June 30, 2006

Global Warming Coffee Mug Heats up the Topic

PzglobalwarmingmugWhat's not to love about a global warming coffee mug? Global warming. Sure to to be a topic of conservation this ceramic mug shows you the consequences of global warming as you sip your coffee in the morning, changing the world back to normal just as you finish it.

When you pour hot beverage into the mug, you simulate global warming as the map of the world heats up and shows the oceans rising and land vanishing. A pleasant reminder to take better care of our planet and reduce that CO2. The coffee mug will set you back $15 bucks but at least you'll feel a bit greener.

Via Treehugger at Wacky Planet

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June 30, 2006

It's Coffee Table Friday Sax Style!

Sax Table 2

Two layers of coffee table makes a bi-plane of coffee table madness. This basic, yet elegant coffee table is called the Sax Coffee Table. We like the art deco touch along with the reinforced tempered glass. We also like the two levels of coffee table storage - perfect for catching clutter but still being able to see it.

Via productdose.com at Sax Coffee Table

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June 29, 2006

Preva Portable Espresso Maker in the Wild

Preva Dan N Jelly Bean Snow Preva We're pretty excited to try the Preva xSport Portable Espresso maker and we should be receiving ours very soon. In the mean time, we've got a first hand report from Preva on using the Preva xSport Portable Espresso maker at 4400 feet above sea level. You'll need your Preva xSport Portable Espresso maker and a Jetboil portable stove to boil up some water and then you can kick back and have some high altitude espresso.

From Preva:

"My first backpack with the xSport. Hope Lake at apprx. 4400' elevation... still tons of snow and the lake was mostly iced in... but a great little back country hike out of Stevens Pass..... The Jet Boil and the Preva xSport Portable Espresso Maker is a nifty combination for back country espresso. Takes about three-minutes from when you set your pack down to espresso (yes I timed it). And, we had the attention and obvious admiration of the only other group of hikers up there in the snow..... tee hee. Oh, the xSport performed beautifully....."

Read more at Preva xSport

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June 29, 2006

Perfect Single Serve Coffee with OGO Water


We know that better water makes better single serve coffee and that's why we're exited about OGO. From the Netherlands - the homeland of the Senseo, comes OGO. OGO Water has an oxygen concentration that is 35 times higher than regular water. The burst of oxygen in each bottle of OGO will give your O2 saturation a boost and perhaps make your single serve coffee even better.

Available in still, sparkling, and Flower Power (lightly flavored with elderflower and lychee and maybe not great for coffee) varieties, it's sure to have the variety you might desire in oxygenated water. OGO will debut soon in the US, courtesy of Verve Brands, LLC.

Via Popgadget

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June 28, 2006

Senseo Single Serve Coffee Machine Free after $50 Visa Card

Okay - here's how you do it. First you need to purchase the Senseo single serve coffee machine at Amazon.com for $49.99 and it's eligible for FREE SHIPPING! Then you visit Senseo.com and download the rebate form and send in the UPC form.

Single serve coffee won't cost you anything but more coffee pods after this deal!

At Purchase Senseo and Get $50 Back from Senseo

Update: This deal is still going and is available with the $50 back from Senseo.

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Review: Nescafe Cappuccino Coffee Pods for Senseo

Review from Single Serve Coffee.com - Coffee Pod ReviewsImg 2556Wendy from Typical Dutch Stuff has sent over the newly released Nescafe Coffee Pods with toppings. These new pods are a totally new concept because each box contains 8 individually wrapped coffee pods and 8 individually wrapped toppings. You place the pod in the machine and the topping in your cup. You then stir through the coffee when it is still brewing and enjoy a cappuccino, cafe au lait, or chocolate coffee, for only €0.62 or roughly 0.74 USD a cup before shipping. These coffee pods will work in your Senseo, Bunn My Cafe, Krups Home Cafe, and simplehuman single serve coffee pod brewers.

Img 2555There are four flavors available: Caffe Cioccolato (chocolate), Cappucino, Cappucino Decaf, and Cafe au Lait. The

We've been sampling the three different flavors over the past few weeks and have to say this is much better than the Senseo Cappuccino or the Home Cafe Cappuccino. The toppings are meant to be inserted into the cup prior to brewing. Putting them in at the end of a brew cycle produces less than stunning results. We often found that using the entire contents of the toppings bag was also too much.

We've provided several pictures and a video to show you how the mixture brews up in our Blue Senseo Coffee maker.

ArrowContinue reading: "Review: Nescafe Cappuccino Coffee Pods for Senseo"

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June 27, 2006

Hot & Cold Drink Holders for Your Car

Ch007 014Se Ch007 015SeFinally new cars may have drink holders that keep the hot drinks hot and the cool drinks cool! This new feature for your car was shown in the new Chrysler Sebring models for this year and we expect other auto makers to follow suit. Hmm...this might go perfectly with espresso in your car.

Feature details:

Heated/cooled front cupholder for keeping cool beverages cool and hot beverages hot. Cupholder can heat beverage to 140 degrees F or cool to nearly freezing at 35 degrees F.
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June 26, 2006

Archer Farms Fair Trade Certified Organic Tierra Del Sol Coffee Pods


Reader Karla from Monterey, CA has sent in a picture of the new Archer Farms Fair Trade Certified Organic Tierra Del Sol Coffee Pods. These coffee pods will work in your Senseo, Bunn My Cafe, Krups Home Cafe, and simplehuman single serve coffee pod brewers.We're very excited to see some Fair Trade Certified Organic coffee pods in a major retailer like Target.

From Karla:

Hello--Last night at Target I bought a box of Archer Farms Fair Trade Certified Organic Tierra Del Sol Coffee Pods. I had not seen these before, but our Target is just underwent an expansion so maybe that's why. They are the same price as the other Archer Farm Pods, about $4.00 for a box of 16 pods. I had a cup, it's good! I love Target!

We'd love to know what other Targets have these pods and we'd love to sample some ourselves but so far Targets here in Massachusetts don't seem to have them or they're sold out.

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Stomping Grounds Espresso Concentrate

Stompinggrounds Espresso

We're always on the lookout for something new to the single serve coffee world and we think we've found it with Stomping Grounds Espresso Concentrate. Perhaps if your espresso machine is in the shop, or you are in the mood for cold espresso drinks, the makers of Oregon Chai have come up with Stomping Grounds cold espresso concentrate.

Shelf stable and ready to pour, you simply add milk, heat and drink, or if you prefer add milk, ice and drink cold; yea we like that. Probably not up to your average barista pulled espresso drink, but an alternative worth a try. You can't beat the convenience. They come in four flavors: Mocha, Espresso, Caramel, and Vanilla.

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June 23, 2006

Google Trends for US / Canada Single Serve Coffee

Gregg from Keurig writes in about the earlier global trend of Single Serve Coffee we posted and he's right - in the US and Canda the trend in single serve coffee is indeed different:
"I noticed the google trend information on your singleservecoffee.com site. We also track that information in various ways. I would like to point out that the chart your are showing is a global chart. Since we are only a US/Canada based product we like to compare apples to apples. The chart below shows our trend performance for the US only and paints a different picture than the global trend."
Indeed the trends look different, Senseo, Tassimo, and Keurig all trend much higher here in the US. Nespresso trends up late last year but has now trended off.

Thanks for sending in this update. See how you can slice and dice this stuff with Google Trends for yourself or view this trend.

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Single Serve Coffee Global Trends for 2005 & 2006

Google Trends 062106 Ssc

Things are constantly changing in the single serve coffee world. We've been tracking Keurig, Senseo, Nespresso, and Tassimo lately using a variety of methods including Google Trends. You can clearly see how much press and interest Senseo, Nespresso, and Tassimo gathered as new products and how Keurig just ticks along with a steady stream of interest. It's also interesting to note how the 4th quarter really does have the largest amount of interest for any of these single serve products.

Whatever you draw from Google Trends as conclusions, it's just a fun tool to use to see how popular things are.

View the Trend above or visit Google Trends. You can also visit our article on US and Canada trends in Single Serve Coffee.

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Stealth multimedia coffee table

Table White Background V3

We often want more media in our coffee table and this little number does TV, Music, Photos, and of course video games. The Stealth coffee table doubles up as a multimedia machine capable of storing and displaying all forms of electronic media. The coffee table is designed for home use or in a corporate reception to deliver media content and features a glass table top.

Via Shiny Shiny at DesignUK

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June 22, 2006

Single Serve Coffee Meet Single Serve Creamer

24009409If you make single serve coffee everyday, you may need single serve creamer? Well, maybe not. This single serve creamer is meant more for the expanding world of "Outside-the-home consumption of coffee". Since we like paying only $.45 cents for a really high end Nespresso capsule, or perhaps $.30 cents for a nice Keurig K-Cup or coffee pod versus $1.89 for a cup of Starbucks coffee, we don't see our "Outside-the-home consumption of coffee" growing any time soon. If it does, this new easy to use and "dose" creamer package might do the trick.

Okay - we hate to be picky but "dose" your coffee with cream? My single serve coffee usually doesn't need a "dose" of anything to make it taste better. Perhaps the "Outside-the-home consumption of coffee" is plagued by sickly coffee? We think perhaps that's the problem they're trying to solve.

We're going to go over to our kitchen, fire up our Bunn My Cafe, and then pour in some real half and half to our fresh cup of single serve coffee.

Full article at: Tetra Pak

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Make Perfect Single Serve Iced Coffee with Bodum Pavina Double Wall Thermo-Glasses

B000A5Clh0.01. Ss400 Sclzzzzzzz V1128970783

It's summer and so far really hot here in the Northeast. Everyone at Single Serve Coffee has been scrambling around for the perfect glasses to make iced coffee. Look no further than the Bodum Pavina Double Wall Thermo-Glasses. Like their smaller siblings (we use daily to drink our coffee), these mugs will withstand the pressure of both hot coffee and ice mixing together for the perfect refreshing single serve iced coffee. If you own a Tassimo or perhaps a Nespresso, a couple of shots of espresso, a little milk, and BAM! Iced coffee.

At Bodum Pavina Double Wall Thermo-Glasses

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June 21, 2006

Stainless Steel Coffee Mug Set


We love stainless steel and we like stainless steel coffee mugs even more. These 18/8 brushed finish stainless steel coffee mugs have an 8 oz. Capacity and include 4 mugs and a mug stand. Laugh all you want at a mug stand, but we currently have 2 in our kitchen and love the fact our mugs are out and available versus taking up precious cabinet space. These mugs also feature double wall construction which means your coffee will stay hot longer. The mugs and stand are also only $26 bucks making the mugs cost only $6.50 a piece. Total deal.

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Coffee Tricks for Lattes and Cappucinnos

Sent in from our good friend CS, these coffee tricks are for doing designs on your latte or cappuccino. Perhaps a nice rabbit on the top of your whipped milk? Or perhaps a nice radish? Okay - so not all of these topping tricks for coffee are amazing, but the person doing them is very talented.

At You Tube

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June 20, 2006

Timothy's Kona Blend & Spanish Sol K Cups for Keurig

Timkona SmallTimspan SmallWhen it rains it pours K Cups. :-) Timothy's has two new K Cups that will work in your Keurig B-40 Elite, Keurig B50 Gourmet, Keurig B-60 Special Edition, and the newly released Keurig B70 brewer.

The Timothy's Kona Blend had been expertly blended and roasted to emphasize unique nuances of tastes and aroma so you can enjoy a perfect cup each day! Fresh from Hawaii, this taste sensation will remind you of the great warmth the islands capture, cascading waterfalls and beautiful sunsets. Aloha!

Spanish Sol will bring your palate alive with its lively full bodied flavor. One sip of Spanish Sol and you can envision a soft sea breeze wafting off the shores of the Costa del Sol. Sweet, Warming, Complex. This will be offered for a limited time only!!

At CoffeeWhiz.com & Timothy's Coffee

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t-sac Tea Filters - Create Your Own Coffee Pods

Img 2551

We've been following various threads around the SingleServeCoffee forums that these t-sacs from Germany are the bees knees when it comes to creating your own coffee pod sacs. Coffee pod sacs you say? Yep. Apparently you can fill these little numbers with the coffee of your choice, and then insert them with said coffee into the basket of your Bunn My Cafe and other single serve coffee makers.

We'll try out the t-sacs over the next few weeks and let you know what machines they'll work in and which ones they won't.

At t-sac.com

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June 19, 2006

Europe: Zinglez Coffeepods at Typical Dutch Stuff

ZinglezLooking for something different in the single serve coffee pod arena? How about Zinglez Coffeepods. Zinglez Coffeepods will work in your Senseo, Bunn My Cafe, Krups Home Cafe, and simplehuman single serve coffee pod brewers.

These NEW Zinglez coffee pods are packed 14 pods in re-sealable tubes, and are available in 3 different flavors:

  • Supreme Smoky ("wood" and chocolate; coffee with a boost)
  • Intensive Shock (sweet and creamy, chocolat)
  • Powerful Passion (robust and spicy).

You can order these from the US via Typical Dutch Stuff and they are sold exclusively through their website!

At Typical Dutch Stuff

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Green Mountain Completes Keurig Deal


Looks like the Keurig acquisition by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has finally closed. We're pretty excited to see the future of Keurig and Green Mountain together, and we're hoping they continue to offer coffee from lots of coffee roasters and not just Green Mountain.

Specialty coffee company Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. said Friday it completed its $104.3 million acquisition of Keurig Inc., which makes single-cup home coffee brewing systems.Green Mountain already owned 35 percent of Keurig, and said in May it would buy outstanding common shares for $99.5 million, as well as unvested options of Keurig workers for $4.8 million. Keurig will keep its headquarters in Wakefield, Mass. and operate as a subsidiary of Green Mountain.
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June 16, 2006

Keurig B70 K-Cup Single Serve Brewer Color Picture


B70 SmallerinterfaceJust sent in from another faithful reader, we've got the latest picture of the Keurig B70 brewer. You can see from the picture, the Keurig B70 is definitely more than a slight re-design. The interface looks to be more polished with some really slick buttons. We love the curving front with the accented water tank side. We also love the continued blue backlit buttons and side water tank.

Rumor has it that it will offer 4 brew sizes... 6, 8, 10 & 12, and have a larger reservoir of 60oz compaired with the current 48oz reservoir available now. From the picture (or it may be a 3D render), the water tank does look larger. If you click on the smaller thumbnail of the interface, it looks like there is a + and - to click on to cycle through the new brew sizes on the Keurig B70 K-Cup single serve coffee brewer. We also hope you can cycle through using the menu button to adjust the brew temp.

We'll keep you posted as we find out more on the new B70 Platinum at Home Brewer and what features it will really have. In the mean time you can read our reviews of the Keurig B50 and our combined review of the B40 and B60 Keurig K-Cup Brewers.

Update:The Keurig Platinum B70 Single Cup Brewer is now available. Check it out here...

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First Keurig B70 K-Cup Single Serve Brewer Pictures!


We just received this picture of the new B70 Brewer and President of Keurig Nick Lazaris. We can't make that much out from the picture but the shape on the side of the new Keurig B70 brewer looks to be different and chrome from the picture. Rumor has it that it will offer 4 brew sizes... 6, 8, 10 & 12, and have a larger reservoir of 60oz compaired with the current 48oz reservoir available now.

We'll keep you posted as we find out more on the new B70 Platinum at Home Brewer and what features it will really have.

In the mean time you can read our reviews of the Keurig B50 and our combined review of the B40 and B60 Keurig K-Cup Brewers.

Update:The Keurig Platinum B70 Single Cup Brewer is now available. Check it out here...

At Keurig

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Kona Blend Coffee Pods for Melitta One:One

Kona Large

We were visiting CoffeeWiz.com this morning and came across the new Melitta Kona Blend Coffee Pods for Melitta MES2R One:One Single Serve Coffee Maker.

According to CoffeeWhiz.com it's been over 2 years since Melitta has released new coffee pods for the One:One and they're right. We reviewed the One:One just over 2 years ago and have they have never released any new flavors.

Get 'em while you can. We'll follow up on these and see what other single serve coffee machines they'll work in.

At CoffeeWiz.com and you can read our full review of the Melitta One:One here...

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Eco Friendly Compressed Coffee Grounds Coffee Table


Cafepods has sent us this gem of a coffee table. The coffee table is made from compressed coffee grounds and sugar resin by Nick Rawcliffe. Its being exhibited in the Scottish Museum in Edinburgh at the Green Design: Creativity with a Conscience exhibition on until 25th June.

We recommend seeing it while you can if you're in Europe. Hmmm...wonder if the sugar resign and coffee make for the first lick-able coffee table? Maybe you can also just take a bite out of it? :-)

Full Press release

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June 15, 2006

Father's Day ESE Espresso Gift Guide

120Fathers Day Gift SscNothing says Father's Day quite like the gift of espresso. Yeah - that sounds right. Imagine your dad winding up a little milk frothing, pulling a shot of espresso, and then sitting down for a nice latte while reading the paper this Sunday. We've got three picks for you below ranging from $199-500.

The BIG day is fast approaching (this Sunday actually) but you still have time to give the gift of espresso. We recommend going the ESE espresso pod route. Having reviewed several of these machines (you can read our review of the Francis! Francis!, we like the quality and variety of espresso produced from these machines using the ESE espresso pods.

ESE Stands for Easy Serving Espresso, and the standard sets the requirements for the pods - 7 grams of coffee, a proper grind, and a shape and diameter that allows it to be used only in ESE approved machines. The pods sandwich the coffee between two layers of sealed filter paper. The diameter of the ESE pod is 44-45 millimeters, which is much smaller than the 55-60 mm pods that are available for the "Single Serve" coffee makers that have become popular in the last few years.

We wonder where these single serve coffee machines have become popular? :-)

The Francis! Francis X6 features a 1100-watt espresso/cappuccino machine housed in ABS plastic with chrome accents and works with ESE pods. It also features an 18-bar pressure pump; all-brass boiler refills automatically and the new Trio Technology which allows for making 3 espresso preparations--short, normal, and long. It has a 5-cup removable water tank, steam jet with built-in milk foamer, and a handy cup warmer. The Francis Francis X6 is priced at $429.99 for a limited time and normally runs $500 and higher.

BrevillecaferomaThe Breville ESP8XL Café Roma Stainless Espresso Maker is a good-looking espresso machine that is built with quality in mind at a good value. The pump driven maker is rated to give you 15 bar of pressure to deliver a beautiful crema every time. A full 15 bars of pressure is maintained throughout the process to maximize crema, giving the coffee a rich, barista-style aroma and taste. Three stainless steel filters (single shot, 7g; double shot, 14g; and E.S.E. pod) incorporate Breville's unique dual-wall crema technology. Beneath the first wall's 333 pores is a second steel wall with a single exit hole. This produces a backpressure, ensuring a rich, smooth flavor and texture from every extraction. We like the price at $199 and think your dad will like the espresso too.

And finally we give you the Krups XP4050 1200-Watt 15-Bar-Pump Programmable Espresso Machine. This little number has a 1200-watt programmable espresso machine with Thermobloc 15-bar pump system and easy push-button programming for controlling size and strength of espresso. The filter holder offers 3 interchangeable inserts that hold single, double, or E.S.E. pods. The KRUPS XP4050 also froths milk to perfection and has a 32-ounce removable water tank, drip tray, and cup-warming tray. This is a total steal at half off - normally $400 - you can get it right now for $199 from Krups america.

Looking for more Single Serve Coffee related Father's Day gifts? Please visit our Father's Day Single Serve Coffee Gift Guide.

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June 14, 2006

Review: Carte Noire Petite Dejeuner Coffee T Discs for Tassimo

Review from Single Serve Coffee.com - Coffee Pod ReviewsImg 2547We are really excited to see Tassimo US importing new coffees for the Tassimo brewing system for sale here in the US. The new blend is available at the TassimoDirect.com web site and is one of 4 new blends to be brought over from Europe. We decided to start with the Petite Dejeuner because we love a good light breakfast coffee and so far Tassimo had not had much variety in the single serve coffee market in this area.

We also thought we'd include our first video using You Tube for you to hear and see the coffee brewing in the Tassimo. Often we hear complaints on how loud and crazy the Tassimo is while brewing. We don't find this to be the case. It's definitely not in the quiet department, but it really isn't that loud. Since the Tassimo using a pumping method to brew the coffee in the T Disc, you can hear the pump being used while it brews. It kind of sounds like a toy tommy gun from our youth.

How good is the Carte Noire Petite Dejeuner coffee? How does it stack up against other Tassimo coffee or other single serve coffee we've had?

ArrowContinue reading: "Review: Carte Noire Petite Dejeuner Coffee T Discs for Tassimo"

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Autumn Harvest Blend & Pumpkin Spice K-Cups for Keurig Coming This Fall at Green Mountain Coffee

ViewmediaSingle Cup Coffee Tea ThumbOkay - the summer has just begun and Green Mountain Coffee is already gearing up for fall? Autumn Harvest Blend and Pumpkin Spice are this season's Limited Edition, Fair Trade Certified offerings from the Vermont-based roaster. Both coffees will be available from August 21st through November 10th 2006 at participating Green Mountain Coffee retailers, in the Company's direct mail catalog, and through the Company's website.

Autumn Harvest Blend is a medium-roasted Central American coffee with just a touch of hearty, dark French roast. Pumpkin Spice is a light-roasted, flavored coffee with enticing aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg. Both are Fair Trade Certified, which guarantees small-scale farmers a fair price for their beans. Fair Trade allows farmers to invest in a higher quality of life for their families, and in the care of their coffee plants, which results in a higher quality cup of coffee.

At Green Mountain Coffee

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June 13, 2006

Single Serve Coffee May Cut Alcohol Liver Damage

2006 06 12T212548 450X305 Us CoffeeOkay - not just single serve coffee, but all kinds of coffee. Researchers reported on Monday that drinking coffee cuts the risk of cirrhosis of the liver from alcohol -- by 22 percent per cup each day -- but they stopped short of saying doctors should prescribe coffee for that reason.

Perhaps that's why our liver is in a perfect state of wine/coffee consumption. The report from the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program in Oakland, California, was based on a look at data from 125,580 people. We wonder how many people in the study were single serve coffee drinkers?

"These data support the hypothesis that there is an ingredient in coffee that protects against cirrhosis, especially alcoholic cirrhosis," concluded the report published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Whatever the cause may be, you might want to check out our sister site LiquorSnob.com for great drinks to go with each cup of coffee you might have over the course of your day. :-)

Full article at Coffee may cut alcohol liver damage

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Father's Day: Keurig B50 Single Serve Coffee Maker for $129.95 & FREE SHIPPING

B50-Silo-Smaller-3Hotdeals Singleservecoffee-2-1-2Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is offering the Keurig B50 Single Serve Coffee brewer for $129.95 and you get FREE Shipping. You can also sign up for the Cafe Express club at the same time and have k-cups sent each month as well to keep Dad's supply of coffee stocked up.

To get this offer the Keurig B50 brewer must first be added to the shopping cart, and then the code wa026-7728 must be added to the promotion code area before checking out (on the page following add to card on the lower right). With the $20 and FREE Shipping you'll save over $30 dollars total - perhaps you might want to pick up some K-Cups for your shiny new Keurig B50.

At Green Mountain Keurig B50 Special Offer

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June 12, 2006

New Tassimo Espresso & Coffee T-Discs Arrive for Review

Img 2544

We just received the Carte Noire Voluptuouso, Carte Noir Petite Dejeuner, Jacobs Kroenung, and the Mastro Lorenzo Espresso T Discs to review. All four of these blends are sold on the TassimoDirect.com web site and are imported from EUROPE for sale here in the US.

We think this is exactly what we've been expecting from Tassimo - give us the best of both worlds - US and the EUROPE coffee and espresso T Discs. Why Philips and other single serve coffee makers have not followed suit for their single serve coffee machine like the Senseo is beyond our comprehension. Give us all the coffees you have to offer world wide - not just a fraction of them.

If you haven't had the chance to learn about the Tassimo Brewing System, you can visit our complete Tassimo area here at Single Serve Coffee, along with our review of the Tassimo and several articles on our impressions of the machine several months after our first review. Expect a full run down of these new T-Discs over the next few weeks.

More at Tassimo at Single Serve Coffee and Tassimo.com

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Cafepods Gorilla Mountain Coffee Pod Impressions

Img 2541Img 2538Okay - right out of the gate we have to tell you - these coffee pods are sold out. Bummer. We did get our coffee mugs though into a set of the Gorilla Mountain Coffee pods and really enjoyed this coffee. However, you can still buy ESE - 44 mm espresso pods in the Gorilla Mountain coffee pods. So, if you're more of an espresso drinker we think you might enjoy this roast.

The Gorilla Mountain blend coffee is a medium roast and stands up well against other medium roast coffees like a solid French Roast or equivalent. The coffee pods came packed 2 - 8gram pods to a package which is standard fair for most Cafepods coffee pods.

Okay - so you can't get these so what do you do? We would recommend checking out other Cafepods. We've been going through the large assortment of pods they sent us and find these to be very good coffee pods for your Senseo, Bunn My Cafe, Krups Home Cafe, and simplehuman single serve coffee pod brewers.

More at Cafepods US

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June 9, 2006

Lego Robots Make Coffee


It's just been one of those mornings. Sometimes we'd like our coffee spoon fed to us via tiny servants who can operate the Bunn My Cafe or Keurig B60. Well - we finally got our wish. After cruising out onto the larger web of coffee related topics, we found this gem of a coffee story - Lego Mindstorm Robots that make coffee - a true geeks dream.


We're not sure what's more exciting - the fact the robots actually make the coffee or the fact we want to go out and buy some Lego Mindstorms and get this going with our single serve coffee maker and not the crazy old school Mr. Coffee rig these two students dreamed up. Whatever we decide in the end makes us tick, we're pretty sure it's going to be a yummy cup of coffee.

See the Full Story in Pictures here...

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Matrix Coffee Table

20041024-Matrixtable Thumb This crazy matrix table from British Designer Andrew is constructed with birch plywood, walnut face veneer and glass. With crossing latices we can see getting completely lost in the top of this coffee table and perhaps even putting some things inside the trapped triangle spaces. The designer refers to the "Matrix Table" as a set of interlocking pieces - a simple puzzle. We think it's simply elegant.

At TYE3D via Josh Spear

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June 8, 2006

Father's Day Gift Guide from Single Serve Coffee

Fasthers Day Gift SscFather's Day is fast approaching (It's next Sunday, June 18th) and anything Single Serve Coffee is sure to please Dad. Right now Amazon.com has some of the best deals on Single Serve Coffee items, along with the Cafe Express club at Green Mountain. We like any of the club ideas for parents, as you can give the the coffee maker and each month they'll get more coffee for it without them calling and bugging you. Trust me - you don't want your parents calling you caffeine deprived.

If you were going to buy any of the Single Serve Coffee machines right now in time for father's day - we recommend the following four levels of Father's Day gift buying: Out of this World at $800, Over $200, $165 and Under, and Under $100.

RomeoOut of This World $800 - Nespresso E350 Romeo
We recommend the Nespresso E350 Romeo Single-Serve Automatic Espresso Machine. It's sleek interesting and well - expensive. Perhaps you could go in on this for your Dad with some of those other siblings but take most of the credit for finding such an amazing espresso machine. - (Read our review)

Bunn My CafeOver $200 - Bunn My Cafe Bundle
We recommend the Bunn My Cafe coffee brewer and a set of the Aloha Island Coffee pods for Dads. It's the perfect combination to get started in the coffee pod world and Bunn has great product and a great brewer. - (Read our Review)

$165 and Under - Keurig B50 Bundle & Cafe Express
We recommend the Keurig B50 and Cafe Express Club from Green Mountain. This combo will result in a great brewer with little mess and over 48 Free K-Cups by signing up your Dad for the Cafe Express club. - (Read our Review)

Under $100 - Senseo Bundle
We recommend the Senseo (in black of course) and a extra set of Senseo Dark Roast pods. It's the basics of single serve coffee, and with the Senseo at $50 bucks - hard to pass up. This deal will be at most $65 and you might even eek out some free shipping. - (Read our Review)

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June 7, 2006

Coffee Talk at Single Serve Coffee


We thought we'd share a bit of the more interesting, insightful, and thoughtful comments our readers post in the comments at SingleServeCoffee.com. Here's some comments and feedback from this past month.

On Archer Farms Coffee Pods at Target:

"The archer farm pods seem to be availlable at Super Target, but not at regular target. so far it is the only really delicious tasting pod i've found, and i have tried senseo medium and dark roasts, juan valdez, maxwell house, and yuban-- all of the pods except the archer farms tasted stale and bitter. the archer farms were the only good ones. are there any out there that are as good as the archer farms? i'm taking a trip and can't find any decent coffee pods in los angeles, because there are no super targets here. "


"I quite like the look of this machine. I would be happy if this was sat on my kitchen work top."

On the Keurig B50 Review:

"The first time I tried K-cups was five or six years ago at a new client's office. I was ready to go buy a commercial machine it was that good! My wife and I bought a B100 a year or so later (now 3 or four years ago) - it *was* expensive, but we justified it as a Christmas gift to each other.

Since then, I've rarely gone out for coffee. I'll buy it with a meal, but won't bother getting a cup just to have coffee - I'll either take a cup with me or wait 'till I get home. Our coffee consumption *did* go through the roof the first couple of months!

Our B100 went belly-up last year; we replaced it with a B60 special edition; the three brewing sizes is really nice. The coffee *is* expensive - about half-a-dollar (US) a cup - but compared with $1.50 to $3.50 at a coffee shop, it's well worth it.

Another recommendation - Van Houtte Cafe. We'd been getting Green Mountain coffee (which is darn good) but with our B60 there were some samples; the Kenya Kilimanjaro was phenomenal. Every sip I was saying "damn that's good!" (*really*! it was pretty funny...) It's become my standard brew now. (they renamed it Kenya Extra Bold now - I still call it Kilimanjaro... coffee this good deserves a name with character...)"
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Get Your Fortune One Cup at a Time

Fortune Teller Cup 23-1

Some mornings you need your single serve coffee to do a little more than wake you up. Most mornings, we'd like our coffee to help us take a shower, get dressed, and drive us to work. Our cup of coffee can do all of this but rarely inspires us with a word of wisdom or prediction of our day ahead. This Fortune Teller cup seems to take all of that into account, stating fortunes at its interior bottom like “better time will come,” “pay raise,” and “too good to be true.” You only get one fortune per cup, but we think you might purchase a bunch at $9 bucks each and ensure you're going to have the prediction you need after each cup of single serve coffee.

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June 6, 2006

Rumor Mill: New Keurig B70 Platinum At Home K-Cup Brewer Coming in September

Keurig B70 Kcup BrewerWe just overheard in the Single Serve Coffee Forums that Keurig is planning a new B70 Platinum At Home Brewer. Rumor has it that it will have a new shape, and offer 4 brew sizes... 6, 8, 10 & 12, and have a larger reservoir of 60oz compaired with the current 48oz reservoir available now.

We'll keep you posted as we find out more on the new B70 Platinum at Home Brewer and what features it will really have. We're really excited about the new shape and new size on the reservoir. Though we love the Romulan Warbird shape of the current Keurig B40, B50, and B60, something with a more slender footprint would be welcome. And a 60 oz reservoir would be nearly perfect, as we are tired of refilling our brewer nearly each day. Perhaps with 12 more ounces we would only refill our Keurig B60 every 1.25 days. :-)

In the mean time you can read our reviews of the Keurig B50 and our combined review of the B40 and B60 Keurig K-Cup Brewers.

Update:The Keurig Platinum B70 Single Cup Brewer is now available. Check it out here...

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Planetary Design Double Shot Travel French Press Mug

D 1071This crazy French Press Travel mug is made of of 18/8 marine grade stainless steel and features a patented double filtration system, modeled after a hydraulic cylinder. The design of the inner cylinder ensures that grounds will not pass through, creating a grind free cup of coffee or tea.

Simply, pour hot water over coffee grounds or loose leaf tea, let steep, push stopper down and enjoy. Best of all there's no need to pour into a separate container, you can drink right from the travel mug.

At Planetary Design Double Shot Travel French Press Mug

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June 5, 2006

Review: Timothy's Coffee Sugar Bush Maple K-Cups for Keurig B40, B50, & B60 Brewers

Review from Single Serve Coffee.com - Coffee Pod ReviewsImg 2533It's spring and the sap is running and just in time for the limited edition Sugar Bush Maple K-Cups from Timothy's Coffee. These flavored K-Cups have an over the top maple flavor but different than some of the other maple infused flavored k-cups and coffee pods we've tasted.

Img 2535What's different? The Timothy's Sugar Bush Maple K-Cups are full on maple and not a mixture of cinnamon and maple flavors making them different from the French Toast blends. We also find the aroma produced is almost like maple infused bacon or the smell of maple syrup over really hot pancakes.

As we stated earlier these k-cups are for a limited time only - much like the limited time the sap runs in the Spring that makes maple syrup. Having grown up in Northern Maine, we've actually all made maple syrup by carrying buckets of sap to a large boiling cauldron and then watching the sap boil down into yummy maple syrup, so our standards are high when it comes to a maple syrup anything. We also think you might want to know how to make Maple Syrup yourself and How Stuff Works has a great article.

ArrowContinue reading: "Review: Timothy's Coffee Sugar Bush Maple K-Cups for Keurig B40, B50, & B60 Brewers"

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Father's Day Pick: Grindmaster GPOD Precision Brewer & Kona Coffee Pods

If you're looking for a Father's Day gift and have a few siblings to split the cost, we think the combination of a new Grindmaster Brewer at $199.99 and some coffee pods could be the perfect gift. We reviewed the Grindmaster GPOD PrecisionBrew single cup brewing system not too long ago and we really liked it.

The GPOD is easy to use and makes one of the best cups of pod coffee we've had. You can get the brewer at Amazon.com and also pick up some pods for it in time for Father's Day. You can purchase the brewer at Grindmaster GPOD PrecisionBrew Single Cup Coffee Brewing System and we think the Private Reserve DIAMOND 100% Kona Coffee Pods will go quite nicely with the Grindmaster Brewer.

At Grindmaster GPOD PrecisionBrew and 100% Kona Coffee Pods

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June 3, 2006

Purify Your Single Serve Coffee with SteriPEN Water Purifier


We're always on the lookout for a good way to make sure our water is clear and clean before we make a cup of coffee especially when travelling. SteriPEN, a device that claims to use UV light to clean drinking water of "bacteria, viruses and protozoa is said to purify 16 oz of clean drinking water with a quick stir. "Dirty, discoloured" water should apparently be given a pass altogether, but to be honest, we don't really have a problem with murky water or the desire to use it to make coffee unless there's no other option. :-)

The SteriPEN runs on 4AA batteries, and is available from Magellan's in the UK for £149.00.

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June 2, 2006

Get Tassimo for $147.95 & FREE SHIPPING at Amazon.com

B000A7W4Ys.01. Aa280 Sclzzzzzzz Hotdeals Singleservecoffee-2-1-2We think you might do your Father's Day shopping a bit earlier if you can get $22 off and FREE Shipping on Tassimo (you can read our review of the Tassimo here).

Update:We got this deal a little confused earlier when it was sent into us. It's a total of $22 off the list price and FREE Shipping. The offer code for $25 off does not apply to the Tassimo machine as it is not being offered by Amazon.com directly. Tassimo is normally priced at $169.99 and this is the lowest price we've seen for Tassimo at Amazon.com.

At Braun Tassimo TA 1400 Hot Beverage System

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Geometric Storage Coffee Table

Geo Storage Coffee Table 2

We like the basic boxiness of this coffee table and we think it's aptly named the the Geometric Storage Coffee Table from West Elm. This coffee table measures 46” x 24” x 16”(h) and features two open storage shelves in addition to a central drawer.

Via productdose.com at Coffee Table

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June 1, 2006

Coffee Press COFFEE FOR ONE from Rare Device

Fl02 1We've seen a bunch of these around the office as of late - the personal coffee press. The problem is you still have to deal with ground coffee of some sort, and how fresh is it going to be if that coffee has been sitting around the office? We still think the Keurig B40 is the way to go for good office coffee at your desk within a reasonable price.

Still, if you're tired of the bad free coffee at work perhaps you'd like to take a shot and make something a bit better? This coffee press and mug set makes 14 oz of coffee just for you. The body is ceramic and the press mechanism is stainless steel. Available in aqua blue or bright red and priced at $30.

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Ecuador Galápagos Coffee Pods at Java Podz

Javapodz Logo Small-2Java Podz has new Socially and Environmentally Responsible Coffee (SERCTM) from Ecuador. The Ecuador Galápagos coffee pods are made from a combination of being organically-grown, providing adequate shade and shelter to birds, and being purchased from the farming cooperatives at fair trade prices (25-45% above regular natural coffee prices). These new coffee pods are extra-bold and have a full bodied arabica coffee flavor.

About the Ecuador Galápagos Coffee Pods

Located on the equator and about 600 miles from the coast of Ecuador, the highlands of the volcanically-active Galápagos Islands produce this beautiful extra-bold (dark) roast, full-bodied arabica coffee with a fine acidity.

At Java Podz Gourmet Coffee Pods

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