February 15, 2007

Cheer Up Coffee Clock


it's always a good thing to cheer yourself up with a little coffee each and every morning. You can now add a bit of nostalgia to your room with the Cheer Up Coffee Clock. This 8" round clock has a 2" deep tin rusted base and takes one AA battery (not included). Priced at $39.50, it's quite a steal.

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January 25, 2007

Senseo Branded Brabantia Coffee Pod Canisters


The Senseo Store now carries the Brabantia Stainless Steel Coffee Pod Canister with a Senseo logo. We love our coffee pod canisters and first picked them up at Amazon.com sans the logo. But if you need to keep the Senseo branding full and strong in your kitchen, the Senseo Coffee Pod canisters will keep things air tight and your single serve coffee pods fresh. The Senseo Coffee Pod Canisters hold up to 18 coffee pods and cost the same as their unbranded counterparts at just $11.95 a canister.

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January 23, 2007

Smart Spoon Coffee Heater

Average Heater2 Small

Here's an interesting concept - heat the spoon and not the mug to keep your single serve coffee warm. We can see this being a great addition to our single serve coffee arsenal when and if it ever ships. So far the Smart Beverage Coffee Heater is just a concept, and a disposable one at that. We'd take this in a rechargeable form any day.

Smart Beverage Heater solves a common problem for coffee drinkers: reheating the cup with available methods often heats the mug and not the liquid. Smart Beverage Heater is a molded plastic, single-use device that can be clipped to the side of a mug. It employs flameless heat technology and its thermographic ink changes color to indicate when the beverage is hot.

Via Yanko Design and PDF of Design Concept

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January 17, 2007

Keurig 27-Cup-Capacity Spinning Carousel K-Cup Holder

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We often wonder how to display the different K Cup choices when we have a dinner party, and now we know. The K-Cup spinning carousel displays 27 assorted coffees and teas and is chrome-plated. The unit features a lazy-susan base for simple rotation and fits easily in a regular kitchen cabinet to store when not in use.

At Keurig 5060 27-Cup-Capacity K-Cup Spinning Carousel

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January 11, 2007

Magic Mug for your Car Keeps Bevarages Hot or Cold


Please welcome the McDLT of coffee cup warmers - it's got both the hot side and cool side of coffee covered. If you sit in traffic or just have a long commute, the Plug-In Commuter's Warming/Cooling Mug can keep a can of soda cold at 40F, and it can keep a cup of coffee 140 F hot. The device fits in to a cup holder and gets its power by plugging in to the lighter and retails for $24.98.

We're not sure how this can help us on the single serve coffee front (as we often pack up our coffee in a travel mug), but if you must have coffee on the road from the likes of Starbucks or others, this might be a great gadget to have.

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January 4, 2007

Fantazio T Disc Dispenser for Tassimo

Orange Dispenser

Looking for a way to organize all those Tassimo T Discs you've got on your kitchen countertops? Look no further than the Fantazio Tassimo Disc dispenser for Tassimo. The dispenser comes fully assembled ready for use and takes up to four varieties of T Discs. The labels will show through the dispenser front and you can even get the dispenser in a variety of colors. This is only available in the UK but they do ship to the US. Thanks to SMBB for sending this in.

At Fantazio Tassimo Disc dispenser

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January 2, 2007

Keurig My K-Cup Reuseable Coffee Filter

T40513 Large

If you've received a Keurig single serve brewer for a holiday gift, you might not know about the Keurig My K-Cup Reuseable Coffee Filter. It allows you to put any ground coffee you want through your Keurig brewer and it works great. We recommend getting a couple of them if you want to use ground coffee on a more regular basis, as it saves washing up the My K-CUp filter after each use. So check out the My K-Cup Reuseable filter and if you need more info - you can read our full review here.

The Keurig My K-Cup reuseable coffee filter will work in the Keurig B-40 Elite, Keurig B50, Keurig B-60 Special Edition, and Keurig B70 brewers.

At Keurig My K-Cup Reuseable Coffee Filter

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December 14, 2006

Jura-Capresso's Z-Series Cup Warmer


The Jura-Capresso Z-Series Cup Warmer provides a heated storage bin for "up to 24 espresso cups or 16 coffee cups" that quickly brings your cup to the optimal brewing temperature ready to receive piping hot coffee. We often heat up our coffee cups using our Instant Hot Water from our In-Sink-Erator Hot Water Dispenser, but we can see the need to have a nice stack of piping hot mugs versus making one hot at a time each morning.

The price at $999 though has to be the most expensive gadget we've seen to heat up mugs. You could purchase the higher end Nespresso Le Cube Automatic Espresso Machine with cup warmers and not even hit a thousand dollars, and it would even make espresso. But if you need the best and have the money to blow, the Jura-Capresso Z-Series Cup Warmer may be for you.

Via Engadget at Williams Sonoma

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December 8, 2006

Senseo Canisters - PodCan Coffee Pod Canister and Coffee Pod Waste Bin

Pod Waste Bin 1

Back when things got started here at SingleServeCoffee.com, we found these very helpful coffee pod canisters. You'll be happy to know they're still available and a great gift for any coffee pod person. CoffeePodCanister.com also features the Coffee Pod/K Cup countertop trash can - which we use everyday here at Single Serve Coffee.

Coffee pod canisters for Senseo and Home Cafe keep coffee pods fresh & full of flavor.

• Holds 16 to 18 coffee pods
• Transparent acrylic lid
• Tight sealing silicone gasket
• 1-piece stainless steel body
• Unique pod lift system
• Includes a variety of labels
• 10-year manufacturer's guarantee!

Douwe Egberts, Folgers, Millstone and Maxwell House coffee pods fit perfectly and stay fresh!

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November 28, 2006

The Ultimate Vacuum-Sealed Cordless Coffee Canister

510529 Beanvac

We don't have a ton of whole bean coffee around, but we often have packs of Senseo coffee pods and other coffee pods lying around that could use a little fresh help. All you have to do with the The Ultimate Vacuum-Sealed Cordless Coffee Canister, is clamp down the lever to activate motorized vacuum pump. Keeps more than 1 lb. of coffee beans or nearly 2 bags of Senseo coffee pods perfectly fresh. It runs on 4 AA batteries, not included.

At The Ultimate Vacuum-Sealed Cordless Coffee Canister

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