April 2, 2005

How to Make Your Own Senseo Pod

C11.jpgFinally a method that makes sense! In what can only be described as brilliant, Jim writes in and provides a step by step process to make your own pod. At the web site below, there is even a picture by picture guide as well as a 30 second video to show you how to make your own Senseo Pod.

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March 22, 2005

Baronet Coffee Pods for Senseo Fair Trade Coffee Pod Review

topnav_logo.gifI've been sampling all of the Baronet pods over the last couple of weeks and I have to say - I am really enjoying all of the pod flavors they offer.

The Fair Trade Pods though hit a very near and dear note on the coffee pod front. If you don't know what Fairtrade coffee is then you're missing out on an opportunity to buy coffee that supports small coffee farmers the world over.

"Fair Trade means an equitable and fair partnership between consumers in North America and producers in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. The chief concern of the Fair Trade movement has been to ensure that the vast majority of the world's coffee farmers (who are small holders) get a fair price for their harvests in order to achieve a decent living wage. Fair Trade guarantees to poor farmers organized in cooperatives around the world: a living wage (minimum price of $1.26/pound regardless of the volatile market); much needed credit at fair prices; and long term relationships.

I'm not going to go on and on - but I care about the people that produce the coffee that I make. Starbucks participates in brewing and providing Fair Trade coffee - and when I go to Starbucks I insist on Fair Trade coffee for any of the barista beverages they make for me. It's nice to know the folks at Baronet have provided a Fair Trade blend to brew in our single serve coffee makers.

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March 11, 2005

Senseo Coffee Glass Original Senseo Coffee Glass

kop1.jpgI can't tell you how amazing a cup of Senseo coffee is after until you get a clear glass coffee mug to brew it in. We've done nearly every review with a Bodum clear mug, but I would rather have this Senseo branded mug for the Senseo reviews. Typical Dutch stuff carries such an item. Get one. You won't be sorry after you see that rich crema layer of Senseo coffee floating on a top of perfect single serve coffee.

Via Clear Senseo Mugs at Typical Dutch Stuff

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February 24, 2005

Get The New Senseo Sensation Pods Free!

I don't even have to write them for review samples! Get the sampler pack for free!

"Just for you... the latest Senseo® gourmet coffees, infused with the richness of the cities that inspired them, are available FREE for a limited time in this exclusive sample pack offer - even before they are available in your local store."

Get the Sample Pack here

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February 22, 2005

Senseo Gaining Ground

"It's a small step from beer to coffee: Senseo, Philips and Sara Lee's BRANDED BRANDS coffee machine, is still going strong. After selling millions of machines in Europe (25% of all Dutch households now have one!), Senseo last year took on the US market, where it has sold 300,000 coffee makers since Spring 2004, and is now available in Australia as well. And while partner Sara Lee is still making hundreds of millions of dollars from selling standard Senseo coffee pads, there's a careful move towards NOUVEAU NICHE, too: Philips recently introduced the Silver Senseo, an aluminum edition selling for EUR 169 (USD 225 / GBP 120), versus EUR 69 for the MASS CLASS version. Sara Lee has also extended the range of its coffee pads, from the original 5 flavors (mild roast, regular, dark roast, decaf, mocha gourmet) to the more upscale City Sensations (Milano, Rio, Vienna, Sydney) and the Senseo Selection (Sunset Hills Kenya, Highland Spice Sumatra, Mountain Breeze Brazil). The new pods cost up to twice as much as the standard ones."

Via TRENDWATCHING.COM Newsletter | Global Consumer and Marketing Trends | March 2005

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February 21, 2005

New Senseo Pod Flavors - Irish Creme, Hazlenut, and Vanilla!

Finally! Senseo has new flavors from Europe! Just released today in the US - the three new flavors match their european cousins by being named after cities. As with every launch - there seems to be no pods available to order at the Senseo Store or Amazon - even though there are links to both. Hmmm...Well - we will send a few emails and see if we can get these babies for a review ASAP!

Img Killarney0-2 Img Vienna0-2 Img Paris0-1

• Irish Creme (Killarney) for Senseo
• Hazlenut (Vienna) for Senseo
• French Vanilla (Paris) for Senseo

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February 11, 2005

Sarah Lee Sticks with Senseo

No surprise. But what is surprising - I had no idea that Sara Lee had brands like Wonderbra and Hanes. Single Serve underwear??? I think I'm onto something!

"Coffee brands Senseo, a fast-growing, single-serve coffee product, and Douwe Egberts, a popular brand in Europe."

Via Sara Lee names new CEO, returns focus to meats, bakery

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February 9, 2005

Ecopad the Refillable Coffee-pad for the Senseo

B0007INM5A.01-A2ZXQXAHVSW4G5._SCMZZZZZZZ_.jpgFinally! A resueable filter made for the Senseo and sold in the the US! No overseas shipping! It's very much like the Cafe Filter - we reviewed it and thought well - very nice addition.

"I'm pleased to say - this thing rocks! It not only allows you to make a cup of coffee with whatever coffee you choose - it totally makes the Senseo the only single serve coffee machine that takes pods (I'm going to see if this works in the Home Café this week) and regular coffee. "

Check it out!

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Use any ground coffee
  • Environment-friendly
  • Preserves the rich creamy foam

Via Amazon.com

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December 29, 2004

After Holiday Shopping - Accessories for Senseo

I highly recommend the Extra Large Water Tank for Senseo if you've received a Senseo that is not from Sam's Club (they come with it). If you're like me, initially you drink a cup of Senseo - then it leads to 2 - then 3 - then 4. I love the coffee but I hate refilling the tank.

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December 20, 2004

Single Serve Coffee Holiday Shopping Guide for Senseo, Melitta, and others!

holidayshoppingguide.jpgWe are pretty sure it's hard to find everything you need for that perfect Single Serve Coffee holiday gift, so thanks to over 8 months of hard work, we have compiled what we think is a nearly complete list of things you can buy for any Single Serve Coffee lover or soon to be converted, drip coffee kind of person. Below you will find links to all the machines in this category along with links to pods, gadgets, accessories - you name it - it's down there.

If you don't find it below however, you may also want to read our reviews. Many of the items we have given coverage over the past year need to be ordered direct from those merchants including the Cafe Filter, Cappucinno Pods for Home Cafe, and others. You should read about the tradeoffs each machine has to offer and what the coffee pod/cup system will mean to your potential giftee.

Also, be careful of merchants over the holidays that don't have good feedback here on the site. If you are going to order pods from abroad - check out our coffee pods section and read up on the merchants who have done a good job with shipping and those who haven't.

And since this is coming out before the "thankful" holiday - we want to give a big thanks to our loyal readers, commenters, advertisers, and anyone who has helped us over the past 8 months to become the premiere source of Single Serve Coffee news. Without all of you - this site would simply be a static set of news, and not the interactive-exciting coffee laced place it has become. Thank you all again.

- Jay Brewer

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