November 20, 2009

15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee


Want to know 15 things about the coffee you're drinking. Well - maybe not just about your coffee but about coffee. This cool pictorial and fact filled piece is amazing.

Some facts include:

  • Dancing Goats
  • Originally Coffee Was Eaten
  • There's a Bean Belt
  • Coffee Drinking was banned once very long ago
  • Coffee grows on trees

At 15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee

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November 10, 2009

3,604 Cups of Coffee Used to Make Picture of Mona Lisa


If you've got a ton of time on your hands and let's say 3,604 cups of coffee lying around - you might be able to brew up something like the Mona Lisa. The big question on our mind is not WHY - but who drunk all these crazy cups of coffee, and what coffee maker did they use to make all of them.

What we do know is the painting measures 20 feet high and 13 feet wide and took a team of eight people three hours to complete. It was created for The Rocks Aroma Festival in Sydney, Australia, and seen by 130,000 people who attended the one-day coffee-lovers event.


At Forums

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November 9, 2009

Peet's Buys Diedrich - Finally Gets Into the K-Cup Business


CNN Money and others are reporting that Peet's had indeed offered to buy Diedrich Coffee. Last Monday Peet's announced its offer to buy Diedrich for about $213 million in cash and stock, and plans to use its established grocery distribution system for selling its own bagged coffee, and to use that same channel to push more Diedrich K-Cups and eventually perhaps even Peet's K-Cups.

Peet's also plans to eventually sell its namesake coffee in K-Cup forms, joining the fast-growing segment. Shipments of K-Cups are up 60% through its first three-quarters to $1.18 billion units, according to Green Mountain Coffee, while shipments of the machines needed to brew the cups are up 144% during that time.

By acquiring Diedrich, Peet's will also get the infrastructure needed to get set up those capabilities.

Very exciting news indeed, but let's hope they keep the Diedrich coffees and brand around. We love a the variety of K-Cups available, and hope they expand and enhance the K-Cup world of single cup coffee not just replace Peet's coffees for Diedrich coffees.

At Peet's Deal For Diedrich Could Froth 'K-Cup' Business

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October 27, 2009

BeMoved Coffee Machine - Jump for your Caffeine


Douwe Egberts has introduced a very high end single serve coffee maker concept that makes you jump and interact to get your coffee. For us - that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, especially after a hard night and just wanting to get a single cup of coffee, but hey it's a concept. We've included the video below, but essentially think of it as a large touch screen super auto-matic coffee maker that has a camera in the front like the Sony Eye for Playstation. By moving around and then doing your selection - you'll get your coffee - maybe.

Via Engadget

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September 21, 2009

Green Mountain Coffee Launches Web Site with All Brands Under One Roof


We're very excited to say Green Mountain Coffee has re-launched their web site and folded all four of it's brands under one virtual roof. The new collection of web sites -,,, and, -- features four different stores" but only one checkout. Single serve coffee drinkers can browse among Green Mountain Coffee®, Tully's®, Caribou® K-Cups®, and Newman's Own® Organics coffees by using the tabs at the top of their screen. They can add items to their cart from any brand, but only need to check out once.

A single unified checkout with branding for each is genius. We love the navigation, and the K-Cups for each of the brands can all be displayed at once. Great stuff and congrats on the launch.

At Green Mountain Coffee

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September 16, 2009 Redesigns Web Site for Improved Single Serve Coffee Buying Experience

coffeewiz_redesign_web_0909.jpg has redesigned their web site, and their brand image and logo. The new design features much improved navigation, and the ability to compare brewers across K-Cups, Coffee Pods, and other single serve coffee methods. There's even a product finder and robust search. Congrats to on their new site.

At CoffeeWiz

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September 8, 2009

Poach Chicken in a Drip Coffee Maker


We've got a use for your old drip coffee maker - use it to poach chicken. That's right - Gizmodo's MacGyver Chef series shows you how to poach chicken breasts and couscous in a coffee maker. We can't say we're game to try it (and we haven't had a drip coffee maker in house for over 4 years now), but it does in fact work.

At Poach Chicken in a Drip Coffee Maker

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August 31, 2009

How to Actually Make Coffee The Old Fashioned Way


Gizmodo has been featuring an in-house gadgeteer to basically test out different methods to cook most things. One such feature recently is the "How to Actually Make Coffee" - which we found both insightful and amusing. What's odd is how they leave out making coffee the right way - the single serve coffee way. We do agree on one thing - the basic elements, no matter what voodoo you're invoking to make coffee: beans, roast, grind, dose, water, temperature and brew time are the "WHY" you might have a great cup or awful cup of any coffee regardless of the method.

More at Giz Explains: How to Actually Make Coffee

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August 26, 2009

Coffee mug-shaped Cubicle - Work Inside a Coffee Cup


Designed by Brazilian designer Lucas Vieira, this coffee cup cubicle may be the ultimate work space for any single serve coffee drinker. We imagine an integrated Nespresso in this cubicle, along with plenty of different blends to enjoy throughout the day. Lucas calls this space the Coffee Office Workstation, and it features a touchscreen computer, space for your laptop and a spot for coffee (just a regular mug - no travel mugs). Not sure if it will ever be made, but if it does get made we're changing out our boring cubes for some cool coffee ones.

Via DVICE At Design Blog

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August 13, 2009

Scooter Riders Can't Get Coffee to Go at Tim Hortons


This story is kind of funny and kind of sad. Most modern scoots have plenty of room to hold a cup of coffee, but at least if you want to drive through on your scooter to get food or coffee you should be allowed to. Geez!

Here's pretty much the same story about a customer on a motorized scooter not being allowed to use the drive through, this time at a Tim Hortons coffee establishment in Nova Scotia. He's not going to sue, but plans to appeal to Nova Scotia's Human Rights Commission.

The attendant wouldn't serve him because of a company policy banning pedestrians, bicycles, and wheelchairs, including motorized scooters, from using the drive-thru. Matthews says that means no coffee for him, because he can't manoeuvre his scooter through the front door.

"It would take three people to get me in. And I don't even know if I'll be able to turn around when I get inside. And, if I don't run over somebody inside trying to back this up, it would be a small miracle," Matthews said.

Via Consumerist

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