March 13, 2006

First Impressions: FLAVIA FUSION Coffee Drink Station

Us 2 1 DimensionsWe've been using the new FLAVIA FUSION Drinks Station for over a week now and we have one thing to say, "This machine makes a ton of different hot drinks." It's nothing short of staggering the amount of different combinations you can make with the FLAVIA FUSION. We're not saying just because the FLAVIA FUSION can make a ton of different beverages that they're all amazing though.

Img 2279The FLAVIA FUSION can make Coffees, Fresh Leaf Teas, LATTES, Cappuccinos, Hot Chocolate and other drinks. They even have a Wellbeing line of teas with vitamins in them. You can even mix up your own "hot cocktail" by Mixing and Matching from they're entire line of syrups and sprinkles you can purchase along with the coffee and teas.

The interesting thing about the FLAVIA FUSION for everyone here at Single Serve Coffee is the fact the brewing happens inside the filter pack much like the Tassimo. Because brewing happens inside the filter pack, there is really no cleaning of the machine or mixing of a tea or coffee for taste.

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March 8, 2006

First Impressions: Grindmaster GPOD PrecisionBrew Single Cup Brewing System

Img 2301We primed and fired up the Grindmaster PrecisionBrew Single Cup Brewing System yesterday and proceeded to sample the various cups of coffee using a variety of coffee pods. This machine will take 7-10 gram coffee pods and so far the coffee produced has been quite good.

We're really impressed with the footprint of the brewer along with the quality you feel right away. Many of the brewers we've tested are just too big for our tastes but this machine is dead on for size. It just feels right.

Img 2305-1We're also quite impressed with the controls and the simplicity of making a decent cup of coffee by using the patented Grindmaster PrecisionBrew brew strength control. When we reviewed the earlier commercial Grindmaster brewer we enjoyed these features but we think the simplicity of this machine and adjusting the brew strength is much easier along with the interrupt brewing feature of the new GPOD allows for a variable cup size without the fuss of changing the machine settings.

One of the things we like right away is the light on the brew button. It can turn Green for ready to brew, Aqua flashes for - "Hey I need WATER", Red light for warming up, Purple light for first priming the machine, and Yellow when the coffee pod brew chamber is not closed properly. Good stuff and easy to remember after a couple of attempts at brewing.

The machine also comes preset at 197 degrees F and so far the coffee produced has been piping hot and when tested at this temperature. We're also not getting any plastic taste or other unpleasantries out of the box and with initial brewing. The cup volume is a solid 8-8.5 ounces depending on the size of the pod we've used. The coffee pod will eat up a good ounce of water producing a cup around that size.

We'll have more as we discover the features of the new Grindmaster PrecisionBrew Single Cup Brewing System.

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March 7, 2006

FLAVIA FUSION Drinks Station Arrives for Review

Img 2253We've just received the FLAVIA FUSION Drinks Station to review. So far we're impressed with the shear amount of hot beverages you can make and the Sumatra coffee isn't bad at all. We'll be testing out this "Drink Station" over the next two weeks and expect our first impressions soon.

Flavia Details:

Img 2256Would you like to enjoy a fresh-brewed single cup of coffee, espresso, teas, latte, chai latte, cappuccino or hot chocolate anytime you want with push-button speed and convenience? Now you can, with FLAVIA FUSION Drinks Station, a Sharper Image exclusive. This new at-home brewing system uses a sealed, foil-fresh single-serving "filterpack" of leaf tea or fresh-ground coffee plus purified hot water at the optimal temperature to make a variety of cafe drinks with no hassle at all. Forget the kettle, carafe, strainer, filters, grinder and everything else, except your own mug! Even when making two or more different beverages, there's no need to clean the Drinks Station in between.

  • Single-serve drinks station brews 30+ flavorful drinks at the touch of a button
  • Revolutionary brew-by-pack technology uses Flavia Filterpacks for hassle-free brewing
  • Adjustable height accommodates various cup sizes, even a travel mug Removable, large-capacity water tank; activated-charcoal water filter included
  • Measures 9 by 14 by 13 inches
  • B000Almlva.01. Scthumbzzz -1B000Almlvu.01. Scthumbzzz -1Purchase includes plug-in Drinks Station, a travel mug and 34 filterpacks across the impressive selection; mild-, smooth- and bold-roast coffees (including decaffeinated); classic and green teas; choco; plus creamy toppings, syrups and sprinkles for specialty concoctions. Order more filterpacks at One-year warranty.

At Flavia J10NBK Fusion Drinks Station

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March 2, 2006

Grindmaster GPOD PrecisionBrew™ Single Cup Brewing System Arrives for Review

Gpod-1Img 2244We've just received the new Grindmaster GPOD PrecisionBrew™ Single Cup Brewing System from Grindmaster. We're pretty excited to try out this new consumer brewer as we've had such great results with their commercial Grindmaster PrecisionBrew system. We'll be testing this new consumer brewer over the next few weeks and if you'd like our impressions of the commercial brewer you can read our full review.

Grindmaster GPOD Pod Brewer Product Features:

  • Pour over single cup coffee brewing system
  • EasyPod accepts a wide variety of pods
  • Allows you to choose your favorite coffee or tea
  • BrewControl Flavor Selector 4-position adjustable brewer straight control, 3 positions for coffee & 1 for tea
  • AccuBrew Brewing Interface- five LED display. A low water alert notifies when it is time to fill the reservoir.
  • Stylish high performance design looks great on the counter
  • High Performance Design minimal counter design
  • Extra large water reservoir-always ready to brew multiple cups anytime
  • Electric: 110Volts, 1300Watts, 12Amps, 60Hz
  • Water reservoir capacity 38 fl. oz.
  • Hot water tank capacity 17 fl. oz.
  • Minimum brewing water temperature 195 Degree F.
  • Maximum brewing water temperature 200 Degree F.
  • Brewing volume 8 fl. oz.
  • Dimensions: 12-1/2"H x 6-5/8"W x 10-5/8"D
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February 23, 2006

Review: Black & Decker Home Café One Cup Coffee Maker GT300

Review from Single Serve - Coffee Pod Reviews B000Bhihkc.01-A1Vc38T7Yxb528.Lzzzzzzz-1-1The Black & Decker Home Café System GT300 single serve coffee maker is the update from 2004's Black & Decker Home Cafe system. The older Home Cafe HCC100 system was plagued with issues regarding not being able to open, bad pumps, and a plastic taste to the coffee. There was even several issues regarding the system simply melting from the brewing process (please read the thread here).

Img 2216The Black & Decker Home Café One Cup Coffee Maker GT 300 is supposed to fix many of these troubling issues and seeks out to do so. The Black & Decker Home Café System Generation II has a much improved quality about the machine, features a much smaller footprint, and the coffee pod chamber is also improved over the earlier model (you can read our first impressions here.)

The Home Cafe system from Black & Decker allows you to use coffee pods and specialty pods with a set of three different coffee pod holders. There is a single coffee pod holder, a double coffee pod holder, and the specialty pod holder which is used for cappuccino pods. For use with Home Cafe one cup brewers, you can purchase Millston and Folgers coffee pods. The system will also brew tea pods from Lipton tea and other manufacturers. The coffee pod holders will also work with any 7-11 gram pod in the single pod holder and you can use two 7 gram pods in the double pod holder.

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February 21, 2006

First Impressions: Black & Decker Home Café System Generation II

B000Bhihkc.01-A1Vc38T7Yxb528.Lzzzzzzz-1We've been testing the Black & Decker Home Café System Generation II single serve coffee maker over the past week and thought before the full review (you can check out our review of generation I here) we'd give our first impressions.

If you can remember way back to 2004, the first generation Black & Decker Home Café System was nothing short of a disaster. We didn't like the plastic tasting coffee and readers continually write in with issues regarding the overall quality of the machine.

Img 2217The Black & Decker Home Café System generation II isn't a big leap forward. The machine features a single, double, and special pod holder and has been redesigned as far as look and controls but that's about where it ends and begins. So far we've been largely unimpressed with the coffee maker - the machine is mostly made of plastic including the pod holders, and we've yet to brew a cup of coffee comparable to the Mr. Coffee Home Cafe (which is a very good machine), Senseo, or the more expensive Bunn My Cafe.

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February 3, 2006

Grindmaster GPOD Consumer Pod Brewer


Finally - it's here. Grindmaster has announced their new consumer pod brewer the GPOD. This may be the first consumer single serve coffee maker to be a few letters off from an iPod. We'll be getting one of these to test in the Single Serve test kitchen as soon as we can. In the mean time you can read our review of their Commercial OCS Pod Brewer. We really liked the commercial brewer but often found larger pods would not fit as well as a 10 gram and under coffee pod in the brewer over the past several months.

Grindmaster GPOD Consumer Coffee Pod Brewer Features:

  • GPOD PrecisionBrew™ Single Cup Brewing System – A non-proprietary pod-based brewing system combines commercial infusion technology with digitally controlled brew sequencing to ensure a great tasting cup of coffee every time, in less than one minute.
  • EasyPod™ Brew Basket – Our exclusive design accepts a wide variety of pods, allowing you to choose your favorite coffee or tea. Plus, the brew basket is dishwasher safe.
  • BrewControl™ Flavor Selector – 4-position adjustable brew strength control allows you to easily fine tune the strength of each cup to match your personal preference. It includes three positions for coffee and one position for tea.
  • AccuBrew™ Brewing Interface – An easy-to-follow, five-color LED display makes brewing simple. A low-water alert notifies you when it’s time to refill the reservoir.Energy Savings Feature – The unit features an automatic shut-off that is activated after 36 hours of inactivity.

At Review of Grindmaster Commercial Brewer

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February 2, 2006

Review: Mr. Coffee Home Cafe AT 13 Generation II

Review from Single Serve - Coffee Pod Reviews


It's been over a year since we tested the original Mr. Coffee Home Cafe. We liked this Home Cafe single serve coffee brewer much better than the Black & Decker Home Cafe. The quality of the Mr. Coffee was a little better and we also felt the coffee it produced was a little better as well.

The new Mr. Coffee Home Cafe Single Serve Coffee Maker - Model AT13 features:

  • Utilizes Pre-Packed Folgers® and Millstone® Coffee Pods, to Bring the Coffeehouse Home
  • Brews Regular/Flavored Pods and Specialty Pods (Cappuccino Drinks)
  • Adjustable Brew Head Prevents Splatters and Allows for a Variety of Mug Sizes
  • Ergonomic, Removable and Rotating Water Reservoir for Ease of Use and Cleaning
  • Brews up to 14 oz. Fresh Cup of Coffee
  • Removable Drip Tray For Easy Cleaning
  • Compact Footprint
  • Lighted On/Off Switch
  • Bonus: 8 Folgers® and Millstone® Coffee Pods Starter Kit & Coffee Pod Storage Container

We've been testing this new machine (check out our first impressions) with various coffee pods from Flava Pods, Baronet Coffee Pods, Cool Beans Pod, and of course even the included Folgers pods. Since the machine features 3 pod holders - a single, a double, and a specialty pod holder the range of coffees you can make is quite broad.

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January 25, 2006

First Impressions Mr. Coffee Home Cafe Generation II AT13 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Img 2083B000Co7Asy.01-A23Nlorbgxoleo. Sclzzzzzzz We're currently testing both the Mr. Coffee Home Cafe and the Black & Decker Home Cafe second generation coffee makers. We'll have a full review of both coffee makers next week but we thought we'd give you our first impression on opening, priming, and brewing our first cup of coffee with the new Mr. Coffee Home Cafe AT13 single serve coffee brewer.

Just seeing the box gives you a better first impression of the Mr. Coffee Home Cafe. We were excited to see that throughout opening the coffee maker the Home Cafe feel seemed to permeate throughout the box and included accessories. This version of the Mr. Coffee Home Cafe comes with a set of Folgers coffee pods, Cappuccino coffee pods, and a pod holder from Tupperware for loose pods. The Tupperware pod holder inclusion is a little odd given the Folgers pods are individually wrapped.

We then unwrapped the Mr. Coffee Home Cafe single serve coffee maker and our first impression - much better. Simply - a much better feeling and looking brewer. The buttons right away and the little Home Cafe logo on the side has better presentation and the brewer just feels more solid and designed.

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January 16, 2006

New Senseo Single-Serve Coffee Machine Gift Pack Arrives for Review

Img 2043Another new arrival to add to the review queue - it's the Senseo Gift Pack edition. This slightly redesigned Senseo features a shorter spout to accomodate travel mugs. Expect a full run down and comparison to our current Senseo in the Single Serve Coffee test kitchen (now almost 1.75 years old!) and our impressions of the Senseo Travel Mug and how the short spout improves the amount of mugs you can fit under your Senseo spout.


  • Stand by function enables brewing another fresh cup of coffee at any time and auto off ensures that the appliance automatically switches itself off after on hour
  • Gift Pack includes 2 additional bags of Senseo Pods, 2 Pod Canisters, and 1 Thermal Travel Mug
  • Makes one 4 oz cup of delicious coffee in 30 seconds or two 4 oz cups or one 8 oz mug in 60 seconds at the touch of a button
  • Using a unique patented brewing system from Philips and Senseo coffee pods from Douwe Egberts Senseo ensures the right balance of coffee and water for the perfect end result every time anytime
  • To suit individual tastes Senseo coffee pods from Sara Lee / DE are available in various flavors Mild Roast Medium Roast Dark Roast and Decaffeinated


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