May 29, 2004

Review: Senseo from Single Serve Coffee

Review from Single Serve - Coffee Pod Reviewssenseo_360x330.pngHow I heard about Senseo
I have had mine since the day it launched some 3+ weeks ago. I had first read about it over a year ago when it had started to become a sensation in Europe. I was pleasantly surprised to then find it in Wired magazine (which I've been a faithful reader since it launched in the early 90's) - so what I'm saying is - if I like something I stick with it.

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May 28, 2004

Coffee Table Friday

21329m.jpgIt's COFFEE TABLE FRIDAY! In order to break up your Single Serve Day - how about an outdoor coffee table to enjoy that perfect cup of coffee?

"The world of outdoor furniture has recently expanded to accommodate the needs of those looking for more than the standard round table with umbrella, here is your answer. Crafted of natural Keruing hardwood (a tropical hardwood that’s stronger and more durable than teak which has been used in Europe for such things as boat building and parquet flooring), which is heavier, stronger and more durable than the plantation-grown teak traditionally used in outdoor furniture."

Coffee Table : Outdoor Leisure

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May 26, 2004

Gadget Brews a Great Cup of Coffee

Senseo continues to impress - this is a glowing review from the Mercury News.

OK, I admit it -- I was all set to hate this contraption that arrived recently in the mail. After all, who could possibly need a fancy new machine to make one cup of coffee?

I am now sipping my words. It may not be a necessity for everyone, but the Senseo Coffee System brews one amazing cup of coffee. The water heats up in mere seconds, filling your mug with smooth tasting coffee that's topped with a downright addicting, thin layer of froth.

Mercury News | 05/26/2004 | Gadget brews a great cup of coffee

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May 26, 2004

Tribest Personal Iced Single Serve Coffee Maker???

PB with fruit.jpgWell - okay. It doesn't make coffee - but having a personal blender would make for a pretty nice cup of iced or mocha java frappe for the summer don't you think? We try to think outside the box us Single Serve Cofee drinkers and Tribest might just keep us doing that!

"Drink Up and Shape Up With America's First Single-Serving Blender The Tribest Personal Blender is the revolutionary ice-crushing, smoothie-making, go-anywhere blender that makes healthy living more convenient than ever before!

Drink up and Shape up with America's First Single-Serving Blender

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May 26, 2004

Boston Online Picks Up Single Serve Coffee

A big thanks to Boston Online for picking us up!

"Coffee, coffee, coffee! Jay Brewer now has a Weblog solely to discuss single-serve coffee. Who knew there were enough brands out there to warrant a whole site?

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May 25, 2004

Black & Decker Home Cafe Feedback

Kristina writes in about her Black & Decker HCC100 Home Café Single Serve Coffee Brewing System. Looks like a very positive review. cover

"I have this system... received it as a gift and thought i wouldn't like it, but i do. It is a pod system which I like because i only drink 1 cup of coffee every other day or so. As for Millstone coffee they carry it at the Jewel and it's really delicious. They also have a connection to Folgers (which is not great). They are supposed to have "specialty coffess" to go with it, to make the faux cappaucino drinks... but i have yet to see those in stores."

Buy the Black & Decker HCC100 Home Cafe Single Serve Coffee Brewing System

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May 23, 2004

Making a Cup of Senseo Coffee

Brewing a cup of Senseo coffee is pretty darn easy. You simply fill up the water, put in the pods, put the cup under the spout, and push the brew button. But - what does that coffee look like? I brewed a nice cup of dark roast coffee for you to see the color and body of the coffee, the froth, and then the final mixed cup of cream and sugar. You'll quickly see that even after the cup is brewed the froth is very rich and thick.

Each of the thumbnails below holds a small avi video clip. I apologize in advance for the first two not being rotated properly - but we're on a budget at Single Serve :-) You'll need Quicktime from Apple or Windows Media Player.
Brewing a cup of Senseo Part I
Click for Pop Up Video 5.7mb

Brewing a cup of Senseo Part II
Click for Pop Up Video 4.5mb

The Frothy Senseo Top
Click for Pop Up Video 1mb
Putting in Cream and Sugar
Click for Pop Up Video 1.5mb

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May 21, 2004

Cafe-Filter - Reusable Senseo Coffee Filter

e6_1d.jpgThe debate always seems to be when I mention getting a pod based machine to friends who are coffee drinkers, "I would hate being locked in. I would hate to not have the choice of what coffee I would drink." Well - the debate will soon be over.

I also want to point out that I don't believe Senseo or any of these machines should be a total replacement to your existing coffee setup. The fact is - I have both a Cuisineart and grinder for those days I want a pot of coffee and the Senseo. And I'll be honest - I LOVE THE SENSEO COFFEE. In any hoots - more on that debate later - this replacement filter looks to solve you being able to use your own coffee. It will be interesting to see if it still makes a CREMA like coffee with other beans or will it just make a cup of coffee. I've contacted the company and I'll be ordering one of these to review on Single Serve Coffee. Thanks to Scott Geiger for sending this in:

The Cafe-filter new permanent filter for use with, for example, the Philips Senseo coffeemachines. This filter pays itself back, because you'll save on your expenses with every cup of coffee. Instead of the well-known Coffeepads, you can use the kind of coffee you like so much. For example, you can grind your own coffeebeans. As you can see, now you are able to make that fresh cup of coffee with that specific taste you always liked that much. But the most important however, you can still enjoy that specific layer of cream that makes the coffee so unique!

Update: This is now available in the form of the Eco-Pod Reuseable filter and available at

At LMTO - Cafe-filter

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May 19, 2004 to Sell Senseo Compatible Pods

arriving_senseo_pods.jpgAnd begins! I can't wait to have a creamy cup of Vanilla froth!!!!

Oh Boy!!! Here we go again. As we successfully answered our PODhead customers requests with the Arabica Express Coffee Pod product line for Melitta One:One Pod Coffee Maker, we would like to inform you that is currently working on a more exciting variety of quality coffee pod alternatives for the Senseo/Philips pod coffee makers. e-mail form for Senseo/Philips Coffee Pods

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May 17, 2004

Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System

This looks like a cross between a coffee press and a single serve coffee nightmare. Has anyone used this thing?

"The Toddy brewer produces a low acid, espresso-like concentrate - good for about 32 cups of HOT coffee per batch. Just add water for a distinctively fresh, smooth taste that has delighted connoisseurs for some 40 years. And, refrigerated, there's no waste - Toddy can be made one cup at a time."

Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System 2-Pack Sampler ::

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May 16, 2004

Tassimo from Kraft

Kraft has a very unique looking entry into the Single Serve Coffee market. Tassimo makes tea, coffee, and espresso. Don't expect Tassimo in the US anytime soon - it's rolling out in France first.

"With Tassimo, your wish will be granted in seconds...whether it is an exquisite espresso, an indulgent cappuccino, even a gentle cup of tea or a rich hot chocolate - all using quality brands that you know and love. Whatever you wish for, the Tassimo hot beverage system makes it simply the touch of a button."

Update 12/07/2005: Read our full review of the Tassimo from Single Serve

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menu_coffee_03.gifLooking for something other than Senseo pods from Sarah Lee for your Senseo? Well - has a bunch.

"Easypods are the new and simplist way to make great coffee. Coffee pods are freshly roasted coffee, ground to exact requirement tampered and then encapsulated in paper."

Simple to use Coffee Pods
Just pop a coffee pod into the filter holder of your machine to brew a delicious coffee. Then simply throw the used pod into the bin ! No mess, no wasteage just perfect drinks time after time. We have 10 blends to choose from plus adaptors so you can easily convert your machine to use pods.

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A Jolt of Java

williams maker.jpgHere's great article with the low down on several of the new Single Serve Coffee and Expresso makers.

"The 8-cup Mr. Coffee may soon be considered an antique. Perk up your mornings and your kitchen counters with these new and trendy ways to brew your java."

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My Senseo & Clear Mugs

I haven't put together all the final touches on my Senseo review - but I have had time to brew a ton of coffee with the little gem.

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May 15, 2004

Corona Mugs from Bodum

corona.jpgThese mugs are perfect for a single cup of Senseo. I bought one and love it. You can see the coffee and how the froth and coffee separate.

"Carsten¸rgensen's design suggestions for Bodum's Corona line: Make it heavy so it does not fly around... Make it with a heavy rim to avoid chipping and to give you a sensible feeling when drinking from ... Make it a simple shape with out too many edges ... Make handles solid and big because a family counting all ages with different abilities uses it... It is made for humans by one who cares for the details in daily life! We did as our old chief of design Carsten Jørgensen told us, and it became not only a practical every day cup at a reasonable price but a sensible delight from which to drink coffee. By the way: The solid clear soda glass cup keeps the espresso hot even if you take your espresso in three sips.

Corona - Clear Coffee Cups

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Granos from Bodum

home_topRight.gifOkay - it's $500 bucks but it looks to be one of the coolest looking Expresso / one cup of Cafe Americano please machines you could buy. The Bodum USA site is also - well amazing. - the Bodum online shop

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European Senseo Stuff at Holland By Mail

senseocrema_mocca_gourmet.jpgGet all of the Senseo stuff released in Europe and not here. Holland By Mail is a great site that has cups - coffee - and all things Senseo. How about Mocca coffee? You can order it here...

DE Senseo Crema coffee system at Holland by Mail

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May 12, 2004

Salton Inc. - Maker of Melitta in Trouble?

sallton_a.jpgCould the maker of the Melitta Single Serve Coffee maker be in trouble? Will this pave the way for Keurig and Senseo?

"Stock in Lake Forest-based Salton Inc., distributor of the popular George Foreman grill and Westinghouse home appliances, plummeted 50 percent after the company said lagging sales will force it to restructure its U.S. operations and reduce marketing costs.

Salton has long depended on the Foreman grill, whose sales have dropped in the United States as the product ages, while overseas they've grown. The company recently added new product lines, including a single-serve coffee maker and a cordless vacuum. It also markets other home appliance, lighting, personal care and wellness products under the Westinghouse, Toastmaster, Melitta and Stiffel brands.

Update: Salton replacement parts and owners manuals can be ordered at 800-233-9054 or by emailing

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Sara Lee goes after in-home coffee drinkers

A good article
on the new Single Serve Coffee craze...

"At a time when it seems coffee drinkers can't get enough of their coffee fix at the corner Starbucks, Sara Lee Corp. is placing a big bet that it can keep gourmet coffee drinkers at home.

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May 9, 2004

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About Single Serve Coffee

First off, I should say that I love coffee. That being said, I also love a perfect cup of coffee. I have been searching for a long time for a coffee machine that produces the perfect cup of coffee the first time. Well - that search goes on. Even though the current crop of single serve coffee machines is great - they are going to get even better and I want to try them all and drink coffee from them until I'm so wired I make another coffee site. Did I say I love coffee?

Products for Review: If you work for a manufacturer of Single Serve Coffee Machine or One Cup Coffee / Espresso machine or related products, I welcome any opportunity to test and/or review your product here on this site. Use to discuss getting reviewed.


Jay BrewerFounder and creator of Single Serve Coffee

Besides loving coffee, Jay has been creating web sites for over 8+ years for people to enjoy. He runs Fast Food Fever, as well as several other blogs for fun in his spare time. Jay also loves anything that is well designed, well thought out, and well - good for him

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May 8, 2004

Consumer Pod Brewer

cpod001.jpgGrindmaster Corporation has a "Consumer Pod Brewer" that looks to be a contender of sorts. It it's not the best looking brewer - but it does take a variety of pods from other machines (or so it says)

"Precision Brewr Single Cup Brewing System - Proprietary pod-based brewing system combines commercial infusion technology with digitally controlled brew sequencing to ensure a great tasting cup of coffee everytime, in less then one minute."
Grindmaster Corporation

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Coffee Pod Machine Recap

This article has a great recap on the 3 big players so far in the Single Serve/One Cup Coffee battle that is brewing!

The pods, which look like teabags, contain enough coffee for one serving, and the machines brew one cup at a time. The machine knows just how much water to use, so you get a perfect cup of coffee every time, in about a minute, with no messy coffee grounds or pot to wash.

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May 6, 2004

Funka Coffee Table

If you're going to drink coffee - you need a great coffee table. The "FUNKA" from IKEA is a pretty cool - cheap - funky coffee table.

IKEA FUNKA coffee table

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LibertarianJackass Picks Up Single Serve Coffee

Thanks for picking us up!

" I LOVE COFFEE Now, the single cup coffee craze hits."

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Senseo or Senceo?

After looking at the search items used to find Single Serve Coffee - a great deal of people are coming in on Senceo - not Senseo. I think Philips has the classic - how do you spell their new machine problem.

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May 4, 2004

Bring Keurig to Work Day

A 3 day trial is available for Keurig. You can sign up and have them put one in for a few days and see if it works out. Well - I have to say...I'm game.

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Senseo Adption Faster than DVD Adoption?

Well - now I've heard everything about one cup coffee/single serve coffee...everything!

"Senseo has come on "faster than the adoption of the DVD, faster than the mobile phone," declared Philipe Schaillee, vice president of marketing for Sara Lee Coffee and Tea Consumer Brands, whose Belgium-based division Douwe Egberts makes the coffee pods for Senseo."

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Senseo Harods Style

I have to admit it - after readin this press release from Harods - I wanted to experience Senseo for the first time in a Harod's window. Full review on Senseo coming up - but this release...takes me back...pure bliss...and more improtantly - GREAT COFFEE.

"For the first time ever, from the 19 - 24 April, Harrods customers will be able to step inside a Harrods window, watching the world go by, whilst sipping a Senseo(R) coffee. This unique opportunity is to celebrate the UK launch of the revolutionary Senseo(R) coffee system by Douwe Egberts and Philips. Shoppers will be able to sample Senseo(R) coffee whilst sitting in a specially created living room set in the Brompton Road windows."
PR Newswire - A United Business Media Company

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Single Serve Coffee is Officially a Craze

Steve Garfield's Off On A Tangent: as seen in TIME Magazine has picked up Single Serve Coffee!!! A special thanks to Steve for giving us a mention! Single Serve Coffee is Officially a Craze That's because it has it's own Single Serve Coffee weblog.

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May 3, 2004

How to create your own Senseo coffee pads

Epinions has a great little (okay - not so little) write up on how to create your own coffee pods for the Senseo Single Serve Machine.

"The Bottom Line You can produce your own coffee pads. Here's how: The utterly unofficial and unauthorised guide to the how & why, the how & why not; revealing the secret tricks of coffee pad creation." - How to create your own Senseo coffee pads

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One Cup Wonders

One-cup wonders may be the next big thing. I would have to agree. The main reason I got a Single Serve Coffee machine was the fact that I either drank the entire 12 cup pot - or - the coffee after the first cup wasn't really that good. I tried carafes - hot water machines - you name it.

"That's the prediction from many in the industry who say single-serve coffeemakers could brew the biggest revolution in homemade java since the advent of automatic drip in the early 1970s. The bold, new trend: One cup at a time."

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May 2, 2004

Flavia Single Cup Coffee Systems

I used to use this coffee machine when I worked at Abuzz. I remember after putting in my first "Flavia" pack and brewing up a cup, "Not only is this a great place to work - no one is going to yell at me for not making another pot." Well - the coffee wasn't amazing - but I bet in 5 years it's gotten better.

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Black & Decker Home Cafe Single Serve Coffee Machine

I have yet to see this in person, but it looks like another Pod "system". The B&D Home Cafe uses the Millstone coffee pods. I don't remember ever drinking Millstone coffee - which can't be good. As with the other coffee machines in the Single Serve Category - this one has not shipped yet. However - the Senseo is showing up all over and I've even seen ads in the Boston Globe for it. Let me know if anyone sees or tries this coffee machine. Kitchen & Housewares: Black & Decker HCC100 Home Café Single Serve Coffee Brewing System, Black

Jay Brewer Permalink | Comments (5) | social bookmarking Promotion: Spend $99 get $20

I'm not sure how many of these promotions we'll cover - but Amazon does have a killer deal right now - essentially making the purchase of a Senseo and a thing of Pods about $70 bucks versus $90-100 (depending on where you would buy it).

"Receive a promotional certificate for $20 off a future purchase when you spend $99 on Kitchen & Housewares products. Offer valid through May 9, 2004. (Applies only to products sold by Does not apply to products sold by third-party merchants and other sellers through the site.) : Spend $99 in our Kitchen & Housewares or Outdoor Living Stores, Get $20 off a Future Purchase at

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May 1, 2004

Submit News

Want to send us some news on Single Serve Coffee? Drop us a line at: Send us .

You can also become a contributer to Single Serve Coffee if you want to write reviews or publish to the main news section. Please contact us if you're interested in helping out at: Send us Also feel free to comment on this thread if you have news, tips, or opinions.

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Senseo Review

We will be reviewing the Senseo from Philips over the next week. So's a homerun! However - we have our criticisms so look for the full review early next week.

Update: Read our review of the Senseo Single Serve Coffee Maker

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K-Cup & The Brewer from Green Mountain

kcupbrewer.jpgThis is an interesting little single serve coffee machine - the pods it takes are multi-use it seems. Has anyone used this machine? It's about $199.95 as well - putting it into the - THIS HAD BETTER BE GOOD COFFEE or ELSE category. Check it out at:

It appears that the coffee comes in a small "mini-moo" sized container that is inserted above the coffee. Looks like you can even get Teas as well.

The defining characteristic in this new "Single Serve Coffee Machine" arena is going to be what you can brew in any of these machines. Enough ranting - check out:

The Single-Cup Brewer by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

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Welcome to Single Serve Coffee!!!

We are very excited to offer everything and anything we can find about the new Single Serve Coffee craze finally sweeping the United States, Europe, and the rest of the world!

We will be covering the new Senseo machine in the US from Philips, as well as the Melitta machines and others.

We will also be covering anything we can find on coffee pods and great coffees for these machines.

- Jay Brewer

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