November 16, 2012

Lousy Coffee is Coming Thanks to Global Warming

Green coffee for weight loss

Over at Businessweek there's a great article on the future of coffe and it's a bit lousy. Another Reason to Hate Global Warming: Lousy Coffee has informed the entire staff here at Single Serve Coffee that by 2080 we'll need to switch to another hot beverage to enjoy in the morning. What's the deal? 

A recently published scientific study concludes that as much as 99.7 percent of wild Arabica coffee—the bean that accounts for 70 percent of the global market—may fall victim to rising temperatures by 2080. Farmers will still be able to cultivate Arabica coffee—at least for a while—but the bean’s genetic pool will be severely reduced. 

Well perhaps they can somehow keep up the genetic diversity and maybe over the next 60+ years make the coffee tolerate the rising temperatures. Who knows but I'd like to think our kids will make the coffee choice over taste and not because it's just lousy.

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November 1, 2012

Impress Single Serve Coffee Brewer by Gamila Company

Impress Coffee Maker

We're impressed with the Impress Single Serve Coffee brewer. The Impress is a 2-piece nested coffee press with a to-go cup lid that brews a full-flavored great cup of coffee in 3 minutes or less.

How does it work?

After placing fresh grounds in the outer cup and pouring in hot water, you let it brew to your taste. Then,  simply push the inner cup (reverse-flow filter inspired by the portafilter) all the way down, and clean full bodied coffee flows up into the vessel as the grounds get pushed down. That's it - you're done! Put a lid on it and go. The grounds stay at the bottom and out of your coffee until you are ready to pull the inner cup filter back out to clean it. The filter technology keeps the grounds from brewing any further after the coffee is pressed, so you only get the 3 minute brew you intended, even if the coffee stays put for a while longer!

Innovation is the game over at Kickstarter, and you can back this project which is over it's funding budget which means it's going to hopefully get made and in a timely fashion. 

At Kickstarter

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October 2, 2012

Unplugged Pour Over Filtered Colorful Coffee Brewer


Pour over brewed coffee for some is the best single cup of coffee you can make. This German designed pour over coffee brewer takes the mess out of the process, and is also very colorful. With the Unplugged coffee maker all you need is a filter, ground beans, and hot water. Price is just under € 28.

Via Appliancist

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July 26, 2012

S Filter - A Reusable Coffee Filter for the AeroPress


Over at Kickstarter there's a really neat single serve coffee project that needs more backers to make it happen - the S Filter - a Reusable Coffee Filter for the Aeropress. The S Filter is an ultra-fine steel filter for AeroPress (read our review of the Aeropress here) coffee maker, and it's designed to last for years. With more than 50,000 holes per square inch, it will filter smaller particles than any other metal filter (by far), and it won't clog, fray or absorb oils.

We like the reusable part because we're eco-friendly here at Single Serve Coffee. We also think the fine ultra-fine mesh and results from it look good to us in the video after the jump - so good in fact we're going to be a backer.

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July 19, 2012

Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee with these Aeropress Tips


Over in the Single Serve Coffee Forums there's a great post featuring a couple of Aeropress tips. We love the Aeropress (read our review here), and any tricks and tips are always welcome. Besides making a great cup of coffee the Aeropress itself is one of many inventions from Alan Adler inventor of the Aerobie flying disk. Yep - not only did Alan invent a great coffee press, he's got 40 other patents and lectures at Nasa. Okay back to the tips...

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July 13, 2012

Disposable French Press in a Bag Makes a Great Cup of Coffee


The Coffeebrewer is a disposable French press. Inside the pouch is a filter with 26 g of freshly ground specialty coffee. To brew 3 cups of coffee, all you need is to open it, pour 1/2 L hot water into it, and let it brew 5-8 min. Now we know we're all about single serve coffee, but we think this coffee in a bag hits the mark. It's contained, portable, and makes a great cup of coffee.

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July 10, 2012

Brewing with the Bunn Trifecta MB Single Cup Coffee Maker


Toward the end of our unboxing post we promised more detail on the Trifecta's features, ease of use, and effectiveness in terms of single-serve brewing. Now it's time to deliver. We'll do so in two parts: (a) today's step-by-step walk-through of how to make a cup using this machine, highlighting important points along the way, and (b) a summary post next week discussing pros and cons. Let's start 'walking through' already!

Step 0. Wake up the Trifecta, if necessary

After 6 hours of inactivity, the Trifecta's heater drops from 200 degrees F to 140 to conserve energy. A quick press of the brew button or movement of the latch (with brew chamber in place) will start the roughly 1-minute process of getting the machine back to its optimal brewing temperature.

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July 5, 2012

Indispensable Coffee Dispenser Keeps the Coffee Fresh


We don't use a ton of ground coffee here at Single Serve Coffee, but when we do we dispense it in 12 gram amounts. The Indispensable Coffee Dispenser holds up to 1/2 pound of freshly ground coffee beans, and it dispenses 1 tablespoon at a time for a perfect brew every morning when using any reusable filter for your single serve coffee maker.

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July 3, 2012

Incred-a-brew Direct Immersion Single Cup Coffee Maker


The Incred-a-brew Direct Immersion Coffee Maker is designed to make a perfect single cup of hot coffee. How does it work? Scoop your favorite coffee grounds into the large BPA-free chamber, pour over preheated filtered water at 198 to 204 degrees Fahrenheit (just off the boil), and let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes. The length of time you let is steep will determine how bold or mild the coffee produced will be. Then rest the brewer onto your favorite coffee mug, and watch the release valve stream your hot coffee through the filter, leaving the grounds behind, with no bitter sediment in your mug.

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June 13, 2012

Unboxing the Bunn Trifecta MB Single Cup Brewer


Back in January, we first got word that Bunn might have a home version of the Trifecta in the works. A few days later were able to pass along more information, and then forum member EricBNC provided a first look/taste after trying out the machine at CoffeeCon in Chicago the weekend after its official release. At the time, Bunn graciously offered to provide a trial unit for us to review, but demand for the first run of Trifectas—assembled by hand in Springfield, IL—was high, so we took a deep breath and eagerly followed early adopters’ initial reports of the high-quality coffee the Trifecta was capable of producing. We’re happy to report that our trial unit has now arrived, and it was certainly worth the wait. How about some unboxing pictures?


The Trifecta arrived double-boxed. That "delicate electrical instrument" label on the outer box made us smile.

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