November 29, 2005

Review: simplehuman Single Cup Pod Brewer

Review from Single Serve - Coffee Pod ReviewsP-Coffee-Pod-BrewerIt's nice to see a new company in the single serve coffee game. It's really nice to see a company that has both amazing design and function to every kitchen item they've designed. It's also really really nice to see that company have it's first appliance as a single serve coffee brewer.

If you go to any major department store, kitchen store, or place that has housewares you'll see simplehuman's amazing stainless steel trash cans, containers, dish racks, and other extremely well designed products. We've been reviewing several of their products at Kitchen Contraptions and have found them all to be quite excellent.

We have been using the simplehuman single cup pod brewer over the past two weeks and are quite impressed. The brewer is very compact and also has a striking design. We think the overall impression of the simplehuman single cup pod brewer has been one of quality. Read on to get our moment of truth impressions and our run down and sampling of the coffees.

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November 23, 2005

simplehuman Single Serve Pod Brewer Arrives for Review

Img 1659

The new simplehuman pod brewer has arrived for review. We can tell you right now - the pod brewer looks pretty amazing in the single serve testing kitchen, and we are really impressed with the coffee and the packaging. YES - THE PACKAGING. If you've opened an iPod and had the experience of how amazing the packaging of a product can be, then this is simply the same experience in single serve coffee. We'll be testing this over the holidays with all the relatives to get their perspective on what they think of the simplehuman pod brewer.

The new simplehuman brewer features a 42 oz. water tank, brews 5 oz or 8 oz cups of coffee, and fits all standard-size pods (we're thinking 62 mm - Senseo sized pods). The simplehuman single cup pod brewer also comes with two pod holders - one for coffee and one for tea. The brewer is priced at $129.99 and FREE shipping is included.

At simplehuman Single Cup Pod Brewer and

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November 17, 2005

simplehuman Single Cup Pod Brewer $129.99 at has the new simplehuman Single Cup Pod Brewer for $129.99.

The simplehuman pod brewer makes a perfectly brewed cup of coffee in less than a minute. With the easy-to-use pod system, you can vary the style and strength of coffee with each cup. The brewer's unique flavor extraction system controls the brew process to perfection so that it offers premium, fresh-brewed gourmet coffee with a press of a button. Durable stainless steel exterior and alloy handle is both attractive. Removable, dishwasher-safe parts Comes with a sampler 18-pack of Molto Coffee & Tea Pods. Fits all standard size coffee pods.

At simplehuman coffee pod brewer

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November 7, 2005

Black & Decker Black Home Cafe Generation 2 at

B000Bhihkc.01-A1Vc38T7Yxb528.Lzzzzzzz It's a Home Cafe morning here at Single Serve We didn't expect to have both the Mr. Coffee and the Black & Decker Home Cafe updates in one day but well - here they are. The new Black & Decker Home Cafe Generation 2 is a bit more compact and features a total redesign. That's all we really know. We did venture out to Target as well to see this in person and they didn't have anything but the machine with a missing water tank and none in stock. Also the Home Cafe web site has not been updated with information on the new Home Cafe.

We can only hope the quality of the machine has been improved. The first generation model didn't pass the Single Serve Coffee review process with flying colors and several threads and posts continued to point out the quality concerns of this single serve coffee brewer. We will be receiving one of these to review in the coming weeks and will have full review of the new Black & Decker Home Cafe.


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New Mr. Coffee® Home Café Single Serve Coffee Maker


It's been over a year since we tested the original Mr. Coffee Home Cafe. We liked this Home Cafe single serve coffee brewer much better than the Black & Decker Home Cafe. The quality of the Mr. Coffee was a little better and we also felt the coffee it produced was a little better as well.

The new Mr. Coffee Home Cafe Single Serve Coffee Maker - Model AT13 features:

  • Utilizes Pre-Packed Folgers® and Millstone® Coffee Pods, to Bring the Coffeehouse Home
  • Brews Regular/Flavored Pods and Specialty Pods (Cappuccino Drinks)
  • Adjustable Brew Head Prevents Splatters and Allows for a Variety of Mug Sizes
  • Ergonomic, Removable and Rotating Water Reservoir for Ease of Use and Cleaning
  • Brews up to 14 oz. Fresh Cup of Coffee
  • Removable Drip Tray For Easy Cleaning
  • Compact Footprint
  • Lighted On/Off Switch
  • Bonus: 8 Folgers® and Millstone® Coffee Pods Starter KitCoffee Pod Storage Container

Expect a full review in the coming weeks. We did venture out to Target yesterday and have to say it does look incredibly different. Let's just hope it's incredibly better.

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October 10, 2005

Review: Grindmaster OPOD001 Precision Pod Brewing System from Single Serve Coffee

Review from Single Serve - Coffee Pod ReviewsLg Opod001-1

We received the Grindmaster Precision Pod Brewing System in mid-September and you may have been wondering - what have they been doing all that time? Why haven't we had a review sooner? Well, we like to put a machine through it's paces and reviewing machines of this caliber takes some time.

However, you may have noticed we've been mentioning and using the machine in several of the reviews over the past month. Some of the reviews included:

Starbucks Coffee Pod Review:

"We fired up the Grindmaster Pod Brewer we are currently testing. We stuck with a 6 oz setting on the Grindmaster with the darker setting (there's a dial where you can pick the level of coffee intensity you want). The Grindmaster pre-saturates the coffee pod for a better extraction, and then brews up a cup of 6 oz of coffee. We've found the 6 oz size to have the right amount of extraction to water ratio for our tasting habits. We then sampled the coffee with and without cream and sugar.
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October 4, 2005

Senseo Holiday Edition Available for Pre-Order at

B000Aanxfy.01. Sclzzzzzzz It's red and coming for the holidays! The holiday edition Senseo with shorter spout (though it doesn't mention it) is available at It comes with all the things we said last month but is $79.99. It's still a good deal but too bad it's not $69.99.

Update:You can now purchase this new Senseo at


  • Stand by function enables brewing another fresh cup of coffee at any time and auto off ensures that the appliance automatically switches itself off after on hour
  • Holiday Gift Pack includes 2 additional bags of Senseo Pods, 2 Pod Canisters, and 1 Thermal Travel Mug
  • Makes one 4 oz cup of delicious coffee in 30 seconds or two 4 oz cups or one 8 oz mug in 60 seconds at the touch of a button
  • Using a unique patented brewing system from Philips and Senseo coffee pods from Douwe Egberts Senseo ensures the right balance of coffee and water for the perfect end result every time anytime
  • To suit individual tastes Senseo coffee pods from Sara Lee / DE are available in various flavors Mild Roast Medium Roast Dark Roast and Decaffeinated
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September 19, 2005

Review: Lavazza Espresso Point

Review from Single Serve - Coffee Pod ReviewsLavazza Espresso MatineeIn our continued commitment to review all the Single Serve Coffee systems, we bring you the Lavazza Espresso Point. When Single Serve Coffee started early last year, the Lavazza Espresso Point was one of the first single serve coffee machines we ran news on.

We received the Lavazza Espresso Point from Lilli at They run a web site called Aroma Cafe Culture that features many of the products you can get from Lavazza. Lavazza is a very old and very established Italian coffee brand and the Lavazza Espresso Point is a very unique hot beverage system.

The Lavazza Espresso Point uses prepackaged, gas-flushed cartridges, combined with Lavazza's proprietary machine technology. In a world where we have coffee pods, K-Cups, T-Discs, Espresso Pods, Coffee Capsules, it's quite amazing that there is yet another type of coffee cartridge or format in the single serve coffee world. But the fact remains - how good is the coffee from the Lavazza Espresso Point system and what are the details behind this system?

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September 16, 2005

X10 Mini Brewer Single Serve Coffee Maker

One CupI know the thought of grinding any amount of coffee to a single serve coffee drinker might be blasphemy, but the X-10 Mini Brewer is a great way to get a single perfect cup. Simply pour hot water over some fresh ground coffee, and the X10 will filter the coffee and brew a single cup inside the mug.

It's old school, but we have room in our coffee heart for all things single serve coffee. Now, why can't they do this with a coffee pod or K-Cup?

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September 13, 2005

Grindmaster Single Cup Precision Pod Brewing System Arrives for Review

Lg Opod001Grindmaster ArrivesGrindmaster has sent us the Model OPOD001 Single Cup Precision Pod Brewing System to review. We've had coffee from the Grindmaster on our Baronet Coffee visit, however we are anxious to review and test the Grindmaster Single Cup Precision Pod Brewing System ourselves. Stay tuned for a full review in the coming weeks. Please sound off in the comments if you'd like us to test a particular set of pods with the brewer.

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