August 2, 2006

Europe: 'Trump Tower' Like Hotel - A Tassimo in Every Room


This is a fun article detailing how a four star hotel should be run and it includes putting a single serve coffee maker in every room. We agree. Why wouldn't you want a perfect cup of coffee if you're paying 4 star hotel prices. Developer Andy Woodcock is planning a £2m transformation of the 19th century Institute located in the UK in a town called Hull, in Albion Street, into an "owner hotel", a concept based on a chain owned by US tycoon Donald Trump.

Every detail has been thought of: from the feel of the sheets as you slip into bed at night, to the Tassimo drink maker and laptop-size digital wall safe. There's even a choice of mattress: from extra firm to a soft type which moulds to fit your form. Downstairs in the public areas there'll be a DVD and CD library and games consoles for hire, a bar and restaurant and a waiting concierge to park your car.

Read more at Yorkshire Post Today

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June 14, 2006

Review: Carte Noire Petite Dejeuner Coffee T Discs for Tassimo

Review from Single Serve - Coffee Pod ReviewsImg 2547We are really excited to see Tassimo US importing new coffees for the Tassimo brewing system for sale here in the US. The new blend is available at the web site and is one of 4 new blends to be brought over from Europe. We decided to start with the Petite Dejeuner because we love a good light breakfast coffee and so far Tassimo had not had much variety in the single serve coffee market in this area.

We also thought we'd include our first video using You Tube for you to hear and see the coffee brewing in the Tassimo. Often we hear complaints on how loud and crazy the Tassimo is while brewing. We don't find this to be the case. It's definitely not in the quiet department, but it really isn't that loud. Since the Tassimo using a pumping method to brew the coffee in the T Disc, you can hear the pump being used while it brews. It kind of sounds like a toy tommy gun from our youth.

How good is the Carte Noire Petite Dejeuner coffee? How does it stack up against other Tassimo coffee or other single serve coffee we've had?

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June 12, 2006

New Tassimo Espresso & Coffee T-Discs Arrive for Review

Img 2544

We just received the Carte Noire Voluptuouso, Carte Noir Petite Dejeuner, Jacobs Kroenung, and the Mastro Lorenzo Espresso T Discs to review. All four of these blends are sold on the web site and are imported from EUROPE for sale here in the US.

We think this is exactly what we've been expecting from Tassimo - give us the best of both worlds - US and the EUROPE coffee and espresso T Discs. Why Philips and other single serve coffee makers have not followed suit for their single serve coffee machine like the Senseo is beyond our comprehension. Give us all the coffees you have to offer world wide - not just a fraction of them.

If you haven't had the chance to learn about the Tassimo Brewing System, you can visit our complete Tassimo area here at Single Serve Coffee, along with our review of the Tassimo and several articles on our impressions of the machine several months after our first review. Expect a full run down of these new T-Discs over the next few weeks.

More at Tassimo at Single Serve Coffee and

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May 24, 2006

Tassimo - Coffee’s “One Cup Wonder”


Splash Magazines likes the Tassimo and we can agree - the Tassimo is quite the single serve/one cup coffee wonder. When we reviewed it last year in August 2005, we really enjoyed the range of drinks the machine could make. Since then we have followed up with a week with Tassimo in January of this year and enjoyed it then as well. If you haven't had a chance to sample Tassimo, you may want to check out Bed Bath & Beyond and other retailers on the weekend, as they are often giving demos.

While I have tested many of the single cup coffee brewers over the years, I have never been so satisfied. The quality and selection offered by Braun’s Tassimo is unchallenged. Within ten minutes of unpacking the machine I was enjoying my first cup. The entire set up process took less time that it would take to prepare a normal coffee maker to start brewing. After turning on the machine and filling the water reservoir, it was only a two step process to make a hot cup of coffee (unless you include the step of choosing what kind of coffee you want.)

At Splash and Braun Tassimo

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May 12, 2006 - Buy 3, Get 1 Free Cappuccino and Latte Tassimo T-Disc Bundles

Pop Buy3 has a pretty good deal. Purchase any of the different Tassimo disc bundles and you'll receive 4 packages of T-DISCS for the price of 3.

Choose from the following 6 bundles. Each bundles contains 40 servings.

• 4 Packs Gevalia Cappuccino $29.97 (#NF1)
• 4 Packs Gevalia Latte $29.97 (#NF3)
• Gevalia Sampler (2 Latte and 2 Cappuccino) $29.97 (#NF4)
• 4 Packs Maxwell House Café Collection Cappuccino $22.47 (#NF6)
• 4 Packs Maxwell House Café Collection Latte $22.47 (#NF7)
• Maxwell House Café Collection Sampler (2 Latte and 2 Cappuccino) $22.47 (#NF8)


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March 14, 2006

Tassimo Launches New Brewer Model and Expands Line of T DISC Flavors

Tassimo 2Okay - don't get too excited yet, but the new Tassimo model will be available in August of 2006 (that's just one year from the original launch date) and will retail for $129.99. They'll also add about 3-4 new flavors in the Fall and most will only be available online. Full release below and after the jump.

Following the successful launch of the Tassimo Premium Hot Beverage System last fall, Tassimo will introduce a new model in August 2006, which will be offered to select mass, grocery and club retailers. The new model, which will debut at the International Home and Housewares Show from March 12-14 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL, will be available at a suggested retail price of $129.99.

Tassimo will also launch the Maxwell House Cafe Collection of T DISCS at select stores. The Maxwell House Cafe Collection features 100% Arabica custom blended coffees and beverages, which are roasted and ground exclusively for Tassimo. Varieties include House Blend Regular and Decaf, French Vanilla, Colombian and French Roast coffees, Cappuccino (Regular and Decaf) and Latte with real milk. Additional Tassimo varieties launching in August include Yuban Rainforest Alliance, Twinings Green Tea and Chamomile Orange Tea (online only). All Tassimo T DISCS, including Gevalia beverages, Twinings teas and Suchard hot chocolate, can be used in both the Tassimo and the Tassimo Premium Hot Beverage Systems.
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February 9, 2006

Revisiting Tassimo: Suchard's Hot Chocolate Part III

Img 2196Okay - so we know were supposed to cover hot chocolate yesterday but we had too much fun making Cappuccinos with Tassimo. Today we'll go over our impressions of hot chocolate made with Suchard Hot Chocolate T-Discs.

Img 2197Suchard Hot Chocolate T-Discs come packed 18 for $7.99 in a two sleave baggish like box. That brings each hot chocolate you make cost in the $.45 cent range. We like the price but how good is the hot chocolate?

The hot chocolate isn't made with milk and syrup, it's made with chocolate syrup in the Suchard Hot Chocolate T-Disc and then hot water from the Tassimo reservoir. When we first reviewed the Tassimo - we were quite impressed with the hot chocolate but since we routinely make our hot chocolate with milk now - how does it compare?

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February 8, 2006

Revisiting Tassimo: Making a Cappuccino Tassimo Style

Img 2184In the second part of our series this week on Tassimo, we wanted to focus on one of the key hot beverages Tassimo can make easily - a Cappuccino. We love a good Cappuccino and resort to all kinds of different methods to make them in the Single Serve test kitchen. We sometimes use our Francis Francis!, or we may pull a shot using the Nespresso and microwave some milk and then froth it up. Whatever the method we have our standards when it comes to Cappuccinos - good buttery milk flavor and a note of espresso coffee.

Img 2186One of the key differences in the Tassimo system (see our review earlier last year for all the details) is the ability to use actual liquid milk that is shelf stable in a large-double stacked T-Disc to create Cappuccinos. When you purchase the Tassimo T-Discs to create Cappuccinos - they come dual packed with espresso discs and milk T-Discs. You'll pay $9.99 for 10 espresso discs and 10 milk discs - putting the price of your Cappuccino at around $1. Not bad and about 1/3 the cost of a similar drink at Starbucks.

We fired up the Tassimo and proceeded to create a Tassimo Cappuccino using the Gevalia Cappuccino T-Discs.

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February 7, 2006

Revisiting Tassimo: Hot Beverage System Part I

Tassimo Braun-ThumbWe thought we'd revisit the Tassimo and update our impressions of the coffees we tested and also some of the new flavors that weren't available at launch of the product.

When we first reviewed Tassimo in August of 2005 the machine was not even out on the market. We received a pre-release machine that was a final machine build and tested away using that system. At the time both the milk and hot chocolate T-Discs were half the size of the final ones you can purchase today.

We started with getting the machine all primed up and ready for making a simple shot of the new Carte Noire Espresso. We noticed right away how big the reservoir is. It's simply huge. At 64 ounces of water holding power the reservoir for Tassimo takes a long time to fill up but we bet it doesn't need filling that often. It should be able to make 8 - 8 oz beverages and more espresso shots than we can count.

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January 31, 2006

Canadian Tassimo Website Launches

John in the Single Serve Coffee Forums points out:

The Tassimo website changed again today, with Canadian pages in English and French added to the drop down list of countries available. indicates that the Tassimo system is launching soon in Canada, and the graphics on the page suggest another coffee brand will come in T-Discs, Nabob Crema and Espresso are both featured, along with Maxwell House, Suchard Hot Chocolate, and Twinings Earl Grey. Good news for coffee lovers in the Great White North.

This is great news for folks in Canada looking for a unique hot beverage system. It should be interesting to see how the Tassimo is received in Canada.

At Tassimo via Single Serve Coffee Forums

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