February 10, 2014

Brooklyn Beans Coney Island Caramel Single Cups Review


We continue our look at recent BBR (Brooklyn Bean Roastery) Single Cups today with a review of their Coney Island Caramel Single Cups. After a pleasant performance from their Cinnamon Subway flavor recently, we were interested to see if the other flavored varieties in their line-up were just as good. BBR can make custom-flavored coffees for anyone who wants to enter the single serve coffee market, so we suspect they have some master coffee roasters who know a thing or two about how to properly flavor coffees. Lets find out if this flavor will have us soaring like a roller coaster or waiting in line for the excitement to start.

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February 3, 2014

Brooklyn Beans Cinnamon Subway Single Cups Review


When Keurig’s K-Cup patents expired a while back, we saw all sorts of third-party companies create various forms of K-Cup knock-offs and new formats of Keurig-compatible single serve options hit the market. Some were truly horrendous (freeze-dried coffee crystals in a K-Cup capsule) while others were outstanding (Marley’s Real Cups line-up). One of the first companies that came out with their own take on the K-Cup aftermarket was Brooklyn Bean Roastery back in 2010. Through a combination of proprietary tension-based filters and the familiar K-Cup capsule & lid format, they managed to achieve the look, feel & quality that most K-Cup consumers were already familiar with.

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January 27, 2014

Gevalia Mocha Latte Single Cups for K-Cup Brewers Review



We never thought we’d see the day where Kraft would be going behind enemy lines and creating their own version of K-Cups using their existing coffee brands which they currently also produce for their own Tassimo system in T-Disc format but that’s exactly what occurred (much to Kraft’s delight, we’re sure) when Keurig’s patents expired several months ago. You can now get anything from Maxwell House to Yuban Single Cups which are all compatible with Keurig K-Cup brewers. It makes us wonder if someday we’ll see Keurig making Green Mountain T-Discs for the Tassimo system should Kraft let their own patent expire. The avalanche of T-Disc knock-offs which would result simply boggles the mind and causes our wallets to feel as if they were designed in Cupertino and just earned the Air moniker as we’re certain they’d suddenly feel a whole lot lighter than before. 

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January 21, 2014

Gloria Jeans Caramel Almond Torte K-Cups Review


Gloria Jeans is a brand that has stuck around and endured the years with Keurig ever since the company first started creating K-Cup brewers and for the longest time, we hadn't seen any new flavors emerge under the brand for just as long. Then a few years ago, we started getting tips from our readers that the brand was releasing new flavors but that they could only be purchased at select retailers. The same holds true today as we check out a flavor that was originally only available at Target stores across USA... Gloria Jeans Caramel Almond Torte K-Cups.

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January 13, 2014

Archer Farms Caramel Macchiato Single Cups Review


Archer Farms is Target's own in-house brand for food products and we decided to continue checking out their single serve coffee line-up today by reviewing their Archer Farms Caramel Macchiato Single Cups. As we've noted in previous reviews, there's no indication or branding anywhere on the packaging to indicate that Real Cups are being used for Archer Farms single serve products, but given the similarities, we wouldn't be surprised if that turned out to be the case.

Typically a milk-based frothy drink, a conventional caramel macchiato this is not. We were wondering just what goal Archer Farms were trying to aim for here and could only come to the conclusion that they wanted to produce a regular coffee that had a similar taste as a macchiato. This would seem rather difficult given the fact that there's no milk ingredients present in these Single Cups and for the sake of not altering the final flavor, we decided not to add any milk creamer for this review although we can see how that might help move things more in line with the actual flavor of a macchiato-style drink.

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January 6, 2014

Archer Farms Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee Single Cups Review



Now that the patent is expired and we’ve been seeing just about every company imaginable get into the aftermarket knock-off K-Cup scene, it should come as no surprise that grocery stores and big box department stores would want their own in-house brand of coffee to be offered in Keurig-compatible single cup format as well. Such is the case this time around as Target decided to introduce the item we’re reviewing today… Archer Farms Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée Single Cups.

As noted above, Archer Farms is Target’s own primary in-house food brand and you can get anything from Archer Farms cereals to salsas. While their coffees have always been available in whole bean & ground format before, this marks the first time they’ve made the transition to a single serve format. Although we couldn’t find any indication on the packaging, we’re going to take a guess and say that Target is using the Real Cup format or something very similar but since there’s no official branding anywhere, we’ll continue referring to them as Single Cups.

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December 18, 2013

Gevalia Peppermint Mocha T-Discs for Tassimo Review


Peppermint Mocha Packaging

With the holiday season upon us and the year drawing to a close in a few weeks, we decided to give up on shoveling the near 2 feet of snow in our driveway & check out the 2nd seasonal Tassimo offering which was released, oddly enough, for Fall 2013… Gevalia Peppermint Mocha T-Discs.

Traditionally a Christmas or Winter drink, peppermint mochas are often found at national & local coffee shops in various forms with the most recent spin being white chocolate peppermint mochas. While we don’t get any white chocolate here, we get the originator of the bunch & the drink that started it all… a regular peppermint mocha which has peppermint-flavored milk chocolate as a base and espresso as the mixer.

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December 17, 2013

K2V-Cup for Keurig Vue Brewers - Use Any K-Cup in Vue Brewers

K2v cup shot box

The K2V-Cup allows you to use any K-Cup in a Keurig Vue brewer. The K2V-Cup is a 2 in 1 Coffee reusable Coffee Cup. You can use any K-Cup in your Keurig Vue Machine, and you can use your own coffee in the Keurig Vue by filling the Eco-Fill - a reusable K-Cup which comes with the K2V-Cup. 

We received a K2V-Cup to try out in our Keurig Vue brewer, and it quickly transformed our Vue brewer into a K-Cup powerhouse. We tried a variety of K-Cups and results were always a great cup of coffee every time. We also used the Eco-Fill combined with the K2V-Cup to use our own coffee, and the coffee produced was excellent.

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December 10, 2013

Death Cups by Death Wish Coffee Review

Death wish kcups

After our trusted correspondent AB from Maine decided on buying some Death Wish Coffee, the Single Serve Coffee staff pleaded with him for a review of Death Cups by Death Wish Coffee - The World's Strongest Single Serve Coffee Capsules. If you're unfamiliar with Death Wish Coffee - it packs 20% more caffeine per cup. We think you’ll enjoy the results of his deadly pursuit of caffeine nirvana.

Last week for cyber Monday Death Wish coffee was running a deal free shipping and a free hat. Never being one to pass up a deal I decided it was time to try this coffee. Upon receiving my shipment, minus the hat, (GRRRRRR) I decided to try my first review for this website.

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December 9, 2013

Gevalia Pumpkin Spice Latte T-Discs Review


Gevalia PSL Packaging

We realize we’re a bit late to the party with this review, but what the heck… as we always say: better late than never, right? Today we check out one of our favorite new Tassimo flavors this past Fall 2013, Gevalia Pumpkin Spice Latte T-Discs.

As any Starbucks fan knows, there’s 3 letters that get them excited each October… PSL. Traditionally served between October 1st & Thanksgiving (the American version, for our readers up North), PSL or Pumpkin Spice Latte is a fan favorite which has been growing in popularity & demand each year. We knew we’d definitely see it crop up at Starbucks locations, but we were shocked when we got a Tassimo newsletter that had it featured as their next new flavor. So just how would this T-Disc version stack up to the real deal you’d get at a Starbucks? After all, Kraft did have a rather messy split with Starbucks back in the day when they ceased making Starbucks T-Discs, so we were curious to see the results.

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