October 3, 2012

Melitta Single Serve Coffee Cups for Keurig Brewers


SH has spotted these Melitta Single Serve Coffee Cups in European Deluxe, and 100% Columbian varieties which are compatible with most Keurig K-Cup brewers. These Melitta single serve coffee cups were found in Canada, and we're not sure if they'll be coming stateside or not. These look very much like the Rogers Gourmet Coffee OneCup portion packs, and have a small coffee pod like pouch on the bottom with a filter.

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October 1, 2012

Review: Dunkin Donuts Mocha K-Cups for Keurig Brewers

Review Single Serve CoffeeDDMocha.jpg

It’s been a while since Dunkin Donuts released a new K-Cup and since some of their flavored varieties have been hit or miss in the past, we were cautiously optimistic when we heard they’d be coming out with a limited edition flavor during the summer months. Today we take a look at Dunkin Donuts Mocha K-Cups.

Brewing these K-Cups resulted in strong blasts of chocolate aromas which quickly filled the room and quashed any doubt we had about these K-Cups being able to produce anything chocolaty. The weirdest thing though? We could have sworn we even detected faint notes of raisins hiding underneath. Yes, raisins! That has GOT to be a Single Serve Coffee first. Flavor was thankfully not raisin-like but moreso on-par with the aroma as we got the acidity’s sour notes which brought the coffee flavor to the foreground and then as we neared the end, we got a decent hit of chocolate flavor in the background.

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September 18, 2012

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Wellness Brewed Beverages


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. has entered into the wellness category of single serve beverages, and we're pretty excited. They have introduced wellness coffees, teas, and fruit brews in K-Cup packs for the Keurig single cup brewing system over the past few weeks, and so far we like them. These innovative beverages are packed with added ingredients, like antioxidant vitamins, making it easy to enjoy the perfect combination of smart choices and great taste.

The Wellness Brewed collection aims to make less do more for consumers by adding something extra to their everyday coffee, tea, or fruit brew. We've already reviewed one of the vitamin burst K-Cups and we found them to be really yummy.

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September 17, 2012

Review: Starbucks Anniversary Blend K-Cups for Keurig

Review Single Serve Coffeestarbucks_anniversary_kcups_IMGP4913.JPG

Starbucks created their Anniversary Blend back in 1996 to celebrate their 25th anniversary and it was so popular that it remained a seasonal favorite which would be reintroduced each Fall. Starbucks claims the secret to the distinctive taste of this coffee is due to the use of aged Sumatran beans from Indonesia, but to the honest, the thing that had us jumping for joy was the recent introduction of what we're reviewing today: Starbucks Anniversary Blend K-Cups. We would like to note that we liked the artwork on the packaging & how the foil lid on the K-Cup gave a light gold appearance to the artwork as well. Since most K-Cups have pretty standardized artwork, this made for a nice difference.

Billed as one of the first seasonal Starbucks K-Cups (Hmm... could we be seeing Christmas Blend K-Cups in a few months?), brewing these K-Cups resulted in strong, almost wine-like aromas with smoky hickory tinged by mild notes of caramel in the background. Flavor was nicely presented with a huge amount of complex tastes swirling around in the cup. You start off with some of the smoky notes, but surprisingly, they're a lot smoother and not as intense as your typical Starbucks dark roast. You then notice some molasses flavors mingling around with more notes of sweet caramel and things are topped off by some dark chocolate flavors near the end with a light spicy kick in the finish. Outstanding & unlike anything we've seen before from Starbucks.

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September 13, 2012

Starbucks Anniversary K-Cups Available In Stores for a Limited Time


Over at the Starbucks blog there's news Starbucks Anniversary Blend K-Cups are now available for a limited time in Stabucks stores. SH has sent in this shot from a find in New Brunswick, Canada and we do know they'll be available in the US as well. We like the the foil treatment on these K-Cups, and it's nice to see Starbucks offering a seasonal K-Cup for the first time.

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September 12, 2012

Meet the Keurig Brewed Seal


Given the amount of after market K-Cups being produced by other coffee roasters besides Green Mountains stable of coffee roaster, and the fact that all of them are unlicensed and untested it's no surprised Keurig has decided to create a Keurig Brewed seal of approval. Soon all Keurig authorized packaging will feature the Keurig Brewed seal.

What does it mean? It will mean when you see it, you can trust you're getting the quality, taste and safety you've come to expect in every cup-every time, without exception. Shoffee.com makes some great points on the safety factor.

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September 7, 2012

Martinson Coffee Capsules for Keurig K-Cup Brewers


It seems like there is a new coffee capsule or coffee pod that works with Keurig brewers as of late, and this week we had many readers write in asking about Martinson Coffee Capsules for Keurig K-Cup Brewers. We've yet to try them, but they do come packed in a large 36-count box, and there are a lot of flavors already available.

Flavors Include:

  • Breakfast Blend
  • Dark Roast
  • House Blend
  • Hazelnut
  • French Roast
  • Donut Shop  

Joe Martinson's (owned by Mother Parkers) dedication to the art of coffee-roasting helped create the term "Cup of Joe" as being real coffee. We'll see if we can get some of these coffee capsules to review soon.

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September 5, 2012

Review: The Original Donut Shop Coffee Sweet & Creamy Regular Iced Coffee K-Cups

Review Single Serve Coffee


We kick things off with what has to be the most ridiculously long name for a K-Cup we've seen in ages... wow... lots of words to try & cram into a title there, so we'll simply refer to them as "Sweet & Creamy Regular Iced Coffee K-Cups" for the remainder of this review. Most Brew Over Ice K-Cups recommend 6oz or 8oz settings but after noticing that this flavor used actual real ground coffee beans, we figured we'd go full tilt and use the larger 8oz setting to fill our iced beverage tumbler.

Brewing these K-Cups resulted in light smoky notes of hickory during brewing which quickly faded away afterwards & we even noticed a few tiny flecks of coffee grounds in the cup which proved there was indeed real ground coffee present here instead of instant coffee. Chalk that up as a bonus for this flavor as we love getting the real deal vs. instant whenever possible.

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August 27, 2012

Review: Vitamin Burst Acai Berry K-Cups

Review Single Serve Coffee


We have seen a virtual explosion of new products coming out of Keurig’s HQ lately and it looks like they have no intention of slowing down anytime soon (which is a good thing for our taste buds, but a painful thing for our wallets). Today we take a look at the first-ever single serve fruit drink for Keurig machines with the new Vitamin Burst Acai Berry K-Cups.

Much like the Green Mountain Naturals brand, Vitamin Burst is a new brand that Keurig created in-house and marks the first time a vitamin-enriched fruit drink has been made available for a mainstream single serve coffee machine (ok, there are probably competitors out there, but they’re not necessarily mainstream or commonly known yet). We like the concept & think it’s a category that’s long overdue for Keurig. Let’s find out how well this flavor stacks up.

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August 16, 2012

Review: Club Coffee Swiss Water Decaf Single Cup Capsules

Review Single Serve Coffee


We continue our review series of Club Coffee Single Cup Capsules today with their Club Coffee Swiss Water Decaf Single Cup Capsules.

Brewing these Single Cup Capsules resulted in very mild smoky notes with hints of chocolate underneath. We’re still holding out hope that Club Coffee’s darker roasts will have more pronounced aromas, but man… so far, we’re rather disappointed with what we’ve seen in the lineup’s lighter roasts. It’s almost as if you need to be standing directly over your Keurig during brewing in order to get any aromas. This shouldn’t need to be the case.

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