February 18, 2006

Got a Salton Espresso Machine or Melitta One:One? Get Some Help

RedmelittaSallton ASometimes we post something that gets so into Google and other search engines that you couldn't imagine the types of comments it can dredge up, or needs it would fulfill, or better yet the shear power the entry would have in bringing people in need together - especially coffee drinkers.

Last year we posted that the maker of Melitta One:One - Salton Inc. was having a few financial difficulties. It was one of those posts we put up to keep everyone here at Single Serve Coffee.com aware of the choices they've been making when buying a single serve coffee machine. Now if you Google "salton trouble" - we end up being #1. From being #1 in just about every search engine, the post has brought together over 99+ commenters who have missing manuals, need spare parts, and all kinds of other interesting tidbits.

We've called Salton several times and they're always interested in helping out everyone which is great. We've even updated the post with the phone number and email and the comments keep coming and you know what? We'll take them. It's pretty exciting to help so many people out, and perhaps after they get the manual, they'll finally be able to make a perfect cup of single serve coffee.

FYI: Salton replacement parts and owners manuals can be ordered at 800-233-9054 or by emailing Consumer Relations at: consumer_relations@toastmaster.com

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Green Mountain Coffee Reports 26.8 Percent Quarterly Net Sales Gain; Keurig Drives Growth

Looks like those little k-cups are really helping to drive the bottom line at Green Mountain Coffee and other roasters. With sales up 26.7 percent over last year at Green Mountain Coffee, we would imagine some more k-cup varieties from them are right around the corner.

Dollar sales growth was strongest in the office coffee service channel, contributing a third of the sales increase. Office coffee pounds were up 26.7 percent over the prior year. The high growth in this channel was due to strong K-Cup® sales, driven by increased penetration of the Keurig® B100 brewers in small offices, by the introduction of "Extra Bold" K-Cups, and by the continued success of tea in K-Cups.
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February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day from Single Serve Coffee

Isp CoffeeloveOkay - we know it's a tough holiday but you can at least have a perfect cup of coffee right? We're focusing on coffee's we think would match Valentine's Day perfectly. So if you're looking for that perfect cup of single serve coffee this morning - we recommend the following:


Flava Pods Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee Pods
Baronet French Toast Coffee Pods


Green Mountain's Extra Bold Sumatran K-Cups
Winter Classic Blend K-Cups
Gloria Jean's Black Gold K-Cups

Expect a full set of reviews later this week including some interesting coffee pod flavors and some new K-Cups.

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February 11, 2006

Weekend Reading: Flavored Coffee Is Here to Stay

Topcornerlogo Scott. K. Plail of Black Mountain Gold Coffee sent us in this article on the interesting and growing world of flavored coffees. We love a good flavored K-Cup or coffee pod, and it's nice to get some background on how flavored coffee got it start.

How far back does flavored coffee go? How do you make a great flavored coffee? How big is the market? What can you expect from a good flavored coffee? Sit back - it's the weekend and learn about flavored coffee in all its wonder.

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January 23, 2006

Starbucks Too Expensive? Try Single Serve Coffee

20060122-Pc-I1-0600We would have to agree with many of the points in this article in the Columbus Dispatch. At $1.50-$2.00 a cup, the cost of coffee at Starbucks and other retailers ads up quickly. If you have 1 cup a day for the average work week - you're looking at over $40 bucks a month for a cup a day.

You can cut that down to less than $10 bucks a month if you drink single serve coffee instead, or if you're like the staff here at Single Serve Coffee.com, you'll still hit that $40 mark but drink 4 times the amount of coffee for the $40 bucks you'd spend at Starbucks. We do however frequent our local Starbucks from time to time and enjoy a cup of Pete's, Seattle's Best, and others when we're out shopping from time to time.

"The machines also are designed to appeal to the growing number of people buying coffee from coffee shops. Single-cup machines offer ‘‘a coffeehouse-quality cup of coffee at home with little fuss and less cost," said Dave Manly, marketing vice president for Keurig, which makes three single-cup brewers for home use. ‘

‘We found that a third of our customers are people who would go to Starbucks and other gourmetcoffee shops." A cup of Keurig-brewed coffee costs 56 cents or less — more than traditional home-brews but substantially less than $1.50-to-$4 servings at coffee shops."

At The Columbus Dispatch

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January 19, 2006

Imus and Tassimo Tie-Up One of The Better Promos Around


If you'd like to get a FREE Tassimo looks like all you need to do is be a guest on Imus and at the end of the be the guest he thought was the best of the day. Hmmm...we seriously doubt we'll get on the show and get a FREE Tassimo but maybe someday.

I don't know if Kraft is selling a lot of Tassimo coffeemakers yet, but I will say that the deal they cooked up with syndicated morning DJ Don Imus is one of the more effective deals of its kind I've come across.

Imus gives out a Tassimo to whoever he thinks is the best guest of the day--i.e. CBS's Andy Rooney, NBC's David Gregory, Righty pundit Pat Buchanan, Senator John McCain, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, etc. What's been happening is that as the guests come back on the show, thank Imus for the Tassimo and gush about how much they love it. I have to say, it's valuable chatter about a product.

At Imus and Tassimo Tie-Up One of The Better Promos Around

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January 3, 2006

Welcome to 2006 Single Serve Coffee Readers

Img 1640-2We're excited to be back in 2006 with more reviews, news, and all around single serve coffee excitement. We had an amazing holiday and even got to sample a few new coffees.

We've been sampling the new Flava Pods, 8 O'Clock coffee pods, and also using our Aerobie with actual ground coffee! We'll have reviews of these in the next few weeks.

If you're a new reader to Single Serve Coffee.com we're pretty sure you'll be need to get familiar with our Single Serve Coffee forums, news, reviews, and exhaustive archives.

If you have questions on anything you find on the site, we recommend posting a comment on the article or asking a question in the forums.

What do we have on tap for this year? Well to start even more reviews. We've gotten quite a few new sample coffee pods, k-cups, and some new single serve coffee machines to review over the next month or so. We are compiling a large amount of information for what we're calling the "Big Brew Off" - essentially a comparison of the single serve coffee makers we think you'll need to pick from when deciding on your first or next single serve coffee brewer.

So sit back, make a cup of single serve coffee, and enjoy your fresh coffee filled New Year!

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December 28, 2005

Best of Single Serve Coffee 2005 - Part II

Bestof2005What a year 2005 has been for Single Serve Coffee.com. The shear amount of new single serve coffee products introduced in the past 12 months has been nothing short of jaw dropping. We've seen more coffee pod brewers, more coffee pods, more Keurig brewers, more Nespresso machines, more k-cup flavors - well just more of everything.

In the past year we can count up to 15 different single serve coffee machines that were brand new or getting a refresh including: Senseo Shorter Spout Edition, Mr. Coffee Home Cafe, Bunn My Cafe, Krups Home Cafe, Black & Decker Home Cafe, simplehuman Pod Brewer, too many Nespresso models to count, Tassimo, Gourmet Coffee Cafe (terrible coffee), Francis Francis! (ESE Pod), the Keurig B60 and B40, and others.

2005 was also the year of the single serve coffee pod brewer getting really nice big juicy pods - like the 12 gram Baronet Monster pods. We've also seen most coffee pod etailers move to a large 9.5-11 gram coffee pod which ensures a rich cup of single serve coffee.

On the K-Cup front, we saw the introduction of the larger extra-bold K-Cups - like the WiWili from Timothy's and the Sumatran Extra Dark from Green Mountain. These k-cups really have that extra 25% of coffee needed for a really nice dark cup of coffee. We love the extra bold/extra dark k-cups - they're simply some of our favorite coffees.

Here's our picks for the best of Single Serve Coffee.com 2005!

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December 23, 2005

Happy Holidays from Single Serve Coffee 2005

M197100490027We'll be signing off until 2006, but we'll have occasional updates as well as our massive Best of Single Serve Coffee.com 2005 feature to tide you over until the New Year (debuts next week).

As the single serve coffee industry winds down from an eventful year--who knew Single Serve Coffee would be so big in 2005? You did.

Thanks to all our dedicated users for your support and your trust during an exciting 2005. And a special thanks to all of our advertisers over this past year - without them we wouldn't be able to bring you Single Serve Coffee.com each day.

Have a great holiday everyone and raise your coffee cups and remember how amazing this past year was for Single Serve Coffee because 2005 is only the beginning.

- Jay Brewer
- Editor, Single Serve Coffee.com

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December 22, 2005

Holiday Flavored Coffee Guide

Images-3-4We've been enjoying many of the Holiday Flavored Coffees over the past few weeks and thought we'd share where to get them and for what coffee machines you'll need to brew them in. We've brokedn them into Coffee Pod based Holiday Coffees and K-Cup based Holiday Coffees.

Images-1-4Coffee Pod Based Holiday Coffees - will work in your Senseo, Bunn My Cafe, and other one cup coffee pod machines.

Cool Beans Pods

  • Gingerbread Cookie - we have really been enoying this along with the Chestnut. So far we think it's as close ae your going to get in the coffee pod world to Green Mountain's Gingerbread K-Cups
  • Toasted Chestnut - it's a bit darker than you'd expect but with a little cream and sugar the flavor pops right up. Very good for a mid-morning cup of coffee.


• Kahlua Cheme - we've had this a few times and have to say - yummy.

Baronet Coffee Pods

  • Cinnamon Stick Pods - instead of adding a litle sprinkle of cinnamon to your coffee how about just brewing up a single serve coffee cup of this! We love these pods.
  • Egg Nog Pods
  • Gingerbread Pods - once again - rich and interesting and along with the Gingerbread K-Cups - simply one of the best we've had this holiday

Images-2-5Keurig K-Cup Based Holiday Coffees - you'll need a Keurig B40, B50, B60 or B100 brewer to brew coffee using K-Cups

Green Mountain Coffee

  • Fair Trade Holiday Blend (A Single Serve Coffee.com Favorite)
  • Fair Trade Gingerbread - we reviewed this earlier in the season and love it. Very tasty and great with a little cinnamon thrown in.

Other Places to Get Holiday Blends

Online merchants such as CoffeeWhiz.com and others also have many of the holiday blends in stock.

For unique flavors such as high end Kona coffees, we recommend trying out Aloha Island Coffee. We have always Aloha Island Coffee and we think Aloha Island Coffee makes some of the best Kona Coffee Pods for your one cup coffee pod systems.

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