July 30, 2004

It's Dead Coffee Table Friday!!!

dead_wife.jpgOkay. I know this is gross and maybe...maybe it will not make you never want to hunt for the perfect coffee table ever again. Who knows? Maybe it will.

"Jeff Green is a 32 year old american, in Arizona, whose wife passed. Due to the great pain he suffered due to her death, he did something totally out of character for a normal and sane person. He said, "I could no longer take the pain that my wife's death caused me and I brought her back home." This is where Jeff's story takes a twisted turn. His wife, Lucy, was born with a heart condition that cut her life at the young age of 29. Lucy's last words to Jeff were, "We will meet again in heaven." These words served of no consolation to Jeff's despair."

Dead wife as a coffee table

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July 30, 2004

100% Kona Pods from Aloha Island Coffee

aloha.jpgSusiemm writes in:

"WOW!! Have I got a great find for everybody out there with a Senseo machine.. Go to www.alohaislandcoffee.com and order their 100% Pure Kona pods. They work perfectly in the Senseo and each pod actually brews 2 cups. This is absolutely the best Kona you will ever have. It's extremely smooth and there is almost no acidity.
I received some as a gift and now it's all I can drink. Nothing else can compare.. Enjoy!!"

Check out www.alohaislandcoffee.com

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July 27, 2004

Review: The Keurig K-Cup Brewer B100

Review from Single Serve Coffee.com - Coffee Pod Reviewskeurig_review1.jpgWhen I first heard about the Keurig K-Cup Brewer - I was stuck on just what the word Keurig meant. After doing a little poking around on the web site my curiousity was satisfied.

"The word "Keurig" is derived from the Dutch word for excellence, and it is our promise to you."

Excellence and a promise of great coffee. Keurig better deliver I thought but, with brands of coffee like Green Mountain and Van Houtte how could it not?

Must Read Keurig K Cup Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews:

You can also read all of our reviews on Keurig in the Keurig Archives...

Since release of the B100 there has also been a slew of new Keurig brewers including: Keurig Elite B40 Brewer, Keurig B50, Keurig Special Edition Ultra Elite B60, and the newly released Keurig B70 Brewer single serve coffee makers.

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July 23, 2004

It's Coffee Table Friday! MERGE!!!!

kline_merge_jul_04.jpgThank god for MocoLoco. I go there just about every day and find that...

A. I can't afford anything.
B. I want everything.
C. They have amazing coffee tables for COFFEE TABLE FRIDAY!!!

Check out this table from Kline Furniture. It's nearly perfect...

"Cantilevered split level table. Kline Furniture's Merge coffee table has split storage levels for magazines and remotes. Polyurethane core with gel coated fibreglass and a machined cast aluminum base, 27 inches in diameter. There are opaque, metallic and wood veneer table top finish options as well. Designer Lee Kline is a former metallurgist and publisher who has designed on and off since 1993. Also from Kline is the Pocket Pill table, the Solo Station tall table and the bent ply Contour dining chair.

MoCoLoco: Merge

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July 21, 2004

New Moan Yeah Reviews Single Serve Coffee

newmoanyeahreview.jpgRead the first review of SingleServeCoffee.com at New Moan Yeah.

"My addiction aside, Single Serve Coffee is a wonderful, perky resource for any online java fiend. It's a weblog with one single solitary purpose, to help you achieve coffee nirvana: Being able to create the best cup of coffee in the world, every morning, right in your kitchen."

Confessions of a (Former) Coffee Junkie review by Jay Mastaitis - single serve coffee at newmoanyeah

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July 19, 2004

Review: Café Filter - Use Your Own Coffee in Senseo

Review from Single Serve Coffee.com - Coffee Pod ReviewsCafe-Filter_logo_klein.gifWhen I first heard about the Café Filter (a special thanks again to Scott Geiger for alerting me to the existence of the filter), I was really excited! This meant that if you didn't like the coffee pods that were Senseo compatible, you could use your own blend of coffee and finally free yourself of having 2 coffee machines - pods - and a standard brew or drip coffee maker.

I'm pleased to say - this thing rocks! It not only allows you to make a cup of coffee with whatever coffee you choose - it totally makes the Senseo the only single serve coffee machine that takes pods (I'm going to see if this works in the Home Café this week) and regular coffee.
ArrowContinue reading: "Review: Café Filter - Use Your Own Coffee in Senseo"

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July 18, 2004

Sam's Club Carrying Large Reservoir Senseo

My mom sent me photos of the Large Reservoir Senseo she just bought at Sam's Club. Seems to cost $69.97 - however she got it for $59.97 - it was the price leader for the day!!!

Includes the following:

• Over-sized water reservoir, so several cups can be made
• Three bags of coffee pods included
• Model: HD7811/75S

Note the model number is also different as well - the standard Senseo is the HD7810. Thanks to Nadiene Brewer (MY MOM!!!) for sending this in.

Sam's Club Large Reservoir Senseo

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July 17, 2004

Tassimo Site Launches

deguster_int_left_img2.jpgThe Tassimo site in English and French has launched finally. Looks like it makes a perfect cup of expresso, hot tea, coffee - you name it - maybe even chicken soup!!!

It uses a cup system - like the Keurig - but of course different as the Keurig is patented. There is no information on where to buy it - or when it's available unless I'm not smart enough to find it on the web site.

It also appears in the picture that Braun is making main brewer - with Kraft making the cups.

Does anyone else know any details?

Update 12/07/2005: Read our full review of the Tassimo from Single Serve coffee.com

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July 16, 2004

Keurig Arrives for Review

29993501957_468.jpgIt's here! The Keurig and K-Cups are here for review! I will be doing a 3 part review on the system over the next 2 weeks. Expect impressions of opening and setting it up - the different varieties of Coffees and Teas - and lasting impressions.

I snapped a little picture of one of the K-Cups off of my phone...interesting...stay tuned!

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July 13, 2004

Bunn Jumping Into Single Serve Coffee with My Cafe

Bunn is jumping into the Single Serve Coffee craze with their My Cafe Professional grade brewer for coffee and tea. I would assume this will use a similiar pod system like Melitta or the Senseo - however - they do claim "professional grade" - and this makes me think there may be more to this machine than meets the eye.

BUNN - My Cafe

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Mr Coffee Joins the Single Serve Coffee Craze

mrcoffee_homecafe.jpgThe Home Cafe brewer continues to get more coffee brands behind it. This article outlines some interesting background on the coffee maker. It's also quite interesting to see how the Keurig has high end coffee in its lineup and the Home Cafe brewer has more "grocery" branded coffee. I wonder who will win?

"In an era of caffeine-fuelled international tension, it is no surprise that Mister Coffee (the coffee service) gets on the nerves of Mr. Coffee (the coffee machine). Now this.

Bob Hale, the tinkering mind behind Toronto-based Mister Coffee & Services Inc., is betting millions of dollars on a machine he hopes will make you a really drinkable cup of coffee at the office -- a cup at a time, any time.

Mr Coffee Joins the Single Serve Coffee Craze

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July 11, 2004

Easypods.co.uk to Launch US Online Store

From Easypods:

"We are launching a new website dedicated to our US customers. www.cafepods.comwill be live in the next few weeks, offering FedEx deliveries to your door in 3 days. We will be offering FREE Shipping&Handling on all orders over $60!"

Coming Soon:


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Easypods.co.uk Italian 100% Arabica Medium Roast 62mm Pods for Senseo Review

italianroast.jpgEasypods.co.uk has a variety of coffee pods that will fit both Melitta and Senseo coffee machines. So far I have reviewed the Vanilla Creme coffee pods that were 55mm pods. I didn't state that earlier because I thought they were in fact - 62mm pods.

The pods being 62mm (the same size as the original Senseo pods) makes a big difference. Easypods sent me a sample pack of the 62mm Italian 100% Arabica Medium Roast pods and they are terrific. The reason the 55 mm pods really work best with one Easypod and 1 Senseo pod is because the 7 mm is just enough for water to sneak by - this does not happen with the 62 mm pods they sent me.

As I stated above - the Italian 100% Arabica Medium Roast 62mm pod has a deep rich taste. The coffee is very silky and has a nice "I'm sitting in Rome at a cafe having a really nice cup of Italian coffee." I'm not kidding.

Note: 62mm is the same size as the Senseo and New Easypod pods.

So - for purchasing, I would stick with the 62mm pods and not go 55mm. Easypods is also going to be putting up a US version of it's site. So reduced prices from shipping should result. More from Easypod below.

"One of our biggest plus points for our pods is that we pack just 2 pods per laminate. This keeps them fresher than opening 18 pods at once as with the original senseo pods. Which is why our pods are higher in price. For us its the quality of the pods not so much the quantity we are selling. As a small roaster we could not compete with the mass production that douwe egberts or folgers are looking for which is why we produce more speciality pods and offer that next step for real coffee drinkers looking to step up from the standard blends.

Which is why we are working on english tea and forest fruit blends, which we currently make in our 44mm format. Ater the tests worked ok in the senseo earlier this month it looks like this may become a line later this year.

We are just producing vanilla, dark and buzz in the new size at the moment. The new size will be available from 21st July and will replace our previous 55mm."

Correction: Wanted to let everyone know - I was sent the "Italian 100% Arabica Medium roast" coffee not the Dark Roast from Easypods. I have corrected this article to reflect that. Sorry for the confusion.

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July 9, 2004

It's Coffee Table Friday!!!

203WK200612.jpgShe's a sweet table! The rolling-round-coffee table from Bellacor is pretty sweet indeed.

"Subtle Contour Rolling Coffee Table is made of solid bentwood with a natural wood veneer. Table has steel accents and rolls on four caster wheels."

Contour Rolling Coffee Table from Bellacor

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July 8, 2004

Keurig Review from Single Serve Coffee

keurig_new.jpgWe will be receiving a Keurig to review in the next couple of weeks. Expect a side by side comparison of the Senseo, and a full set of reviews on the K-Cups - teas - coffees - etc.

Update: Read our review of the Keurig B70 Brewer

You can also read all of our reviews on Keurig in the Keurig Archives...

Since release of the B100 there has also been a slew of new Keurig brewers including: Keurig Elite B40 Brewer, Keurig B50, Keurig Special Edition Ultra Elite B60, and the newly released Keurig B70 Brewer single serve coffee makers.

K-Cup & The Brewer from Green Mountain

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July 6, 2004

Cafe Filter Shipping from Knives and Tools!


Looks like my order has shipped! Joost also sent word that they are in stock earlier this weekend. Looks like they first ship in bulk to the US then, then they break it up to send out to US customers. Full review to come after I try it out!

Click here to order the Cafe Filter from Knives and Tools.com

Dear Customer,

Your order will be shipped today using UPS Ground service.This service is
not available for sending packages from Europe to the US; therefore the
procedure is that we first ship our packages to our broker in Florida.
There the packages are split up and shipped to the final destination using
UPS Ground service.

As soon as your package is shipped to you by UPS ground service we will
update the tracking number on our website and forward it to you. This
usually takes about 3 business days.

We will not provide the tracking number of the shipment that goes to our
broker because we have had problems in the past with customers that called
UPS and asked to change the delivery address because they thought we made
a mistake.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, feel free to reply to
this message.

Kind regards,

The Knives and Tools Team

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July 2, 2004

Happy 4th of July!

Single Serve Coffee will be resuming publishing Tuesday, July 6th! Have a great weekend everyone!

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