July 29, 2006

Single Serve Coffee Hot Deals Roundup for July 2006

Hotdeals Singleservecoffee-2-1-2-1

We've had a month of hot weather and amazing hot deals here at Single Serve Coffee. We've featured big savings on K-Cups along with savings on both the Keurig B50 and the Senseo single serve coffee maker.

Here's the Single Serve Coffee Hot Deals for July 2006:

More in Hot Deals

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July 28, 2006

Kyoto 2-Tops Coffee Table

Draft 370 Big

Low and stylish, we love the minimalist design of the Kyoto 2-Tops Coffee Table. The Kyoto 2-Tops Coffee Table features a unique design with two equal size table tops. Its understated styling makes it suitable for virtually any modern living space.

Via productdose.com at Inmod

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July 28, 2006

Save Big on Keurig K-Cup 2 Packs at Amazon.com

B000H32Tp4.01. Aa280 Pibundle-2,Topright,0,0 Aa280 Sh20 Sclzzzzzzz V63814127

When it rains it pours K-Cup deals. Amazon.com has 2 packs for 14.92 of many varieties of K-Cups. That means for many of the varieties you'll get 2 packs of 18 totaling 36 K-Cups for $14.92. You can also save $10 instantly when you spend $49 or more on any combination of products offered at Amazon Grocery, including food and household items. Use code GROCERY2 when you check out. So if you do the math you can get 8 boxes of K-Cups for around $50 bucks and also free shipping. Use the link below or above and make sure you page over to the second page of products where most of the two packs are listed.

A special thanks to many of our forums users for sending this in.

At Keurig K-Cups

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July 27, 2006

Green Mountain Keurig K-Cups Now at Amazon.com Grocery

B000E1B0N6.01. Aa280 Sclzzzzzzz

We've been following the launch of Amazon.com's online grocery store and have to say - they've even got the full range of Green Mountain Coffee's K-Cups now. Priced at $12 for 24 K-Cups that's not bad. We've found other deals at other places as low as $8.99 for 24, but if you can't find a deal this is your next best option. Another option you have is joining the Cafe Express Club from Green mountain and getting your K-Cups sent each month to you without even needing to worry about running out. These K-Cups will work in your Keurig B40, B50, and B60 brewers, and the upcoming Keurig B70 brewer.

At Amazon.com K-Cups and Green Mountain's Cafe Express

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July 26, 2006

Melitta Ready Set Joe Mug & Cone Coffee Maker

B000Ejexwi.01-A1Ndbs7Ygopbd6. Aa210 Sclzzzzzzz We've experienced the Ready Set Joe One-Cup Coffeemaker from Melitta several times over the past year. One on a trip to San Francisco where we had fresh roasted coffee made with it that was nothing short of amazing. The second time was on the side of a mountain camping up in New Hampshire, and more recently we got a present of some fresh roasted coffee and tried it out again. Good results always seemingly follow if you're patient, pour your hot water slowly, and then kick back and relax with the coffee.

At Melitta Ready Set Joe Mug

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July 25, 2006

Review: Nespresso Le Cube Espresso & Single Serve Coffee Maker

Nespresso Le Cube C180 - Arctic White - 1-2

We've always been found of gizmos and gadgets that come in cube form, but rarely have we found them in the form of a single serve coffee maker. Most of the time you find a cube in the form of some avant-garde computer like the Apple Power Macintosh Cube, the new Apple Mac mini, or perhaps something from Shuttle PC. We're very pleased to find that Nespresso will be releasing a cube shaped single serve coffee and espresso maker in the form of Le Cube.

Img 2692Love it or hate it - we have to say we love the cube shape. After reviewing both the C90 and Nespresso Romeo (both great designs) we think the Le Cube design is killer. Originally, when creation of the machine began, the Nespresso Le Cube was targeted to become a machine range for people who favored classic machines and design, and wanted the latest technology. A pure and minimalist design with a very strong direction was the basis for what began to take shape in the form of a cube.

The architectural shape was also a result of the decision to place cup-warming plates on each side of the brewing unit, providing an extra feature for people looking for a super hot cup of espresso. The machine we tested didn't come with the cup warmers (there are two models the Arctic white and the Titanium which has the cup warming features), but we did find putting the cups on the side very convenient.

ArrowContinue reading: "Review: Nespresso Le Cube Espresso & Single Serve Coffee Maker"

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July 24, 2006

Fading Coffee Mug

Gggif001300 01 L

The fading mug reveals a hidden print when you make your cup of single serve coffee. After the coffee has been drunk or your coffee cools down, you'll see the original image again. You can also get a custom logo or image put on the mug as well.

Via I4U News at Fading Coffee Mug

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Wall Street Journal Notes Growth In Coffee Pod Sales

Pod62Very very nice. It's good to see the coffee pod market expanding after things being slow to rise over the past year. We're pretty sure given how excited anyone who gets a single serve coffee maker is that eventually the viralness of the coffee pod and k-cup will just start to spiral in popularity. LONG LIVE THE COFFEE POD!

An article in the July 19 edition of The Wall Street Journal noted that coffee pod use in the U.S. is rising, both in the office and at home. The article quoted Ted Lingle, executive director of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, saying that pods account for less than 5 percent of U.S. coffee consumption but have the potential to include 25 percent. The article quotes people from Baronet Coffee, Hartford, Conn., Sara Lee Corp. Nestlé and Keurig. The article noted that pod use is rising after some initial missteps, but that the benefits are being realized by consumers, both in the office and at home.
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July 21, 2006

Zevro Precision Coffee Dispenser

B000Af98Te.01-A8A5Cwb0Rb0Od. Aa280 Sclzzzzzzz V54829241

Since single serve coffee makers like the Keurig B50 and the Senseo have the ability to use your own coffee, we've been trying to find something that would also eliminate the mess when doing so. It's also going to take a bit of precision to get ground coffee into the reuseable filter for the Keurig or the Senseo. The Zevro coffee dispenser allows precise measurement and dispensation. It stores over one half pound of ground coffee with an airtight seal that ensures maximum freshness and flavor. Your kitchen counters will remain clean and free of coffee grounds when making a perfect cup of single serve coffee.

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AERO Translucent Coffee Table

Eric Siu Perspex Table

This clear acrylic wonder is now being produced at Workshopped in Australia. We like the simple curve of the legs and the rather "unsquare" squareness of the top. We could also see this working really well as a giant bookmark for your giant coffee table book.

Via MoCo Loco at Workshopped

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July 20, 2006

Review: Preva xSport Portable Espresso & Single Serve Coffee Maker


Portable espresso or making coffee of any type on the go seems to be coming of age. We've seen the Aeropress, in-car espresso makers, and now the Preva xSport Portable Espresso maker for camping, rv-ing, and backpacking.

Img 2658This ultra-compact espresso maker will make espresso or single serve coffee on the go and is compact, light, and durable. Unlike it's bigger single serve counterparts (see the Senseo for size comparison), we could see this being a pretty good choice for a long weekend hike or perhaps making a double shot cafe Americano on the side of a mountain. We can also see this being a good choice for taking while on vacation and staying in a hotel, where they often have the tiny coffee maker that could provide you hot water to use in your Preva xSport.

Hiking and vacation aside, we decided to put the Preva xSport through the paces here in the Single Serve Coffee test kitchen and see how good of a shot of espresso and how perfect a cup of single serve coffee we could make.

ArrowContinue reading: "Review: Preva xSport Portable Espresso & Single Serve Coffee Maker"

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July 19, 2006

Large Handled Miam Miam Coffee Mugs

D 1024

Unique and definitely different, these mugs have a variety of cool shapes and designs. Each mug is equipped with a giant handle and a contoured body to accommodate the nature of a curved hand. Choose from 10 different styles and now that each of these one of a kind mugs have been shaped with ergonomics in mind.

At Miam.Miam Mugs

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Keurig B50 Single Serve Coffee Maker for $129.95 - FREE SHIPPING & 24 FREE K Cups

B50-Silo-Smaller-3Hotdeals Singleservecoffee-2-1-2Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is still offering the Keurig B50 Single Serve Coffee brewer for $129.95 and you get FREE Shipping plus 24 FREE K Cups. That means you'll save $20 off of a Keurig B50 Brewer's normal price of $149.95, about $10 on shipping, and about $9.95 for the K-Cups.

To get this offer the Keurig B50 brewer must first be added to the shopping cart, and then the code wa026-7728 must be added to the promotion code area before checking out. With the $20 and FREE Shipping, and 24 K Cups you'll save over $40 dollars total on your new Keurig B50.

At Green Mountain Keurig B50 Special Offer

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July 18, 2006

Sampling Nespresso Espresso Flavors

Img 2697

Caps 12 BigWe've been testing the new Nespresso Le Cube over the past week and have to say, "Tasting lots of Nespresso espresso capsules is a good thing." Each Nespresso flavor really does have a distinct taste and flavor. Nespresso divides their capsules into two types: espresso and lungo.

A lungo is essentially the single serve coffee version - a little more volume and just the right amount of crema on the top. We really like the Finezzo lungo. It's a bit more mellow than the other espresso capsules and has a hint of acid in the flavor. It also lingers a bit on the tongue and back of your throat for some added flavor and finish. We'll have a full review of the new Le Cube soon.

At Nespresso

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Europe: FLAVIA FUSION Drinks Station Heads to the UK

The Flavia Fusion will be out in the UK in September. Having hailed from Europe (that's our understanding) it's a surprise the FLAVIA FUSION hasn't been available in the UK. We're sure our UK cousins will enjoy the new FLAVIA Fusion this Fall and as far as we know - they're not going to making any major adjustments to the FLAVIA FUSION or coffees and teas available at launch.

No, its not a mini power station to back the government's nuclear policy, but a drinks station that'll let you whip up 30 different beverages. Flavia claims its latest bit of kitchen kit cuts the hassle of making anything from a cappuccino or latte to its own range of hot cocktails. The bit that really appeals is the lack of cleaning the unit needs. Flavia says its filterpacks mean no mess and no soggy tea bags or spilled coffee beans to sort out. The Fusion will cost £79.99 and be available in red, black or ice blue.

At T3 - Flavia eyes autumn drinks Fusion

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July 17, 2006

Green Mountain Coffee Roaster's Ecotainer Coffee Cup


Green Mountain has been working with International paper over the past year to create a compost-able coffee cup - dubbed the EcoTainer. They're making such a cup because Americans discarded over 14.4 billion cups just last year.

Based on anticipated growth of specialty coffees, that number will grow to 23 billion by 2010--enough to circle the globe 88 times." Plus they calculated that the petrochemicals consumed in the making of that many cups would be equal to keeping 8,300 homes heated for one year. The Ecotainer addresses this by having corn based liner, instead using a quarter of a million pounds of petro-plastic. In short, it can be composted and returned to the earth to make more soil. GMCR and IP go on to suggest that by opting for a corn-based they'll conserve the consumption of nearly 250,000 pounds (113,400 kg) of non-renewable petrochemicals every year. And 70% of the energy used for the paperboard manufacture is from renewables.

We hope that the K-Cups being produced will also be compost-able in the near future. Recyclable or compost-able K-Cups would make everyone here at Single Serve Coffee really happy and also make the future of single serve coffee more planet friendly.

Via Treehugger at Green Mountain Coffee

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Cappuccino Done Pepsi Style

Pepsi Cappuccino

Okay - so we haven't tried the Pepsi Cappuccino just yet, but we have tried Coca-Cola Blak and liked it. But it's not our fault we haven't tried this new Pepsi coffee induced beverage, apparently Pepsi Cappuccino is only available in Russa, Romania, and perhaps other parts of Europe. If you see it - drink it and write in how it tastes.

Via Strange New Products at Pepsi Wiki

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July 14, 2006

Brabantia Stainless Steel Coffee Pod Canister

This is an oldie but a goodie. If you're currently using Senseo Douwe Egberts Dark Roast Coffee Pods or any of their other blends that come packed in bags of pods, getting one of these coffee pod canisters is the way to go.

The Brabantia Stainless Coffee Pod Canister will your coffee pods fresh and ready to go in a snap. Inside the canister there's a convenient inner sleeve that allows you to lift out the coffee pods. We've been using this with our CafePods as well - as they come packed two pods to a sleeve and we often put the extra pod right into the canister.

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It's Colored Glass Coffee Table Friday!


Imagine having a cup of single serve coffee and staring longingly at your feet while you drink a cup. If you have kids these coffee tables would also be useful to find them when they are hiding about the living room. Whatever the need of a colored glass coffee table you have, these coffee tables are made of natural birch and have five options of colored glass and come with chrome legs.

At Generate

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Europe: Melitta MyCup Single Serve Coffee Machine with Odd Shaped Coffee Pods

News05 Melitta Mycup2 2

News05 Melitta Mycup2 1 When we first reported about the Melitta MyCup coffee maker, we were pretty sure the coffee pods were square. Now our good friend in Europe from Cafepods has sent word of new pictures and info on this new single serve coffee maker.

From these new pictures the coffee pods look to be of an even odder shape that's really more functional. Our first thoughts are - this shape in a coffee pod would most likely get a really good seal because of the larger lip that would seat better in the pod holder. Often times with round pods, you get water that goes right by the any edge that isn't already wet or seated down and the amount of edge varies from pod to pod as well. We like the look of the machine and hope Melitta starts to bring some of this innovation over to the US market.

Translated from German: "Experience coffee benefit of its most beautiful side! The new MyCup® connects variety to fun at that with mad coffee taste. Enjoy after desire and mood freshly gebrühten coffee with fine Crema - whether or two, small or large cup, cup or bowl. By the simple operation, the clevere technology and the modern Design in two trendigen colors the coffee preparation with the new makes MyCup® correctly fun. With the suitable accessories is also those Its MyCup® machine maintains completely simply."

At Original MyCup Page or Translated MyCup version

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July 13, 2006

Nespresso Le Cube Arrives for Review

Img 2678

We've just received the new Le Cube from Nespresso for review. Unlike other cube like products you can drive, the Nespresso Le Cube is the only "cubed" espresso and single serve coffee maker that we know of. Our first impressions are - it's a bit larger than say the Nespresso C100T Essenza, but we really like the look a bit more.

The Nespresso Le Cube features both automatic large or lungo (single serve coffee) and espresso settings, and requires use of Nespresso Capsules. There are two cup holding locations on each side of the Nespresso Le Cube that will fit your espresso shot glasses, and it has a holding area for over 14 used Nespresso espresso capsules that get automatically ejected after making each cup of espresso or lungo.

We'll have a full review with pricing and availability details soon.

Update: The Nespresso Le Cube is now available At Nespresso

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July 12, 2006

SingleServeCoffee Forums Hits 999 Members - Who will be 1000?

Logo Phpbb SscWho would have thunk it? :-) Everyone here at SingleServeCoffee.com is anxiously waiting the 1000th member to subscribe! Launched just over a year ago, SingleServeCoffeeForums.com has been steadily growing each day.

With over 14,000+ posts on single serve coffee, we can't think of a better place to have a discussion on just about anything single serve coffee related. We'll let you know in this post who the 1000th member is and we want to thank the entire forums community for being so supportive of new and old members and chatting away each day. special thanks goes out to Jim Evans at CoffeeWhiz.com for sponsoring the forums and providing our readers with news, updates, and deals throughout the year.

Update:We've done it! Thanks to Rick Sampson we've hit 1000 members!

Mr. Brewer, I am honored to be the 1000th member of this wonderful forum. I'm also a bit surprised, I would've guessed that there were already thousands of members. This is a great site, I've learned much since I started lurking here about 2 months ago. That is when I purchaed my Tassimo and started my new obsession with single serve coffee. A brief coffee history of myself; I grew up in a house where you had coffee in the morning and again in the afternoon. Since my wife and I work different hours it was never feasible to make a pot of coffee in the morning or the afternoon just for one or two cups. So we just purchased our coffee on the way to work, and (for me at least) again in the afternoon. About a year ago a close friend purchased a Melitta pod machine. I was interested but did nothing for many months until I came across an ad for the Tassimo in a Linens n Things flyer. I read up about them, in many places - including here, and bought one. Now I am hooked. In just 2 months I've read about every written word about them on the internet. My enthusiasm promted my sister to purchase her own. My wife loves it as well, it saves her precious minutes every morning. I find myself inviting the friends I used to go buy coffee with over to my home for a quick cup. I'm sure there may be better machines, but I love my Tassimo. Sorry that was so long winded. I joined your site because I'm amassing pretty much every flavor Tassimo has and am about to start reviewing them. ...Again, I am truly honored to be the 1000th member.
- Rick Sampson

At SingleServeCoffee.com Forums

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Keyboard Coffee Holder & Food Tray


Deciding to drink large cups of single serve coffee around your nice shiny keyboard just got easier. Designer Duck Young Kong has shown his latest innovation over at Yanko Design and it's called The Keyboard Food Tray. It's still in the design phase, so there is no pricing and information is limited. However we like the idea and can think of several keyboards that would have been saved had we had such a great innovative product.

Via OhGizmo! at Yanko Design

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July 11, 2006

Preva xSport Portable Espresso Maker Arrives for Review

Ultra-compact and extremely single serve coffee or espresso, the Preva xSport has arrived for review. We've got a little teaser below to keep your fingers on the mouse while we run the xSport through our battery of tests. What's unexpected about the Preva xSport is it can make espresso or coffee and can use ground coffee or espresso pods. Very cool.

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USB Drink Holder is Hot & Cool

UsbhotcoolHot and cold drink holders are all the rage, and now this USB Drink Holder can help keep your drinks at the office at the right temperature. It keeps your coffee hot in the morning and your soft drink cool in the afternoon. You can also turn the unit off via the control switch without having to unplug the USB cable.

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July 10, 2006

Hamilton Beach 40729 Espresso/Cappuccino Maker with Espresso Pod Holder

B0006Fu8Ag.01. Aa261 Sclzzzzzzz

For $68 bucks it's hard to tell how good or how bad this espresso maker would be from Hamilton Beach. We like the look but have rarely trusted the brand, so we'll have to wait and see if this baby works well. The Hamilton Beach 40729 Espresso Maker features an Italian-style 1100-watt heater and a powerful 15-bar pump. It also works with ground espresso or pre-measured pods and has a simple push-button operation. What we don't like is the 2-cup water reservoir but the adjustable steam/frothing dial and removable drip tray for easy cleanup are both nice. Accessories include scoop/tamper, 2 stainless-steel filters, instructional video, and recipe cards.

Update: Read the full review at SingleServeEspresso.com...

At Hamilton Beach

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Senseo Heads to China

Chinese Senseo Graphic

It looks like Senseo is heading to China. Everyone here at Single Serve Coffee thought keeping the European and US Senseo news straight would be challenging, but now with Senseo news in Madarin/Cantonese - who knows! We'll keep you posted on how our first and one of our favorite single serve coffee makers does in China.

Royal Philips Electronics NV (PHG) is about to launch its Senseo electronic coffeemaker onto the Chinese market, a company spokeswoman told Dow Jones Newswires Thursday."We start as soon as possible in the city of Shanghai," spokeswoman Karin van Dongen said. "No timeframe for a further rollout has been decided yet," she added. Philips introduced the Senseo model in 2001 in cooperation with Douwe Egberts, which is a unit of Sara Lee Corp. (SLE). Philips developed the coffee-making machine and Douwe Egberts developed the "coffee pads" containing ground coffee for use in the machine. Since 2001, Philips has sold more than 12 million Senseo machines in Europe, the U.S. and Australia.

At Easy bourse - NEWS

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July 7, 2006

Senseo $14.99 after $50 Visa Card Deal


This deal is still going but the deal from Amazon has changed as they've increased the price to $64.99 on the Senseo.

Here's how you get a Senseo for FREE. First you need to purchase the Senseo single serve coffee machine at Amazon.com for $64.99 and it's eligible for FREE SHIPPING! Then you visit Senseo.com and download the rebate form and send in the UPC form. Single serve coffee won't cost you anything but more coffee pods after this deal!

At Purchase Senseo and Get $50 Back from Senseo

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Catch My Drip Ball and Socket Coffee Mug

Wp 3652 Big

Who knew that ball and socket coffee mugs would be all the rage? Following up on our earlier ball and socket coffee mug find, this Mr. P "Lick" Cup makes a drip down the side of your coffee cup seem like a natural design element. We like the mug design and think this is the perfect addition to your ball and socket coffee mug rack.

Via productdose.com at ShopModi

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Melitta One:One Creme Brulee Coffee Pods

Brulee Large

It's the second coming of all things Melitta One: One! Creme Brulee coffee pods are now available for the Melitta One:One. We're not sure if these pods will work in your Senseo, Home Cafe, or Bunn My Cafe - but they might. Described as "rich vanilla cream & sweet caramel blended with our premium dark roastesd coffee" and packed in an 18 count box - we're very anxious to try these new coffee pods from Melitta.

At CoffeeWiz.com & Melitta

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July 6, 2006

Nespresso Aeroccino Automatic Milk Frother

We've just got wind of a new exciting automatic milk frother to go with your Nespresso espresso single serve coffee machine or any single serve coffee machine - the Aeroccino. The Aeroccino is a new, automatic and simple way of creating light, creamy milk froth. You Just pour in some cold or hot, fresh milk and press the button.

The Aeroccino is compact and quiet and quickly produces an milk froth, which you can enjoy in many different coffee recipes including lattes and cappuccinos. Milk can be frothed and whipped hot or cold. The Aeroccino retails for $ 79.95 at Nespresso.com and we should have one to review very shortly here at Single Serve Coffee.

Update: Read our full review of the Aeroccino Milk Frother from Nespresso here...

At Nespresso.com

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July 5, 2006

Limited Edition Le Cube Alinghi Nespresso Espresso Machine

N C185 Ag 1 Xl1

Meet Le Cube. Nespresso has released this crazy limited edition cube styled espresso machine in Europe. The machine is for Alinghi (The Swiss yachting team)who are competing in this years Louis Vuitton and Americas Cup in Valencia, Spain.

The front panel is made of carbon fiber and has special heated cup holders along the side, it also has a used capsule container capable of holding 15 used capsules. Though it's available now, it's only available in Europe. Perhaps Nespresso should bring this amazing looking machine to the US?

Via Limited Edition Le Cube Alinghi Nespresso Espresso Machine at Nespresso Europe

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Coffee drinking may lower diabetes risk

HealthFirst alcohol and now diabetes! WOO HOO!! Looks like if we keep drinking coffee we may live to be 100 - perhaps even 200 years old.

CONSUMPTION of coffee, particularly the decaffeinated variety, is associated with a reduced risk of diabetes, according to a recent study. The study is not the first to document this association. However, in previous studies it was unclear if the relationship was true among people of different ages and body weights and if the caffeine component was the ingredient primarily responsible for the anti-diabetes effect.

At Coffee drinking may lower diabetes risk

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June 2006 Monthly Round Up for Single Serve Coffee

Csiro-09-Cowboy-2-1-1-1-1-1-1 Summer is here and so is more single serve coffee news. June featured the first ever pictures of the Keurig B70 K-Cup Single Serve Brewer and also many reviews including Carte Noire Petite Dejeuner Coffee T Discs for Tassimo and Nescafe Cappuccino Coffee Pods for Senseo. We're also really excited that Single Serve Coffee May Cut Alcohol Liver Damage. Very excited. :-)

Review: Nescafe Cappuccino Coffee Pods for Senseo
Cafepods Gorilla Mountain Coffee Pod Impressions
Review: Carte Noire Petite Dejeuner Coffee T Discs for Tassimo
Review: Timothy's Coffee Sugar Bush Maple K-Cups for Keurig B40, B50, & B60 Brewers

Coffee Pods & K-Cups
Timothy's Kona Blend & Spanish Sol K Cups for Keurig
Archer Farms Fair Trade Certified Organic Tierra Del Sol Coffee Pods
Wolfgang Puck Rainforest Blend Coffee Pods
Kona Blend Coffee Pods for Melitta One:One
Autumn Harvest Blend & Pumpkin Spice K-Cups for Keurig Coming This Fall at Green Mountain Coffee
Ecuador Galápagos Coffee Pods at Java Podz

New & Interesting Coffee Stuff
Stomping Grounds Espresso Concentrate
Single Serve Coffee Meet Single Serve Creamer
t-sac Tea Filters - Create Your Own Coffee Pods
Hot & Cold Drink Holders for Your Car
Rumor Mill: New Keurig B70 Platinum At Home K-Cup Brewer Coming in September

Single Serve Coffee News
Google Trends for US / Canada Single Serve Coffee
Single Serve Coffee Global Trends for 2005 & 2006
Coffee Tricks for Lattes and Cappucinnos
Lego Robots Make Coffee
Coffee Talk at Single Serve Coffee
Green Mountain Completes Keurig Deal
Europe: Senseo Zombie Coffee

Single Serve Coffee Deals
Get Tassimo for $147.95 & FREE SHIPPING at Amazon.com
Coffee Tables
Stealth multimedia coffee table
Eco Friendly Compressed Coffee Grounds Coffee Table
Matrix Coffee Table
Geometric Storage Coffee Table

Single Serve Coffee Accessories
Make Perfect Single Serve Iced Coffee with Bodum Pavina Double Wall Thermo-Glasses
Stainless Steel Coffee Mug Set
Europe: Zinglez Coffeepods at Typical Dutch Stuff
Get Your Fortune One Cup at a Time
Planetary Design Double Shot Travel French Press Mug
Purify Your Single Serve Coffee with SteriPEN Water Purifier
Coffee Press COFFEE FOR ONE from Rare Device

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July 3, 2006

Europe: Senseo Extra Dark Coffee Pods

Extradark04 Looks like Europe will get the new Senseo Extra Dark Coffee pods this month. We're excited to see new flavors in Europe, but would love to see more flavors in the US. Expect a full review when we receive some pods later in the month.

Thanks to Typical Dutch Stuff for sending along.

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