December 1, 2006

What's Happening over at SingleServeEspresso

cremapourimage.jpg Well happy holidays; things are perking up over at To welcome in the holidays we've got a few things going on. Are you a fan of all those new Lattes in the coffee shops? Well we've got hot recipes for you to make your own at home below. We recently reviewed the iRoast 2 home roaster - It's awesome; the freshest coffee ever. We have also been collecting our thoughts on our Holiday shopping guide for the best Espresso gifts. As a little side project we've also gone and collected a few pump driven espresso machine models around and under $100 that we like. Why is a pump-driven espresso machine important? Read up why it will give you better espresso.

Holiday Latte Recipes

  • Peppermint Mocha Recipe
  • Eggnog Latte Recipe
  • Gingerbread Latte Recipe

    Holiday Shopping

  • Holiday Buying Guide - Best Espresso Gifts
  • Pump Driven Espresso Machines Around (and Under) $100

    Machine News and Reviews

  • Review: I-Roast 2 Home Coffee Roaster Review
  • Review: Lello Ariete 45900 Prestigio Espresso Machine Arrives for Review
  • Compare the DeLonghi Magnifica 3200 vs 3400 vs 3500
  • Review: Lavazza Blue Pininfarina Capsule Espresso System
  • Review: DeLonghi Magnifica EAM3500 Super Automatic Espresso Machine Arrives for Review
  • Lello Ariete 45900 Espresso Machine Price Drop!
  • Krups FNC2 Novo 3000 Espresso Maker

    Fun Espresso and Coffee News

  • Review: Newman’s Own Sweet Dark Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans
  • Blackboard Mugs
  • Espesso - Invention of the Year 2006
  • Bodum Paula Espresso Cups

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  • November 30, 2006

    Simple Better Trade Organic Coffee Arrives for Review


    Logo SmallWant to purchase an organic coffee from a company that pays its growers more than Fair Trade does? Meet Simple Coffee. Steve, Josh, and Mike from Simple Coffee have pledged to provide consumers with the freshest, more organic, and socially conscious coffee on the planet.

    We've received a set of the coffees fresh from the Simple roasting facility to try with our Keurig reuseable Filter and also with our T-Sacs in the Bunn My Cafe. We'll have a full review soon.

    From Simple Coffee: Some of the best coffee in the world is grown by small growers in third world countries who need the help of organizations like Fair Trade, but Fair Trade isn’t for everyone. “Why can’t Simple Coffee be Fair Trade?” We think a better question is, “How can we help growers who can’t be Fair Trade?”

    In order to be Fair Trade, these growers would have to sign contracts pledging to produce a certain volume of coffee each year. Small, family-owned farms simply can’t afford to produce this much coffee and still grow food to eat. Other growers live in countries where it is illegal to sign Fair Trade contracts. Does this mean that these growers don’t deserve fair pay? Simple Coffee doesn’t think so. That’s why we pay better than the Fair Trade price per pound for all of our coffee. It’s just the right thing to do.

    At Simple Coffee

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    November 27, 2006

    Cost Per Single Serve Coffee Cup: Coffee Pods, Keurig K Cups, Tassimo T Discs, and Nespresso Coffee Capsules


    Readers are always writing in asking the Single Serve Coffee staff how much the different single serve coffee systems cost to own and operate and especially how much each cup of single serve coffee will cost. We think the questions "what's best", or what's "cheapest," or what's "least expensive" all fall under this category of question as well, but starting with what type of coffee you'd like to make and how much it will cost is a good way to find out which single serve coffee maker is the least expensive to own and operate.

    Are Senseo Coffee Pods, Tassimo T-Disks, K-Cups or Nespresso Coffee Capsules the best option for you? Which system falls in your price range? Does the single serve coffee maker or system match your coffee drinking habits? These are all good questions that go hand and hand with the price per cup.

    The guide below should give you all the detail you need to know on what coffee system may be right for you. Depending on which type of single serve coffee maker you choose, be it coffee pods, k cups, t discs, or nespresso capsules, you'll be choosing the type of coffee you can get per system and also how much per cup your single serve coffee will cost, and how flexible that cost can be, and what types of coffee the single serve coffee maker can prepare.

    If you look at the four major type of single serve coffee you can purchase there are essentially 4 main types:

    1. Coffee Pods - work with a variety of single serve coffee makers including: Senseo, Bunn My Cafe, Melitta One:One, Grindmaster, simplehuman, and Krups Home Cafe. Coffee pod brewers are the "open standard" of single serve coffee makers, with the largest variety of coffees available reaching over 250+ varieties of coffee pods.
    2. K Cups - work only with Keurig brewers. Models include: Keurig Elite B40 Brewer, Keurig B50, Keurig Special Edition Ultra Elite B60, and the newly released Keurig B70 Brewer. You can expect to get in the 150+ variety range for K Cup types of coffee as well as tea.
    3. T Discs: works only with the Tassimo line of single serve coffee makers. You can expect to get 30+ different coffees and teas for your Tassimo brewer.
    4. Nespresso Coffee Capsules: works only with the Nespresso line of single serve coffee makers. On average there are 12 regular varieties and 3-4 unique varieties per year.

    Given the run down of each of the different types, how much does each cup of single serve coffee cost per system?

    ArrowContinue reading: "Cost Per Single Serve Coffee Cup: Coffee Pods, Keurig K Cups, Tassimo T Discs, and Nespresso Coffee Capsules"

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    November 14, 2006

    Espesso - Single Serve Coffee You Can Eat


    Espesso (without the “r”) has been out in Europe and major cities in the US this Fall and we can't wait to try it. Espesso is a form of solid espresso coffee and eaten with a spoon. Espesso consists of espresso, an ingredient the company won’t divulge, and then it's combined in a pressurized canister and left to set for 12 hours to "gel" up. The result is a mousselike, cold solid sprayed right out of the canister. The Espresso is solid enough that you can apparently turn the cup upside down and the espesso won’t fall out as it sticks to the sides of the coffee cup.

    Via Energy Fiend at

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    November 10, 2006

    What's Happening Over at November

    More news and reviews on the Espresso side of things: see what's happening over at We posted our review for one of the hottest espresso makers on the market - the Breville Café Roma. We also have a high end DeLonghi Super Automatic machine in for review. Two words on this one "Pushbutton Lattes". Wow. We're also highlighting a very affordable retro style maker that looks hot - the Villaware Moderno Prima Espresso Maker. Not to be left out, the Preva xSport went for a sail recently in the San Juan Islands where it cranked out a few shots.

    Espresso Machine News and Reviews

  • Review: Breville ESP8XL Café Roma Espresso Machine Review
  • Review: DeLonghi Magnifica EAM3500 Super Automatic Espresso Machine Arrives for Review
  • VillaWare V41006 Moderno Prima Espresso Maker
  • Krups 4050 Espresso Machine
  • Krups XP4030 vs. Krups XP4050
  • Preva xSport Sailing in The San Juans

    Fun with Espresso

  • Espresso Shorts - Krups Sponsored Movie Shorts
  • Keurig B70 Brings Some Variety to our Kitchen
  • Cafe Mocha Recipe
  • How to Make a Caramel Macchiato
  • Review: Newman's Own Sweet Dark Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Review: Green & Blacks Organic Espresso Chocolate Bar

    Cool Coffee-ware

  • Blackboard Mugs
  • Konitz K100 Espresso Cups

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  • November 6, 2006

    Old Twist on Single Serve Coffee


    So while Single Serve Coffee makers haven’t been around for all that long, the French Press has. This classic brewing method is a bit like a Single Serve brewer in that you drink what you make and there’s no burner to cook your coffee when it sits around. I know, a French Press isn’t as convenient as a Single Serve pod brewer, but its classic design is sure to impress. Remember, you’ll want a coarser grind with these, and some very hot water. This Bodum Chambourd 8-cup French Press is 32 ounces; yes, they measure ~4 ounce cups. I find the 32-ounce a great size for a few people (2-4) to enjoy in a small intimate setting. Add coarsely ground coffee, boiling water and steep for 2-3 minutes. Slowly push the plunger, and serve. The coffee will have a LOT of body, and when you steep, plunge and serve right at the table, you’ll be a bit of a showman when serving to your guests.

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    October 27, 2006

    What's Happening over at October


    In the ever expanding world of Espresso, there's a lot going on over at There's news, Espresso Games
    and reviews to be had. In the last couple of weeks a few reviews have popped up, one in particular is a review of the DeLonghi EC155 a low cost pump-driven espresso machine that turns out some great espresso. In the news department, we found out about a company making Red Espresso in South Africa out of Rooibos red tea. Well, check out the story, and then check out how we made our own "Red Espresso" using some locally available Rooibos tea. Finally, the review is wrapping up on the Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma, and it will post early next week. So come on back now, you hear?


  • Review: DeLonghi EC 155 Espresso Machine
  • Review: Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Arrives for Review
  • Review: Gloria Jean's Black Gold K-Cup Review
  • Review: Green Mountain Dark Magic and Fair Trade Organic Espressos

    Red Espresso

  • Red Espresso - The Espresso from Tea
  • Make your own "Red Espresso"

    Espresso Chocolates
    Ghirardelli Intense Dark Espresso Escape
    Hershey's Special Dark Espresso Flavored Chocolate Bar

    Espresso Machines

  • Lello Ariete 45900 Prestigio Espresso Machine
  • Breville BES400XL ikon Espresso Machine

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  • October 20, 2006

    More Reader Reviews for Stomping Grounds Espresso Concentrate

    So, if you haven't heard, we're giving away some Stomping Grounds Espresso Concentrate as part of our mailing list sponsorship from them. Last month, they gave a few readers some free espresso concentrate, and we continue to get more comments in from these readers on how good the stuff is. So, don't just take our word that it's good, read some other comments from readers too (Click on the names to go to their comments):

    "The flavor is fabulous, rich and sweet and the fact that you can just pull it out of the cupboard when you want a treat is great." - Ramona

    "I received a sample of the vanilla flavor. I thought it was very good. I especially liked it cold over ice or as a coffee smoothie." - Bruce

    Stomping Grounds Espresso Concentrate is available at their website and nationnwide at Cost Plus Markets.

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    October 13, 2006

    What's Happening Over at October - More

    cremapourimage.jpg Lots going on over at - the test kitchen over there has been firing up some espresso shots and lattes and preparing a few reviews. This coming week, they'll be wrapping up the review on the Delonghi EC155, and announcing a new machine into the kitchen for review as well as welcoming some different whole bean coffees for use.


  • Review: Capresso Ultima 121 Espresso Machine
  • K-Cups, a Keurig B70 Brewer and Harmony in our Kitchen which is a precursor to our Review: K-Cups for the Espresso Drinker.
  • Review: DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Machine Arrives for Review. Stay tuned next week, as we'll be posting our review on this sub-$100 espresso machine.

    If you like Starbucks DoubleShot canned espresso drinks, try out this recipe to make them at home: Starbucks DoubleShot Recipe Knock-Off.

    Speaking of making things at home, if you like Pumpkin spice Lattes you can make your own too: Pumpkin Spice Lattes with Pumpkin Spice Torani Syrup.

    Just when you thought you couldn't get a decent cup of coffee anywhere.... Looks like you'll be able to get a decent cup of coffee everywhere soon: Starbucks Coffee Coming to a Vending Machine Near You or the fact that there will be a lot more Starbucks Cafes Coming.

    In the Steals and Deals Department, there is a good Saeco Caffe Charisma Deal at Costco going on right now.

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  • September 29, 2006

    What's Happening Over at September


    Lots of stuff happening over at - Don't forget to check it out. If you haven't read it it's new to you... You may have missed the fury over the free Stomping Grounds Espresso Concentrate. If you weren't one of the first 10 to email and claim yours, stay tuned for some more fun next week. We reviewed the Stomping Grounds Espresso Concentrate and liked it a lot. You should read our review to get primed for next week. If you don't believe us, read a reader's review of it below. We were busy, as we posted a couple of reviews, one on the Jura Capresso E8 Super Automatic, and one on Gimme! Coffee's Leftist blend. We also have a few more items in the test kitchen, see below.


  • Readers Review: Stomping Grounds Espresso Concentrate
  • Review: Jura Capresso Impressa E8 Review
  • Gimme! Coffee Leftist Review
  • Capresso 121 Ultima Espresso Machine Arrives for Review
  • The I-Roast 2 arrives for Review at

    If you are just starting out with an ESE brewer, check out these samplers. So much fun to experiment and go through all the pods and then go back and get the ones you really like!

  • Getting Started: ESE Espresso Pod Super Sampler
  • Getting Started: Decaf ESE Espresso Pod Sampler

    The Best of the Rest...

  • Nuova Point Classic Brown Espresso Cups
  • New: Starbucks DoubleShot Light and Iced Coffee
  • Search the Couch Cushions for Spare Change Starbucks Price is going up!
  • Text your Coffee Order; Skip the Line -
  • Caribou Coffee Granola Bars Available Online

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