June 28, 2004

Cafe Filter Ready For US Orders

Cafe-Filter_logo_klein.gifIf you want to use any coffee you can buy - the cafe filter seems to be the only option. It's ready to purchase from Knives and Tools.com. It's going to set you back € 24.44, which currently equals about  US$ 28.99. From Joost:

"Good news!

The website is updated and the filter can be ordered.
This week they we'll be in stock, but orders can already be placed:


With kind regards,

Joost Bijleveld
LMTO electronics"

Click here to order the Cafe Filter from Knives and Tools.com.

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June 26, 2004

Review: Easypods.co.uk Vanilla Coffee Pods

Review from Single Serve Coffee.com - Coffee Pod Reviewseasypodreviews_vanilla.jpg

Cost and Price of Pods

I bought 210 pods from Easypods.co.uk to test the various flavors of coffee and to suppliment just having the current Senseo line up of coffee in Mild, Medium, and Dark Roast.

Total cost: $135.07 / 210 = ~.0.6428571428571429 cents a pod.

Currently Senseo coffee from Sarah Lee is at ~.27 or .28 cents a coffee pod.

So if cost is a factor - we are talking twice as expensive per cup of coffee versus the current Senseo cup at .27 cents. However - that's still less than half the cost for Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts coffee. Also, I wanted to have some new flavors and also be able to mix and match with the current pods.

Brewing the Coffee

Vanilla Creme
I brewed the coffee in 3 methods:

1 Vanilla Pod - Double Cup: I do this all the time with a Dark Roast Senseo Pod - the coffee taste with the Vanilla pod from Easypods was a little watery even though it produced a rich frothy head, the taste is very vanilla and yummy but the texture of the Senseo pod is not there.

2 Vanilla Pods - Double Cup: This brews a very rich dark cup of coffee that has a strong vanilla taste - it's still missing the silky texture of the Senseo pod - but this is a good cup of flavored coffee.

1 Vanilla Pod - 1 Senseo Dark Roast Pod - Double Cup: This is the best of the 3 methods. You get the flavor. You get the darker roast taste - and the texture returns to the coffee.

ArrowContinue reading: "Review: Easypods.co.uk Vanilla Coffee Pods"

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June 25, 2004

Cafe Filter Update

Cafe-Filter_logo_klein.gifI just received an update from on the status of ordering Cafe Filters. It looks like a partner site will be carrying them and we all should be able to order them soon!

We have found a partner website that can deliver to the US against competitive prices (they can negotiate better shipping terms).
They support paypal.

I've talked to them this week and they promised to add the cafe-filter asap and will place an order for reselling. As soon as this site is updated and the filters can be shipped, i'll keep you posted.

With kind regards,

Joost Bijleveld

The Permanent Senseo filter, Cafe-filter

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June 25, 2004

It's Coffee Table Friday!

gatelysmod_1797_1477032.gifSleek Spaces has some amazing little coffee tables and they are reasonably priced as well!

"Sleek Spaces gets my highest rating. They offer wonderful merhandise at a good price and have very responsive customer service."

Coffee Tables from SleekSpaces

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June 24, 2004

Which Single Serve Coffee Maker is Best?

Lisa writes us with a question we have all been trying to anwer...

"I am just now researching the single-serving coffee maker. I am interested to know which one folks think is the best regardless of price. I have been looking at the senseo and the B&D HCC100. They both seem to have issues. Does anyone know of one that is "perfect?"
What do you think? Comments below...

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June 21, 2004

Easypods Arrive!

My easypods have arrived! I will only show you the 2 enormous bundles that came registered mail today!

Stay tuned for a Friday review of the first pod tasting - Vanilla Creme!

Visit Easypods.co.uk for more info until then!

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More Keurig Feedback

kcupbrewer.jpgDan Winkler writes in with some very interesting feedback on owning a Keurig.

"I own a Keurig and use it every day. I like the green tea and peppermint herbal tea.

They offer several kinds of green tea and my favorite is the Celestial Seasonings. Compared to a green tea bag, it is remakably lacking of any bitter taste. Could this be a result of no oxidation? The k-cups are packed in nitrogen, which is air without oxygen, so no oxidation occurs.

I also make a lot of Green Mountain decaf coffee.

I love the convenience of a quick cuppa from this thing. My major complaint is that I wish it could make stronger coffee.

The other downsides are:

1. It's a lot more expensive than the pod machines.

2. It stays on all the time and so draws power periodically. This is how it's ready to brew at a moment's notice.

3. It makes an annoying boiling sound for a few seconds every couple of minutes. I wish they had insulated the water tank better so it wouldn't have to heat so often. I also wish they would heat to a temperature less than boiling so it wouldn't make noise. It makes the lights flicker in my house (the ones on a dimmer anyway) when it heats.

4. The k-cups are quite expensive. 50 cents each for a small cup of coffee or tea. I often use two k-cups to fill a large mug.

So, considering the price of the machine and the k-cups, I wish it were a little better than it is. However, it is good enough for me to keep it and use it. Maybe I'll add a pod machine too for those times when I want a really strong cuppa which Keurig cannot do.

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June 20, 2004

Keurig News From Single Serve Coffee Reader

keurig_new.jpgJohn Schffer writes in news about the purchase and use of his Keurig.

"So I bought one for my office. The convenience is wonderful! Just put water in, let heat, put the K-cup of choice into the machine, press the button, and you have a very hot cup-o'-joe. Pull out the spent K-cup and throw it away for absolutely no mess whatsoever. The downside...it's an OK cup-o'-joe, not a great one, though far better than anything out of the pot of a drip unit, even just brewed. And the coffee K-cup options produce very similar coffee, at least among the 3 styles I bought. I'm comparing, in fairness, to the coffee I make on my home Capresso C2000 machine which produces consistently superb java but at 6 times the cost of the Keurig and with more work and mess."

K-Cup & The Brewer from Green Mountain

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June 18, 2004

It's Coffee Table Friday!

Something new for Coffee Table Friday! Polymers anyone? String physics? LEARN! ENJOY! DRINK MORE COFFEE!!!!

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Velox "COFFEEBREAK CAR" - A Revolution in Coffee for your Car

tucano_1776_283247.gifOkay...now we're talking!

"Enjoy a great cup of espresso in your car, truck, motor-home or boat with COFFEEBREAK CAR. You just have to plug it into the cigarette lighter and in a few minutes you'll have your coffee anywhere you want !! It is works with both 12V or 24V. The Car model is completed with an elegant travelling case that has been also designed by Bertone."

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June 16, 2004

Melitta One: One Impressions


"I've been back in Kansas City this week, visiting my family and taking care of some business, and have had a chance to use their Melitta One:One coffee maker, which uses individual coffee 'pods' to brew a cup at a time. It's a great concept, especially for someone with a coffee intake like mine. At home, I usually brew about 6-8 cups of drip coffee each morning, letting it simmer all day until it reaches a point where it is so toxic I can't choke it down. With the One:One, I'm able to brew a new cup of coffee each time, which is definitely a better taste sensation. Also, i don't feel like I'm wasting so much coffee at the end of the day, although I'm sure with the increased price of the Pods (about $5 for 18) it works out to be about the same."

At Amazon.com

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GadgetMadness: Review: Philips Senseo (with Douwe Egberts coffee pods)


"In today's edition of "Using gadgets to determine relatively useless information," we review the new Philips Senseo Coffee system, the coffee it makes, AND measure the temperature of the coffee with a laser temperature sensor!"

GadgetMadness: Review: Philips Senseo (with Douwe Egberts coffee pods)

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June 15, 2004

Mmmm... Espresso!!!

B00005LVWP.01-A1S81D2ZBAQCOD.MZZZZZZZ.jpgRichard Cook has a nice review of the Saeco Classico expresso maker. I want to make it clear - Single Serve Coffee can be from an expresso machine - not just the new machines. For all of us here at Single Serve Coffee - we strongly believe however you make that one perfect cup of coffee is fine with us - just make one perfect cup. :-)

"A few weeks ago, I finally took the plunge and bought a home espresso machine. I've always been a little hesitant to buy one just because in all the research I've done in the past it seems every machine breaks frequently, they make sucky coffee, and/or they are just pretty pricey."

Read Richard's review at Brain Dump.

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June 14, 2004

One-cup wonders challenge traditional coffeepots

flaviawoman.jpgI have to give this article some credit - I never thought about a household where some drinkers like mild coffee versus dark coffee. Having one of these single serve makers growing up would have solved many arguements on what to brew.

"Move over, coffeepot. There's a new pod in town. A fresh brood of at-home brewers, using single-serving packets or pods of coffee, has invaded. These one-cup wonders seek gourmet-joe converts -- and a little bottom-line vengeance -- promising:
• Premium coffeehouse taste in the comfort of your own abode. Sippers can kick the coffee-can habit -- and a Starbucks one while they're at it.
• No more household power struggles over flavor or strength.
• No more too-long-on-the-burner bitterness.
• No more foraging for filters, fussing with grounds or dumping three-quarters of a pot for the sake of a single morning fix."

Duluth News Tribune | 06/12/2004 | One-cup wonders challenge traditional coffeepots

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June 11, 2004

Coffee Table Friday

coffeetable061004.jpgWe've got a really cool set of tables and such from MocoLoco! Check out Fossil Faux They've got some really nice stuff that reminds me of east meeting west in the best of ways.

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June 8, 2004

A Single Serve Second Cup?

I'm cheap and I'm also loathe to throw something out when it could be used more than once. So - I embarked on trying to see if the second cup of coffee from Senseo pods was any good. Well - it is! But - only from the Dark Roast Pods.

The light roast and medium pods just don't work that well. The coffee is too light and there is no real froth from the crema action the second time.

The dark roast pods are reusable a second time - but ONLY SOON AFTER you have brewed the coffee. Let's say you get up at 7:30am - you brew at 7:45am - I would give the pods about a 1/2 hour or so and use them in that time and DON'T take them out of the machine. Simply make sure you have enough water - reheat - and rebrew a double cup.

Also - this doesn't work with single cups. It seems the double pods of the double cup have enough juice to brew that second cup.

Well - try it and let me know what you think of that "SECOND CUP".

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June 7, 2004

RSS and Single Serve Coffee

Single Serve Coffee.com RSS - Our Really Simple Syndicated Feed

We wanted to let you know you can read Single Serve Coffee.com everyday by either coming to the web site or by reading our RSS feed. We want to be able to deliver Single Serve Coffee.com in as many formats as possible so you can read it when, where and how you want.

RSS means Really Simple Syndication. To use it, you need an application on your computer that reads XML files. This application is called a feed reader or aggregator. Basically what happens then is this: you type in the address of the RSS feed you want updates on, and every time something new happens on that site, it just pops into your feed reader. No more traveling around to your favorite links to see if they've been updated, you just let the feed reader do it for you.

One of the easiest ways to read Single Serve Coffee.com is to add it to your My.Yahoo page. Click here to add it to your My.Yahoo page.

If you don't have a My.Yahoo page, you'll need a feed reader. We recommend FeedDemon for PC users and NewsFire for Mac users. However if you have a Macintosh you can use the built in Safari browser to read our feed. I use Safari myself and love it. You can also view it on the web using BlogLines.

Once you've installed it, copy the URL of any feed you want into the reader and you're on your way.

We have also made it very easy to subscribe to the Single Serve Coffee.com Feed by using the options below:

Syndicate this site

We hope this makes it as easy to read Single Serve Coffee.com as possible. Thanks for your continued support.

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June 4, 2004

Coffee Table Friday!!!

aggressivebynature_1794_93983906.gifAgain - it's coffee table Friday! Wow this past week really flew by! I have found quite the stash of wild little gems called coffe tables at Agressive by Nature. WOW! Check them out!

"Unique modern contemporary eclectic metal coffee tables. Unusual in design for your modern eclectic home decor by Las Vegas Artists. Contemporary modern eclectic home decor ideas by the Las Vegas artists of AggressiveByNature.com"

Unique Coffee Tables
End Tables
Entry Tables

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The Lavazza Channel

lavazzohome.jpgIn what can only be called - truly Italian, the folks at Lavazza have put together more flash and buried product information soooo deep - I dare you to try and find any relevant information on Single Serve Coffee. That being said - the site is a great deal of fun. :-)

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Single Serve Coffee Roundup 2004 Fun Stuff

060404lavazza.jpgIntereseting set of mini-reviews on both the makers and who they target. There is also mention of Lavazza: Espresso Point. It's a wild little machine! Oh...and priced at $895. I wouldn't really put it in the same ballpark as a Senseo or a Keurig.

"Imagine: hot, fresh coffee in less than a minute. That's the promise of a new generation of housewares, one-cup coffee makers, designed to capture the hearts, minds and pocketbooks of a nation of discriminating javaholics. For commuters, it means no standing in line at the coffee or convenience store and navigating a leaky cup, hoping you won't stain your fresh outfit before getting to the office. For home-based aficionados, no pre-dawn fumbling with water, filters, scoops and grounds, then listening to your spouse complain two hours later because it has gotten cold."

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