November 30, 2004

Senseo $20 Rebate for Holiday Shopping


Picture 1If you really want to buy a Senseo for your loved one (and we suggest we do) - Phillips is offering a $20 dollar rebate on their $70 dollar machine - roughly making it $50 or less at most online stores. In our opinion - that's a total steal.

Imagine Christmas morning, you come down to the Christmas tree - and someone you love (and live with) gets a Senseo. Next for breakfast you will then get the most perfect cup of coffee ever. Do it. Buy the Senseo. You will not be sorry. OH! Imagine Senseo Single Serve Coffee with your New Years hangover....oooh!

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November 11, 2004

Senseo in 3D!!!!

Senseo in 3D anyone? Wild! The folks at Rich 3D have created an interactive 3D Senseo for you to play with. Check it out!!!

"The massive Dutch electronics firm, Phillips is rolling out their unique coffeemaker, Senseo, across North America and Europe.  Koen's work at Xfer 3D Studio led his team to develop a working example.  The North American office of Philips loves the effort and is positioning to compliment sales and marketing effort of the product with this."

Senseo Crema in 3D

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November 5, 2004

VIP Brushed Aluminum Senseo Coming to Netherlands in November

Can you say beautiful? Wow. ANd supposedly improved? How do you impreove on Senseo? Well brushed aluminum is a start, and look at the controls? Very nice. Here's to hoping this comes out in the states as well.

Translated from Dutch:

"These newest Senseo® are not only a hoogstandje in the field of design, also the apparatus geruislozer is and qualitatively improves then the earlier versions.

With its very tight lines and thanks to the use of high-quality brushed aluminium a powerful and unique irradiation has these new Senseo®!


SENSEO® Crema VIP Aluminium

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November 4, 2004

Typical Dutch Stuff for Senseo Stuff

typicaldutchstuff.gifvienna.gifKrista writes in:

Just to let anyone know who is still interested in finding someone who will ship these to North America, I have found a Dutch website that will do so. They provide a variety of payment options, including paypal. Just look under the section "Senseo Coffee", and it is the first item listed. The cost of the filter is 20 EURO. In Holland, there are also some new flavours of Senseo coffee pods available that are not available in North America. Those can be found in this section as well. Hope this helps!

Senseo Crema system and various coffee pods. Senseo Sydney, regular, dark roast, mild roast from Typical Dutch Stuff

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November 3, 2004

Sales of Senseo Coffee Machines Up 70%!

Great news! Looks like sales are way up for Senseo and that means more Senseo products!!!

"In beverages, profit increased to $106 million as sales of Senseo single-serve coffee machines increased 70 percent." Story on Sarah Lee

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October 27, 2004

Limited Edition Red Senseo Debuts in the Netherlands

She's a beauty! Looks like it must make Ferrari like crema coffee! YUUUUUMMM!!!!!

Red Senseo Debuts in the Netherlands

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October 24, 2004

Extra Large Reservoir for Senseo Review

241377-L.jpg Okay - we'll admit it. There's not a great deal to review when it comes to an Extra Large Reservoir for any coffee maker, except the fact that this accessory makes sense. Buy it. If you own a Senseo and enjoy the coffee, I'm pretty sure by now you are tired of refilling it. The Extra Large Reservoir holds 10 cups of water, and fit the Senseo perfectly. I really can't think of anything else to add even water - because my reservoir is only half full after brewing 5 cups of delicious dark roast Senseo coffee.

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October 18, 2004

Fair Trade Coffee Pods from Green Mountain for Keurig or Senseo?

GMCR logo_4c_hi[1].jpg
Okay. I can't make heads or pods of this press release. Are they K-CUPs or PODS? Please read it and let me know what you think. I'm going to contact Green Mountain and get to the top of this.

"All four Green Mountain coffee varieties packaged in pods are Fair Trade Certified, which guarantees the small-scale farmers who grew this coffee with a fair price for their crop. The Fair Trade Certified pod offerings from Green Mountain Coffee include Breakfast Blend, French Roast, House Blend Decaf, and Colombian coffee. Currently the new pods are only available to Green Mountain Coffee OCS distributors and customers."

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Introduces Four Varieties of Premium One-Cup Coffee Pods

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September 30, 2004 Sends Pods to Review

Arie at was kind enough to send us a set of coffee pods from all over Europe! We have received Senseo Mocca Gourmet, C1000 Spicy, and others to try out. We will be reviewing these over the next few weeks but we can tell you so far...C1000 Spicy is SPICY!!! And the pods came packed FRESH.

In the mean time - check out

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September 24, 2004

Senseo in The Pawtucket Times

pawtucket_pods.jpgRiddle me this...I can't really tell what's going on in this article/ramble from a bunch of women in the Pawtucket Times - but it's funny and informative. I think they pick a product and just talk about it as if they were on a radio show? Wild.

The Pawtucket Times: "Bonnie: Something's brewing in coffee making that's as revolutionary as the Mr. Coffee drip coffeemaker was in the '70s. I'm talking about the new machines that use single-cup filters (aka pods) to take the guesswork out of preparing coffee one or two cups at a time."

Senseo in The Pawtucket Times

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