July 11, 2004

Easypods.co.uk to Launch US Online Store

From Easypods:

"We are launching a new website dedicated to our US customers. www.cafepods.comwill be live in the next few weeks, offering FedEx deliveries to your door in 3 days. We will be offering FREE Shipping&Handling on all orders over $60!"

Coming Soon:


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Easypods.co.uk Italian 100% Arabica Medium Roast 62mm Pods for Senseo Review

italianroast.jpgEasypods.co.uk has a variety of coffee pods that will fit both Melitta and Senseo coffee machines. So far I have reviewed the Vanilla Creme coffee pods that were 55mm pods. I didn't state that earlier because I thought they were in fact - 62mm pods.

The pods being 62mm (the same size as the original Senseo pods) makes a big difference. Easypods sent me a sample pack of the 62mm Italian 100% Arabica Medium Roast pods and they are terrific. The reason the 55 mm pods really work best with one Easypod and 1 Senseo pod is because the 7 mm is just enough for water to sneak by - this does not happen with the 62 mm pods they sent me.

As I stated above - the Italian 100% Arabica Medium Roast 62mm pod has a deep rich taste. The coffee is very silky and has a nice "I'm sitting in Rome at a cafe having a really nice cup of Italian coffee." I'm not kidding.

Note: 62mm is the same size as the Senseo and New Easypod pods.

So - for purchasing, I would stick with the 62mm pods and not go 55mm. Easypods is also going to be putting up a US version of it's site. So reduced prices from shipping should result. More from Easypod below.

"One of our biggest plus points for our pods is that we pack just 2 pods per laminate. This keeps them fresher than opening 18 pods at once as with the original senseo pods. Which is why our pods are higher in price. For us its the quality of the pods not so much the quantity we are selling. As a small roaster we could not compete with the mass production that douwe egberts or folgers are looking for which is why we produce more speciality pods and offer that next step for real coffee drinkers looking to step up from the standard blends.

Which is why we are working on english tea and forest fruit blends, which we currently make in our 44mm format. Ater the tests worked ok in the senseo earlier this month it looks like this may become a line later this year.

We are just producing vanilla, dark and buzz in the new size at the moment. The new size will be available from 21st July and will replace our previous 55mm."

Correction: Wanted to let everyone know - I was sent the "Italian 100% Arabica Medium roast" coffee not the Dark Roast from Easypods. I have corrected this article to reflect that. Sorry for the confusion.

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July 6, 2004

Cafe Filter Shipping from Knives and Tools!


Looks like my order has shipped! Joost also sent word that they are in stock earlier this weekend. Looks like they first ship in bulk to the US then, then they break it up to send out to US customers. Full review to come after I try it out!

Click here to order the Cafe Filter from Knives and Tools.com

Dear Customer,

Your order will be shipped today using UPS Ground service.This service is
not available for sending packages from Europe to the US; therefore the
procedure is that we first ship our packages to our broker in Florida.
There the packages are split up and shipped to the final destination using
UPS Ground service.

As soon as your package is shipped to you by UPS ground service we will
update the tracking number on our website and forward it to you. This
usually takes about 3 business days.

We will not provide the tracking number of the shipment that goes to our
broker because we have had problems in the past with customers that called
UPS and asked to change the delivery address because they thought we made
a mistake.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, feel free to reply to
this message.

Kind regards,

The Knives and Tools Team

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June 28, 2004

Cafe Filter Ready For US Orders

Cafe-Filter_logo_klein.gifIf you want to use any coffee you can buy - the cafe filter seems to be the only option. It's ready to purchase from Knives and Tools.com. It's going to set you back € 24.44, which currently equals about  US$ 28.99. From Joost:

"Good news!

The website is updated and the filter can be ordered.
This week they we'll be in stock, but orders can already be placed:


With kind regards,

Joost Bijleveld
LMTO electronics"

Click here to order the Cafe Filter from Knives and Tools.com.

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June 26, 2004

Review: Easypods.co.uk Vanilla Coffee Pods

Review from Single Serve Coffee.com - Coffee Pod Reviewseasypodreviews_vanilla.jpg

Cost and Price of Pods

I bought 210 pods from Easypods.co.uk to test the various flavors of coffee and to suppliment just having the current Senseo line up of coffee in Mild, Medium, and Dark Roast.

Total cost: $135.07 / 210 = ~.0.6428571428571429 cents a pod.

Currently Senseo coffee from Sarah Lee is at ~.27 or .28 cents a coffee pod.

So if cost is a factor - we are talking twice as expensive per cup of coffee versus the current Senseo cup at .27 cents. However - that's still less than half the cost for Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts coffee. Also, I wanted to have some new flavors and also be able to mix and match with the current pods.

Brewing the Coffee

Vanilla Creme
I brewed the coffee in 3 methods:

1 Vanilla Pod - Double Cup: I do this all the time with a Dark Roast Senseo Pod - the coffee taste with the Vanilla pod from Easypods was a little watery even though it produced a rich frothy head, the taste is very vanilla and yummy but the texture of the Senseo pod is not there.

2 Vanilla Pods - Double Cup: This brews a very rich dark cup of coffee that has a strong vanilla taste - it's still missing the silky texture of the Senseo pod - but this is a good cup of flavored coffee.

1 Vanilla Pod - 1 Senseo Dark Roast Pod - Double Cup: This is the best of the 3 methods. You get the flavor. You get the darker roast taste - and the texture returns to the coffee.

ArrowContinue reading: "Review: Easypods.co.uk Vanilla Coffee Pods"

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June 25, 2004

Cafe Filter Update

Cafe-Filter_logo_klein.gifI just received an update from on the status of ordering Cafe Filters. It looks like a partner site will be carrying them and we all should be able to order them soon!

We have found a partner website that can deliver to the US against competitive prices (they can negotiate better shipping terms).
They support paypal.

I've talked to them this week and they promised to add the cafe-filter asap and will place an order for reselling. As soon as this site is updated and the filters can be shipped, i'll keep you posted.

With kind regards,

Joost Bijleveld

The Permanent Senseo filter, Cafe-filter

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June 21, 2004

Easypods Arrive!

My easypods have arrived! I will only show you the 2 enormous bundles that came registered mail today!

Stay tuned for a Friday review of the first pod tasting - Vanilla Creme!

Visit Easypods.co.uk for more info until then!

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June 8, 2004

A Single Serve Second Cup?

I'm cheap and I'm also loathe to throw something out when it could be used more than once. So - I embarked on trying to see if the second cup of coffee from Senseo pods was any good. Well - it is! But - only from the Dark Roast Pods.

The light roast and medium pods just don't work that well. The coffee is too light and there is no real froth from the crema action the second time.

The dark roast pods are reusable a second time - but ONLY SOON AFTER you have brewed the coffee. Let's say you get up at 7:30am - you brew at 7:45am - I would give the pods about a 1/2 hour or so and use them in that time and DON'T take them out of the machine. Simply make sure you have enough water - reheat - and rebrew a double cup.

Also - this doesn't work with single cups. It seems the double pods of the double cup have enough juice to brew that second cup.

Well - try it and let me know what you think of that "SECOND CUP".

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May 21, 2004

Cafe-Filter - Reusable Senseo Coffee Filter

e6_1d.jpgThe debate always seems to be when I mention getting a pod based machine to friends who are coffee drinkers, "I would hate being locked in. I would hate to not have the choice of what coffee I would drink." Well - the debate will soon be over.

I also want to point out that I don't believe Senseo or any of these machines should be a total replacement to your existing coffee setup. The fact is - I have both a Cuisineart and grinder for those days I want a pot of coffee and the Senseo. And I'll be honest - I LOVE THE SENSEO COFFEE. In any hoots - more on that debate later - this replacement filter looks to solve you being able to use your own coffee. It will be interesting to see if it still makes a CREMA like coffee with other beans or will it just make a cup of coffee. I've contacted the company and I'll be ordering one of these to review on Single Serve Coffee. Thanks to Scott Geiger for sending this in:

The Cafe-filter new permanent filter for use with, for example, the Philips Senseo coffeemachines. This filter pays itself back, because you'll save on your expenses with every cup of coffee. Instead of the well-known Coffeepads, you can use the kind of coffee you like so much. For example, you can grind your own coffeebeans. As you can see, now you are able to make that fresh cup of coffee with that specific taste you always liked that much. But the most important however, you can still enjoy that specific layer of cream that makes the coffee so unique!

Update: This is now available in the form of the Eco-Pod Reuseable filter and available at Amazon.com.

At LMTO - Cafe-filter

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May 19, 2004

Podhead.com to Sell Senseo Compatible Pods

arriving_senseo_pods.jpgAnd so...it begins! I can't wait to have a creamy cup of Vanilla froth!!!!

Oh Boy!!! Here we go again. As we successfully answered our PODhead customers requests with the Arabica Express Coffee Pod product line for Melitta One:One Pod Coffee Maker, we would like to inform you that PODhead.com is currently working on a more exciting variety of quality coffee pod alternatives for the Senseo/Philips pod coffee makers.

PODhead.com e-mail form for Senseo/Philips Coffee Pods

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