September 23, 2004

Review: Melitta One:One Coffee Pod Brewer

Review from Single Serve - Coffee Pod Reviewsredmelitta.jpgThe folks at Melitta sent us a red (we called it the Ferrari for the two weeks we tested it) One:One. I have to admit - even though my first single serve machine was a Senseo, the Melitta was in the US market before it.

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September 14, 2004

The Mac Gourmet Reviews Senseo

"I recently acquired a Senseo from my friend Jay. He runs, and I had been hearing about these new single or double cup coffeemakers from him for a while. Single serve coffeemakers have been big in Europe, but have now started showing up here in the US too. Rather than buying and grinding coffee beans, or using pre-ground coffee in a canister and measuring it out scoop by scoop, single serve makers use "pods" or "k-cups" that contain vaccuum packed pre-ground coffee. Brewing a cup is as easy as popping in a pod or k-cup, filling the maker with water and pressing your one or two cup selection.

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September 11, 2004

Melitta One:One Arrives for Review

B0001MXU7C.01.MZZZZZZZ.jpg The folks at Melitta have sent us a Melitta One:One in Red to review. Will this machine be the Ferrari of the single serve coffee and tea category? Who knows? Us. We'll be using this machine over the next few weeks to find out. Stay tuned! VROOOM!!!!!

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September 7, 2004

Single Serve Coffee Review System - How We Rate Coffee and Hot Beverages

We rate our coffee reviews based on Aroma, Acidity, Body, Flavor, Mouth Feel, and an overall impression of the coffee or single serve hot beverage. We use a rating of 0-100 and in each of the categories assign points points to each. We don't separate out Roast in our reviews for coffee, but assign the overall profile of a coffee drinker we think would like this coffee and match it to the roast impression we receive.

Note:This is an updated coffee review system we have put in place for Fall 2007 moving forward. Many of our older reviews use a 1-5 star rating or "pod rating" system. At the time we felt this was a good indicator of the overall quality of the coffee or hot beverage delivered, but it missed the nuances and degree of differences in those drinks.

We also consider how good of a single serve product the coffee is - does it work well in the single serve coffee machine? Does it deliver on the promise of being an extra-bold coffee? All of this plays out into what we think the overall score should be and is up to the discretion of the reviewer.

We then assign 0-10 points to each of the categories below, and then use the remaining 50 points to assign the overall impression of the coffee or hot beverage.

Aroma - How great does the coffee smell? Does it have sweet notes? Rich notes? Fruity or flavorful notes? Does the single serve coffee drink have a pleasant or not so pleasant nose?

Acidity - Acidity is both the creator of flavor and the destroyer if too strong of a great cup of coffee. We like our acidity to be on the lower side, and the coffee to have a more round. That being said, some coffees taste great with a very high acid content - bringing an almost wine-like flavor profile. We try and make sure the acidity doesn't overpower the coffee here.

Body - How big is that coffee? Is it light or dark or medium? Is it too heavy? These are all things to consider when tasting different roasts of coffee.

Flavor - What's the overall impressions of the coffee and how does it taste? Does it hit the mark on being a French Roast? Does it remind you of something else? Does it seem to be darker than expected and have a very odd finish? All of this along with how the coffee seems to be playing out is the flavor for us.

Mouth Feel - Though some consider this to be in the "Aftertaste" camp, we consider how rich, thick, and how the coffee plays in your mouth a very big part of the experience. Aftertaste is great for lingering flavors, but mouth feel is how the coffee goes in and rolls around.

Coffee Drinker - We don't assign points here, but we do tell you the type of coffee drinker we think the coffee is for. Is it for a dark coffee drinker? Is the roast very light and perfect for anyone?

Overall Rating

Ratings run from 0-100 and as we score each of the above. The reviewer can also ignore many of the above factors if not reviewing a coffee, and assign an overall score to a hot chocolate, tea, or other hot beverage.

  • 95-100 Excellent
  • 90-94 Exceptional
  • 85-89 Good
  • 80-84 Average
  • 75-79 Fair
  • 70-74 Poor
  • 70 or less Don't Drink

We want to acknowledge as a starting point to our coffee ratings system. We have put our own spin on the coffee rating system for single serve coffee and the other hot beverages single serve coffee systems can make like tea, hot cocoa, lattes, and other hot drinks.

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September 5, 2004

Review: Black & Decker Home Café from Single Serve Coffee

Review from Single Serve - Coffee Pod Reviewshomecafe_thumb.jpgThe Home Café Brewer from Black&Decker is an interesting addition to the Single Serve Coffee craze. The Home Café has partnered itself with Folger's Coffee - not what you would expect for a "Premium" grade coffee, but I guess when the maker of the machine is Black&Decker it's a good place to start.

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September 4, 2004

100% Kona Coffee Pod Review from Single Serve Coffee

Review from Single Serve - Coffee Pod Reviewskonapodreview.jpgThe folks at Aloha Island Coffee were kind enough to send me a sampler pack of their new 100% Kona Dark Roast Pods for Senseo single serve coffee machines.

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August 11, 2004 Reviews the Senseo


"Senseo The one-cup coffee machine is now a home brewing rage. We’ve reviewed the Keurig, but it seems that there are a few dozen other models just floating around out there. This time we had a look at the Senseo.

Senseo Review from

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August 3, 2004

Home Café Arrives for Review

coverThe folks at P&G (Procter and Gamble), have sent us the Black&Decker Home Café to review! I will be putting this brewer through the paces over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

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July 27, 2004

Review: The Keurig K-Cup Brewer B100

Review from Single Serve - Coffee Pod Reviewskeurig_review1.jpgWhen I first heard about the Keurig K-Cup Brewer - I was stuck on just what the word Keurig meant. After doing a little poking around on the web site my curiousity was satisfied.

"The word "Keurig" is derived from the Dutch word for excellence, and it is our promise to you."

Excellence and a promise of great coffee. Keurig better deliver I thought but, with brands of coffee like Green Mountain and Van Houtte how could it not?

Must Read Keurig K Cup Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews:

You can also read all of our reviews on Keurig in the Keurig Archives...

Since release of the B100 there has also been a slew of new Keurig brewers including: Keurig Elite B40 Brewer, Keurig B50, Keurig Special Edition Ultra Elite B60, and the newly released Keurig B70 Brewer single serve coffee makers.

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July 21, 2004

New Moan Yeah Reviews Single Serve Coffee

newmoanyeahreview.jpgRead the first review of at New Moan Yeah.

"My addiction aside, Single Serve Coffee is a wonderful, perky resource for any online java fiend. It's a weblog with one single solitary purpose, to help you achieve coffee nirvana: Being able to create the best cup of coffee in the world, every morning, right in your kitchen."

Confessions of a (Former) Coffee Junkie review by Jay Mastaitis - single serve coffee at newmoanyeah

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