September 30, 2005

It's Coffee Table Friday KDDO Style!

1280  Dp

We love this coffee table. Not only does it have a shape that won't bang your knees into oblivion, but it also has legs that allow for your to put your feet under it in every direction.

"Whether your living area is impeccable or you stack all your magazines, remote controls, mail, and take-out on the coffee table, Material Furniture's KDDO Coffee Table. will suit the room's underlying needs for balance and dynamic design. Its curved base carves out space sculpturally while its surface provides for ample display possibilities."

At Material Furniture Knock-Down Drag-Out coffee tables

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September 30, 2005

Coffee Pod Category Continues to Grow

We've had lots of reader write in regarding the coffee pod category here at Single Serve Coffee. We can tell you with all the manufacturers of coffee pods coming online and the Senseo coffee pod brewer taking off the category is poised to be huge.

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September 29, 2005

French Roast & Columbian Supremo Coffee Pods at Java Podz

JavapodzJavaPodz now has French Roast & Columbian Supremo Java Podz back in stock. If you haven't tried JavaPodz - we highly recommend them. We've sample some of their coffees earlier in the year and have liked what we've tried.

They also have a number of interesting flavored coffees including Kahlua creme, Mocha Nut Swirl, and Chocolate Raspberry. Read up on our review of JavaPodz earlier this year.

At JavaPodz

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September 28, 2005

Reusable Coffee Filter for Keurig

My K Cup Box[3]As we reported last night, Keurig has released a Special Edition B60 only at Williams Sonoma that comes with a reusable filter. The filter will not be available to other Keurig buyers or other online merchants until 2006. When released to other merchants besides Williams Sonoma, the Keurig reusable filter will work in your Keurig B-40 Elite, Keurig B50 Gourmet, Keurig B-60 Special Edition.

Update: : The Keurig Resusable filter is now available at

"...use either disposable K-Cups or a reusable K-Cup and filter basket (included) that allow you to use your favorite ground coffee...."

My K Cup Device[3]
Filter comes in 3 pieces

Everyone here at Single Serve Coffee thinks the reusable filter is a great way to get customers over the hump of buying a Single Serve Coffee maker. How many times have you told someone about your single serve machine and had them say I'm not buying a single serve machine because I can't use my own coffee. Well, now that problem is gone for new buyers. Sure, they'll buy the Keurig B60 with reusable filter knowing they can use their own coffee, but in the end they'll want the convenience of the K-Cups.

A special thanks to Jeff for sending in pictures of the filter. More after the jump.

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September 27, 2005

Keurig B60 Special Edition with Reusable Coffee Filter

Img6MJust when we thought things couldn't get stranger in the single serve coffee world, we have found out via the forums that Keurig is selling an exclusive K-Cup filter basket with the B60 at Williams Sonoma. The filter basket allows you to use your own ground coffee when using the B60 instead of only allowing K-Cups.

"...use either disposable K-Cups or a reusable K-Cup and filter basket (included) that allow you to use your favorite ground coffee...."

Now we've used a re-useable filter before with the Senseo, and it was a short lived fantasy of wanting to get fresh roasted coffee beans, grind them, and also clean and use the Cafe Filter - isn't that regular coffee and not single serve coffee? How does the William's Sonoma coffee filter fair? We'll be getting one as soon as we can from Keurig and should have a full report in the coming weeks.

At William's Sonoma

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Tassimo to Debut in US this Week

Nytu115The perfect cup of single serve coffee is coming this week with Tassimo. According to the press release on PR Newswire, Tassimo will debut this week in the US and be available for order. We've only found a pre-order at but expect other online retailers to pick up the Tassimo along with

"Following rave reviews in threeEuropean countries, the Tassimo Hot Beverage System will make its U.S. retaildebut this week and revolutionize the single serve hot beverage category byproviding unparalleled taste and variety at the touch of a button. Thetechnology of the new brewing system, developed and designed by Kraft Foods,positions Tassimo as the only machine that allows consumers to prepare anassortment of hot beverages including coffee, tea, cappuccino, espresso, latteand hot chocolate conveniently at home. Providing quality and taste fordiscerning palates, as well as the convenience of having a variety of drinksat your fingertips in about 60 seconds, Tassimo's one-cup preparation ensuresno mess, leftovers or delays associated with outdated brewing systems orcrowded coffee shops."

Update: You can now order Tassimo at

Update 12/07/2005: Read our full review of the Tassimo from Single Serve

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Premium Pods Arrive for Review

Library - 7557Library - 7558We've just received a sample pack of Premium Pods. Premium Pods is new to the Single Serve Coffee market, and also claim to have the only coffee pods to use Starbucks Coffee. We're not sure of the legal ramifications of such a claim but we did receive a set of silver foil packed pods from them with Starbucks stamped on the top.

The rest of the pods are packed in Cafejo packaging. We're not sure if these pods are straight from Cafejo or are just using their packaging with different beans. We'll be following up with Premium Pods to get the low down on these pods.

Update: is an online seller of premium coffee pods. purchases coffee pods available from manufacturers and offers them for sale online. We did in fact receive samples of Cafejo coffee. You can see the Cafejo stamp on the edge of the foil packet.

At Coffee Pods - Single Serve Premium Pods

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September 26, 2005

Review: Timothy's World Coffee Rainforest Espresso Extra Bold K-Cups

Review from Single Serve - Coffee Pod ReviewsLibrary - 7538Timothy's World Coffee has sent us their new Timothy's Rainforest Espresso Extra Bold K-Cups for us to review. We've also been trying out various other Timothy's coffees over the past few weeks and have to admit how much we've enjoyed them all.

Timothy's Rainforest Espresso Extra Bold K-Cups are in the new Keurig K-Cup format that has up to 25% more coffee packed into a single K-Cup. At an 8 oz setting you can truly tell the difference in a cup of Keurig single serve coffee versus a traditional K-Cup without the extra coffee.

The Rainforest Espresso Extra Bold K-Cups have 15% more coffee than the regular Timothy's Rainforest espresso blend. We like the extra amount of flavor this cup of coffee packs. Right away you can smell the coffee and we also mixed our 8 oz cup of Rainforest Espresso with milk and a little sugar to bring out the sweet flavors the Rainforest Espresso delivers.

ArrowContinue reading: "Review: Timothy's World Coffee Rainforest Espresso Extra Bold K-Cups"

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September 23, 2005

New Keurig Elite B40 & Special Edition B60 Arrive for Review

Img 1363Thanks to the folks at Green Mountain, we've received the new Keurig Elite B40 and Special Edition B60 to review. We'll be benchmarking all three Keurigs: B40, B50, and B60 over the next few weeks. We're very keen to see if there's any difference in coffees brewed by all three.

The Keurig Elite B40 is essentially the Keurig B50 without the digital clock and auto off features. The B40 features a only an 8 oz Brew, a removable reservoir tank, and auto turn off after 2 hours. You can read our review of the Keurig B50 here. The Keurig Elite B40 is priced at $99.95.

The Special Edition B60 features a 6oz, 8oz, and 10oz setting for different cup sizes. It is features a programmable clock, blue back lighting and has the ability to adjust the temperature down 5 degrees. (Thanks to Scott G for this info). The Keurig Special Edition B60 is priced at $199.95.

At Green Mountain

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September 22, 2005

10 Million Senseos Can't Be Wrong Just when you think Senseo isn't the "world" leader in single serve coffee machines - you go and read something like this. Senseo is perhaps a little more popular in Europe, but it has also made a big splash here in the US. With 10 million Senseo single serve machines world wide, it's no wonder we are seeing more and more coffee pods and competition to this rather large and growing market we call Single Serve Coffee.

"Reaching ten million in sales just four years after the launch is great news," said Andrea Ragnetti, CMO, "and is proof that products that have been created in line with our brand positioning of 'sense and simplicity' - easy to experience, designed around the user and advanced - are what consumers want. The launch of the SENSEO was a response to the changing lives of our customers, who are finding their lives busier than ever. With the SENSEO they are guaranteed a perfect freshly brewed cup of coffee at the touch of a button with greater ease and convenience than more traditional methods, produced by a machine that looks sleek and modern."
At Börse

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September 21, 2005

Review: Baronet Coffee One Cup Pumpkin Spice Coffee Pods

Review from Single Serve - Coffee Pod ReviewsLogo Baronet-1Face it. It's Fall. The days and nights are getting cooler and you need the perfect cup of single serve coffee to evoke memories of apple picking, Halloween, and of course eating Grandma's Pumpkin Pie. Look no further! Baronet Coffee has a terrific treat for your single serve coffee machine - Pumpkin Spice Coffee Pods!

Pumpkin Spice-1We have to say, we aren't usually a big flavored coffee kind of person. We like our Dark Kenyan, or super dark chunky French Roast. But the fact remains, every time we fire up the Baronet Pumpkin Spice Coffee pods - we really feel happy and relaxed.

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September 20, 2005

Europe: Senseo Releases Colored Glass Mugs to Match New Flavors

Newglass Orange Senseo has released new colored glass mugs to match their European Forbidden Fruit flavors. We covered the new Forbidden Fruit flavored coffee pods earlier this Summer. We think it's pretty neat to have a matching set of glass mugs for new coffee pod flavors. Perhaps we can get a blueberry colored coffee mug for all the blueberry coffee we drink?

We're also not sure why more people don't drink their single serve coffee from clear mugs. Last year we discovered the magic of the clear mug. It really changes the single serve coffee drinking equation because you can really SEE what single serve coffee you're drinking.

At Typical Dutch Stuff

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September 19, 2005

Review: Lavazza Espresso Point

Review from Single Serve - Coffee Pod ReviewsLavazza Espresso MatineeIn our continued commitment to review all the Single Serve Coffee systems, we bring you the Lavazza Espresso Point. When Single Serve Coffee started early last year, the Lavazza Espresso Point was one of the first single serve coffee machines we ran news on.

We received the Lavazza Espresso Point from Lilli at They run a web site called Aroma Cafe Culture that features many of the products you can get from Lavazza. Lavazza is a very old and very established Italian coffee brand and the Lavazza Espresso Point is a very unique hot beverage system.

The Lavazza Espresso Point uses prepackaged, gas-flushed cartridges, combined with Lavazza's proprietary machine technology. In a world where we have coffee pods, K-Cups, T-Discs, Espresso Pods, Coffee Capsules, it's quite amazing that there is yet another type of coffee cartridge or format in the single serve coffee world. But the fact remains - how good is the coffee from the Lavazza Espresso Point system and what are the details behind this system?

ArrowContinue reading: "Review: Lavazza Espresso Point"

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September 16, 2005

Keurig Elite B40 at Woot!

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker-StandardYou can get the Keurig Elite B40 today and today only at WOOT! for $75 and $5 shipping by entering the coupon code "coffeebreak" when ordering.

WOOT! features daily deals and they are only available for one day. I tend to check it everyday because they can have some funky stuff and occasionally - some single serve coffee stuff!

Update: This offer has expired.

At Woot : One Day, One Deal

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X10 Mini Brewer Single Serve Coffee Maker

One CupI know the thought of grinding any amount of coffee to a single serve coffee drinker might be blasphemy, but the X-10 Mini Brewer is a great way to get a single perfect cup. Simply pour hot water over some fresh ground coffee, and the X10 will filter the coffee and brew a single cup inside the mug.

It's old school, but we have room in our coffee heart for all things single serve coffee. Now, why can't they do this with a coffee pod or K-Cup?

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September 15, 2005

Tassimo to Fuel Kraft Foods Growth

TassimoKraft Foods is getting behind new product ideas to fuel growth, and center stage for Fall 2005 is Tassimo. We reviewed Tassimo last month and have to say - it's quite good. As these large companies start to roll out more and more products in the Single Serve Coffee category, they are going to have to make them great.

Update: You can now order Tassimo at

Last year we saw the release of the first Home Cafe products and they were not so good. The new Krups Home Cafe is a a much better machine. If these new machines and offerings are to compete - they have to be good right away. It's nice to see Kraft Foods get it right out of the gate with Tassimo.

At Kraft Foods and Tassimo

Update 12/07/2005: Read our full review of the Tassimo from Single Serve

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September 14, 2005

Baronet ESE Espresso Pods

Library - 7465We've been enjoying the new line up of ESE espresso pods from Baronet Coffee. Baronet was kind enough to send us a sampling of their Light, Dark, and DECAF espresso pods along with a Grimac ESE Pod machine for testing. We can't thank them enough.
Library - 7462
If you aren't familiar with ESE Pods, they are not coffee pods. ESE pods are a smaller pod, and are used for making espresso shots only. ESE Pods will not fit in your Home Cafe, Senseo or Bunn. They will however fit in any ESE espresso pod machine. We reviewed the FrancisFrancis! recently, and it used ESE pods and we feel a good choice for a starting espresso machine.

Library - 7458Unlike coffee pods, ESE is an actual standard. They are all sized the same and fit in any ESE espresso machine. Imagine if the coffee pod market actually used a standard 10 gram, 62 mm pod and you knew you could use any coffee pod in any machine? Wild.

The Baronet Light, Dark, and Decaf ESE pods are very good. We really enjoyed the Dark roast over the light roast, and found the DECAF pod to have a good flavor despite being decaf.

Library - 7463We like to have our shots of espresso "ristretto" style. So we tend to use a little less water and try to get the most crema we can into the cup. Each of the Baronet espresso pods had a nice full crema and passed the dreaded sugar test - sugar staying on top of the crema for 3-4 seconds and then falling into the hot water.

We are really enjoying a shot of espresso about mid day and then following up with a nice cup of single serve coffee in the late afternoon. Great stuff and we recommend trying out the Baronet Espresso pods if you have an ESE machine.

At Baronet Coffee

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September 13, 2005

Grindmaster Single Cup Precision Pod Brewing System Arrives for Review

Lg Opod001Grindmaster ArrivesGrindmaster has sent us the Model OPOD001 Single Cup Precision Pod Brewing System to review. We've had coffee from the Grindmaster on our Baronet Coffee visit, however we are anxious to review and test the Grindmaster Single Cup Precision Pod Brewing System ourselves. Stay tuned for a full review in the coming weeks. Please sound off in the comments if you'd like us to test a particular set of pods with the brewer.

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Pre-order Tassimo at

P2267635RegBe the first to own your very own Tassimo! You can now pre-order Tassimo at The Tassimo is priced at $169.99 and should ship by the end of the month. If you aren't familiar with Tassimo you should read our review and also check out the Tassimo news category.


"Introducing TASSIMO, a revolution in home brewing. This state of the art system delivers the ultimate in hot drink variety - coffee, tea, espresso, hot chocolate, and even authentic cappuccino & latte with real milk, all at the touch of a button. The TASSIMO hot beverage system brews one perfect cup at a time using TASSIMO discs, called T-DISCS, that contain precisely measured amounts of the ingredients for each drink. Each T-DISC contains a barcode that tells the machine the optimal brewing conditions for your drink, expertly adjusting the brewing time, amount of water and temperature. With TASSIMO, you simply insert a T-DISC, press the button, and in about a minute you can enjoy a delicious hot drink, one perfect cup at a time. You are also able to customize the strength of each beverage to your taste. And, since all the brewing takes place in the T-DISC itself, there is virtually no cleanup! A system this extraordinary deserves partners of the same caliber. Select from world-class brands Gevalia, Suchard and Twinings? to find your favorite drink. Discover the Art of the Perfect Cup. Right on your kitchen counter."

Pre-order Tassimo at

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September 12, 2005

Single Serve Coffee Visits Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

K-Cup CoffeeWe visited Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in Waterbury, VT in early August. The drive up from Boston is nothing short of breathtaking as Green Mountain Coffee Roasters does is in fact exist in the "Green Mountains".

Green Mountain Coffee Visit - 69As we got closer to Waterbury, we pulled off the highway to stretch our legs, and in the rest area was a coffee center sponsored by Green Mountain Coffee. We knew we were close. After another 30 minutes or so, we pulled off the highway and into Waterbury, VT itself. Waterbury is a smallish town with lots of charm. There is a main street with several restaurants, small shops, and there's even a Green Mountain Coffee Roasters store (which we visited later in the day).

We proceeded up to the Green Mountain headquarters to meet Ken Crites, Joe Anderson, and Gaelan Brown. Our day was to be quite the visit. We started in their K-Cup production facility, got a full tour of their coffee roasting area, moved on to coffee pod making, and then finished the morning with a cupping and tour of their "coffee lab".

ArrowContinue reading: "Single Serve Coffee Visits Green Mountain Coffee Roasters"

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September 9, 2005

Timothy's World Coffee K-Cups Arrive for Review

Img 1244Timothy's World Coffee has sent us their new Timothy's Rainforest Espresso Extra Bold K Cups and Timothy's Fair Trade Wiwili Extra Bold K Cups to review along with several of their teas including Chai Tea.

Timothy's World Coffee is very big in Canada and is expanding into the US coffee market. They have more than 130 stores across Canada. When we first reviewed the Keurig line of brewer's, we tasted several Timothy blend coffees and liked them. We'll let you know how these new K-Cups fair.

Timothy's Coffee has over 25+ varieties of coffees and teas for your Keurig brewer, and you can also order online direct from Timothy's in the US.

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Coffee Fact Friday: Decaf's Growing Popularity & Origin - Sanka anyone?

PicroseliusFor hundreds of years, if someone ordered a cup of coffee, there was no question about what kind. Now, many Americans prefer their coffee decaffeinated. The ability to make that choice comes from the work of Ludwig Roselius, a coffee merchant in Bremen, Germany. In the early part of the last century, he developed a process that removed 97 percent of the caffeine from coffee beans, without altering their taste. He described the new coffee as "sans caffeine," which he shortened to "Sanka." Today, there's not only a decision to make about regular and decaf, but latte, cappuccino and espresso. Specialty coffee shops are increasingly popular. There are about 7,000 of them, selling $2 billion worth of coffee a year.

Thanks to Steven Johnson for sending this in!

At U.S. Newswire

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September 8, 2005

Senseo Red Edition Coming in October with Shorter Spout & Free Travel Mug

Coffeemaker Red No BagSenseo Travel Mug - 1That's right. The Senseo Red Edition is coming in October and will come with coffee pods, a coffee pod canister, and a travel mug! The Red Edition also features the new shorter Senseo spout which will accommodate more sizes of mugs.

Update:You can now purchase this new Senseo at

Want to know the most amazing thing about this Senseo? It's going to be for under $70 dollars! The retail price on the new Senseo will be $69.99 which should put it in the $55-65 dollar range with incentives from places like and others. The Senseo will be available at the Senseo Store online as well.

Tin CanisterFrom the Release:

Beginning in October, America will fall in love with its favorite single-serve coffeemaker all over again. For the first time since its introduction in the U.S. in 2004, the Senseo Coffee System will hit shelves for the holiday entertaining season dressed-up in a vibrant shade of red. The Senseo Red Edition will be sold at the same price as the original machine at $69.99, but includes exclusive perks like coffee pods, a stainless steel travel mug and coffee pod canisters, all valued at $25.

Full Press Release after the jump.

ArrowContinue reading: "Senseo Red Edition Coming in October with Shorter Spout & Free Travel Mug"

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September 7, 2005

Adjusting Brew Strength on the Senseo

MinidaaroEver wanted to adjust the brew strength of your single serve coffee brewer? This is not for the faint of heart. You are going to need tools, the ability to speak Dutch, and yes - a Senseo. You are also going to need to make sure and have that last cup of Senseo coffee from your beloved machine if anything does in fact go wrong. And, we are pretty sure this voids the warranty.

"...The website below is written in Dutch, but looking at the pictures is enough. Assuming you have a newer Senseo, just look at the pictures of the machine that's white or gray on the bottom. Within the red box in the pictures you'll see an indentation in the bottom of the machine. You'll need some needle-nose pliers to break off that little tab that's sticking up. This will reveal a little plastic washer. Ideally you need a hex driver, but the right-size screwdriver will do. Turn to the left for less water/stronger coffee, turn to the right for more water/weaker coffee."

At Adjusting Brew Strength on the Senseo

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September 6, 2005

Review: Green Mountain's Fair Trade Rain Forest Nut K-Cups for Keurig

Library - 7412 Review from Single Serve - Coffee Pod ReviewsWe decided to kick off the after Labor Day review season with a K-Cup we've been enjoying and it's flavored! Green Mountain's Rain Forest Nut is quite good. We have been drinking it in the 8 oz size when using the Ultra B50 Keurig single serve coffee brewer with a little cream and sugar.

Green Mountain's Rain Forest Nut has a rich flavor - almost a strong vanilla like note, and of tastes of caramel as well. By itself and without the cream, you get a hint of the flavor, but by adding cream and sugar the Rain Forest Nut flavors really come out.

ArrowContinue reading: "Review: Green Mountain's Fair Trade Rain Forest Nut K-Cups for Keurig"

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September 5, 2005

Tassimo's Micro Brewing Architecture

4529 3090511945Gizmag has some more details on how Tassimo compares to many of the other in-market or soon to be in-market competitors like Senseo, FrancisFrancis! from illy, Keurig and Nespresso. Since we've reviewed each of the new machines as they've come out, it's interesting to see how the three compare.

We have found each of the new machines to have their pros and cons, but the fact remains - each of these systems really wants to own the single serve coffee market. Each of the manufacturers in the article continue to improve their machines and offerings and make lower and higher price points to get as many consumers as possible. And I have to agree from what gizmag says in the opening, competition does improve these machines. We've seen the latest Home Cafe from Krups simply erase the bad feelings we had about the entire Home Cafe line. Here's to an exciting Fall and even more coffee systems to choose from.

"Competition improves the breed, and no market segment on the planet can ignore that imperative. There is ALWAYS a better way, no matter what the endeavour and the growth of the capsule-based single cup brewer market over the last decade has been spectacular, with the market started by Nespresso, then followed by Senseo, Illy's E.S.E Espresso pods, and the Keurig system, amongst others."

Update: You can now order Tassimo at

At gizmag

Update 12/07/2005: Read our full review of the Tassimo from Single Serve

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September 2, 2005

The Balance Coffee Cup

Balcup Lg

We love our travel mugs, cups with covers, and all things stainless steel, but the big issue is you is can never see inside them and you never really know how hot, or how empty your coffee really is.

The Balance Cup, designed by Carl Martens, bypasses this problem through a slight variation in weight between opposite sides of the cup. The cups sit askew on the table, and as you fill it up, the balance changes, and the cup straightens up - so you can always tell when they need a top-up. The Balance Cup has a double wall and hollow body that keeps contents at their original temperature. Only bummer? Not dishwasher safe.

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New Pumpkin Spice Baronet Coffee Pods

Baron Large It's slowly turning from Summer into Fall and what a great time for New Pumpkin Spice Coffee Pods from Baronet Coffee! These new pods are now available online exclusively at

We've been enjoying the Pumpkin Spice coffee pods over the past few days and should have a review up shortly. The Pumpkin Spice coffee pods are a limited time only blend, so get them while they last.

At Baronet Pod Coffee - Pumpkin Spice

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Winner of Bunn My Cafe from - Leah Stapleton!

Bunn McaWe're pleased to announce Leah Stapleton has won the Bunn My Cafe single serve coffee brewer from

From Jim Evans at

"On behalf of myself and the staff here at I would like to congratulate this month's mailing list winner Leah Stapleton. Please keep us in mind for all your coffee POD needs."

From our winner Leah Stapleton about Single Serve

"I particularly like the coffee pod reviews, so I know what types of pods to try next, as well as the machine reviews. The forums are coming along well, too. Thanks for such an interesting site."

All mailing list members subscribed are eligible each month for the mailing list prize. As long as you continue to receive the mailings at the time of the giveaway you might win! We will be giving away more items this Fall, so remember to sign up.

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September 1, 2005

New Keurig B40 Elite Available at & Free Shipping

B000Aqpmha.01. Sclzzzzzzz You can now order the new Keurig B40 Elite direct from The Keurig Elite B40 qualifies for Free shipping and if you add another $25 in K-Cups when you purchase the machine, you can get that $25 back.

The B60 is not showing up but if you've been dying to get your hands on the new B40, this may be your first chance. The B40 is also available direct from Keurig. I would assume other merchants will start picking up the new Keurigs in the next week or so.

"The Elite B40 - Single serve coffee system, makes single cup of coffee or tea in 40 seconds, no measuring, no mess , no clean up. Removable water tank, brews coffee and tea @ 195 degrees. Gourmet coffee and tea offering with over 100 selections. Makes an 8 once cup of fresh, hot and consistent coffee and tea using Keurig's patented K-Cups. Removable drip tray to accommodate most travel mugs."

Buy the Keurig Elite B40 at or Green Mountain

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