October 10, 2006

Create a Coffee Tornado with Bodum Pavina Double-Walled Coffee Cups

Web Pictlarge 4558-10-1We have really been enjoying these double-walled coffee cups from Bodum over the past few months for doing reviews of new single serve coffees and coffee machines. The coffee seems suspended in mid air, and the best part? Add a little cream and sugar and you can really create a whirling storm of coffee flavored fun. It's like you've created a coffee tornado! We've put a little video together for you, so you can see the double-walled coffee cups in action.

At Bodum Pavina Double-Walled Double Old-Fashioned Coffee Cups

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September 12, 2006

Leaking Coffee Cup from IKEA

060907 3 How about a leaky bottom on your single serve coffee cup? The leaky bottom helps to make sure the annoying puddles on the top of the cup never happens in your dishwasher. Of course, you could just set the cup at a slight angle and do the same thing, if you really want to be sure these cups are for you.

Via Fosfor Gadgets at IKEA

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July 26, 2006

Melitta Ready Set Joe Mug & Cone Coffee Maker

B000Ejexwi.01-A1Ndbs7Ygopbd6. Aa210 Sclzzzzzzz We've experienced the Ready Set Joe One-Cup Coffeemaker from Melitta several times over the past year. One on a trip to San Francisco where we had fresh roasted coffee made with it that was nothing short of amazing. The second time was on the side of a mountain camping up in New Hampshire, and more recently we got a present of some fresh roasted coffee and tried it out again. Good results always seemingly follow if you're patient, pour your hot water slowly, and then kick back and relax with the coffee.

At Melitta Ready Set Joe Mug

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July 24, 2006

Fading Coffee Mug

Gggif001300 01 L

The fading mug reveals a hidden print when you make your cup of single serve coffee. After the coffee has been drunk or your coffee cools down, you'll see the original image again. You can also get a custom logo or image put on the mug as well.

Via I4U News at Fading Coffee Mug

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July 19, 2006

Large Handled Miam Miam Coffee Mugs

D 1024

Unique and definitely different, these mugs have a variety of cool shapes and designs. Each mug is equipped with a giant handle and a contoured body to accommodate the nature of a curved hand. Choose from 10 different styles and now that each of these one of a kind mugs have been shaped with ergonomics in mind.

At Miam.Miam Mugs

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July 17, 2006

Green Mountain Coffee Roaster's Ecotainer Coffee Cup


Green Mountain has been working with International paper over the past year to create a compost-able coffee cup - dubbed the EcoTainer. They're making such a cup because Americans discarded over 14.4 billion cups just last year.

Based on anticipated growth of specialty coffees, that number will grow to 23 billion by 2010--enough to circle the globe 88 times." Plus they calculated that the petrochemicals consumed in the making of that many cups would be equal to keeping 8,300 homes heated for one year. The Ecotainer addresses this by having corn based liner, instead using a quarter of a million pounds of petro-plastic. In short, it can be composted and returned to the earth to make more soil. GMCR and IP go on to suggest that by opting for a corn-based they'll conserve the consumption of nearly 250,000 pounds (113,400 kg) of non-renewable petrochemicals every year. And 70% of the energy used for the paperboard manufacture is from renewables.

We hope that the K-Cups being produced will also be compost-able in the near future. Recyclable or compost-able K-Cups would make everyone here at Single Serve Coffee really happy and also make the future of single serve coffee more planet friendly.

Via Treehugger at Green Mountain Coffee

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July 7, 2006

Catch My Drip Ball and Socket Coffee Mug

Wp 3652 Big

Who knew that ball and socket coffee mugs would be all the rage? Following up on our earlier ball and socket coffee mug find, this Mr. P "Lick" Cup makes a drip down the side of your coffee cup seem like a natural design element. We like the mug design and think this is the perfect addition to your ball and socket coffee mug rack.

Via productdose.com at ShopModi

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June 30, 2006

Global Warming Coffee Mug Heats up the Topic

PzglobalwarmingmugWhat's not to love about a global warming coffee mug? Global warming. Sure to to be a topic of conservation this ceramic mug shows you the consequences of global warming as you sip your coffee in the morning, changing the world back to normal just as you finish it.

When you pour hot beverage into the mug, you simulate global warming as the map of the world heats up and shows the oceans rising and land vanishing. A pleasant reminder to take better care of our planet and reduce that CO2. The coffee mug will set you back $15 bucks but at least you'll feel a bit greener.

Via Treehugger at Wacky Planet

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June 27, 2006

Hot & Cold Drink Holders for Your Car

Ch007 014Se Ch007 015SeFinally new cars may have drink holders that keep the hot drinks hot and the cool drinks cool! This new feature for your car was shown in the new Chrysler Sebring models for this year and we expect other auto makers to follow suit. Hmm...this might go perfectly with espresso in your car.

Feature details:

Heated/cooled front cupholder for keeping cool beverages cool and hot beverages hot. Cupholder can heat beverage to 140 degrees F or cool to nearly freezing at 35 degrees F.
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June 22, 2006

Single Serve Coffee Meet Single Serve Creamer

24009409If you make single serve coffee everyday, you may need single serve creamer? Well, maybe not. This single serve creamer is meant more for the expanding world of "Outside-the-home consumption of coffee". Since we like paying only $.45 cents for a really high end Nespresso capsule, or perhaps $.30 cents for a nice Keurig K-Cup or coffee pod versus $1.89 for a cup of Starbucks coffee, we don't see our "Outside-the-home consumption of coffee" growing any time soon. If it does, this new easy to use and "dose" creamer package might do the trick.

Okay - we hate to be picky but "dose" your coffee with cream? My single serve coffee usually doesn't need a "dose" of anything to make it taste better. Perhaps the "Outside-the-home consumption of coffee" is plagued by sickly coffee? We think perhaps that's the problem they're trying to solve.

We're going to go over to our kitchen, fire up our Bunn My Cafe, and then pour in some real half and half to our fresh cup of single serve coffee.

Full article at: Tetra Pak

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