October 21, 2008

Babyccinos - a Single Serve Coffee Drink for Babies


There's a new drink for babies in town - the Babyccino. We first heard about this new coffee beverage for tots about 30+ years ago, when our grandparents in Maine used to make them for us - sans foamy milk - but with 2% milk, a wee bit of coffee, and of course lots of sugar. The current Babyccino is all the rage in a bakery/cafe/lounge called Buzz in Arlington, Virginia. Now the Babyccino doesn't come cheap - it will set you back $4, and their version is milk with a drizzle of chocolate? What no coffee?

We suggest if you want to make one at home get a simple milk frother, or you could use your Aeroccino, Tassimo, or the Dolce Gusto to froth up some milk. Then take a little shot of espresso - perhaps the Handpresso, Tassimo, or Dolce Gusto - but every so little. Then a nice drizzle of sugar should do - yes drizzle - perhaps using sugar shots. We currently are using the milk frother, about 1/8 of a shot of decaf espresso, and then some sugar shot. Whatever you decide - make one for you baby, toddler, or little one, and take some time out of your day for some coffee talk.

Via Serious Eats

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October 20, 2008

Hacking the Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker


It's Monday, and you have a long week ahead looking towards the upcoming weekend. We suggest taking the small bits of time throughout the week to study - hacking the Tassimo single serve coffee maker, and then next weekend hack away. Reverse engineering a problem is always fun, and it looks like someone over at MAKE has posted just how to do this with the Braun Tassimo T1200/T1400 hot beverage system. We're not sure if this hack will work with the new Tassimo - but we expect it will. The hack hasn't been that successful yet, so perhaps you can break the "Tassimo Code".

The barcodes are used to "program" the machine to make a particular beverage using a specific amount of water at a particular temperature and for a certain duration of time. My efforts have been directed at discovering a "map" between the barcodes and how the machine controls its brewing processes. I haven't been entirely successful yet - I've managed to decode the barcodes, and have run some experiments to try and surface some patterns - no dice! Nonetheless, I'd like to put the idea out to Makers to get their feedback and ideas.

Whatever you decide to spend your time on - is your business. But what better business than hacking coffee could there be? None.


At MAKE at Hacking the Tassimo

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October 14, 2008

Desktop Coffee Maker Launches - Uses Ground Coffee


p2101ex2.jpgWe don't think this desktop coffee maker we found over at Firebox really fits the single serve coffee profile, but it does make one or two cups of coffee using - yes - ground coffee. Firebox calls this a "fabulously compact, fuss-free Desktop Coffee Maker", but we know better. Grounds lead to a mess you can't clean up easily in an office environment, and that's why we think the Keurig Mini B30 wins hands down in the single serve coffee office arena. And the Keurig Mini B30 also can use ground coffee, but we prefer our mess free K Cups.

Still, we like the design of this little number, and it does make two cups of coffee and include 2 black mugs. We think they didn't have us at "mugs" or "two cups", but the idea is a solid one. We only wish it used the power from our USB port or something more interesting, because right now it's only available in the UK.


Via Pocket Lint at Shop - Firebox

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September 24, 2008

Clover Single Serve Coffee Maker Now at Starbucks

The mystical Clover single serve coffee machine.

We're very excited to announce Clover has landed at Starbucks. Our local Starbucks on Mass. Ave in Cambridge near Harvard Square has a Clover and tasting menu now, and we've recently had an amazing cup of single serve coffee from their Clover. If you're not familiar with the Clover (read our earlier review here) it's really the ultimate cafe single serve coffee machine, allowing for small batches and a tasting menu of coffees because each cup of coffee matched with a unique coffee can be made one cup at a time.

We sampled the Burundi. A cup of coffee from the Clover is about
2x the price of a regular cup of Starbucks coffee.

Clover is basically a reverse-french press that allows for the input of the coffee you've chosen, volume of water, and the temperature and time of brew for the cup of single serve coffee. We've never had a bad cup of coffee from a Clover, and think if you're local Starbucks has one you'll need to treat yourself to a cup or two.

If you want to know more about how Clover works, you can also read our coverage earlier.

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September 16, 2008

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Acquires Tully's Coffee


In what is sure to amount to more K Cups for all of us, Green Mountain Coffee has announced plans to acquire Tully's Coffee. We didn't see this one coming, but if it means more K Cups and growth of the Tully's brand alongside the Green Mountain Coffee brand, we'll take it.

Tully's Coffee Corporation will remain an independent company, owned by its existing shareholders and managed by its existing management team, with a focus on its retail and international division assets. Tully's retail business will operate under license and supply agreements with GMCR. This arrangement is intended to create consistent representation of the Tully's brand while providing high quality gourmet coffee to all customers drinking Tully's branded coffee.

The complete release is after the jump...

ArrowContinue reading: "Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Acquires Tully's Coffee"

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September 15, 2008

Single Serve Coffee - The Kindle Edition


Do you have a Kindle? If so you can now subscribe to Single Serve Coffee on it. Yep - you can download all of our stories each month, and sip your cup of single serve coffee lying on your couch. Sure you can read it on the web, but isn't single serve coffee a bit hotter on a wireless reading device? We think so. Just file this under shameless self-promotion, and welcome to the 21st century.

At Single Serve Coffee - The Kindle Edition

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September 11, 2008

What Should The Next Green Mountain Coffee K-Cup Be?


If you're the owner of a Keurig Elite B40 Brewer, Keurig B50, Keurig Special Edition Ultra Elite B60, Keurig B70 Brewer, Breville BKC600XL Gourmet Single Cup Brewer, or other Keurig K Cup brewer, you may want to take the time to visit the Green Mountain Cafe Blog and tell them what K-Cup they should make next. That's right, all you have to do is visit the site and post in the comments what you think you'd want in a new K Cup.

We like several of the ideas including some of our own:

  • Chocolate Mint
  • Butterscotch Sumatra
  • Jamaica Blue
From the site:
We are constantly searching for new ways to help our customers brew excellence, one cup at a time ... and now we need your help. What kind of delicious beverage would you like to see offered in a K-Cup? We get some of our best ideas from customers like you - people who are passionate about great taste. Let us know what you think by clicking on the "Comment" link below. No idea is too outrageous! If we like your suggestion, you may soon see it in our next offering of new K-Cups. Become a virtual member of our Research and Development team today!

At What Should The Next K-Cup Be?

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August 28, 2008

Buy K Cups Today and Show Your Support - Obama or McCain?


We often mix politics with coffee, and things can get a bit heated. CoffeeWhiz.com has a very cool promotion going to show support for your candidate. You can simply buy Obama K Cups or McCain K Cups. We know who we want to win, but we're not going to strong arm you choice. Both the Barack Obama blend and the McCain blend are Coffee People Donut Shop K Cups, so you can't let the blend decide your vote either.

The Obama or McCain K Cups will work in your Keurig Elite B40 Brewer, Keurig B50, Keurig Special Edition Ultra Elite B60, Keurig B70 Brewer, Breville BKC600XL Gourmet Single Cup Brewer, and other Keurig K Cup brewers.

At CoffeeWiz.com - Buy K Cups Today and Show Your Support!

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August 13, 2008

14 Ways Starbucks is Trying to Revitalize It's Brand

starbucks_logo_0808.jpg Starbucks. You hear the name, and think about the countless coffee shops on every corner. Lately when people say Starbucks, the number one thing we hear is, "Did you know they're closing over 600 stores nation wide?" Well, it was bound to happen, and their explosive growth since 2003-4 has been pretty astounding, but it had to eventually cool off. We would have preferred to see less closings, and a refocusing of their business to save jobs.

Oh well, that didn't happen, but right now Starbucks is in a turn-around stage - with new products like the Clover (which we reviewed this year), and of course new offerings for the upcoming Bosch Tassimo. The article below also has a bunch of brand, store, and ways Starbucks can save money. These ideas might also be great for your personal lives, or business lives - it's a great read.

Read: What I Learned Today - 14 Ways Starbucks Has Tried to Revitalize its Brand

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August 6, 2008

Bustelo Cool - Single Serve Coffee in a Can


Bustelo Cool is the latest single serve coffee drink in a can to take our office by storm. If you're not familiar with the Bustelo name - it's a very dark roasted coffee and coffee brand that's been around a long time. And what is Bustelo Cool? Bustelo Cool is your favorite Cuban coffee drink with a cooler kick, and packaged in a hassle-free can.

The drink also is not just single serve coffee in a can. The Bustelo Cool is a cafe con leche in a can, that is both sweet and interesting. A cafe con leche is espresso mixed with cream, and you can really taste the sweeter notes in the mix. We found the serving size to also be perfect at just 130 calories - so more of a treat to you sans sugar and cream single serve coffee drinkers out there.

We think you should check this very COOL single serve coffee in a can. If you want to order a six pack or two, you can use the discount code "bcool" at Java Cabana by using the link below.

At Bustelo Cool and JavaCabana

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