June 29, 2015

It's Fireworks Time at Single Serve Coffee 2015

Statue Liberty Fireworks

We're taking a break for the 4th of July Holiday week through the 8th of July. We'll keep the lights on so make sure and drink lots of iced single serve coffee and kick back like we'll be doing.

In the mean time you can also follow Single Serve Coffee each month on Facebook and Twitter for the latest single serve coffee news, reviews, and deals. You can also sign up to receive our weekly email newsletter and catch up on all your Single Serve Coffee news every Monday morning. If you're interested in chatting about all things Single Serve Coffee please check out our Forums.

Again - have a safe and thankful holiday week. See you next week!

-- Jay Brewer
-- Editor, Single Serve Coffee

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June 10, 2015

Starbucks Has 6 New Frappuccino Flavors

6 Fan Flavor Frappuccino beverages horizontal hires1

Starbucks has six new Frappuccino flavors in honor of the drink’s 20th anniversary this month.

Flavors include:

  • Cotton Candy
  • Lemon Bar
  • Caramel Cocoa Cluster
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Red Velvet Cake
  • Cupcake

They made their debut this week on June 8th and Starbuckians are invited to vote for their favorite from June 19 through June 30th. The winning flavor will be announced on social media on July 3rd and then be available at a special price through the 4th of July weekend.

Via Nerdalicious

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June 9, 2015

Test Finds Keurig Machines Can Be Covered in Mold and Bacteria

Strong coffee 78963

According to a recent test performed by CBS stations in Pittsburgh, Dallas, and Chicago. The news outlets swabbed the various parts of 29 Keurig coffee makers and one swab from a machine in Pittsburgh contained 4.6 million colonies of bacteria and mold. E.coli showed up on a machine in Dallas. EWWW!

These findings are alarming but realize any machine that has standing water and other food items around it is going to have similar issues. Kitchen appliances in general have lots of bacteria and mold on them, and we all know the common kitchen sponge has more germs on it than your toilet seat.

So what do you do? Make sure you clean your Keurig coffee maker regularly, and that water reservoir is a great place to start. Wiping down the brew head area, and making sure the handles and other parts of the Keurig coffee maker are clean will cut down on mold and bacteria. In the end a clean coffee maker also makes better tasting coffee.

Via The Huffington Post

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May 6, 2015

Hugh Jackman to release Fair Trade Coffee Documentary

Dukalas dream shot hugh jackman

Dukale's Dream is a new documentary about fair trade coffee growers in Ethiopia from Hugh Jackman (yes, Wolverine himself). He recently travelled to Ethiopia and spent time with coffee farmers to see the hardships they have to endure. It appears by the end of the trailer that Jackman manages to get the farmer's coffee in USA retail coffee shops, new packaging and all.

This documentary should open a lot of eyes in regards to how coffee farmers/growers in poor countries are getting shafted by big coffee companies due to them undercutting costs, and not paying what the beans are actually worth.

Duke's Dream will be in select theaters next month and iTunes soon afterwards. Check the trailer after the jump.

ArrowContinue reading: "Hugh Jackman to release Fair Trade Coffee Documentary"

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April 1, 2015

Jevo - The Keurig For Jell-O Shots


You knew it would only be a matter of time before someone invented a Keurig like machine to produce Jell-O shots. The Jevo makes it possible to get a single-serving of your favorite jello shot in minutes. The Jevo cranks out 20 Jell-O Shots in just 10 minutes using pods and the accompanying machine. The Jevo also has a variety of Jell-O pod flavors you can enjoy including Maragita, Strawberry, Pina Colada, and Mixed Berry.

 The Jevo is mostly aimed at bars and parties, but we think it would sit right along side our current set of single serve coffee makers. That's provided we didn’t get too confused in the morning and start doing Jell-O shots instead of espresso shots. Maybe the two would go great together?


Via Nerdalicious

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March 6, 2015

Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. Refreshes Logos and Brand Designs

Keurig green mountain logo brand refresh

Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. has rebranded their two flagship brands of Keurig and Green Mountain with new logo treatments and statements. 

For Keurig, the new brand represents simplicity, quality, possibility, and personalization, and expanded it into new occasions, platforms, and geographies.

  • Keurig Brand Message: We believe there is joy to be found in the everyday.

Inspired by its birthplace in the Green Mountain state, the new branding updates the #1 brand in the Keurig system with a fresher, more contemporary look that honors its deep roots in responsibility, authenticity, quality, and variety.

  • Green Mountain brand message: We believe there is more to great coffee than what’s in your cup. 

We like the updates, and are surprised it happened again in such a short time. 

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March 4, 2015

A Problem is Brewing for K-Cups and the Environment

Kcups environment today

Over at The Atlantic we find another article on a problem brewing for all of us in the single serve coffee world that use non-recyclable K-Cups - how bad is this for the environment? We do know Keurig Green Mountain has pledged to get the problem resolved by 2020, but that’s 5 years from now. We also know there are some K-Cups not from Keurig Green Mountain that are recyclable in part. We also know throwing things into landfills is not the best way to care for our planet.

The article also features the creator of the K-Cup and Keurig brewer - John Sylvan who always has something funny to say about single serve coffee:

 "‘I don't have one. They're kind of expensive to use,’ John Sylvan told me frankly, of Keurig K-Cups, the single-serve brewing pods that have fundamentally changed the coffee experience in recent years. ‘Plus it’s not like drip coffee is tough to make.’ Which would seem like a pretty banal sentiment, were Sylvan not the inventor of the K-Cup."

We suggest you head over and get the full read at The Atlantic

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February 9, 2015

A Film About Coffee on a Snowy Day

Afilmaboutcoffee header

Given how much snow we’ve been having here in the Northeast, we’ve decided to not fight it any longer and just settle in this morning with A Film About Coffee. A Film About Coffee is a love letter to, and meditation on, specialty coffee and we do love our specialty coffee. It examines what it takes, and what it means, for coffee to be defined as ‘specialty.’

We’ll let you know what we think, but you can view it online at Vimeo for $4.99. We plan on watching it via AirPlay on our Apple TV streaming from our Macbook Pro. We really love coffee, and it’s a perfect day to learn more.

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January 21, 2015

Conan Takes Jordan Schlansky Coffee Tasting at Intelligentsia Coffee

Conan coffee trip

It’s Wednesday and we are always looking for something a little funny to get us over the hump. This coffee trip from Conan definitely get’s us in a better mood this morning, and should help you crack a well deserved single serve coffee smile.

In this video clip Conan’s assistant Jordan takes his caffeine very seriously, so Conan tests his espresso knowledge at LA's Intelligentsia Coffee. We love how awkward and downright ruthless Conan can be with Jordan, and when he pulls out some CoffeeMate at Intelligentsia the look on the barista’s faces is pretty amazing.

At Conan Takes Jordan Schlansky Coffee Tasting

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January 14, 2015

Keurig Cold Adds Dr Pepper to Lineup of Single Serve Sodas

Img dr pepper family 12133093171

If drinking a cold Coke from your Keurig Cold System in the future wasn't enough, Keurig has inked a deal to bring Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPS) flavor options for the new machine.

Dr Pepper also brings the brands and flavors of 7UP, A&W, Canada Dry, Clamato, Crush, Hawaiian Punch, Mott's, Mr & Mrs T mixers, Peñafiel, Rose's, Schweppes, Squirt and Sunkist sodas and beverages to Keurig Cold. That makes an impressive lineup for the launch of Keurig Cold later this year.

Keurig Cold is an innovative new beverage system that will offer consumers a convenient way to enjoy cold beverages made at home, including carbonated drinks, enhanced waters, juice drinks, sports drinks, and teas at home with the one-touch simplicity, quality, and variety that North American consumers love about the Keurig brand hot system platform.

Via DailyFinance

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