July 17, 2008

Tassimo Bosch Hot Beverage System - Pictures and Info from the House Beautiful Kitchen Event

Tassimo Bosch Brewer
The new Tassimo Bosch designed brewer in New York.

We just attended the Tassimo Bosch Hot Beverage System press event at the House Beautiful Kitchen pavillion here in New York City. We got some new facts on this new single serve coffee and hot beverage system, plus an entire set of pictures and videos of which we'll share some today, and prep our deeper single serve coffee thoughts for the coming days.

New Tassimo Bosch Facts and Features:

  • The water filtration is by Mavea. The filters appear very Brita-like.
  • The system does features a "steam" purge at the end instead of the messy water cycle
  • The Cup stand is much improved over the earlier model
  • The Tassimo Bosch can fit larger travel mugs
  • It's truly ready to brew - the brew cycle is very quiet and much faster
The Mavea filter is really large and looks amazing.

The water reservoir also has an indicator to tell you when to replace the filter.

Two models of the new TASSIMO hot beverage system by Bosch will be available in the U.S. in September 2008. One, sold in specialty and department stores, will have an MSRP of $139.99; a second, available in select grocery and mass merchandise stores, will sell for $99.99.

We'll have more details soon, and information on NEW Tassimo coffee flavors and drinks.

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New TASSIMO Brewer by Bosch Showcased at Exclusive House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year Event


We'll be attending the House Beautiful kitchen event today in New York, and will be sending back exclusive pictures, video, and information on the new Tassimo brewer by Bosch. We'll also be checking out many of the kitchen innovations and gadgets as well, and that coverage will be over at KitchenContraptions.com. We hope to get a few lattes, espresso shots, and cups of single serve coffee to really see how the new Tassimo Bosch brewer performs.

For three days beginning July 15-17, New York's Rockefeller Center will be home to a new benchmark for kitchen design. The new TASSIMO brewer by Bosch will be the only single-serve brewer showcased along with other groundbreaking kitchen appliances. "We're delighted to be included alongside other leaders in the kitchenware industry," said Steve Fox, Director of Consumer Products for Bosch home appliances. Jerry Densk, Kraft US TASSIMO Marketing Director agrees. "The inclusion of the new TASSIMO brewer by Bosch in the 'Kitchen of the Year' event acknowledges our shared dedication to providing consumers with superior quality, innovation and sophisticated product development," says Jerry. Presented by House Beautiful, Tishman Speyer and Designer Christopher Peacock, "Kitchen of the Year" is designed to celebrate breakthrough products and new ideas, big and small, to make kitchens more personal, comfortable and technologically advanced.

Details above and full release after the jump.

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July 10, 2008

Starbucks Africa Kitamu T-Discs for Tassimo - So Good


We still highly recommend getting some Starbucks Africa Kitamu T Discs for your Tassimo Hot Beverage system. We've been drinking another batch after looking back on our earlier review. There's just something nearly perfect about making a cup of Starbucks coffee at literally 1/3 the price you would pay at the store. These T Discs will work in your TA1400 and TA1200 hot beverage systems, and the upcoming Bosch Tassimo Hot Beverage system.

At TassimoDirect.com and Starbucks Africa Kitamu T Discs for Tassimo

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June 30, 2008

Review: Nabob Espresso T-Discs for Tassimo

Review from Single Serve Coffee.com - Coffee Pod ReviewsIMG_0218.jpg

Our Canadian correspondent S.H. has a another insightful review of Canadian T-Discs for Tassimo...

Nabob has 3 different espresso-based T-Disc flavors on the Canadian market... Espresso, Latte & Cappuccino. The 2 latter varieties both use the same espresso disc I'm reviewing here today with the only difference being the milk discs they include in their packaging. I'll have a review of the Nabob Latte T-Disc soon, but for now I wanted to start off with the most basic of the 3 selections.

One thing which seems to be consistent with Nabob's coffee has been to "expect the unexpected" (maybe they should use that as their new slogan?). Their Café Crema T-Disc surprised me with its mellow taste and bittersweet finish, so much so that I thought it compared well with their 100% Columbian in these regards. I figured to expect the same from their Espresso but once again, I had a unique experience awaiting me.

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June 5, 2008

Bosch Designed Tassimo Pictures Surface at Flickr

The Bosch designed Tassimo in the wilds of a British kitchen.
My god...it's full of espresso drinks...

Most days we wish we lived in Europe just to sample the single serve coffee makers like the Bosch Tassimo that debut there instead of launching in the US first. If we were British, we'd take lots of cool pictures of our new Bosch Tassimo, and then post them on Flicker all while watching reruns of Doctor Who.

Check out the full set of pictures here, and US launch details can be found here.

Thanks to SH for pointing this out and for Flickr user HappyCheeseCake for letting us use the picture.

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May 27, 2008

Q&A with Kraft Canada's Tassimo Customer Support Department


We're always interested in getting to the bottom of shipping and single serve coffee availability issues here at Single Serve Coffee in the United States and of course any country single serve coffee is sold. Our Canadian correspondent S.H. has some details regarding shipping and customer service, shipping, and T Disc availablity for Tassimo in Canada.


Kraft Canada ships their eShop orders via Canada Post Expedited Parcel from a warehouse in Kitchener, Ontario and depending on which end of the country you live in, it takes on average 5 to 6 days to receive your order. I've found over the past several months that you can obtain answers to most of your questions by calling Kraft's Tassimo Customer Support Department; however, your luck depends on 2 things:

  • Asking for info politely
  • Getting in contact with a rep who hasn't had a long day

I decided to take another try at calling customer support recently and was lucky enough to speak with a rep that was more than willing to answer anything I asked. Here's the brief Q&A session I had with her:

Q: "Why doesn't Kraft provide tracking numbers for eShop orders?"

A: "We don't want to give clients the tracking number since Kraft is in charge of tracking the parcels. If a parcel gets lost or damaged and you (the client) action a follow-up request with Canada Post, you (the client) then assume full responsibility for everything. Kraft would waive all responsibility. We can provide tracking numbers if you agree to use them ONLY for tracking purposes and to call Kraft customer service should any problems arise with your order."

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May 13, 2008

Where to Find T Discs for Tassimo in Canada

Walmart in Canada has a large seletion of T Discs.

S.H. - our Canadian correspondent for all things Tassimo in Canada has put together a comprehensive list of places to get Tassimo T Discs in Canada. We thought we'd pass along his findings for all of our Canadian friends here at Single Serve Coffee.

From S.H.:

Braun introduced their Tassimo TA1200 hot beverage system in Canada a few years ago and limited the release of the TA1400 to a few select specialty retailers. As a result, the TA1200 has been the predominant model sold throughout most Atlantic retail outlets. It took a while for T-Disc retailers to appear but 4 have emerged to date:

I decided to take a trip to a few local Superstore & Wal-Mart locations as the nearest LNT or Home Outfitters are over 3 hours away. When it comes to grocery stores, Atlantic Superstore has the best selection of T-Discs with the exception of any Twinings, Maxwell House, espresso or decaf varieties.

You can get your T Discs in Canada at most Atlantic Super Stores.

Wal-Mart carries everything except decaf & espresso (they just added Starbucks discs a few weeks ago). Both Home Outfitters and Linens-n-Things carry the entire Canadian T-Disc line-up. Sobeys is another national grocery chain as well as Superstore's primary competitor; however, they only carry 1 or 2 Nabob varieties.

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April 30, 2008

Tassimo Bosch Hot Beverage System Upgraded Features Confirmed


We've been featuring lots of articles on the updated Tassimo Bosch Hot Beverage system launching in September of this year. We've finally gotten confirmation on several of the key upgraded features this single serve coffee machine will have on board when it debuts this Fall.

Update: Read our review of the Bosch Tassimo Suprema Hot Beverage System

Confirmed Tassimo Bosch Hot Beverage System Upgraded Features:

  • Exclusive energy-efficient flow-through water heating technology virtually eliminates pre-heat time, creating an instantaneous brewing experience
  • Known for its eco-friendly and quiet appliances, Bosch has applied the company's rigorous engineering standards to the new design
  • Significant decrease in brewing noise level
  • Steam-based brewing system with redesigned flush interior eliminates water runoff
  • Sleek, space-saving design makes brewer highly versatile, convenient and visually appealing
  • Integrated LED user interface
  • Larger 67-oz. water tank decreases refill frequency
  • Power switch located on front of brewer for easy access
  • Water tank filter tracker indicates when filter needs to be changed

We'll of course continue to update you on more details and feature confirmations as we find them. We're really excited for less brew noise and the steam-based brewing system and non-water runoff.

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April 17, 2008

Bosch Tassimo Demo Video and Interactive Feature


You can safely say we're pretty excited about the Bosch designed Tassimo debuting this September here in the US. So excited, we've become accustomed to visiting the Tassimo France web site just about every day. They've recently added a rather comprehensive video and interactive feature that showcases the features of the Bosch designed Tassimo hot beverage system. One design aspect is the new LED illuminated set of controls on the Tassimo. As you can see above you're going to have more control with the Bosch designed Tassimo, allowing you to get some hot water on demand.

Watch the video at Tassimo France and configure your Tassimo

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April 8, 2008

Review: Nabob Café Crema T-Discs for Tassimo

Review from Single Serve Coffee.com - Coffee Pod Reviews


Nabob has been one of Canada's premier coffee companies since being founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1896. The brand is very well known among many Canadian coffee drinkers for its unique range of roasts which are made primarily with 100% Arabica beans. Nabob decided to follow most American coffee companies & recently joined the Rainforest Alliance to help maintain environmental, social & economic sustainability for their coffee farmers & workers.

Making a cup of the Nabob Café Crema using the Tassimo brewer.

Much like their 100% Columbian, Nabob's Café Crema has a surprisingly light & mellow taste... to the point where it could be considered one of the lightest-tasting cremas available for the Tassimo. Those of you who are hoping for a long-lasting, thick crema cap will be somewhat disappointed as this variety starts off with a very light one which quickly disappears after only a few minutes.

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