February 16, 2009

Presidential Slogan Coffee Mug


It's President's Day here in the US, and we thought we'd celebrate by finding something Presidential like this coffee mug with presidential slogans. Two centuries of Presidential campaign slogans adorn this mug, including "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too," "All the Way with Adlai," I Like Ike," "Give 'Em Hell, Harry!," and "Clinton: A Cure for the Blues.", and it holds 12 ounces of your favorite single serve coffee.

At Presidential Slogan Coffee Mug

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February 9, 2009

Boulder Mugs - Hot Coffee Rocks


The boulder mug is not made of stone, but it is made of hard ceramic goodness. You can drink coffee primal style each morning, and if someone bothers you bonk them over the head with the boulder mug. We recommend for the full experience making a large fire, getting a purple dinosaur, and a wife named Wilma.

Via productdose.com at Urban Outfitters

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February 2, 2009

Are Ceramic Coffee Cups Greener Than Disposable Coffee Cups?


We often look at the arguments for greener options in our lives, and wonder - just because it's greener how much energy did it take to produce this green product? How long do we have to use this greener option to make it truly green? It is a question that Single Serve Coffee has been looking at for years, and we've finally found said answer. A Dutch study that demonstrated that we have to drink a lot of coffee out of our ceramic cup to beat out the paper or polystyrene one. Now a new study from the University of Victoria confirms this feeling that greener isn't always greener (or at least not right away).

According to Adharanand Finn in the Guardian, one needs to use the ceramic cup over 1,000 times to outdo the polystyrene cup, and even more compared to paper. It may not sound very plausible - but on closer inspection the arguments seem to add up. Firstly, ceramic cups use more energy in their production. Second, there is all the hot water and washing-up liquid used when you wash up your mug. Third there's the environmental consequences of distributing ceramic mugs - because they are bigger and heavier than polystyrene cups, which can be tightly stacked, you are looking at more ship and lorry journeys, using more fuel. And, finally, polystyrene cups can be more easily recycled. So hang on to your ceramic or stainless steel mug and in three or four years you will have made a difference.

Read more at Are Ceramic Cups Greener Than Disposables?

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January 22, 2009

Crossword Mug Makes Your Brain Hurt in the Morning


Yes - we've featured all kinds of mugs here at Single Serve Coffee, but not one that can clearly make your brain hurt. Imagine getting up and filling your coffee mug with piping hot java juice, and then trying to write on it. Well, this mug might not be fore everyone, but if you like being stared at directly with a task while you drink your coffee, then this mug is for you.

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January 6, 2009

Chalk Mug - Leave a Note on Your One Cup Coffee


Sick of trying to remember all those little things each morning over coffee? Try leaving yourself a note on these mugs. The mugs are available with four color tops - yellow, blue, red or green. They come with 3 sticks of chalk, so you won't have to steal any pieces from your kids. These mugs are hand wash only, but we expect the price of communication on your coffee cup is worth it.

At Chalk Mug - I Want One Of Those

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December 22, 2008

Terra Keramik x Competition Grade Coffee Cups


Competition grade? Yep. Finally you will be able to challenge your Single Serve Coffee friends to a cappuccino competition. These espresso and cappuccino cups are dishwasher-safe ceramic coffee chalices made free of lead and cadmium glazes. They're also triple fired so that they're extra durable. They are available in eight vibrant colors, accented in platinum, and hand signed. Additionally, these coffee mugs are the preferred choice of over 30 professional baristi for their regional, national, and international competitions.

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December 17, 2008

Social Media Twitter Single Serve Coffee Mug - Follow Us and We'll Follow You


This mug allows you to print the profile pictures of the Twitter friends you follow across it's surface. It also makes a great gift at only $14.

If you didn't know Single Serve Coffee has a twitter account, and we post our news and views there daily as well. We challenge you to follow us, and we'll print out a mug for everyone here at the Single Serve Coffee after we follow you.

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November 19, 2008

Plasma Coffee Cup - Make Your Coffee Glow


With the new Star Trek movie coming out in the Spring we're pretty sure you're going to need to upgrade your coffee cup to a plasma one. After the upgrade, your current double walled glass mugs are also going to look pretty old Trek. The Plasma Mug and coaster works as you would expect - you simply place the mug on the stand and plasma flows around the beverage within trapped in the glass walls of the coffee cup. The light emitted by the mug won't affect the beverage in it, and you also don't have to worry about any warp core breaches. The Plasma Cup can be bought for $19,99.

Via Gizmodiva.com

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November 11, 2008

Instant Ground Coffee Cups - Just Add Hot Water


LargeImage_228.jpg Coffee Beanery Co Ltd, a supplier of coffee beans in Bangkok for almost six decades, hopes to sell three million cups of coffee under its new "ground coffee cup" concept. The new product to be launched next month helps consumers not worry about the price of fresh coffee and having to grind it. Can you say single serve coffee in a coffee cup?

How does it work? The 25-baht cup contains ground coffee along with a filter, sugar and creamer. That means the only thing that the cup doesn't come with is hot water. The filter is imported from Japan, and the double-wall cup makes it easy to hold. There are similar products in the market around Bangkok, but none exactly like the Zolito cup.

The beans are Arabica and two blends are available: dark roast and medium roast. The cups are available at convenience stores, service station mini-marts, and supermarkets.

We'll let you know if these cups make their way stateside. Hopefully the cup, and filter, and contents are recyclable.

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October 27, 2008

Single Serve Coffee Saucer CD Player With Dockable Cup


If you're looking for music with your one cup coffee we give you the Saucer CD Player. This concept probably won't make it to market, but it does put a little grin on our faces. This mug and saucer is essentially a portable CD player and speakers squeezed into a saucer. You can "dock" your cup and twist it to control the volume. We hope every time we take a sip the volume doesn't need adjusting, and of course you'd better not spill a single serve coffee drop.

Via Gizmodo at Yanko Design

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