October 26, 2005

Better Water = Better Single Serve Coffee

Gallery 131 File1 Cleanwaterwoman 72Don't kid yourselves. The better quality water you use in making a cup of single serve coffee will make all the difference. We have recently been testing out this theory with both the Nespresso C90 Essenza and the Keurig B60. The difference in single serve coffee taste and quality when using filtered water is amazingly better.

When we visited Green Mountain in August, we had a very heart to heart talk with the master roaster about how much we put into using filtered or spring water when brewing and testing the coffees here at Single Serve Coffee.com. We're lucky enough to have both filtered water on the fridge, and filtered water at our sink using an instant hot/cold dispenser.

We recommend using filtered water however you can get it. The difference in taste is very noticeable and also using filtered water will prevent less build up and need to descale your single serve coffee machine. The last thing you want to have in the morning is a cup of somewhat chlorinated coffee from coffee pods, k-cup, or coffee capsules you spent a good amount of money on.

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October 17, 2005

Williams Sonoma & Single Serve Coffee

Img20LYesterday the Single Serve Coffee staff ventured out to our local Williams Sonoma to witness the demo of the new Keurig B60 Special Edition and to also see the Nespresso Essenza in a store environment. The Keurig B60 was right at the front counter where you check out and where the sales people can hand you a K-Cup or two so you can try out single serve coffee for yourself.

We were pleasantly surprised to be able to watch a potential customer ramble on with the sales person about buying a single serve coffee machine. All he wanted was confirmation that it would make great coffee, and that he could get the coffee somewhere, and he was right in thinking making an entire pot most of the time for just himself was a total waste. We can't say the sales person was all that knowledgeable of the selling points of a single serve coffee machine, but this guy had figured it out.

He popped in the K-Cup handed to him from over the counter, opened up the machine, said how amazing it was, and then brewed a cup. He quietly asked for cream and sugar and then proceeded to wander around the store trying to convince himself to just get the damn machine.

Now you might be surprised to know the staff of single serve coffee didn't interfere with the potential customer. It's not in our nature when out in the wilds of the coffee world to mess with evolution. We like to see people naturally evolve into single serve coffee drinkers. And we have to say - this was one of our better sitings. The evolution of coffee drinkers is happening. Just go to a store and see it in person. It's simply wonderful.

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October 3, 2005

Tassimo Available at Tassimo.com

Machine 430It's finally happened! Tassimo is available for order on Tassimo.com. We reviewed the Tassimo earlier this year and really enjoyed it.

Update: You can now order Tassimo at Amazon.com.

"The Tassimo™ machine is a one-cup system that works with exclusive Tassimo DISCS (T-DISCS), a truly unique system that makes a wide variety of hot beverages incredibly quick and easy. You won’t find this technology anywhere else.Each T-DISC features a special barcode with unique information to tell the machine the size of the drink, the amount of water required, its optimal temperature, and how long to brew it. All the brewing happens inside the T-DISC, keeping the machine clean and ready to use.All you have to do is insert a T-DISC and press a button."

At Tassimodirect.com - Shop - Buy Tassimo Machine

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Wooing The Starbucks Crowd with Single Serve Coffee

Images-6Images-1-1With gas prices rising and Starbucks coffee not getting any cheaper it's not a surprise people are cutting back. I used to indulge my coffee cravings at Pete's Coffee in Harvard Square now and again, but I too wait to come home and fire up the single serve coffee brewer and have a cup at 1/4 of the cost.

Update: The impossible has happened. Starbucks will release Tassimo T Discs in 4 different Starbucks blends. The new coffee blends for Tassimo will be available in December 2007. Read the entire article here.

"Robert Woolf, A 29-year-old ad writer in Parsippany, N.J., spends $40 a week on Starbucks lattes. Gas prices are climbing, though, and his salary isn't, so he's cutting back. Still, Woolf won't be turning to Maxwell House or Folgers for his fix. "I don't know anyone outside my Dad's Lions Club who drinks that stuff.""

So it's no wonder the companies like Kraft, Sara Lee, and others want to capture those dollars. With Tassimo, Senseo, Keurig, and others competing for those dollars I think once again we'll all benefit. Just last month we reviewed the new Krups, Nespresso, Tassimo, and there are now 2 new Keurigs. All of them want to sell us a 25-50 cent cup of perfect coffee for the home.

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September 22, 2005

10 Million Senseos Can't Be Wrong

Umm....wow. Just when you think Senseo isn't the "world" leader in single serve coffee machines - you go and read something like this. Senseo is perhaps a little more popular in Europe, but it has also made a big splash here in the US. With 10 million Senseo single serve machines world wide, it's no wonder we are seeing more and more coffee pods and competition to this rather large and growing market we call Single Serve Coffee.

"Reaching ten million in sales just four years after the launch is great news," said Andrea Ragnetti, CMO, "and is proof that products that have been created in line with our brand positioning of 'sense and simplicity' - easy to experience, designed around the user and advanced - are what consumers want. The launch of the SENSEO was a response to the changing lives of our customers, who are finding their lives busier than ever. With the SENSEO they are guaranteed a perfect freshly brewed cup of coffee at the touch of a button with greater ease and convenience than more traditional methods, produced by a machine that looks sleek and modern."
At boerse.de Börse

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September 15, 2005

Tassimo to Fuel Kraft Foods Growth

TassimoKraft Foods is getting behind new product ideas to fuel growth, and center stage for Fall 2005 is Tassimo. We reviewed Tassimo last month and have to say - it's quite good. As these large companies start to roll out more and more products in the Single Serve Coffee category, they are going to have to make them great.

Update: You can now order Tassimo at Amazon.com.

Last year we saw the release of the first Home Cafe products and they were not so good. The new Krups Home Cafe is a a much better machine. If these new machines and offerings are to compete - they have to be good right away. It's nice to see Kraft Foods get it right out of the gate with Tassimo.

At Kraft Foods and Tassimo

Update 12/07/2005: Read our full review of the Tassimo from Single Serve coffee.com

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September 9, 2005

Coffee Fact Friday: Decaf's Growing Popularity & Origin - Sanka anyone?

PicroseliusFor hundreds of years, if someone ordered a cup of coffee, there was no question about what kind. Now, many Americans prefer their coffee decaffeinated. The ability to make that choice comes from the work of Ludwig Roselius, a coffee merchant in Bremen, Germany. In the early part of the last century, he developed a process that removed 97 percent of the caffeine from coffee beans, without altering their taste. He described the new coffee as "sans caffeine," which he shortened to "Sanka." Today, there's not only a decision to make about regular and decaf, but latte, cappuccino and espresso. Specialty coffee shops are increasingly popular. There are about 7,000 of them, selling $2 billion worth of coffee a year.

Thanks to Steven Johnson for sending this in!

At U.S. Newswire

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September 2, 2005

Winner of Bunn My Cafe from CoffeeWhiz.com - Leah Stapleton!

Bunn McaWe're pleased to announce Leah Stapleton has won the Bunn My Cafe single serve coffee brewer from CoffeeWhiz.com.

From Jim Evans at CoffeeWhiz.com:

"On behalf of myself and the staff here at CoffeeWhiz.com I would like to congratulate this month's mailing list winner Leah Stapleton. Please keep us in mind for all your coffee POD needs."

From our winner Leah Stapleton about Single Serve Coffee.com:

"I particularly like the coffee pod reviews, so I know what types of pods to try next, as well as the machine reviews. The forums are coming along well, too. Thanks for such an interesting site."

All mailing list members subscribed are eligible each month for the mailing list prize. As long as you continue to receive the mailings at the time of the giveaway you might win! We will be giving away more items this Fall, so remember to sign up.

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August 29, 2005

Jump for Java Joy! Study Touts Coffee's Benefits

Capt.Sge.Bko54.240805004725.Photo00.Photo.Default-276X344Like we didn't know a perfect cup of coffee didn't produce some key benefits (including piece of mind). :-)

"When the Ink Spots sang "I love the java jive and it loves me" in 1940, they could not have known how right they were. Coffee not only helps clear the mind and perk up the energy, it also provides more healthful antioxidants than any other food or beverage in the American diet, according to a study released Sunday."

At Yahoo! News

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August 19, 2005

Single Serve Coffee Break

Toc.038 It's vacation time at Single Serve Coffee.com. We'll be off the ether for about a week (not the coffee), taking some much needed R&R on the beach with friends.

The fall is shaping up to be a great season for Single Serve Coffee.com. We will have an exclusive review of the new Tassimo from Kraft when we return, along with more coffee pod reviews than you can handle.

Giveaway Graphic Post CwhizMcp

A great way to keep up with Single Serve Coffee.com is to sign up for our mailing list. If you sign up right now you will be eligible to win a Bunn My Cafe from CoffeeWhiz.com

Sign up for the Single Serve Coffee.com mailing list and win a Bunn My Cafe!

Also, if you haven't checked through the site here are some other categories that might interest your coffee needs: Bunn My Cafe, Coffee Gadgets & Accessories, Coffee Pod Reviews, Coffee Pods, Coffee Tables, Espresso Pods, Home Cafe, Keurig & K-Cups, Nespresso, Reviews, Senseo, Single Serve Coffee Machines, Super Automatic & ESE and Tassimo & T-Discs

And finally one more thing. If you like kitchen, shaving, poker, tennis, TV, fashion, and gps stuff you may want to check out some of our other sites.

Jay Brewer
Editor, Single Serve Coffee.com

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