July 11, 2008

Paper Airplane Coffee Table


Looking to create a runway for your single serve coffee drinking habits? The Paper Airplane Coffee table is not made of paper, but it does indeed hold your coffee and morning paper. Comes in white only, but we would have preferred yellow ruled.

Via Gizmodo At designboom

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July 4, 2008

Squirt-gun Coffee Table - Battle for Coffee Island


The Squirt Gun Coffee table comes with an entire set of squirt guns, so if someone's looking to spill your coffee - you'll be right there squirting. We're not sure how much weight this $350 table can take, so we'd use it for shelter instead of leaping on top with guns a blaring.

Via DVICE at Jello

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June 27, 2008

Bottomless Coffee Table - Get Vertigo While Drinking Coffee


The Bottomless Coffee Table will either produce vertigo in most single serve coffee drinkers, or a sense their cup of coffee goes on forever and ever. Swedish design firm Offecct has created this illusion by using two-way"spy glass" as well as an additional pane of mirrored glass on a lower shelf. With these two pieces of old school technology perfectly aligned the table offers an illusion of bottomless depth. And you know that vertigo we were talking about, it also happens to be the name of the coffee table.

Via Gizmodo at Bottomless Coffee Table

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May 9, 2008

Wooden Coffee Table with Fire Pit


This is both a beautiful idea and a potentially really bad idea. We can imagine having a patio version of this coffee table, but in your living room? Not likely. The Planika Fires people will have you believe this design has no smoke, and is also eco friendly. Apparently the fire pit in your table is indeed a mobile fire solution without smoke or smell. It uses a liquid fuel called Fanola. Fanola is based on alcohol thus clean burning. It may be clean, but we can see ourselves after a tough evening and foggy morning catching the daily paper on fire.

Via DVICE at Product Page

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April 25, 2008

SOLo - Solar Powered Coffee Table


Sure Earth Day was on Tuesday of this week, but coffee table Friday is at the end of the week, and we thought we'd save our Earth Day shout out until now. The Intelligent Forms SOLo is a coffee table designed to soak up the sun's energy, turning it into stored power allowing you to charge your laptop, cellphone, and other gadgets. It can store enough power in its internal batteries to charge up your cellphone 6,800 times or your laptop 168 times. The SOLo has LED lighting built in for ground effects in your living room, and you can check the charge status on its built-in LCD monitor of devices you hook up, and the internal battery. The SOLo is made of stainless steel and tempered glass with silicon solar cells. Price? Who knows, but you can order it from the Intelligent Forms website. We're betting going green on the coffee table front is not cheap.

Via Gizmodo at Intelligent Forums

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April 11, 2008

Magnetic Coffee Table Eliminates Flying Coffee Cups


We've been wondering when we could hook up our stainless steel coffee mugs, and get them to stay in place instead of flying off our kitchen table when our kids decide to try out our single serve coffee each morning. That's right, with the Magnetic Table of the future, your coffee cups can hang upside down, and stay in place.

The table also has the following benefits:

  • store your plates, cups and cutlery, upside down, under the table
  • arrange them neatly on top for "symmetrical dining"
  • erase the data from any laptop (STAY AWAY FROM MY MACBOOK PRO TABLE!)
  • makes it easy for you to knock cups and dishes to the floor under the table with your knees

Seriously though, the table was designed more to keep plates and cups in place for "symmetrical dining". Whatever the use you decide, this is on of the whackier ideas in the coffee table or dining table arena we've seen.

Via Design At INV/ALT design

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March 7, 2008

It's Round Coffee Table Friday!


We've been looking for a rounder coffee table, and this one is not only a bit round - it also reminds us of ski goggles or binoculars. The curves are nice, and they allow you to stuff lots of magazines and other reading materials in them. You can have this coffee table in three colors : Dark (£95) ,White (£105) and Oak Veneer on birch ply (£120 ).

At Round Coffee Table

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February 8, 2008

It's Coffee Table Friday Rock and Roll Style!


Many of the staff here at Single Serve Coffee play guitar, drums, and other instruments, and we've all longed for the perfect coffee table for our jam space. We think we've found it - the Fender Stratocaster Coffee Table. You don’t need to be able to play the guitar to enjoy this, and a cup of single serve coffee is going to look amazing on it right after you finish a good 20 minute jam with your coffee drinking friends.

Via The Uber-Review at Guitar Center

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December 21, 2007

It's Coffee Table Friday Vintage Architectural Style!

Want a clear glass topped coffee table, but with the ability to see and store your stuff below? The Vintage Architectural Coffee Table offers a glass top with access to a shelf underneath for displaying magazines, artwork, collectables, etc., and drawers underneath for extra storage. What makes this coffee table vintage? They may have small imperfections from wear and tear, but that's the idea of vintage, and the small imperfections will add to the charm and uniqueness of the coffee table.

Via Uncrate at Vintage Architectural Coffee Table

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September 21, 2007

Surface Tension's Arcade Coffee Table


Table arcarde games are some of our favorite arcade games here at Single Serve Coffee. We often take the entire staff up to the wilds of New Hampshire to a little place called The Fun Spot for a round of Miss Pacman or two. It's nice to know that for the low low low price of $5000 bucks, one can reclaim their childhood memories in the pleasure of their own home while drinking a nice cup of single serve coffee by purchasing the ultimate coffee table - the Arcade Coffee Table.

Surface Tension's Arcade Coffee Table is fully equipped with solid retro-gaming components, ready to go for one or two players.

  • 2 sets of controls
  • 2 x 6-button player interfaces
  • 1up and 2up start buttons
  • Happ® trackball illuminated translucent blue
  • Intuitive game selection interface
  • Pause button
  • Illuminated coin insert buttons
  • Compatible with MAME - that means Space Invaders and just about any other game you can imagine.

Can you say gaming and coffee paradise? We can.

Via Josh Spear at Arcade Coffee Table

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