comes out...nothing I do will make it recycle. I agree with most of the people who question the reliability of the pump! Do you know how disappointing it is in the morning, anticipating that one great cup of hot coffee....AND NOTHING COMES OUT!!!! Shame on you Cuisinart! I have always bought your products because of the quality...this one falls way short! And yes forget talking to someone at Cuisinart about the problem!

Posted by: Dawn Purse at January 12, 2011 10:16 AM

Got a SS700 for Christmas and after one cup, nothing. The brew light comes on but nothing happens. Removed the res. and replaced it twice, still nothing. Won't even run the rinse cycle. Is this a pump thing that was supposed to be fixed?

Posted by: Diane at December 28, 2010 3:44 PM

Step 5: Put your coffee under the brew head...
Didn't I just put my coffee IN the brew head???

Posted by: Ron at December 27, 2010 6:37 PM

Just received my SS700 as a Christmas present, and am enjoying it greatly. Like most, I have had Cuisinart products in the past and been very pleased with their performance. The normal life of a coffee maker for me has been 3 years as I tend to work them pretty hard, so I will be testing this one very hard through the new year and hope for the best. I'll report any problem encountered like everyone else.

Posted by: Jim at December 27, 2010 9:21 AM

I just want to know can it do soup, and cappuccinos? I really dont need that option but I am just being curious. Because on the desription It says it does coffee, tea and MORE. What is the MORE?

Posted by: deedee at December 10, 2010 12:38 AM

Just as a recommendation to those of you that are having problems with the Cuisinart punching dime-size holes in your K-Cups. I called Cuisinart today and they were TOTAL... I won't use the word but they basically told me not to use K-Cups from manufacturers that were causing problems. There's great customer service! Anyway... I digress...

I had a B-70 before this (1st generation) that had a foamy seal at the top needle. It's a long story but in order to make it short, I managed to get my hands on 3 replacements and all were the semi-hard rubber type EXACTLY like the one in the Cuisinart. Admittedly, I had a couple of replacements before I tried this experiment.

YMMV, YOYO and what all applies here. The top needle is sharp. You'll cut your hand... blah, blah, blah. If you're too stupid to follow the procedure without hurting yourself, don't try it! LOL

Since I'm an engineer by profession, I made a slight EC (That's "engineering change" for those of you not in the profession. LOL) to mine and it's working for me.

Open the top of your brewer and grab a flashlight. If you look into the top, you'll see the needle. Surrounding it is a/the rubber seal I've been referring to. It is not permanently attached. It's just the friction of the hole against the needle. Take your fingers and gently remove the rubber seal. Using a sharp kitchen paring knife, gently remove the protruding ring at the TOP of the seal (the part that goes up against the housing). You may even want to start by trying to remove half of it if you can but I removed all of mine. Again, I had "nothing to lose" since I had two spares. You DON'T. ;-)

Replace the seal and see if the problem persists. It doesn't on mine.

The soft/foam seals are the real answer I think but I have yet to be able to obtain any. There use to be a great site for replacement parts for Keurigs and the like at igotsweetdeals.com but I guess the guy's closed up shop, at least I can't get there anymore. If anybody finds anyone selling parts, I sure would like to know about them.

FWIW, I have the problem mostly with Tully's and Coffee People's cups. They tend to almost compress the air in theirs. I presume this is an attempt to keep the coffee fresher. I dunno. All I know is that theirs are "puffed up" on top and are "tight" when you press against the foil tops. I rarely have this problem with coffees from Green Mountain and most other vendors.

Like I said, your mileage may vary but it worked for me. If you're tired of grounds in your cup and water all over your counter and a general mess but want to keep using cups from Tully's and Coffee People, this MIGHT be a solution for you. Good luck. -bob

Posted by: Bob at November 29, 2010 6:15 PM

I just bought the Keruig Platinum B70. I wanted this machine to give me peece of mind with a nice cup of coffee and it's starting to give me a headache. Personally it doesn't make sense how it has the option for 5 different cup sizes and the bigger the cup the weaker the coffee and yes i'm using extra bold coffee. Besides that it's my 2 day with it and that's the only problem im having with it. It's quite and it looks nice, but it's annoying that when using the Single K-Cup dispenser this is happening to me. Is anyone else experiencing this???

Posted by: Pat at November 16, 2010 10:06 PM

I too have had the Kurig coffee makers. They were returned for numerous problems. Decided to give the Cuisinart a try last April. Loved the look and features of this machine. After a couple of months, the machine wouldn't fill an 8 ounce cup. I did as the manual said and tried to unclog the top pin. This seemed to correct the problem for a while. The next problem to arise was that the quiet motor was no longer quiet. When the machine said ready, it seemed to take forever for the brew cycle to begin. I returned this machine to BB&B and went back to the Kurig. I returned that one the next day because the coffee was not hot. I went back to the Cuisinart again. It is now a couple of months and the problems are here again. The pump is not that quiet, takes a long time to brew and I don't always get 8 ounces. Are any of these machines problem free? Being that the price of the coffee is quite high you would think the machines would work properly.

Posted by: cliff at November 15, 2010 8:27 AM

^^^ just to keep things in perspective, just about any product you search for online, you're going to find more negative reviews than positive. Most people don't take the time to come write reviews until theirs breaks and they feel like complaining >_

My question is to people who own this machine, how does the hot water dispenser work? I have a countertop water boiler right now and all I have to do is hold the button for 5 seconds to have a full cup of boiling water. Does this work the same or does it take a minute to heat the water? And what does it mean about opening and closing the brew head? You have to do that every time you want hot water?

Posted by: CS at November 10, 2010 10:02 AM

Just returned this machine to Future Shop-Great Customer Service! Purchased machine on Oct.24th/10. Machine looks good, is easy to follow the instructions, quiet motor, store the coffee spoon on top of the machine. HOWEVER-coffee entered cup at 160F not the 192F that is specified! Tried every one of the sample coffees and could not find ONE which was worth drinking. My husband adds milk and sugar and I drink mine black, neither of us found anything we liked even when I hunted down more types of K-cups. Home Outfitters had the best selection but at $12.99 for pack of 18, that gets very expensive and is way too many cups of bad coffee to get through. We like medium to bold strength. Found them to be bitter and have a sour aftertaste. The Earl Grey tea was undrinkable- I poured it out after a sip. Hot Chocolate(cocoa) has a very strange flavour, too hard to describe. Problem with coffee may be that it doesn't get a chance to 'brew'. Best coffee was when I used our regular drip coffee in the My K-cup - even then it was barely acceptable and this machine is way too expensive for just that use. Used to have a Tassimo but it died after 2 years, daily use gave it decent value for the money but I'll continue to watch reviews until someone comes out with a machine that pleases the majority of users and is reliably built.

Posted by: Yvonne at November 1, 2010 7:22 PM

I have had this machine for a couple of weeks now. My only issue with it is that the coffee tastes burnt. The cocoa and iced tea are great. Maybe I'm just not trying the right coffee? Any suggestions? I usually use the 10 oz size with a medium roast K-cup. Thanks.

Posted by: Jean at October 20, 2010 8:34 PM

I purchased one of these units from Kohl's based on this review, and the generally favorable comments in the forum. The first unit lasted about 2 months before it suddenly started producing a 'short-cup' and it just dribbled the water through the K-cup. I called Cuisinart who told me they could exchange it but I would have to pay for shipping, or I could exchange it at Kohl's - so I exchanged it at the local Kohl's. The second one lasted less than two weeks till it had the same problem. I exchanged it at Kohl's for a third, and will see how it goes - but this seems to be the same pump problem as has affected all the 'Quiet-Brew' Keurig machines.

Posted by: DHC at October 5, 2010 12:31 PM

I was wondering how the different cup sizes work. Does the 8 oz cup of coffee taste the same as the 12 oz size? Does the 12 0z brew longer to acheive the same taste as the 8 oz?

Posted by: Ralph at September 29, 2010 6:29 PM

I've has 2 Keruigs. I updated to the B70. I had it for 1 year when the water started to come out brown. I called Keruig and they said because it was out of warranty they could do nothing except sell me another one for 20.00 off the price. I said paying 169.00 for a coffee pot to last only 2 months over a year?? I started to us my original I think it was B40. It worked fine for 4 months and now it wants to de-scaled every other day. I used double filtered water. I would never buy another Keruig. I think their customer service is terrible. Is the Cusiniart worth the price???

Posted by: Marlene Richards at September 19, 2010 1:32 PM

I had Cuisinart's prior attempt at a single serve, non-K-cup coffee maker. Total disaster. The pump vibrated like a jack hammer, it leaked hot coffee over the sides of the grounds holder, and went DOA in a few months. Cuisinart replaced it under warranty (just before the model was discontinued) and the second one died in a month. I have been researching the SS700 and Breville, but after reading these comments wonder if its better to go back to a French press. Have any of these problems been resolved so these machines give consistent results?

Posted by: Cliff at July 20, 2010 6:26 PM

I purchased my ss700 on May 8th for mother's day. For the past 2 weeks now it doesnt want to brew!!! This is frustrating. I thought I bought it after the supposed "fix" am going to try and exchange at BBB for a Keurig hopefully I wont have any issues with that!

Posted by: Barbara at July 9, 2010 10:09 AM

Bringing it back - it's a piece of garbage.

Posted by: Ellyn at June 28, 2010 11:25 PM

Just got mine at Kohl's. Hope it doesn't have the problems as everyone stated.

Posted by: Joe at May 31, 2010 6:52 PM

Hi all, got the ss700 yesterday, after 3 Keurig B70s, a Special edition and 3 Brevilles. They have 'jump' started the water draws by having the pump draw faster and louder the first 2 seconds of each draw. This is what Keurig started doing in March. Question: anyone getting small or short cups? Thanks

Posted by: nancy at May 16, 2010 5:23 PM

@Angelo, thank you for your response. I am glad to hear that it is working great for you. I just hope my will too.

Posted by: Lu at May 8, 2010 10:54 PM

Yes we picked up the fixed version of the Cuisinart a couple of weeks ago. It's working great, the pump sounds more powerful and it works every time, no lifting the tank up and down to get it to make a cup of coffee or half cups. The folks at BBB were great, they just exchanged the unit no hassles. They said they just got in the modified units. Finally a working Kuerig machine. We had gone through 4 Kuerig brand units all with same problems.

Posted by: Angelo at May 6, 2010 6:54 PM

Have anyone gotten the "fixed" version of Cuisinart? How have it been working? Is it really fixed? Please let me know. Thanks all!

Posted by: Lu at April 29, 2010 7:24 PM

I called Cuisinart first and then my Bed Bath and Beyond store Manager...call it due diligence.

I spoke to the Cuisinart Technical Manager and here's the deal, about two weeks ago they recalled all the units, yes every one of them, the store had these only for a few weeks.

They found that the problem was not the pump or any air bubble in the line, so they have updated and replaced the Program Chip in the rest of the brand new units. Problem solved. I called my BBB store Manager and he confirmed it, not one returned in the ten units sold. So knowing what the warranty back-up is from past experience with Cuisinart I bought one last night and it runs like a charm....in fact if you do the math and look at the performance what they did was develop the unit which is similar to the Kuerig Office type and are selling it for 70 dollars +/- less. I have to agree this unit blows away the Keurig......my coffee is hot, hot, hot.....this unit is a total buy. It's made like a tank. Also if your making a large travel mug always use the same K-Cup twice program it on the small cup setting and run it twice you'll be very surprised, you have to use the really strong K-Cup coffes for it to work best....like Black Tiger etc....good luck and enjoy the new SS700. Mine does not puncture the K-Cups with dime sized wholes either the rubber seal is identical to the Kuerig unit.

Posted by: B.Batleman at April 28, 2010 3:30 PM

Since the recall on this unit, Cusinart has released the unit back to the stores. Has the issue been fixed?

Posted by: MCheatham at April 23, 2010 8:40 PM

Q: will the SS700 have the same issue where it cannot be stored in cold temperatures? We live in New Hampshire, shut the house down (drain pipes, turn off heat, etc) for winter months and head south. We learned the hard way that the B40 retained water in the pump line even though we emptied reservoir, unplugged, and stored in original box. The unit froze and was damaged beyond repair. Tks

Posted by: woodyrich at April 10, 2010 10:46 AM

It worked great for 4 days. Cuisinart Rep. says there is a problem with an air pocket forming in the hose, to return it to BB&B and that they are fixing the problem and will come out with improved ones later.

Posted by: a. senkel at March 28, 2010 7:30 PM

I have to say, I am very disappointed. I bought my first Cuisinart single brewing system less than a month ago. 4 days into it, I had the exact same issue as everyone else. I thought it was a glitch, so I kept trying and thought all would be okay. NOPE! I refuse to pay $200 and then have to jack with it for 1/2 an hour to get one cup of coffee. I thought it was a defective unit, so I took it back to BB&B. They happily replaced it. I've now had this new unit 3 days, and it is up to its same old tricks! I am changing to another machine today, if possible!

Posted by: DRichards at March 27, 2010 6:14 PM

Had this machine for a little over 3 weeks. No real problems w/ the pump but never could get it close to 192 degrees F. Took it back to BB&B today to exchange for one that I hoped would reach spec temp and discovered Cuisinart has recalled all remaining SS700 stock. Store manager said recall was due to pump problems. Anyone experiencing problems w/ their SS700 may want to consider returning it now. BB&B cheerfully reissued the 20% discount coupon I had used and exchanged the Cuisinart (+more $) for a Breville BKC700XL which has basically the same features as the Cuisinart. So far Brevile seems to work fine, although others have complained about the pump on it as well.

Posted by: RLawlis at March 27, 2010 5:00 PM

I have owned my unit for about a month now. I have experienced occassional problems of not getting the selected ozs. of coffee. Usually I can run a second process with the same K-cup and choose the smallest setting and I end of with a very full cup after the 2 runs. A little annoying for the $$ I spent on this thing, but I can deal with that. What I'm having a HARD TIME dealing with is the INCREDIBLY LOUD noise it makes between brewing cups of coffee. I'm reading how it has such a quiet brewing system, but that is NOT what I'm experiencing. Considering taking it back. Anyone else experiencing loud noises?

Posted by: SWMBO at March 26, 2010 3:22 PM

Purchased the SS700 at BBB about 2 weeks ago and fell in love. The love is fading as we are experiencing the same water pumping problem as others. This is not fun 1st thing in the morning when all we want is a cup of coffee. I too remove and replace the tank a couple of times to get more than 1 to 2 oz. of water. Any suggestions?

Posted by: Carol at March 22, 2010 6:36 PM

I purchased a Cuisinart SS-700 about 3 weeks ago and am about all the same complaints. Some times it will only dispense a couple of ounces owater for no apparent reason. The worst problem is it will pump any water when you ask for a cup. This happens often. Even with a full tank of water. I have to remove the tank and set down again to get it to work. I am tired of wrestling with it evey morning for a cup of coffee. I will take it back to BB&B.

Posted by: Bert Kelsey at March 21, 2010 8:59 AM

Ten days ago I purchased a Cuisinart SS-700 at BB&B. I like the features. It lasted 5 days before it said "brewing" but no water was dispensed thru the K-Cup. Nothing I could do at that point would make it dispense water. Returned it to another BB&B and exchanged it for the identical model. This one lasted 2 days before it began the same problem. We have had Cuisinart appliances before and never had a problem. I don't see where anyone has reported this issue on this forum so far. Two in a row indicates it might be a problem with a batch of them. I was going to switch to another brand of machine, but based on what I read here I will probably swap it out at a different BB&B for another of the same model.

Posted by: Coach at March 19, 2010 10:32 AM

I am very unhappy with my Cuisinart. I purchased my coffee maker at the end of February 2010. I had to take back my machine. After a week, it would only give me 1 to 2 oz of water or would not brew at all. My second machine is doing the same thing. I am taking it back and thinking of trying a Keurig. I called Cuisinart and they did not have an answer for why this problem was happening. They asked me to check for clogs. I did and found none. Then they said, well you should just take it back to Bed Bath and Beyond. UGH! I am very disappointed!

Posted by: Amy at March 18, 2010 8:17 PM

I have this coffee maker and I LOVE it. It works like a charm every time and it gives wonderful full flavored cups of coffee. I am thrilled and it was well worth the purchase price. I highly recommend it!

Posted by: Phil at March 18, 2010 8:03 PM

Just purchased a Cuisinart brewer this week after many problems with the other two brands (Keurig AND Breville). Crossing my fingers this one will actually brew(heat)and dispense water. The Keurig worked ok for the first month (received for Xmas gift) and then quit brewing until several prompts to lift and close the brew head at least a half dozen times. Returned the Keurig and upgraded to the Breville that would not even pump water at all (only heated the water in the tank) after the first day. So far the Cuisinart is working ok although still only in the first week of operation. Is this typical dilemma with these single-serve coffee makers?

Posted by: Cheryl at March 17, 2010 9:26 PM

Just purchased the Cuisinart ss-700 after much research on the other top brands. I've owned the cuisinart grind - n brew the last 3 years and loved it however, was tired of the daily cleaning. I love flavored coffee and husband didn't! Bought mine from BB&B like another reviewer using the 20% coupon to cushion the blow of the $199 price tag. All brewers had some negative so I made my decision based the the name since I have several other Cuisinart appliances I love. So far I've brewed several cups of coffee and all seem to dispense same amounts of coffee. My temp seems to be at the 192 as it is piping hot. Employee at BB&B told me about the 3 yr warranty which was better than even the Breville and said they have sold many with no returns as yet. I took a gamble and so far I am very happy with it.

Posted by: Donna at March 13, 2010 6:28 AM

I too am having the problem whereas the K Cup (various varieties) end up having a dime sized hole in the top. The problem this causes is the water goes all over the head of the machine and water starts dripping out all over the bottom of the machine head.... a mess. I have noticed that if I move the rubber stop that sits behind the top nail towards the point of the nail the right hole size is put in the K cup thus preventing the water going every where. Unfortunately, the rubber stopper moves away from the nail head and the problem starts all over again. I am guessing the stem of the rubber stop isn't long enough to keep it in place. The other problem that I have is when the machine first turns on in the morning more times than not it won't brew a cup and/or the first cup is 1 or 2 ozs. I then have to go through a whole process to get it to work... ugh! I have owned the Keurig B70 and now this machine and they both don't seem to work well. I am starting to think I need to look at the B150 for industrial strength. How is it we can send a man to the moon but can't make a reliable K Cup coffee maker? Go Figure!

Posted by: Rob at March 12, 2010 2:45 PM

thank you to everyone posting about the new cuisinart. I thought the same thing when I saw Kuerig on the box; is this really Cuisinart? I think not; at least not entirely and to me, it looks really cheap compared to my Kuerigs. I returned the Platiuum B70 and have kept all three of my older ones even with the LOUD noise they put off; at least they work. I agree, is it too much to ask for that much money to build a decent machine with quiet brew technology?

Posted by: kbz at March 10, 2010 4:07 PM

ADP, I returned mine for a new one(again). My temp. on the new one is 163.

The first cup I brewed was 8 ounces. The following morning my wife brewed a 8 ounce cup and 4 ounces came out. About 30 min. later I brewed a 8 ounce cup and 8 ounces came out...go figure.

Its amazing at this price point, how disappointing this brewer has been. Not only this one, but all the Keurig brewers with the "quiet brew".

To be honest, having features is nice but when the brewer cannot simply brew a hot 8 ounce cup of coffee, its not a good thing.

I purchased the very first Keurig brewer that came to the United States. It had "one" button. You just in the kcup and pressed the one button and it brewed the correct size every time.

Each time you call Cusinart customer service and mention the problems, they respond back, this is the first time I've heard that. I got one word for that....bullcrap.

Plain and simple.......Keurig needs to figure out their well known pump problems.

For those reading, I would not advise buying the Cusinart ss-700.

Posted by: jk at March 7, 2010 8:17 AM


No, you do not have to use the Cuisinart charcoal filter. I am not using the filter that came with mine and it is working fine.

Posted by: ADP at March 5, 2010 5:49 PM

Is it absolutely necessary to use the Cuisinart charcoal filter that came with the brewer if I'm only using water that has passed through my Brita charcoal filter? That's all I used on the Keurig B70 that I replaced today.

Posted by: Pat at March 5, 2010 1:30 PM

Thanks ADP. This morning I brewed a cup of coffee and I selected a 8 ounce cup. It brewed a 2 ounce cup. I experienced what others have reported.

Posted by: jk at March 4, 2010 6:30 AM


I finally got around to setting up my SS-700. I followed the instructions and ran a rinse cycle first. Then, I brewed a 10 ounce French Roast from the included sample pack for my wife. It came out blazing out right up near 192 degrees. I have brewed two K-Cups so far and have had no issues, knock on wood. I think you may be looking at a return, jk.

Posted by: ADP at March 3, 2010 10:00 PM

Today I called Cusinart about my temperature problem. The brewer is suppose to brew at 192 degrees and actual temp. for me is 160 on every cup. When I spoke to the rep, he said when it starts to pour in the cup, it should be 192. He suggested I return my brewer for a new one. I'm a little skeptical that a new one will brew at 192.

Nobody has replied to my question that has this brewer, what temp. are you getting when you brew a cup of coffee?

Posted by: jk at March 3, 2010 12:18 PM

I like HOT coffee. I watch every review that Jay performs, looking for the temp at the cup. 180-185 degrees at the cup is not hot. I've been using a Krupps Home Cafe for about 4 years now, preheating the cup in the microwave, and I refuse to pay $200, or more, for a unit that is going to deliver less. If anybody knows of a reliable unit that makes a good, hot cup of coffee, like many others, I would buy it and be happy.

Posted by: dfrost at March 3, 2010 8:54 AM

One more thing...

I wish you could confidently buy one of these single serve coffee makers and be sure it is going to work 100% of the time and not fail in a matter of weeks or months. When you are paying $150 to $250 bucks for one of these coffee makers, is that too much to ask? Even if there was only one specific model that worked like a champ, regardless of the extra features and frills, I would buy it and be happy.

Posted by: ADP at March 2, 2010 12:48 AM


I re-read your post and it makes sense to me now. I didn't realize you were answering someone else's question.

Posted by: ADP at March 2, 2010 12:45 AM


Ummm, what if you are a first-time buyer of a single server coffee maker? You wouldn't want to start out with the coffee maker that has the largest water tank (80 ounces) and the only one with a 3-year warranty? Obviously, if I had already owned either the Keurig or the Breville I wouldn't have purchased this Cuisinart.

Posted by: ADP at March 2, 2010 12:43 AM

well I have a dilemma, I have a Breville that the company is replacing so I have the option of returning it and getting a Cuisinart. The extra water size does not really bother me, I don't like water sitting in the tank anyhow. I have a designated hot water tap in my kitchen so don't need that feature. Is this HOTTER than the breville? CONVINCE ME

Posted by: kathryn at March 1, 2010 11:09 PM

Question: What differentiates this unit from the Keurig and the Breville? Other than aesthetic reasons, why would someone want to buy the Cuisinart over the other two comparable options?

Answer: You wouldn't. Unless the water pump noise of the first general Breville is driving you nuts, any new features that the Cuisinart offers are not worth the cost of replacing the Breville.

Posted by: John at March 1, 2010 10:45 PM

Yes, with two different ones.

Posted by: jk at March 1, 2010 8:34 PM


How are you checking the temperature? A thermometer?

Posted by: ADP at March 1, 2010 8:30 PM

ADP, I understand some cooling but not 32 degrees in a matter of seconds.

Let me know what you get.

Posted by: jk at March 1, 2010 8:22 PM


Maybe the water is cooling down in the brewing process after it hits the K-Cup?

Posted by: ADP at March 1, 2010 8:06 PM

I just bought this Cuisinart SS-700 at Bed, Bath, & Beyond today. I chose this over the Breville BKC700XL and the Keurig Platinum B-70 mainly because of the 80 ounce tank and 3-year warranty. Also, because I used the BBB 20% off coupon and some in-store credit. I ended up paying $139 for this SS-700 out the door. Honestly, it doesn't look as nice as the Breville but I really hope it doesn't have any of the issues everyone else has with the water pump. I am going to brew my first cup tonight and see how it goes.

Posted by: ADP at March 1, 2010 8:01 PM

Today I replaced my defective unit. Cosmetically, it was fine. But I do have a question for you guys that have this brewer. I set the brew temp to 192. I have brewed both coffee and water into a glass coffee mug. I've done this about 7 times. Each time I brew a cup of hot water or coffee, its brewing at 160, not even close to 192. Both my old Keurig and Tassimo brew at 160 as well. Since I don't drink my coffee fast, a 192 brew temp. was a big selling feature to me. One last thing, its not the temp gauge because I've tested the temp with two different gauges .

Are you guys getting 192 or 160?

Posted by: jk at March 1, 2010 7:50 PM

I finally decided to take the plunge and get this brewer. I'm not off to a good start. I brought it home and plugged it in and my wife says to me, wait a second. We looked at the top right of the brewer and there was a big gap. Not sure if it would affect the brewing process, but I'm not taking any chances. I will return it for another. The gap must be about 1 inch. It looks very strange, I gently tried to push down the top but no such luck.

Posted by: jk at March 1, 2010 7:18 AM

In reply to Ed, we don't have these brewers in Canada (yet) but the first thing that came to mind is that the cushion which surrounds the piercing needle might not be seated properly and is forcing its way through the foil on top of the k-cups. I know this cushion is made of pink or black rubber on the B50s and B70s but no idea what it's like on these units. Just be careful when examining/testing as the needles can potentially give you nasty cuts. As for Paul's question about the water filters, the only problem I could see occurring is possibly burning-out the water pump (i.e. larger Keurig filters might not allow water to pass-through as freely as the smaller Cuisinart filters and would put extra strain on the pump).

Posted by: SH at February 28, 2010 3:25 PM

Is anyone else having problems with dime sized holes being punched at the top of their k cups. I am not pushing down hard on the unit either. This has occured across three different brand k cups so i know the cups aren't the problem. i called cuisinart customer service and did not get much help on this problem.

Posted by: Ed at February 28, 2010 1:54 PM

What are your thoughts on using a used plastic housing from a spent k-kup to place the My K Kup filter basic into- to slow down the brew time. The MyKup Fulter has hundreds if not thousands of tiny mesh holes for brew to pass through vs the single whole in the bottom of the pastic.

I have heard others speak of this trick. Is this something that you would recommend or do you unforeseen problems that could arise?

Posted by: Peet at February 26, 2010 6:35 PM

"We recommend using the Cuisinart ONLY" are you referring to the filters or the WHOLE UNIT. Is the water intake hole where the filter gets placed not the same shape and size on the Cuisi reservoir as on Keurig.

Any thoughts on Cuisinart would use a different filter system then the Keurig. They after are using same K-Kups and My Kups, so why not the same filter system.

Posted by: Paul at February 26, 2010 4:43 PM

We recommend using the Cuisinart ONLY. We have no way to test the difference besides using it for the duration - which we'll do. We don't think the size is the issue as long as the carbon continues to work.

Posted by: Jay Brewer at February 26, 2010 4:13 PM

I understand that the filter holder will only accommodate cuisinart filters and not keurig, but can I use the Keurig Filter Holder Instead. It has date dial and filters are less expensive 6 for $25 vs 2 for $9.

Also do you have any way to test the effectiveness of one over the other.

Also if the cuisinart ones are smaller as other have said, do they need to changed more often than keurigs

Posted by: Paul at February 26, 2010 3:56 PM

We did not have this issue. Note - this can happen if you interrupt the brewing cycle and thus stop the prime. In the manual Cuisinart recommends if this happens to perform a rinse cycle - thus priming the pump and getting the next cup to be the correct amount.

Posted by: Jay Brewer at February 26, 2010 10:58 AM

I've read in different places that people have had a problem with this brewer where they hit the brew button and instead of getting the desired number of ounces in the cup, they get somewhere around 1-2 ounces of coffee.

In your time reviewing your unit, did you experience this issue at all? even once?


Posted by: jk at February 26, 2010 10:34 AM

Operationally... nice job on the review. I agree with everything

That said, I highly caution readers on the implied "Cuisinart it screams quality" comment.

As you read the forums, people have started to report the same problems with this brewer (pump failure) that you see with the quiet-brew Keurig branded brewers sold around the holidays.

I have had a few instances of the Cuisinart brewer not pumping water during the rinse. Time will tell if this brewer is a wolf in sheep's clothing or if cuisinart did some engineering to make their brewer a higher quality product.

If I did not alreay have one... I would wait another 3-6 months before committing to see if an updated version appears.

My 2 cents.


Posted by: brigont at February 26, 2010 10:00 AM
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