February 24, 2005

Get The New Senseo Sensation Pods Free!

I don't even have to write them for review samples! Get the sampler pack for free!

"Just for you... the latest Senseo® gourmet coffees, infused with the richness of the cities that inspired them, are available FREE for a limited time in this exclusive sample pack offer - even before they are available in your local store."

Get the Sample Pack here

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February 22, 2005

Starbucks Coffee Liqueur

Starbuckslicquer-1I can imagine this being a great little add to that perfect Single Serve Coffee drink! CHEERS!!!

"Where You Can Find It: Starbucks™ Coffee Liqueur is available for sale in the United States at restaurants, bars, and retail outlets where premium distilled spirits are sold. Starbucks retail stores, however, do not carry this product.

Alcohol Content:

Starbucks™ Coffee Liqueur is 20% alcohol by volume, 40 proof.

Caffeine Content:

One ounce of Starbucks™ Coffee Liqueur has approximately 34 mg. of caffeine, which is what you would find in about 1/6 of a 12oz cup of brewed Starbucks® coffee. Please note: the caffeine in this liqueur does not counteract the effects of alcohol. Please drink responsibly."

At Starbucks Coffee Liqueur

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February 22, 2005

Senseo Gaining Ground

"It's a small step from beer to coffee: Senseo, Philips and Sara Lee's BRANDED BRANDS coffee machine, is still going strong. After selling millions of machines in Europe (25% of all Dutch households now have one!), Senseo last year took on the US market, where it has sold 300,000 coffee makers since Spring 2004, and is now available in Australia as well. And while partner Sara Lee is still making hundreds of millions of dollars from selling standard Senseo coffee pads, there's a careful move towards NOUVEAU NICHE, too: Philips recently introduced the Silver Senseo, an aluminum edition selling for EUR 169 (USD 225 / GBP 120), versus EUR 69 for the MASS CLASS version. Sara Lee has also extended the range of its coffee pads, from the original 5 flavors (mild roast, regular, dark roast, decaf, mocha gourmet) to the more upscale City Sensations (Milano, Rio, Vienna, Sydney) and the Senseo Selection (Sunset Hills Kenya, Highland Spice Sumatra, Mountain Breeze Brazil). The new pods cost up to twice as much as the standard ones."

Via TRENDWATCHING.COM Newsletter | Global Consumer and Marketing Trends | March 2005

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February 21, 2005

New Senseo Pod Flavors - Irish Creme, Hazlenut, and Vanilla!

Finally! Senseo has new flavors from Europe! Just released today in the US - the three new flavors match their european cousins by being named after cities. As with every launch - there seems to be no pods available to order at the Senseo Store or Amazon - even though there are links to both. Hmmm...Well - we will send a few emails and see if we can get these babies for a review ASAP!

Img Killarney0-2 Img Vienna0-2 Img Paris0-1

• Irish Creme (Killarney) for Senseo
• Hazlenut (Vienna) for Senseo
• French Vanilla (Paris) for Senseo

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February 21, 2005

JavaPodz Coffee Pods Review

Review from Single Serve Coffee.com - Coffee Pod ReviewsJavapodzlogoJavaPodz was kind enough to send us an extensive sampler pack of all of their pods. We decided this morning to fire up the Senseo and have a go with the new pods. JavaPodz are compatible with the following systems (mostly of the 62mm variety):

  • Philips Senseo™
  • B&D® Home Cafe™
  • Mr.Coffee® Home Cafe™
  • Melitta One: One Pod Brewing System
  • Bunn® MyCafe™
  • AquaBrew® Cafejo™
  • Grindmaster® PrecisionBrew™
  • Juan Valdez Pod Brewing System

The pods came packed in a coffee bag with a JavaPodz logo applied with a sticker on the front of the bag. Inside each JavaPodz pod is individually wrapped in a silver foil bag with black printing. Like Baronet, JavaPodz pods are:

** Each 10gram Java Pod brews a full 8 oz cup of coffee**

ArrowContinue reading: "JavaPodz Coffee Pods Review"

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February 13, 2005

More Reader Pod Reviews

Home Javaone

From Andy J:

"I'll review the JavaOne pods, the Baronet pods, and the podhead.com pods.

PodHead.com Thoughts

All pods came individually wrapped. In brief, I'd reccommend any one of them. Ordered some pods from podhead.com a few months ago 10 double pods for $7, received the shipment in about 4 days along with 4 free samples, 2 Kenya and 2 Milano. Bought the Colombian, Arabica Mix, Brasil, Kenya, and Mexico. The pods are a little small, 55mm, an included note informs you that for best results you should run some water through the large pod holder before inserting the pod. They're a little loose in the large holder, but I haven't had any problems with weak coffee. I've also wet the pod and used the small holder with good results, takes a little extra force to close it, but it works. Each variety was very good, the Brasil was my personal favorite, Arabica Mix my least favorite.

Bdbpodbx ThumbBaronet and JavaOne Thoughts

Since I was starting to run low, I ordered some JavaOne Kona(12 pods) and Costa Rican(14 pods) for $4.99 each, and Baronet Izzy's Blend(18 pods) for $6.29 from acsjava.com on Monday night. Came home Thursday night and they were waiting for me on my doorstep. The Kona is very good, nice light flavor, thick crema layer, pod is a little thicker than the Senseo pods, one pod in the small holder for an 8oz cup. Haven't tried the Costa Rican yet. The Baronet pods seem to be single pods, about the same size as the Senseo pods. No instructions on the box or their website as to how many to use. Again, a very good cup of coffee, nice crema layer. But since you need 2 pods per cup, I think they're a little on the expensive side.

Update: Why would you need 2 pods when our pods our 10 grams each? Writes in Joe Smalley from Baronet coffee. Good question! If Baronet pods are indeed 10g each - that should brew up a very nice cup of coffee with a single pod. Anyone else tried these?

The podhead pods contain 10gr of coffee, JavaOne are 9gr, and no idea about the Baronet. Also noticed that Maxwell House and Yuban are now making pods, although I haven't seen any in stores yet.

- Later. AndyJ"

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February 11, 2005

Sarah Lee Sticks with Senseo

No surprise. But what is surprising - I had no idea that Sara Lee had brands like Wonderbra and Hanes. Single Serve underwear??? I think I'm onto something!

"Coffee brands Senseo, a fast-growing, single-serve coffee product, and Douwe Egberts, a popular brand in Europe."

Via Sara Lee names new CEO, returns focus to meats, bakery

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February 10, 2005

Square Coffee Pods from Melitta

Cafepods.co.uk sent us this crazy new site about a Melitta machine with SQUARE COFFEE PODS!!!! SQUARE???? ARE YOU NUTS? Apparently Melitta thinks they can stand out with square pods versus round - and I bet they get around the patent issues as well. The problem is - I think it makes me think of tea and not coffee. Oh well - maybe square pods make a better cup of single serve cofffee.

MyCup - Kaffeezubereitungssystem

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February 9, 2005

Ecopad the Refillable Coffee-pad for the Senseo

B0007INM5A.01-A2ZXQXAHVSW4G5._SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpgFinally! A resueable filter made for the Senseo and sold in the the US! No overseas shipping! It's very much like the Cafe Filter - we reviewed it and thought well - very nice addition.

"I'm pleased to say - this thing rocks! It not only allows you to make a cup of coffee with whatever coffee you choose - it totally makes the Senseo the only single serve coffee machine that takes pods (I'm going to see if this works in the Home Café this week) and regular coffee. "

Check it out!

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Use any ground coffee
  • Environment-friendly
  • Preserves the rich creamy foam

Via Amazon.com

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JavaOne Pods - Reader Reports

Home Javaone
Scott writes in:

"Received of the coffee yesterday and had to try a cup of each... Here is what I found:

Java One Costa Rican - Excellent coffee, very smooth fresh taste. I highly recommend it for the Senseo and would definitely purchase again. I might be a little biased because Costa Rican coffee is my absolute favorite. The crema layer was better then the actual Senseo pods by DE.

Java One Hazelnut Decaf - Bad news, stay away. Thought it might of been me so I had my wife try it as well. There is a bitter aftertaste, not much better then you would get at the local Circle-K. I will give it one more shot and report back.

Green Mountain French Roast - Very good, would also highly recommend. Makes a bold cup of coffee with a bright sweet finish. You have to use the double pod holder and make sure that the pod is positioned correctly.

All of the above mentioned pods fit well in the Senseo.. I would definitely go with the Java One Costa Rican as my top choice. I found the prices and service to be excellent at coffeegiant.com, order was shipped the same day it was received.

- Scott"

Check out more coffees at JavaOne!

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February 4, 2005

It's Coffee Table Friday - JACK STYLE!

They say it's cheesy - I say it's a work of coffee table art! Anything with ground effects lighting for your living room has to be COOL!!!! :-)

"Patriotism might be the last refuge of the scoundrel, and all that, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a good flag especially when it is as iconic, and indeed retrodelic, as our very own Union Jack. Not entirely sure we want one taking pride of place in our living room, but if you do fancy adding the red, white and blue to your lounge, obviously in a mod-esque ironic, kitsch kinda way, The Paramount Zone has this wonderfully cheesy Union Jack illuminated coffee"

Via Shiny Shiny

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February 3, 2005

State of the Coffee Pod for Single Serve Coffee Makers

If you can wade through the industry speak - this is a very thorough article on "PORTION" versus "POD" (Keurig versus Senseo), and other insights on the state of the "single cup" industry.

"These homeowner systems have encountered the following issues: 1) Inconsistent reliability of machine construction, 2) Inconsistent brewing temperature, 3) Inconsistent coffee volume, and 4) Messiness resulting from damp pods not being removed immediately from the brewer."
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February 2, 2005

Bodum Santos Vacuum Coffeemaker

B00005NCX5.01._PE25_SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpgI keep getting mail about this beauty - and I have to say...it is indeed a very cool non-single serve coffeee maker.

"As beautiful as sculpture, as fascinating as chemistry, and as entertaining as theater, this coffeemaker from Switzerland converts the ordinary process of brewing coffee into an artful performance. And it makes six 5-ounce cups of full-flavored coffee while it entrances. The coffeemaker fits together like this: water goes into the carafe, a filter fits into the mouth of a tube in the top globe, ground coffee goes into the globe (a scoop is included), the globe fits atop the carafe with the tube extending into the carafe, and the carafe goes onto the stovetop with a trivet or heat diffuser between it and electric or gas heat. (This is all much simpler and quicker than it sounds.)"

Via Amazon: Amazon.com: Kitchen & Housewares: Bodum Santos Vacuum Coffeemaker

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