July 9, 2009

Nespresso Ecolaboration Project Aims to Recycle Coffee Capsules and Reduce Carbon Footprint


Nespresso is going greener by recyling more coffee capsules, and reducing it's carbon footprint. And how are they going to do it? Nespresso is taking its green game to the next level with an announcement of a company-wide Ecolaboration project. Ecolaboration brings together all of Nespresso's disparate environmental projects under one roof, and covers the entire lifecycle of the coffee-capsule product - from coffee to capsule.

During the next four years, Nespresso aims to increase the amount of coffee it purchases from its AAA Sustainable Quality program to 80 percent, from the current target of 50 percent by 2010. Nespresso has also set a goal of recycling 75 percent of its coffee capsules by 2013, tripling the number currently recycled.

They are also reducing the amount of carbon it takes to make a coffee capsule by 20 percent per cup of coffee. Each cup currently generates 98 grams of CO2e emissions. Also - they will be redesigning the machines to use less energy - thus reducing C02 emissions from the power the machine uses that is not green energy.

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July 1, 2009

Nespresso Conjures Up 20 Percent Sales growth in 2009


Q1 for 2009 is looking really good for Nespresso so far. How good? Well how does 20 percent sales growth in 2009 given the recession sound to you? It sounds really good to us, and proof that a premium portioned coffee product is looking recession proof.

"We are very confident about double digits for 2009," Richard Girardot told a news conference as he opened a major new plant in the Swiss town of Avenches. Nespresso saw sales growth slow to somewhere in the 20s in the first quarter of 2009. Asked how sales had developed since then, Girardot said the trend had stayed about the same and he expected a similar rate for the full year.

Via Reuters

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June 26, 2009

NexPod Review at Single Serve Espresso - Make Your Own Nespresso Capsules


Our sister site SingleServeEspresso.com has a review of the NexPod refillable capsules for Nespresso. NexPod is a new pod system for the Nespresso line of makers that allows you to use your own capsules with your favorite espresso coffee. You might even be able to save a little money over the ~$0.55 cost per Nespresso capsule; SSE paid $23 on eBay for their NexPod shipped from Switzerland. That puts it at about $0.28 each empty capsule. Adding up the cost of about 4-5g of coffee per capsule, that adds about a dime to the cost of each unit. These can save about $15 - $20 per box of 80 units; not bad.

Their verdict? The NexPod is a little hard to use and maybe not worth the time and effort, but it does allow you to use your own coffee. Click on through for the full review.

At NexPod Review

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May 15, 2009

Nespresso Unveils Four New Grand Crus Nespresso Capsules

Yes - we said four and there are six pictured. Three are from
the pure origin, and the other three are the entire lungo line.

Nespresso has announced three new Pure Origin Nespresso capsules, and one new Fortissio Lungo. These new coffee capsules from Nespresso will offer Nespresso owners more variety, and will extend the current line of Nespresso Grand Crus instead of just being a seasonal offering.

The Pure Origin Nespresso capsules are from 3 unique countries:

  • Rosabaya de Colombia - full body with a delicate acidity
  • Dulsao do Brasil - bright and sunny
  • Indriya from India - peppery with hints of spices like nutmeg and others

The Fortissio Lungo which extends the lungo line is a more intense lungo coffee created from Central and South American Arabicas.

It's really nice to see after many years Nespresso extend their line of Nespresso offerings, and to add the Pure Origin coffees. We've tried each one, and they are indeed different and help push the boundaries of what Nespresso has been offering.

At Nespresso

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April 3, 2009

Review: Nespresso CitiZ Single Serve Coffee and Espresso Maker

Review from Single Serve Coffee.com - Coffee Pod Reviewsnespresso-citiz-machine.jpg

Nespresso was kind of enough to send us the new CitiZ brewer ahead of launch to review. The new Nespresso CitiZ Automatic Espresso Maker range takes its inspiration from the streets - literally - of major cities from around the globe. The colors of well-known focal points and objects, the design and shapes of buildings and landmarks, and the urban vibe and attitude of cities led Nespresso designers to create a new generation of Nespresso machines. The design is not only an improvement in looks but in the footprint of the machine as well. Compared to the Nespresso C100T Essenza - the Nespresso CitiZ takes up much less space in width, and has some new features that make it a standout.

This Nespresso CitiZ machines come in the following designs and feature sets:

  • Nespresso CitiZ - a single-head automatic espresso machine
  • Nespresso CitiZ & Milk - a single-head automatic espresso machine with a built-in fresh milk frother for cappuccinos and lattes
  • Nespresso CitiZ & Co. (not available in North America) - the first-ever double-head machine designed for at-home use

The spent capsule storage is improved and see through.

We tested the Nespresso CitiZ single-head automatic single serve coffee and espresso machine for this review in a stunning red case.

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March 10, 2009

Nespresso CitiZ Single Serve Coffee and Espresso Maker Arrives for Review


The new line of Nespresso slim coffee machines, the CitiZ will be available very soon, and we've just received one of these retro style wonders to review. Inspired by a modern city skyline (especially when you sit more than one next to each other), the CitiZ single serve coffee and espresso machine is quite breathtaking. The new line consists of 3 machines in 8 different colors, has an automatic standby mode to save energy. Expect a full review soon.

At Nespresso

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February 25, 2009

Nespresso Boutique Montreal Sneak Peak Photos


Reader N. Chong has sent us some exclusive photos of the Nespresso Boutique Montreal before it opens. Things at the boutique are looking nearly finished with the opening sometime in early March. We don't know that much about the specifics, but we do know the boutique is 3 floors high, and filled with Nespresso goodness.

From N. Chong:

I just saw your coverage of the Nespresso Boutique opening in Boston and thought this may be interesting to you. I live in Montreal and it seems we will also soon have our own Nespresso Boutique on Crescent Street. I was passing by the other day and snapped some shots through the window of the boutique that is not yet opened.

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February 13, 2009

Nespresso Boutique Opens In Boston

Ray Charles art done in Nespresso Capsules by Ricardo Bellino.

Last night we had the pleasure of attending the opening of the Nespresso Boutique in Boston. Both Scott from Single Serve Espresso and the staff of Single Serve Coffee were on hand, and the event was amazing. Not only was there coffee to be had, but Charice was on hand to sing 3 songs and entertain the coffee masses.

There was also a series of artist "paintings" done created with Nespresso Capsules. Pictures of Princess Diana, Ghandi, Barack Obama, and others were done in this style. Click on through for more pictures and info, along with a video of Charice performing. We also got word of a new line of Nespresso machines making their debut soon called Nespresso CitiZ.

The Nespresso CitiZ line of single serve coffee makers.

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December 12, 2008

Nespresso Variations 2008 Coffee Capsules


Nespresso has just introduced the seasonal flavors for the Nespresso Variations 2008 - Mandarin, Caramel, and Crystallized Ginger. We should have a lightning review of these when we receive early next week, but don't wait for us to tell you to order because these will go fast.

The Nespresso Variations 2008 coffee capsules will work in your Nespresso D90, Nespresso Le Cube, Nespresso Romeo, Nespresso Lattissima, Nespresso C100T, and other Nespresso single serve coffee and espresso makers.

At Nespresso Variations 2008

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November 7, 2008

Review: Aeroccino Plus Automatic Home Milk Frother from Nespresso

Review from Single Serve Coffee.com - Coffee Pod Reviewsnespresso.jpg

The Aeroccino Plus is a larger version of the Aeroccino that also allows you to override the heating function if you wish to froth milk without heating. The cost for the Aeroccino Plus is $129 versus $99 on the smaller Aeroccino (read our review of the earlier Aeroccino here). The reason any single serve coffee drinker would want to get an Aeroccino is the need for frothed milk for those latte and capuccino drinks you might want to make at home to save a few dollars. We used the Aeroccino Plus in this review with the new Essenza Touch and our Nespresso Essenza C100T.


The Aeroccino won't make the same frothed milk as a high end espresso machine, but it will make a very thick-rich frothed cup of hot or cold milk. The Aeroccino Plus is also larger than the earlier version, and this allows you to make enough milk for 2+ drinks depending on what your making.

How does it work? To produce warm frothed milk, heating the milk to temperatures between 140-149°F/60-65°C, quickly press the button once. To override the heating function, press the button for two full seconds.

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