January 31, 2005

Single-serving Coffee Can Image!

Thanks to the folks at cafepods.com for sending this in.

"Hi Jay,

yep I remember these, I used to work for company that sold a similar product about 10 years ago. It made instant espresso. Its very big in Japan, both self heating cans and vending machines that heat a store of cans. Heres the image of the nescafe version I believe that puck will just be a rebranded version of this. From memory you just press a button on the underneath of the can, it releases one chemical into another causing a heat reaction.


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Single-serving coffee can heats itself

puck-inside.jpgConvenience does seem to be getting a new meaning every day. I saw this back in December - but forgot to post it until my good friend Bob W. sent it again. This looks to be very interesting.

Has anyone found a can of this? Please send in a picture or review if you have.

"Convenience is about to take on new meaning in the coffee aisle: single-serving coffee in a can that heats itself. Beginning Jan. 2, consumers can buy a 10-ounce container of Wolfgang Puck gourmet latte at the store and heat it by pressing a button. No electricity. No batteries. No appliances."

USATODAY.com - Single-serving coffee can heats itself

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January 19, 2005

Coffee Pod Makers Face Potential Patent Issues

PodsincuffsWendy wrote us in from Typical Dutch Stuff regarding a pending patent dispute Douwe Egberts (they make the Senseo pods) and how it may affect 3rd party pod manufacturers at least in Europe. It seems that Douwe Egberts have the patent on pods or the process of the pod holder and pods of the 62 mm size (not the other pods like ESE - etc). If they can make it hold up in court, 3rd party manufacturers would likely have to stop making pods for the Senseo.

We will keep you posted on how this develops and maybe my dutch will get even better!

From Wendy at Typical Dutch Stuff:

"I'm the owner of www.typicaldutchstuff.com , and have been referred to your website by one of our customers. First I need to say that you have a great website with loads of information to be found. I'm actually contacting you because of an interesting fact. Here in Holland, and in a lot of other different countries, there are a lot of different companies producing coffee pods which are cheaper or different from the original Senseo pods. Well, this might be coming to a stop, as Douwe Egberts has the official patent to produce these pods (and pod holders), and they have taken this up to court. This could mean that other producers will not be able to make those pods, which obviously creates a large market just for Senseo/Douwe Egberts (so Kanis & Gunnink can also pack their bags). I don't know if this also applies to foreign brands (Kona, or other 'homemade pods'), but I think it does, as a patent is a patent, and is valid worldwide. I personally hope that the court does not grant the sole patent to them, because this means that there is no competition, and they can crank up the prices as much as they want too. I thought that this could be interesting for your readers to know.

Original source (in Dutch): http://www.nu.nl/news.jsp?n=470102&c=30 They expect to hear something in this year."

Translated Article & Link: Coffee path its valid patent of Douwe Egberts

"Last modified: 18 January 2005 20.22
UTRECHT - the coffee path and the holder Senseo-koffiezetapparaten well-known in are an invention of Douwe Egberts . That the European patent office in Munich has concluded Tuesday.

The Dutch judge had asked the office pronounce a sentence concerning the validity of the patent which has Douwe Egberts (DE) on the combination of path and path holder. Douwe Egberts have been involved in floor procedures against Dutch, Belgian and German manufacturers of the coffee path. "this pronouncement strengthens our, and enables our continue the procedures", explained for the of.

After the introduction of Senseo-koffiezetapparaat in 2001 came a number of producers with their own fabrikaat coffee path for the apparatus. In the Netherlands the floor procedure had been suspended awaiting the pronouncement of the patent office. "we expect that the judge pronounces a sentence in the course of this year", thus for the."
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January 18, 2005

Coffee Pods! Coffee Pods! Coffee Pods!!!

PodplayerYou've spoken and we've listened. We will be featuring many upcoming reviews on coffee pods and more coffee pods. Expect where to buy and how good the entire experience is. To date, we've reviewed many of the players - from Aloha Island Coffee - to Coffeepods.uk - to Senseopods.com. It's been a mixture of different levels of quality from all the pod makers and the pod suppliers.

Also - check out our catch all Single Serve Reviews section. Located within each single serve machine we've reviewed is our impressions of the coffee - and attached to each article are reader feedback on the machine and often times the coffee as well.

And wrapping up - make sure and reference this killer Pod Guide for Single Serve Machines at Cafepods.com for what types of pods of what size fit what types of machines.

Here's just a few of the current reviews and other coffee pod info to help you research coffee pods while we get more reviews and information together.

Coffee Pod Reviews

Coffee Pod Canister.com Review from Single Serve Coffee.com
Home Café Cappuccino Pods Review from Single Serve Coffee.com
Easypods.co.uk Italian 100% Arabica Medium Roast 62mm Pods for Senseo Review
Easypods.co.uk Vanilla Pod Review
100% Kona Coffee Pod Review from Single Serve Coffee

Coffee Pod Suppliers

Pod Depot Debuts
100% Kona Pods from Aloha Island Coffee

Coffee Pod News

The Brewing Popularity of Pods
Podhead.com to Sell Senseo Compatible Pods
Easypod.co.uk Has Lots of Pods

Coffee Pod Info

Pod Guide for Single Serve Machines at Cafepods.com

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January 14, 2005

Consumer Reports Tests Which Coffeemakers Are Good To The Last Drop

4076422_200X150.jpgI can't say I would call them mini, and I know the coffee choices are a bit limited - but if you do your research (and we are compiling a list here at Single Serve Coffee.com), you'll find plenty of coffees to use in your Single Serve Coffee machine.

"Mini coffee machines actually have an official name -- pod coffemakers -- but they are pricey. Some cost as much as $70. Consumer Reports tested several of the new machines and found they have other drawbacks."

Via WRAL.com - Five On Your Side - Consumer Reports Tests Which Coffeemakers Are Good To Last Drop

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January 10, 2005

New Weird Pod Machine at Target

Jvpm1BMy family was doing a typical Sunday Target run for laundry detergent and - WHAM!!!! A single serve coffee machine I've never even seen or heard of before and it was 50% off for the machine and the pods.

It looks as if this machine is marketed by eSalton. Does anyone have this machine? It looks like a Melitta but the coffee was Juan Valdez.

These pods will fit most Pod Brewing Systems on the market today

Medium Roast Javapods
18-ct. box

52294755461 52294717061

52294644229 52294675461

What's going on with this machine? The packaging and the design had the look of a Target in-house branded machine.

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Comments Fixed for Posts on Single Serve Coffee

If you haven't been able to comment for awhile - well it's been fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience or coffee needs you haven't been able to get answered.

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What would you like us to Review at Single Serve Coffee

ReviewmebabyWe've tried to review everything we can on Single Serve Coffee.com - but we know there's more.

Do you want more in single serve coffee machine reviews?

More coffee pod reviews?

What would you like us to review?

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January 6, 2005

Single Serve Coffee and Waffles?

waffle.jpgI'm also imagining a mini-waffle that fits into the single or double Sennseo pod holder. Or! Perhaps in the double pod holder, a waffle on top and a dark roast pod on the bottom - pure magic! I love small newspapers and their though provoking headlines. :-)

"With some new cutting-edge single-serve coffeemakers, you can make just one cup of coffee, so you will never have to drink the dregs. When you are ready for a pick-me-up, pop in a pod (premeasured ground coffee that is contained in a filter; starting at around 25 cents each) and push the button. In about a minute, you will have a steaming jolt of joe."

Try these gadgets for making coffee and waffles

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December 30, 2004

Say it ain't so: Mr. Coffee loses ground in hot market

old1.jpgWell - they may be not as chic - but they do have a single serve coffee maker out that we liked. Hmmm.... read on and give us your thoughts.

"The latest technology in coffee makers are the models that quickly brew one or two cups at a time. These coffee makers use pre-packaged coffee "pods" that seem a little like oversized tea bags.

The new models -- which make you a cup in about 60 seconds -- are being offered by Mr. Coffee, Krups, Hamilton Beach, Black & Decker, Melitta and Philips."

LJWorld.com : Say it ain't so: Mr. Coffee loses ground in hot market

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