April 21, 2006

Europe: Stay At Radisson and Drink Nespresso


We're always on the lookout for the better place to stay when we travel abroad and good coffee is always a factor. Nespresso And Radisson have signed an agreement to offer Nespresso at more Than 175 Radisson SAS Hotels & Resorts across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Okay - so perhaps we don't travel to Europe, the Middle East and Africa every month, but if we do - we know we're guaranteed some quality espresso even at the hotel.

“Like Nespresso, Radisson SAS Hotels & Resorts has a reputation for providing a superior level of customer service,” said Mark Leenders, international director of the out-of-home division for Nestlé Nespresso SA. “Nespresso is delighted to provide Radisson SAS guests with ‘the ultimate coffee experience’ – moments of genuine pleasure and indulgence while enjoying the perfect coffee or espresso.”

At Hospitality Net

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April 17, 2006

Europe: Senseo Mystic Valley Columbia Blend Coffee Pods


Wendy from Typical Dutch Stuff has brought to our attention new Senseo pods out in Europe. We're not sure when they'll be out in the US, but we would imagine Senseo has to release some new flavors this year and Colombia Blend coffee pods seem like a no brainer.

"Mystic Valley; Columbia Blend." I actually already saw them in Germany, but you could only buy them in combination with a machine..They should be available around May 2006, and I will be stocking them as soon as I can get my hands on them.

At Typical Dutch Stuff

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March 14, 2006

Europe: Nescafe Coffee Pods with Toppings Arrive for Review

Img 2307Wendy from Typical Dutch Stuff has sent over the newly released Nescafe Coffee Pods with toppings. These new pods are a totally new concept because each box contains 8 individually wrapped coffee pods and 8 individually wrapped toppings. You place the pod in the machine and the topping in your cup. You then stir through the coffee when it is still brewing and enjoy a cappuccino, cafe au lait, or chocolate coffee, for only €0.62 or roughly 0.74 USD a cup before shipping.

These new Nescafe coffee pods and toppings come in three flavors: Caffe Cioccolato (chocolate), Cappucino, and Cafe au Lait. We'll have full run down next week on these as we finish up our reviews of the FLAVIA Fusion and Grindmaster GPOD this week. We'll also put these into the GPOD to see how it compares to the Senseo.

At Typical Dutch Stuff

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November 10, 2005

Europe: Senseo Sumatra, Brazil, & Kenyan Blend Coffee Pods Arrive for Review

Img 1620When it rains - it pours coffee pods! Thanks again to Wendy from Typical Dutch Stuff for sending us what we can't get in the US - more Senseo coffee pods in different roasts. Earlier this year Senseo put out Brazil blend, Sumatra blend, and Kenya blend coffee pods in Europe. We're pretty excited to fire up our old long nosed Senseo and Bunn My Cafe and try out these new coffee pod blends.

  • Senseo Brazil Blend coffeepods *NEW* A subtle, smooth coffee, made with the best Brazilian coffee beans
  • Senseo Sumatra Blend coffeepods *NEW* A spicy, strong coffee, but at the same time sweet and light fruity. The coffee beans come from Mount Leuser, Sumatra.
  • Senseo Kenya Blend coffeepods *NEW* A sweet and light fruity coffee. The beans come from the hills in Kenya.

More at Typical Dutch Stuff and Senseo

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November 9, 2005

Europe: Senseo Forbidden Fruit Coffee Pods Arrive for Review

Img 1617

Senseo Forbidden Fruit coffee pods have been the toast of Europe over the past few months and we're excited to say we finally have a set to review. Wendy of Typical Dutch Stuff has sent in these new pods that come in three new fruity flavors: Raving Reds (red fruits, spices, and vanilla), Lusty Lime (citrus fruits, vodka, and vanilla) and Summer Sins (orchard fruits, spices, and vanilla). We have been covering the Senseo Forbidden Fruit Pods for quite some time and they even have matching Senseo Coffee Glasses available for you to pair with your forbidden fruit brewed single serve coffee. Expect a full review in the coming weeks.

Related Articles: Senseo Forbidden Fruit Web Site, Senseo Forbidden Fruit Glasses, Senseo Launches Forbidden Fruits

Available at Typical Dutch Stuff

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October 20, 2005

Europe: 14 Gram Double-Cup Coffee Pods from CafePods

55 Side Noback-1

We just got a note from our friends over at CafePods. Though they are no longer shipping to US customers, they do ship all over Europe. We tried some of their pods last year and loved them. Now we know we just covered 12 gram Monster pods from Baronet, but CafePods makes 14 gram - double-cup pods. We also know that Aloha Island Coffee makes 14 gram double-pods as well.

From CafePods:

"We have been selling 14g 62mm double pods as we call them for sometime. Enclosed is a picture, you'll see they are not deeper as on the baronet pods you have seen to get 12g. We make them higher also, so the trim is in the middle.

If using them in the senseo you must use the double holder ( single just wont fit 14g of coffee ) and you cant use in a dry machine. IE if you havent used it for some time. If you just run a cup of water through the machine, which is a good idea anyway to purge any old water from the machine, then insert the pod and press down slightly to fit the pod correct the extraction is improved incredibily!This also works for 7/8g pods anyway."

We've found the wetting of the Senseo pod holder to get the best extraction as well. Okay - who's going to make the 20 gram Godzilla pod?

More at Cafe Pods

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October 18, 2005

Europe: Padini Coffee Pods Arrive for Review

Library - 7685Typical Dutch Stuff has sent us an entire set of Padini coffee pods to review. These coffee pods will work in your Senseo, Home Cafe, Bunn My Cafe, and other single serve coffee pod brewers. Typical Dutch Stuff has all the single serve coffee products they don't sell in the US and should including the Padini pods and even the new Senseo fruit flavored coffee pods.

Flavors Include:

  • Padini Coffee French Vanilla Pods Arabica coffee with vanilla.
  • Padini Light Coffee Pods Decaf Arabica coffee.
  • Padini Cafe Lacchino Pods Arabica coffee with milk cream.
  • Padini Arabica Classic Pods 100% Arabica coffee.
  • Padini Mocca Mountain Pods Arabica coffee with mocca.
  • Padinies Rooibos Vanilla Teapods Rooibos and Vanilla tea pods.

We'll be drinking some Padini brewed coffee over the next week and let you know our results soon.

At Typical Dutch Stuff

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October 8, 2005

Europe: Crazy Senseo Forbidden Fruits Web Site

Senseo Fruite Web Jay Halo We highly recommend this reader write in from Senseo. In what can only be called the first "single serve coffee acid trip" we've seen and taken for ourselves to date, the new Senseo Forbidden Fruits allows you to upload a picture of yourself or favorite coffee maker (I made my head a Grindmaster single serve coffee brewer) and then create a set of disco dance moves with an avatar you can customize as well. WE ARE NOT MAKING THIS UP! It's totally fun and you should try it out. You'll need to know a little dutch, french, or german but we had no problem just clicking buttons and having a good time.

At Senseo Forbidden Fruits

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September 20, 2005

Europe: Senseo Releases Colored Glass Mugs to Match New Flavors

Newglass Orange Senseo has released new colored glass mugs to match their European Forbidden Fruit flavors. We covered the new Forbidden Fruit flavored coffee pods earlier this Summer. We think it's pretty neat to have a matching set of glass mugs for new coffee pod flavors. Perhaps we can get a blueberry colored coffee mug for all the blueberry coffee we drink?

We're also not sure why more people don't drink their single serve coffee from clear mugs. Last year we discovered the magic of the clear mug. It really changes the single serve coffee drinking equation because you can really SEE what single serve coffee you're drinking.

At Typical Dutch Stuff

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August 19, 2005

Europe: Jacobs Coffee Pods

Standard Large Kronungspads Anne writes in that Jacobs in Germany has some pretty amazing coffee pods. Anne says the pods are 59mm and will work in Home Cafe, Senseo, an Bunn My Cafe single serve brewers. Has anyone had any luck getting these stateside?

"From the site: "From erlesenen coffee places of select cultivation areas composed, JACOBS CORONATION/CULMINATION Aroma Pads offer best point coffee in the hand turning to you. Enjoy the unmistakabl flavour of JACOBS CORONATION/CULMINATION in combination with a fine Crema."

At Jacobs.de

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