September 12, 2008

Handpresso Wild - Contest Winners and Pictures


Handpresso - the portable espresso maker recently held a contest to show off using Handpresso in the wild. The picture above is from Finland and looks pretty wild to us. We use our Handpresso all the time when traveling to ensure a decent cup of coffee, and we love using it daily too when the need of a shot of espresso arrives. Check out the winners, and of course you can read our earlier coverage here and review.

At Handpresso - Contest - Winners

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April 22, 2008

Brisk Brew Travel Coffee Maker - Single Serve Coffee on the Go


With Summer vacation right around the corner, we're always looking out for portable single serve coffee options to bring with us on our trip. If you're looking for a small and very portable single serve coffee maker, we think the Brisk Brew hits the mark. The Brisk Brew prepares a small but enticing eight once cup of coffee in minutes, and since it does use ground coffee has an ingredient container built-in to store whatever coffee you've packed. The Brisk Brew Travel Coffee Maker will be your portable single serve coffee maker for only $45.

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April 21, 2008

Java Wand - Portable Single Serve Coffee and Loose Tea Brewing Tool


We're excited to see the Java Wand is finally becoming available at many larger online stores. What's a Java Wand? You may want to read our review from last year, but in a nut shell the Java Wand is a portable, single serve, miniaturized French Press filter attached to a durable, hand blown, glass straw that brews and filters coffee and tea leaves in your cup.

We really enjoyed the Java Wand last summer, and think we'll probably take it with us for a few trips into the wilds of the Northeast this year. What we really like most about the Java Wand is how different the single serve coffee experience is when you sit back, and sip a cup of hot coffee through the glass straw.

At Java Wand - Portable Single Serve Coffee and Loose Tea Brewing Tool

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April 10, 2008

HandPresso Portable Espresso Maker - Spring Picnics Were Never Better


You may or may not remember our earlier coverage of the Handpresso, but we'd like to refresh your memory about this amazing device. The Handpresso is no gimmick. It delivers 16 bars of pressure and uses hot water plus ESE espresso pods to make a perfect espresso or Americano cup of single serve coffee in the wilds of America. If you're not feeling that wild, then plan on using the Handpresso on that perfect spring picnic. Today it's going to be over 70 degrees here in Boston, and we plan on doing just that - espresso on the Boston Common with a nice buttery croissant. For the price and the convenience (we recommend getting a Jetboil for hot water), we can't but recommend the experience of the Handpresso.

At HandPresso Wild Portable Espresso Maker

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January 21, 2008

Handpresso - Portable Espresso and Single Serve Coffee


We've been covering the Handpresso over at Single Serve Espresso this past week. The Handpresso may be one of the coolest portable single serve espresso and coffee makers we've ever seen. Combining a bicycle pump, and using an E.S.E. espresso pod, you simply pump up the Handpresso and pull a perfect shot. You can use it wherever you can get hot water - so we recommend getting a Jet Boil stove for hiking, fishing, or picnic going. You'll impress not only the company your with, but also your taste buds when you have a perfect cup of espresso or coffee on the go.

Single Serve Espresso has also revealed today the Unboxing of Handpresso and their earlier article which features a rather interesting video on Handpresso.

We also have received a Handpresso for review, and we will have a full review soon.

At Handpresso FR and Single Serve Espresso and Handpresso US

You may also want to read our article on the Preva xSport and the Jet Boil French Press to get more ideas on how to make your single serve coffee more portable.

Update: Handpresso is now available in the US here...

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June 22, 2007

Review: Jetboil French Press Hiking and Camping Personal Coffee Maker

Review from Single Serve - Coffee Pod Reviews Img 3094
The perfect portable single serve coffee maker for camping.

On a rather large clean out and then re-visit of past articles we've yet to publish (yes - we are bad - we know it), we have uncovered the Jetboil French Press that comes with Green Mountain Coffee. We really enjoyed the Jetboil French Pressed coffee last year with our family, so we decided to take it out for another spin and review, and to share some of the pictures we took last fall with some new ones on this impressive product for camping.

What is a Jetboil mini-stove? It's really a personal or group cooking system that has a burner and large cup to make drinks, soup, and other items in. It's very lightweight and compact, with everything you need fitting back inside the cup so you can hike or camp with it.

Img 3096
It's basically a portable gas burner. You can make soup
coffee and other items using it.

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December 22, 2006

Nespresso Espresso for Your Car

Nespresso Car 2

This design concept was developed in cooperation with several designers for the Nespresso competition held last year. This design expands the Nespresso capsule-system with water-capsules, which work as cups for the mobile cafe-experience in traffic-jams or anywhere else in your car.

We're pretty sure we'd love a Nespresso system in our car. Click on through for even larger pictures at the portfolio of Thomas J. Mrokon.

Nesp Car1

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October 18, 2006

Jetboil Java Kit - Great Coffee in the Outdoors

Img 3045

PcsblackfFrenchpressfWe admit to being a rather casual hiker, but we also admit to always bringing our Jet Boil stove to make a cup of soup and also water for our Preva xSport portable expresso maker. It looks like we have another option to put in our pack - a French Press from Jet Boil themselves. The featherweight Coffee Press brings civilization with you (and better yet - good coffee), even to the most uncivilized locations. Each Coffee Press includes a basket, rod, knob and multi-purpose lid and it stows securely inside the Jetboil PCS.

We'll be putting the Jetboil Java Kit through it's paces over the next two weeks on some Fall leaf viewing voyages - so stay tuned!

At Jetboil Products

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July 20, 2006

Review: Preva xSport Portable Espresso & Single Serve Coffee Maker


Portable espresso or making coffee of any type on the go seems to be coming of age. We've seen the Aeropress, in-car espresso makers, and now the Preva xSport Portable Espresso maker for camping, rv-ing, and backpacking.

Img 2658This ultra-compact espresso maker will make espresso or single serve coffee on the go and is compact, light, and durable. Unlike it's bigger single serve counterparts (see the Senseo for size comparison), we could see this being a pretty good choice for a long weekend hike or perhaps making a double shot cafe Americano on the side of a mountain. We can also see this being a good choice for taking while on vacation and staying in a hotel, where they often have the tiny coffee maker that could provide you hot water to use in your Preva xSport.

Hiking and vacation aside, we decided to put the Preva xSport through the paces here in the Single Serve Coffee test kitchen and see how good of a shot of espresso and how perfect a cup of single serve coffee we could make.

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July 11, 2006

Preva xSport Portable Espresso Maker Arrives for Review

Ultra-compact and extremely single serve coffee or espresso, the Preva xSport has arrived for review. We've got a little teaser below to keep your fingers on the mouse while we run the xSport through our battery of tests. What's unexpected about the Preva xSport is it can make espresso or coffee and can use ground coffee or espresso pods. Very cool.

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