June 14, 2007

Smart Lid Protects Idiots Against Hot Coffee


This is a great idea for people who just can't seem to remember that coffee is REALLY HOT - make the the lid of your single serve coffee grow a bit more red if the coffee is really hot and then make it a nice maroon if it's cooler. Seems like a no brainer and something that McDonald's and other restaurants should look into for those hot coffee - sue the restaurant type of customer.

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May 3, 2007

Review: Java Wand - The Single Serve Coffee French Press Glass Straw

Review from Single Serve Coffee.com - Coffee Pod Reviews Java Wand

We've spent over two weeks with the Java Wand. What is a Java Wand? For us, it's basically a mini-french press on the end of a large glass straw. You can take your Java Wand just about anywhere, as it comes with a travel case that holds the want and 2 tablespoons of coffee. We didn't travel that far with our Java Wand, but we did have some really amazing coffee using it.

The Java Wand is also not a single serve coffee maker per se, but it is a very nice alternative to making a cup of single serve coffee from a machine. The Java Wand is also very transformational in how it makes you sit back and relax a bit more with your coffee. So as you can see - we do like the Java Wand...but do we like the entire experience of drinking hot coffee through a glass straw?

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April 23, 2007

Cream and Sugar In One Coffee Gadget


Want to put your milk and sugar into one container instead of two? The Newton milk and sugar set from Finnish company Tonfisk Design allows you to put the sugar and cream in the same container, so you don't have to fiddle with multiple containers when you're fixing your coffee. The Newton always keeps the sugar bowl component level, as the milk container is tilted to pour out the cream. We're not sure how well the Newton will work with granulated sugar, or if this is a sugar cube-only device. We'd be willing to try out some cubes just to see the look on someone's face at a dinner party when they ask for cream or a little sugar.

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April 19, 2007

Java Wand - The Single Serve Coffee French Press Glass Straw

Java Wand

We've just received the Java Wand to review here at Single Serve Coffee. Having read endlessly about it, and with a little more time on our hands we've decided to try out this interesting single serve coffee straw. What is a Java Wand?

The Java Wand™ is a mini French Press filter attached to a hand crafted glass straw that brews and filters coffee, tea leaves, herbs, and infusions in the convenience of an ordinary cup. The Java Wand is packaged in a lightweight, indestructible carry case that contains a special compartment to transport your favorite coffee or tea.

We've also received a bunch of different ground coffee from Justin at CoffeeGiant.com to try with our Java Wand, since we really try and stick to only coffee pods, k cups, t discs, and the like. We'll give you our impressions and review very soon. But just from using the Java Wand this morning, it's an interesting and one could say - magical coffee experience.

At Java Wand and Java Wand

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April 13, 2007

I Pod...Do You? Coffee Pod T-Shirts

Img 3934

"I Pod...Do You?" CoffeeWiz.com and Baronet coffee have teamed up to create the ultimate coffee pod t-shirt. For the true "POD" people, you can now order an extra large or large sized single serve coffee shirt. The shirt comes packed like a giant coffee pod in a an individual wrapper and it's even vacuum packed.

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April 4, 2007

A Coffee Cup “Rim Roller”


We don't have Tim Horton's here in Boston (Tim Horton's is a coffee and donut shop and they have some soups), but we do have them where we grew up in Northern Maine. It seems each year they have a roll up the Rim to Win contest, which means millions of people need to roll up that coffee rim to see if they won a prize. In what can only be called the most single use single serve coffee gadget we've ever seen - we give you the Rim Roller.

So, if you're too lazy to roll that rim with your fingers or with a little bite and roll in the mouth, we suggest you get one for the upcoming Roll the Rim to Win season.

Via Toolmonger at Lee Valley

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March 22, 2007

Grindmaster Coffee Pod Waste Bin

Pod Bin 92837-1

We are big fans of the countertop trash can, and use one every day for K Cups, Coffee Pods, and espresso pods. It looks like Grindmaster has come up with a rather large Waste Bin for Coffee Pod Brewers. We don't think you'll need such a large waste bin, but you may want one to match your OPOD or GPOD coffee pod brewer.

At Pod Brewer Accessories by Grindmaster

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March 20, 2007

Musical Coffee Cup: Single Serve Coffee Meets iPod


Tired of that old desktop coffee cup, then get the new Musical Coffee Cup. The white ceramic mug holds an MP3 player and has a built-in speaker for you to listen to any tune you want while drinking your coffee from your old boring mug.

Insert the mini plug into an MP3 player's earphone jack to serve up perhaps a little Billy Holiday, or for us The Strokes might capture our morning need to drive the caffeine forward into the day. The MP3 player provides the power source, so no additional batteries are needed. The only real bummer? The Musical Coffee Cup cannot be used for drinking.

Via Chip Chick at Moma

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March 19, 2007

Hubbacino USB Hub and Cup Warmer

Main Hubuccino

We love it when some Frankenstein hardware creator combines a USB Cup Warmer with a 4 Port USB 2.0 hub and calls it HUBBACINO! You can even order this rather striking USB cup warmer with your own custom logo. If you happen to be an internet mogul - you can even order an entire case of the hubs to giveaway to your employees.

At Chip Chick at USB Cup Warmer

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March 7, 2007

Bodum Schiuma Battery-Operated Milk Frother

B000F5M72E.01. Aa280 Sclzzzzzzz V54163021

We're always looking for a good milk frothing option when using our Bunn My Cafe or other single serve coffee brewer. The Bodum Schiuma battery-operated milk frother is a good way to get your froth on. The lightweight frother with flexible steel wand and ergonomic plastic handle can whip up a healthy lather on any type of milk and comes with a heat-resistant borosilicate glass beaker to make you feel like you're a one cup coffee chemist.

At Bodum Schiuma Battery-Operated Milk Frother and Salad Dressing Set

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